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Shop where Burgersfort, Morone Centre South Africa shops! Tel: (013) 231 8090 or 087 808 4022/3 After violent storms battered parts of the area during the past few weeks, causing much damage, softer rain started to fall on Wednesday morning, continuing through the day, giving much needed nourishment to plants and animals. Traffic wise, the chaotic free-for-all in Burgersfort and Steelpoort prevailed, but only much worse because of the wet conditions. Remarkably, all motorists are so used to this chaos, that the rain did not cause serious accidents to happen. Even more remarkable, the electricity and water supply held. Cellphone signals went bust late in the afternoon, although it is not sure whether the rain caused it.

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19 November 2010


19 NOVEMBER 2010


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Bokoni production to double next year Platinum company Anooraq Resources wants to double production at its Bokoni mine between Burgersfort and Polokwane over the next two years. CEO, Philip Kotze told journalists recently during a media visit to the mine that Anooraq was planning to increase production to 160 000 t/m by 2013, which would translate into 240 000 oz/y. This first phase of planned production increases comes with a price tag of around R600-million, of which Anooraq would be responsible for 51%, while Anglo Platinum will pay the rest. Kotze said that the company would aim to fund its portion with profits generated from its current operations. Alternatively, Anooraq also has a R750-million facility that it could draw funds from. Over the past year the company has implemented a turnaround at Bokoni, previously known as Lebowa, when it was owned by Anglo Platinum. Kotze reported that Anooraq has gone from recording an R80-million loss a year ago, to showing a R20-million profit.

It also boasted record production figures in September. The labour restructuring, which affected more than 800 people, saw productivity and efficiency improve by 32%.The tons milled on the mine increased by 29%, while operating costs were reduced by 19%. Anooraq had already reduced costs at the mine - which has historically been known as the eastern limb’s highest-cost producer - from R1 115/t to about R900/t. Kotze said that the company would aim to further reduce costs to R800/t. The platinum orebody that Anooraq was sitting on, is the third biggest in the world with a 26-km strike length and above industry average grades of around 4,2 g/t. Anooraq is positioning this $1,5-billion asset for future growth. From 2016 onwards, it planned to increase production to about 400 000 t/m at the expected grades of 4,4 g/t, this would deliver 570 000 oz/y, which would push Anooraq in the league of major platinum miners.

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The flotation section and processing plat at Smokey Hills.

End of road for Redpath Production is back on track at Platinum Australia’s Smokey Hills Platinum Mine near Burgersfort since the beginning of the month. Production had been temporarily halted because Platinum Australia’s subsidiary, Phoka Thaba Platinum has terminated the contract on 11 October with underground mining contractor Redpath Mining, who needed time to vacate the mine. The relationship between Redpath and Platinum Australia deteriorated after the companies could not agree on payments and production schedules at Smokey Hills. Platinum Australia recently stated that Phoka Thaba disputed a number of invoices which Redpath had submitted, totalling R50-million, and that it had withheld a further R50-million claimed by Redpath following the termination to cover the costs it had claimed. PhokaThaba said Redpath’s performance over the last 12 months was consistently below expectations. The company also noted it had become increasingly concerned with the safety performance of Redpath over the last year, including seven safety breach notices from the Department of Minerals and Resources. A new contract has been entered into, according to an announcement by Platinum Australia, with JIC Mining

Services. As far as could be determined production was resumed after the majority of the Redpath workforce was transferred to JIC. JIC currently has underground mining contracts with Impala Platinum, Eastern Platinum (Crocodile River), Mototolo (Xstrata/Anglo Platinum Joint Venture), BRPM (Royal Bafokeng Platinum Holdings), Hernic Ferrochrome, International Ferro Metals and Shiva Uranium. The company employs over 7,500 people in these various operations Meanwhile Mining Weekly has reported that Redpath Mining and Platinum Australia have entered into an arbitration process in a bid to resolve the dispute. The process is reportedly under way with a resolution expected by July 2011. Redpath’s view is that there was no credible basis to terminate the contract, other than finding ways to delay the payment of the financial obligation, in excess of R100-million, to Redpath. Platinum Australia managing director, John Lewins confirmed that the companies would go the arbitration route. “Yes, there is an agreement to go to an arbitration process, which is what we wanted to do for some time. We are happy to go through that process,” he said.

19 NOVEMBER 2010



Thorburn Security honours hardworking employees At an Awards Function held at Modikwa Platinum Mine, female security officer Magdalene Selwana was honored as the best performing security officer at the mine for the past quarter. Magdalene joined Thorburn 4 years ago and received several awards at the Modikwa quarterly awards functions during that period.

Fred Strauch, Modikwa Protection Services Superintendent thanked the Thorburn and Protection Services staff for efforts to reduce and combat crime and urged the staff to be extra observant in the last few months when crime traditionally increases. Thorburn Security MD Dolf Scheepers focused on the safety issues pertaining to the security function in his

addressed to the staff and congratulated the staff for their contribution to the 7 000 000 fatality free shifts at Modikwa Platinum. He gave a few tips on how to minimize fatigue. Newly promoted Security Manager, Philemon Senamela, under a loud applause received his new laptop, 3G card

and digital camera as part of his managerial “kit”. This is a great promotion of an absolute loyal person being employed as supervisor and area supervisor the past 4 years. A special tribute was paid to the Special Operations Unit’s investigator and tactical reaction team members and they were also rewarded for their efforts.

Right: Newly appointed security manager, Philemon Senamela received his laptop, 3G and digital camera from Dolf Scheepers Magdalene Selwane with her reward as the best security officer for the quarter at Modikwa Platinum Mine with (from left) Dolf Scheepers, Ellence Monyela (Steelpoort based Operations Manager), Magdalene and Reinardt Rall (Senior Operations Manager)





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19 NOVEMBER 2010


Oorlede ryers gedenk

Links: Die hele groep na die diens.

Die Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) het Sondag 14 November ‘n gedenkdiens by vir motorfietsryers wat in motorfietsongelukke gesterf het, gehou. Die diens het by die AGS Kerk in Steelpoort plaasgevind. Na die diens is die motorfietsryers na Tubatse Chroom Klub waar hulle saam middagete geëet het. ‘n Spesiale wapen is vir die diens ontwerp (foto regs bo).

19 NOVEMBER 2010



Kersliedere by kerslig Laerskool Burgersfort het verlede week Donderdagaand hul jaarlikse kerssangdiens gehou. Dit is nou die vyfde jaar wat dié geleentheid in hiedie formaat aangebied word. Daar is kersliedere gesing, mimiek gedoen en die kinders het op die maat van

Mimiek, sang en dans was deel van die aand se gebeure. Die NG Kerk se sanggroep het vir die musiek gesorg en Solly Skosana het die aand se geestelike boodskap met ‘n kort preek kom oordra.

Kersmusiek vir die gehoor gedans en mimiek. Die musiekgroep van die NG Kerk Burgersfort het vir die musiek gesorg en Solly Skosana het ‘n Kersboodskap gebring.


19 NOVEMBER 2010


Speedsters to lose their licence A new amendment to the National Road Traffic Act could result in speeding motorists losing their drivers licences. The Act kicks in on Saturday (tomorrow) and motorists who are caught exceeding the speed limit by 30km in an urban area and with 40km on a highway (non urban area) may have their licences suspended.If a driver was caught and the court finds him or her guilty, their licence will automatically be suspended. This will even apply to those paying an admission of guilt fine. The court will decided for how long the licence will be suspended and if it should be suspended. There are however fears that the new legislation will encourage drivers to rather contest the fines in court than paying their fines in an attempt to avoid having their licences revoked. Another amendment is that licences will only be valid for the code it was issued. If you pass a Code 10 licence that allows for driving a truck or heavy vehicle, you will not be legally allowed to drive a car. This will be effected from 1 December 2010. We asked readers what they think about the amendment.

Me. Bushi Shai said: “Yes, it is a good thing. Speed kills”.

Mr Isaac Motswiane said: “It’s gonna work. Especially in town it will help. Speed kills”.

Me. Janita Pretorius sê: “Nee, ek dink hulle mors hulle tyd op onnodige goed”. By haar is Ankia Erasmus.

Mnr. Hennie Potgieter sê: “Dit sal nooit realiseer nie. Op Burgersfort, as almal onder die invloed is op ‘n Saterdag, hoe vinnig ry hulle? Ongelukkig gaan die intercity taxi’s nie geraak word nie. Hulle weet nie hoe om vinnig te ry nie”.

Mnr. Bertus Verdoes sê: “Ek glo nie dit sal ‘n verskil maak nie. Die taxi’s jaag en daar word niks aan hulle gedoen nie”.

MeCarien van Huyssteen sê: “Nee, dit gaan nie werk nie. Hoeveel mense sit alreeds sonder lisensies - so what’s the use?”

Me. Veronica Esterhuizen sê: “Dit sal nie werk nie. Die nuwe Mr Aaron Ngele said: “It’s a good karre word so ontwerp dat jy thing. That punishment will make maklik vinnig ry”. By haar is drivers stay within the law”. Cirstoffel.

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Mr RS Mashego said: “It is a good idea. But many people are illiterate and cannot read if they must drive 60 or 80. People getting licences are also not properly trained and it contributes to the offences.”

Mnr. Henk Dreyer sê: “Dit kan werk, dis ‘n lelike storie as hulle jou lisensie wegvat”.

Mr. Shadrack Mashoeu said: “I think it is a good thing. It is right to follow the rules of the road otherwise people make accidents”.

Mnr. Hugo Mara sê: “Dis ‘n goeie plan, maar mense soos ek sal net besluit de hel daarmee, dan ry ek sonder ene. Dit gaan my nie keer nie. Hulle gaan net administratiewe chaos veroorsaak”. By hom is Me Loandri Marais en Mieke.

Ms Nyatsi Mohlala and Ms Khomotso Moimane said: “You can make a mistake even if you’ve been driving 15 years. They must not take the licence away forever, just for a short period of time”.

Mr Pace Maloma and Ms Moeketsi Moraba said: “We don’t think it will work. It means a lot of people’s licences will have to be stopped. They won’t slow down”.

Ms Sina Nare and Ms Pontsho Nong said: “We think it is a good thing. The motorists will be more careful”. Links: Me. Elsie Pretorius sê: “Ek dink dis ‘n goeie ding, maar daar gaan baie mense sonder lisensies wees”.

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Mnr. André Mennugke sê: “Hulle gaan net meer en meer mense dwing om sonder lisensies te bestuur. Hulle gaan die broodwinners op hulle knieë dwing.”

Mnr. Vaughan Craffert sê: “Ja, dit sal werk. Dit sal help met die taxi’s”.

19 NOVEMBER 2010



Nuwe leiers reg vir ‘n nuwe jaar Saying goodbye P-A-R-T-Y? Because it’s the end of a great year and an era for the Grade 9’s and 10’s of Steelpoort Academy. From next year the High school will only have Grade 8 and 9 learners. We wish all these students the best of luck on the rest of your school career. We hope that you do well and make all your wildest dreams come true. Remember that if you stop dreaming, you stop living. Greetings High school personnel

Dis weer sulke tyd van die jaar waar die nuwe leiers aangekondig word. Die groep van 2011 is behoorlik touwys gemaak deur die vorige groep deur so bietjie ‘liefde’ te betoon. Die hoofleiers vir 2011 is Smiley Koopedi (hoofseun), Marizaan du Bruyn (hoofmeisie), Ruben Cross (onderhoofseun), Anastecia Dube (onderhoofdogter), Koos Language (onderhoofseun) en Jo-Marie Harmse (onderhoofdogter.Baie geluk! Aan die groep van 2010 wil ons sê baie dankie vir jul getroue diens en opofferings die jaar. Ons glo dat julle altyd hoër sal gaan.

The content of Loeloeraai was written by Steelpoort Academy learners. Die inhoud van Loeloeraai is saamgestel deur die leerlinge van Steelpoort Akademie.

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Graad 6 Veldskool 2010 Wel…ons het baie goed gedoen en dit was ‘n belewenis en ‘n half. Ons het vroeg Maandag oggend van die skool af vertrek en Donderdag oggend terug gekeer. Dit was ‘n baie groot geleentheid om nuwe maats te maak, te leer en meeste van als prêt te hê! Die lekkerste was die vlotbou en resies hou. Ons span was die “Rooi Bles Jas Katte” en ja…ons het gewen. Daar was snaakse name bv. “Koedoe Spring Perde” en “ Oliekrokenosters”. Die name moes bestaan uit verskeie woorde en daar moes ‘n vlag gemaak word wat ten alle tye saam met die groep moes wees. By die boeresport het die meisies die seuns gewen met toutrek…julle moes die seuns se gesigte en verskonings gehoor het! Die leteria bane was lekker maar tog so moeilik op party plekke. Ons het een aand konsert gehou en onsself siek gelag. Op ‘n ander aand het ons Lantern bekruip waar die seuns die meisies bietjie moes beskerm weens vreemde vrese vir die dinge in die nag. Ek dink dit was ‘n geval van “all in the mind”. Die veldskool was regtig vir my baie lekker. Ek wil net dankie sê aan Juffrou Sanet Oosthuizen vir die lekker kos wat sy die hele kamp vir ons gemaak het en Meneer Anton Erasmus. Beide die onderwysers het dit moontlik gemaak vir ons om te gaan. En dan aan Meneer Anton Alberts vir sy bystand en die heerlike kos wat hy gebring het. Dankie Meneer! Tigershoek is ‘n wonderlike plek vol vriende en geluk! Deur Anzeri Ferreira

My culture

19 NOVEMBER 2010

Wilder as die wildtuin! Die graad 5 leerders het die kwartaal in groepe dieretuine gemaak. Daar was kreature van elke grote, vorm en spesie wat ‘n spesiale ‘huis’ voor gebou is. Dankie vir jul entoesiasme en harde werk. Julle is tops!

Going wild! This term the grade 5 learners worked in groups to make zoos. There were creatures of all shapes and sizes that each was built a special “home”. Thanks for all your enthusiasm and hard work. You guys are the best!

Culture is the thing you remember after you have forgotten what you have purposely learned. It is therefore a vital part of who we are as people. The grade 4 learners were asked to do a show and tell presentation about their culture. The response was fabulous. Each learner prepared a speech and made a poster. They could also dress up in their traditional clothes. Thank you to all the grade 4 learners who put in so much effort! It was a privilege to learn about each of your cultures. It was a truly South African experience! Mam Elsie Pretorius

Creative Grade 0!



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Steelpoor eelpoortt Tel: 013 230 9889 Fax: 013 230 9783 Leani E-mail:

19 NOVEMBER 2010

Graad 7 Seeskool Vir baie van die leerders wat op die jaarlikse toer gaan is dit die eerste maal wat hul die groot blou see sien of deur ‘n groot stad ry. Op 10 Oktober 2010 is almal vroeg uit die vere om die pad aan te pak. Tannie Mem was agter die stuur en het seker gemaak ons kom almal veilig daar aan. Na ‘n 12 ure rit was almal blitsvinnig in hul swemklere om op Umkomaas se strand in die see te gaan baljaar. Die volgende dag is ons op ‘n bootrit in die hawe wat vir almal baie prêt was. Daarna is ons na die Durban Natuurwetenskap museum waar ons meer geleer het oor diere en hul habitat. Mnr. Louis en Juf. Bianca het ons toe na Gateway Mall gevat vir ‘n 3-D fliek. Dinsdag is ons na die Natalse Haaieraad waar hul ‘n haai vir ons oopgesny het. Crocodile Creek Krokedilplaas was volgende op die lys waar ons meer geleer het oor die fassinerende diere en hul maniere. Na ‘n vinnige potjie Tenpin Bowling was ons op pad na die Tegnologie sentrum. Om die dag af te sluit het ons die fliek “Karate kid” gaan kyk. Woensdag is ons na Ushaka Marine World. Na die lesing het ons die dolfyn vertoning gaan kyk en deur die aqarium



Bedrywige onderwysers Mnr. Louis van Dyk (onder) het in Nelspruit aan tennis deelgeneem. Hy het ‘n tweede plek in die veterane afdeling behaal. Hy is ook ‘n Ehlanzeniwenner wat aan die klubfinale in Middelburg deelgeneem het. Juffrou Sanet Oosthuizen (links) en haar man Jannie het aan die Longtom Marathon deelgeneem. Hulle het die 21.1km wedloop in ‘n tyd van 2:55 afgelê. Juffrou Thea Alberts (links onder) is een van 10 persone wat gekies is op die Ehlanzeni netbalbestuur. Sy reël kursusse vir die streek.

gestap. Die res van die dag was dit tyd vir “Wet and Wild” waarna ons op die stoep gesokkie het tot slapenstyd. Ons planne om te gaan swem by Scottburg’e is in die wiele gery met slegte weer so toe gaan doen ons bietjie inkopies by die Gateway Mall. Die seuns het toe die aand gebraai terwyl ons begin pak het. Ons het vroeg die volgende dag vertrek na Shaka-zulu land. Op pad daarheen het ons die aerial broadwalk van 10 m bo die grond gedoen en ‘n toring geklim van 20 m bo die grond by Eshowe woud. Ons het by Shakaland ‘n oorsig oor Shaka se lewe gekry en oorlogformasies is aan ons verduidelik. Ons het die hoofman besoek en asemrowende kulturele danse beleef. Bier is ook vir ons aangebied om te proe. Op Saterdag 16 Oktober het ons die einde van die program voltooi met stokgevegte, vervaardiging van spiese, spiesgooi en ‘n besoek aan die sangoma (medisyneman). Ons durf toe die lang pad huistoe aan. Baie dankie aan al die onderwysers, Mnr. Louis, Juf. Bianca en Juf. Christelle, asook Tannie Mem en Oom Wynand vir die onvergeetlike ervaring!

Entrepreneurs day 2010 The grade 9 and 10 learners had their entrepreneurs’ day on 16 September 2010. Learners put a huge amount of effort and planning into the day. Their effort was rewarded with an enjoyable and successful day. The

other grades were treated to delicious food, music, jumping castles and much more. Well done grade 9 and 10 learners, you made us proud! Mam Colleen Language

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Ons onnies in kleur geskets

19 NOVEMBER 2010

Baie dankie aan Tubatse vir die klomp bome! Dit bome gaan ‘n groot verskil maak aan ons terein.

Fondsinsamelings Baie dankie aan almal wat betrokke was by die jaar se fondsinsamelings. Dit was ‘n reuse sukses! Kom ons sien uit daarna om volgende jaar met nuwe ywer weer te begin geld insamel vir die verdere opbou van ons skool! Thank you to all the people who were involved with the fundraising this year. It was a huge success! Let us all come back next year with new enthusiasm to raise money for the further upliftment of our school! Waterkaskenades * Wieleskou * Hoededag * Kaas en Wyn * Tekkies en Roomys * Potjiekoskompetisie

Slange en hul dinge Mnr. Wimpy Burtles het by Steelpoort Akademie die leerders ‘n bietjie meer wys kom maak oor slange. Hy het verskeie slange aan die leerders kom wys en vertel van elk se unieke eienskappe. Die Luislang was natuurlik die mees indrukwekendste van die reptiele wat verkeie leerders (en onderwyseresse) se bene laat bewe het. Baie dankie aan Mnr. Burtles en die Graad 3 onderwyseresse vir die reëlings rondom die praatjie. Dit was werklik ‘n belewenis.

Gr. O en 1 Opedag op 8 Oktober 2010 Die dag was ‘n reuse sukses. Ons wil graag die volgende persone bedank: OK: Mnr. Lodewyk de Jager, borg Pick and Pay: Demond, borg AGS - Kerk: Pastoor Neels, gebruik van die kerksaal, eetgerei, tafeldoeke ens. S 4 U Burgersfort: personeel se uitstalling Ouers: Dankie vir ‘n verassende opkoms. Grondslagfase dames: Julle is meer werd as goud! Juf. Thea Alberts

19 NOVEMBER 2010



Kruinefees 2010 Wat ‘n feestelike jaar was dit nie vir Steelpoort Akademie nie. Ons was op die kruin van die fees. Altesaam 175 leerders het deelgeneem. Dit is ‘n rekordgetal. Ons is baie trots op elke kind wat deelgeneem het. Talente is afgestof en opgedollie en ten toon gestel. SAUK en die ander kanale kan gerus by ons ‘n draai kom maak met hulle ‘scouts’. Die leerders het deelgeneem in Engels en Afrikaans. Gedramatiseerde en ongedramatiseerde items is gelewer en ons het selfs leerders vir monoloë en kuns ingeskryf. Daar was baie hoogtepunte gewees in 2010. Ons het ‘n mooi getal leerders gehad wat A simbole, A+ simbole en A++ simbole verwerf het. Meer as 20 leerders het in die kategorie geval. Ons wil graag vir die volgende leerders baie geluk wens met hul puik uitslae: · Monique Language het in drie items ‘n A simbool of hoër verwerf. · Lourencia van Dyk het in vier items ‘n A simbool of hoër verwerf. Baie dankie aan elke deelnemer, ouer en onderwyser wat hard gewerk het om van Kruinefees 2010 ‘n sukses te maak. Ons sien uit na die volgende een. Juf. Bianca van Dyk

Prestige prysuitdeling 2010 Die glansaand is gehou op 4 November 2010 in die AGS kerksaal om erkening te gee aan die jaar se top Steelies. Almal was uitgevat vir die aand en het dit baie genie tom te sien hoe die leerders wat uitmuntend presteer het in sport, akademie en kultuur toekenings ontvang. Hier volg ‘n paar van die uitblinkers in hul gebied: Sport Krieketspeler van die jaar: Nicolai van Aswegen Netbalspeler van die jaar: Faith Moloto Rugbyspeler van die jaar: Brandon ParrBayley Atleet van die jaar: Monique Language Hokkie speelster van die jaar: Bianca Vercueil Landloop: Beste senior meisie: Charity Rudvidzo; Beste senior seun: Kamogela Tshehla; Beste senior meisie Hoërskool: Conscillia Masinga; Beste senior seun Hoërskool: Phillip Malahlela Sportdogter van die jaar: Monique Language

Sportseun van die jaar: Brandon ParrBayley Akademie Top 10 van die Laerskool: 1. Monique Language 2. Ansie Bylsma 3. CJ Barnard 4. Chrismarie Ebersöhn 5. Jo-Mari Harmse 6. Xerto Labuschagne 7. Markus Myburgh 8. Franco Oosthuizen 9. Arline du Plessis 10. Chanelle Volschenk Dux leerling Gr 7 seun - Markus Myburgh Dux leerling Gr 7 dogter - Arline du Plessis Top 5 van die Hoërskool: 1. Stepheni Smit 2. Phomolo Rashilo 3. Natasha Froneman 4. Arisha Ramjass 5. Ludick Mohlala Veelsydigheid Steelie van die jaar Monique Language 7 Hoofleiers van 2011 Hoofseun: Kgotlelo (Smiley) Koopedi Hoofdogter: Marizaan du Bruyn Onderhoofseun: Ruben Cross Onderhoofdogter: Anastecia Dube Onderhoofseun: Koos Language Onderhoofdogter: Jo-Mari Harmse

Burgersfort Toyota Dirk Winterbach Street, Burgersfort. Tel: 013 231 7207/8/9 Contact our sales team: Frik, 071 641 4016, Moses, 072 263 1830, Jerry, 084 033 3070


Hokkiespanne gehaal Ons hokkieseisoen het op ‘n hoogtepunt afgesluit met drie dogters wat verkies is vir die Ehlanzeni-span. Dit is voorwaar ‘n groot prestasie! Hartlik geluk aan Sonay Labuschagne, Bianca Vercuil en Monique Language. Wedstryde is gespeel op Lydenburg,

19 NOVEMBER 2010


Penryn en Nelspruit. Seuns en dogters vanaf o/9 tot 0/13 het deelgeneem. Een en almal het dit geniet. Laastens ‘n yslike dankie aan Samancor wat ons nuwe hokkiedrag gebrog het. Juf. Sterretjie

Sonay Labuschagne, Bianca Vercuil en Monique Language.

Landlopers laat loop! Gedurende die Landloopseisoen het Steelpoort Akademie se atlete hulself deur en deur bewys deur die volgende prestasies te behaal op Sabie, Baberton, Middelburg en die SA’s te Rustenburg. *Phillip Malahela het Mapumalanga span gekry. Die volgende atlete het deelgeneem aan die Provinsiale Kampioenskappe in Middelburg en was in die Ehlanzeni-span opgeneem: Concilla Masinga, Kabelo Mabanna, Suprise Morwasi, Mandla Maseko, Kamogelo Tshela, Etolia Mabanna, Charity Rujoidjo. Die Landloop Eerste Span is soos volg: David Mafalo,

Charity Ruzvidzo, Ettolia Mabanna, Monique Language, Kamogelo Tshehla, Mandla Maseko.

Krieketspelers om op trots te wees Wat krieket aanbetref, het die seuns van ons skool weer goed gevaar. Die o/11 span is aangewys as ligawenners vir die medium skole vir ons streek. Baie geluk aan Marcelle Veldsman wat die dorpstreekspan gehaal het vir Limpopo. Die o/13 span het tweede geëindig in die mediumskole liga.

Ben Ndlovi, Ryan Tsikirai, Khomotso Nehabeleng, Abbigail Oiki, Lesogo Denaroanha, Linda Erasmus, Zanelle Erasmus, Cheyenne du Preez. Dan ook drie atlete wat baie goed presteer het: Kenneth Dube, Kagiso Segoa, Tiisetso Dimati. Ons is trots op julle. Hou aan oefen dan pluk ons volgende jaar weer die vrugte daarvan. Dankie ook aan ons afrigters, Mnr Gert Cronje, Juf Karen Cronje, Juf Lindiwe Mahono en Juf Maki Koopedi, wat hulle tyd opgeoffer het in die middae om ons atlete by te staan en aantemoedig. Juffrou L Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen

Daar is drie van ons o/13 seuns gekies vir die dorpstreekspan vir Limpopo. Baie geluk aand Brandon Parr-Bayley, Nicolai van Aswegen en Reginald Mahlatji met die mooi prestasies! Ons hoop dat ons krieketseisoen volgende jaar weer baie hoogtepunte gaan oplewer. Juf. Tersia Venter

Marcelle Veldsman, Reginald Mahlatji, Brandon Parr Bayley, Jaco van der Merwe, Nicolai van Aswegen

Rugby kampioene!

Die jaar is 2 van Steelpoort Akademie se rugbyspelers deur na die Puma-span. Baie geluk aan Ruben Cross en Brandon Parr Bayley. Ons is baie trots op julle!

Cruyvenweek afrigter Mnr. Carsten Ludick (regs) is gekies as ‘n Mpumalanga Cruyvenweek afrigter vir die 0/13 rugbyspan.

19 NOVEMBER 2010



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Count the black dots!

Spreek jou mening uit. Skrywes kan per epos, pos of faks na Platinum Gazette gestuur word. Kontakbesonderhede is op bladsy 2 van vandag se uitgawe.

Dagboek / Diary To submit your diary entry. Fax or e-mail all the details to us at (fax) 013 231 7147 or (e-mail) This is a free service.

Chrome Golf Club Wednesday Competitions Time: 15:00. Nine holes. Entry fee R60. Enquiries: Martin van Rooyen, 082 816 4833. Chrome Golf Club Friday Sundowner Competitions (twice a month) Time: 13:00. Nine holes. Entry fee R60. Enquiries: Martin van Rooyen, 082 816 4833. Burgersfort United Soccer Burgersfort United Football Club plays soccer every Wednesday and Friday evening. They invite all social players of all ages to come and join them at the Laerskool Burgersfort sportsgrounds. Enquiries: Faizal, 082 922 3909 or Riaz, 072 471 7545.

While the retina can perceive a high range of intensities, it cannot handle all simultaneously. • at any given time, each region adapts to a small intensity range determined by the local intensity • that is why you have to wait a while when you step from a bright into a dark room (say, a dark movie theater from a brightly lit lobby)

Op-en-Wakker Groep vir bejaardes Op Ohrigstad verkoop die Op-en-Wakker Groep vir bejaardes hou elke laaste Vrydag van die maand pannekoek- en vetkoekverkope by die Pure Plaas stalletjie. Al die geld wat hulle in die eerste deel van die jaar ingesamel het, het gegaan vir liefdadigheid. Nou werk die bejaardes om geld in te samel vir hul toer na die Kaap. Steelpoort Akademie masssasport Op 18 November hou Steelpoort Akademie massasport. Gedurende die oggend is die kinders aan die beurt, maar in die middag sal die ouers en onderwysers deelneem terwyl die kinders as beamptes optree. Almal is genooi om te kom deel in die pret!

Thought for the week “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” - Will Rogers (American actor and social commentator)

Night golf On 19 November Tubatse Chrome Golf Club will have a night golf event. Space is very limited. Only 35 players will be allowed on the course. To book your space contact Martin van Rooyen on 082 816 4833.

Kitsgids na jou SAPD/ Important numbers: Burgersfort Ohrigstad Roossenekal Mecklenburg Eerstegeluk Tubatse Sekhukhune Leboeng Maartinshoop

(013) 231 7231 (013) 238 0128 (013) 273 0075 (015) 615 0204 (013) 237 0011 (013) 216 8500 (013) 260 1007 (013) 769 9099 (013) 235 4041

Ander nood/Other emergencies: Dilokong Hospitaal/Hospital Mecklenburg Hospitaal/ Hospital Burgersfort Kliniek/Clinic Water & Sanitation Disaster Management (Ambulance & Fire) Electricity (Eskom)

(013) 2147265 (013) 615 0204 (013) 2317843 082 900 4449 0800 330 022 0860 037 566

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19 NOVEMBER 2010


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Plaas jou klein advertensie by Phelo Pele Pharmacy in die Khadima Sentrum of by Burgersfort Apteek in die Marone Sentrum of doen dit elektronies d.m.v. e-pos of faks. Place your small at Phelo Pele Pharmacy in the Khadima Centre or at Burgersfort Pharmacy at the Marone Centre. You could also place it via e-mail or fax. Enquiries: 083 543 1676 or 083 271 9151. E-mail: • Fax: 086 554 9031

1.Sport Klubs /Sport Clubs 2.Betrekking/Vacancy 3.Dienste/Services 4. Oornag Akkommodasie/Overnight accommodation 5. Troeteldiere/Pets 6. Persoonlik/Personal 7. Allerlei/Miscellaneous 8. Gesoek/Wanted 9. Te Huur/To Let 10. Te Koop/For sale

1. Sport Klubs/ Sport Clubs

7. Allerlei/ Miscellaneous

GSKA Karate Dinsdae & Donderdae van 17h30 – 19h00 by Calvin Collage. Almal welkom van 6 jaar en ouer. Skakel Jolanda Hietbrink by 082 859 9681.

Vision Meat Slaghuis Vir al jou vleis en biltong behoeftes. Ure: Ma. - Vr: 08:00 17:30. Sa: 08:00 14:00. Tel: 013 231 7094

3. Dienste/ Services

Elshamah Motors Your Mechanic on Duty. We specialize in all minor and major repairs and services on ALL types of vehicles. Engine, gearboxes and differentials. We specialize in Mahindra vehicles. Lebowa Business Park, Burgersfort. Contact: Willie, 076 158 9192.

4. Oornag Akkommodasie/ Overnight accommodation Mooifontein Guesthouse Accommodation in Burgersfort. R380 per person per day. Includes Bed & Breakfasts, Lunch/ Supper & Laundry service. Contact: Judy, 082 308 9221/7

5. Troeteldiere/ Pets Pragtige baster Jack Russel hondjies gratis vir goeie huise. Twee tefies en een reuntjie beskikbaar. Ses weke oud. Hondjies in Burgersfort. Kontak: 082 907 9706

To advertise contact Beánnla Celliers on 083 543 1676. Advertising deadline: Tuesdays 17:00

Betrekkings/Vacancies A career opportunity exists at Thorburn Security Solutions:

Fax: 086 623 7124 Leandé: 083 637 8749. E-mail:

7. Allerlei/ Miscellaneous EYETHU REMOVALS Local & Country wide! Professional people for your furniture removals! Fast, professional quotations. Insurance available. Storage & special packaging. Long and short distances. Neat closed bin removal trucks. Cell: 072 125 7325. Tel: 013 245 1001. Fax: 086 672 0703

9. Te Huur/ To Let FLATS TO LET IN BURGERSFORT 2x 1 Bedroom flats. Available immediately. Contact: 076 666 1100

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does”- Stuart Henderson

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ALARM SYSTEM TECHNICIAN Thorburn Security Solutions is seeking the employment of a full time Alarm System Technician in the Steelpoort Area, who should be able: * To maintain and install full alarm systems on newly acquired sites. * To have fault finding skills and a sound knowledge of most suitable placements of devices such as internal and external PIR’s, wiring of a full system, including zone expanders, and remote controls. * To conduct system programming of one or more of the following (IDS, Paradox, DSC) * To use multi-meter to test cable voltage and conduct continuity tests. * To present certificates confirming PSIRA registration and valid South African driver’s license. * To know SAIDSA installation requirements. * To have at least 3 years alarm installation experience and at least 12 months of leading an installation team. * Knowledge and experience with CCTV and access control systems will be an advantage; Applications with CV have to reach or soonest Only eligible candidates will be notified those who do not receive any feedback within one week were regrettably declined.

To let us know about your news and events contact: 083 2719151. The editorial deadline is on Wednesdays at 17:00.

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‘n Basis fooi van R40 per geklassifiseerde advertensie met tot 20 woorde word gehef. Sou die advertensie uit meer woorde bestaan, word ‘n addisionele R1-00 per woord gehef. Hierdie prys sluit BTW in. Maak asb. seker dat u netjies en leesbaar skryf aangesien die koerant geen verantwoordelikheid vir foute as gevolg van onleesbare skrif aanvaar nie. Hou asb. u kwitansie of depositostrokie as bewys van betaling en plasing van die advertensie. Platinum Gazette behou die reg voor om te besluit of ‘n advertensie geplaas sal word. Navrae: 083 543 1676 of 083 271 9151.

Should you use this form or e-mail us, please confirm whether we’ve received your advert by calling 083 543 1676.

19 NOVEMBER 2010



Fun at internal games at Tubatse Tubatse Ferrochrome played interdepartmental games on Saturday 13 November. The games was played at the Winterveld Sportsground. Both soccer and netball was played. The players suffered in more than 38°C temperatures. The departments on the photographs are Furnaces and non-operational. Teams from Tubatse regularly participate in games, not only internally, but also against teams from other plants.

Benchwarmers wen tweede keer Die Tubatse Action Cricket het onlangs ten einde geloop. In die finaal het die Bench Warmers (blou) en die Red Devils (rooi), mekaar die stryd aangesê.

Die Benchwarmers het vir die tweede agtereenvolgende liga die Red Devils gewen. Die Action Cricket vir 2011 sal weer in Februarie begin. (Foto: Martin van Rooyen)

Maatlopo United still unbeaten Maatlopo United remains unbeaten in the league after winning last week Saturday’s game against Young Chiefs 1-0. On Sunday the team won Moretheto also with 1-0. Collen Mphokascored Saturday’s goal and Josias Boshego scored Sunday’s goal. “We are happy to collect six points and maintain our unbeaten record of eight games,” said Mr Jimmy Makola, spokesman of Maatlopo United FC. “It shows exactly our aim at going to the provincial play-offs, representing

the Sekhukhune region and eventually advance to the Vodacom league,” he added. This week Maatlopo will take on Dennilton Young Stars at Moroke Sports Ground. The game will be played on Saturday at 15:30. On Sunday the team will travel to Mooihoek to play against Eleven Experience. “We are hoping for massive support from our fans and encourage them to attend the games,” Makola said. Enquiries: Jimmy Makola 082 407 6226 or Sydney Makoka, 072 869 4418.


19 NOVEMBER 2010

Platinum Gazette

SPORT Chroomspelers blink uit in liga Die A en die B liga het verlede week Saterdag op Tubatse Chrome se gholfbaan liga wedstryde gespeel. Chroom A het teen Nelspruit gespeel en 6-2 gewen. Crhoom B het teen Lydenburg gespeel en ook 6-2 gewen. Hierdie week word daar ‘n Nag gholf kompetisie gehou. Dit vind vanaand reeds plaas. 9 Putjies word in daglig gespeel en 9 in die aand. Die tweede rondte word daar met verligte helderkleurige balle gespeel. Volgende week Saterdag is dit die Kruppel Buffels gholfdag.

Karate gradering geslaag

GSKA Karate Burgersfort het verlede week Vrydag en Saterdag in Standerton hul gradering gehad. Dertien lede het gaan gradeer en almal het geslaag. Dorpe soos Sekunda, Rustenburg en Lydenburg was ook daar. Op die foto agter staan: Lezanne Roussouw, Jolanda Hietbrink (sensei), Ozayr Abdullah. Middel: Mohammed Abdullah, Antoinette Willers en Elize Smith. Voor: Muzafir Abdullah, Adam Abdullah, Michael Kaplan, Arend Moll, JB Willers en Annemie Kaplan.

Platinum Gazette 19 November 2010  

Local newspaper for Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad, Jane Furse and surrounding villages in Limpop, South Africa.