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Tubatse Circuit Matric Results do not look too good ...



St Thomas Calvin

100% 100%

Batau WEM Lehlaba Phaahla Mmiditsi Leolo Mogolo Letau Mohlarutse Kweledi

75% 70.76% 66.66% 51.35% 51.31% 51% 38.46% 26.66% 26.34% 20.9%



Grade R = Ready!

The Grade R classes of Steelpoort Academy and their teachers formed a combined jolly bunch in front of the school building on Wednesday when they took time-out of their very busy schedule to smile for the camera.

Greater Tubatse Fetakgomo Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad

13 January 2017

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13 JANUARY 2017

Community wellness a priority

On 14 December 2016 many people were ge ng ready for the fes ve season. On a more serious note, GaMasha Village residents joined hands with Dwarsrivier Chrome Mine (DCM) to address community wellness. DCM sponsored the annual Community Health Awareness Campaign that took place in partnership with the Ngwaabe Clinic. The event ensured residents had access to healthcare services and could have tests for HIV, TB screening, hypertension and glucose done. These services were thoroughly u lized with 145 HIV tests being done, 128 TB screening tests done, 150 hypertension tests and 5 glucose test done on the day. With World Aids Day on 1 December the focus also fell on crea ng HIV awareness. From the tests done, 5 people tested posi ve for HIV and will now receive the necessary care and guidance needed to cope with the infec on. 12 People will have further TB sputum tests and receive treatment while 11 were referred to have their hypertension taken care of. The day was well supported with various stakeholders par cipa ng. These included the Royal council (Moshate), Ngwaabe Home Based Care, the Department of Educa on, the Greater Tubatse/Fetakgomo Municipality, Department of Health and their mobile clinics, tradi onal healers, Makhudathamaga Home Based Care Umbrella Organisa on, Kgwana Community Centre, Youth Against Crime and Rehoboth A candle ligh ng ceremony substance abuse and preven on. also took place. Through this The day’s speakers included many representa ves from the stakeholders of the event with the guest those who died of HIV related speaker being Tebogo Maredi – an HIV Ambassador and mentor at Dilokong Hospital. Mr T.V. Mahlake diseases were remembered and spoke on behalf of the mayor. those present renewed their Mr Remember Mmbengwa from Dwarsrivier Chrome Mine emphasized the Mine’s commitment towards commitment towards eradicat- a healthy environment and communi es. Their con nued support for the Community Health Awareness ing the disease. Campaign and other wellness projects are because the Mine value the communi es surrounding their opera on and would like to have happy and healthy employees, and communi es at large. He encouraged everyone to make use of the opportunity to know their status and receive the treatment to create a healthier future for themselves and their community. As 2017 kicks off DCM remains commi ed to work with communi es towards an environment in which communi es and business can thrive – healthy and happy.

13 JANUARIE 2017


Tubatse Police Station in Praktiseer is looking for the missing person in the image. The woman disappeared in Shushumela, next to Blue Moon in Praktiseer recently. Anyone in who knows anything about this woman is requested tp contact Tubatse SAPS on 013 216 8500 or 076 814 6522. (Image and information: Warrant Officer Sithole, Tubatse SAPS)

Burgersfort SAPS recognise volunteers Burgersfort Police hosted a thanksgiving ceremony recently for partnership forums who assisted the Police throughout 2016 in fighting crime. All the members who assisted the Police station in fighting crime were awarded, givinga number 1 Police station.


Ongoing quest for access bridges at Kampeng, Driekop

The community of Kampeng section in Driekop under Ward 7 has everything under control this rainy season by constructing their own access bridge for the benefit of their children and other road users. Community representatives met with the Ward councillor and Municipality speaker to discuss the issue earlier and the Council promised to organise ready mixed concrete by the end of October 2016. According to the community nothing came of this promise, but the Kampeng Ward committee member organized ready mixed concrete to be delivered today. In the meantime the community had been preparing the surface with stones as in the photograph. The community is requesting anyone who can help with round culverts for the other access bridge to come forward and assist with the construcyion of the access bridges. They can call 076 229 3131.

Dagga still a hit ... and a problem Burgersfort Police conducted a dagga operation in town on 3 January 2017. A man was arrested for dealing in drugs after they found 200 small plastic bags containing dagga in his possession. The suspect will appear in court in Praktiseer soon.



13 JANUARY 2017


Nuwe onderwysers First day in Grade R Across the country Grade R learners started their school career on Wednesday. On the left are learners from Laerskool Ohrigstad with their new teacher Larrishelle Prinsloo.

Laerskool Burgersfort spog met ‘n hele hand vol nuwe onderwysers. Hulle is agter: Jana Spykerman en Marcell Lumley. Voor: Michelle Smit, Megan Swart en Zaan-Mari Koekemoer.

By Steelpoort Akademie is daar ook nuwe gesigte voor in die klas. Somari Jordaan doen diens as ‘n aflos en werk by die skool se klerewinkel. Monica Jamela is ‘n Graad R aflosonderwyser, Anzeri Ferreira is ‘n studentonderwyser en Rozelle Cronjé gee Engels vir Graad 5 en Afrikaans vir Graad 7.

Below: Already learning at Laerskool Burgersfort.

Grade R learners at Mangabane Primary School are ready to start learning. A few early morning tears was quickly dried by the friendly teachers at Calvin College. Soon after the bell rang, it was all smiles to start the year in Grade R.

100% for Calvin College

Calvin College is proud of their 2016 matriculants. Not only do they have a 100% pass rate, but Pleaseure Maphanga achieved 7 distinctions with an average of 92% placing her in position two of the top three learners for independent schools in the province. 75% of the learners passed with exemption making them elligible for further studies towards a bachelors degree. 25% qualify for further studies towards a diploma. The top learners at Calvin were Pleasure Maphanga (7 distinctions), Sharon Makua (5 distinctions), Mandy Makola (6 distinc-

tions), Maleshelane Kgoete (4 distinctions), Mphela Makofane (4 distinctions), Deon Magabane (4 distinctions) and Eunice Makofane (4 distinctions). Pleasure is only 16 years old, but will be heading to Cape Town to start studying towards becoming a doctor. The top three students (photo above) this week met with school principal, Ms. Lorraine Britz, School Manager, Mr Anthony Devassy and HOD Mr Partson Ngwarai. Their message to the 2017 matrics: “Do your homework and never skip classes. You have to work hard from the beginning of the year”.

13 JANUARIE 2017



Self-testing HIV/Aids kits - your opinion South Africans can look forward to being able to test for HIV in the privacy of their own homes soon. This will be possible once the legislation that will allow pharmacies to sell Do-It-Yourself HIV/Aids testing kits comes into effect. The ban on pharmacies selling these kits may be lifted after the legislation binding pharmacists to tell customers that, should they test positive at home, they should have a second HIV test for confirmation has been gazetted. The South African Pharmacy Council Register and Chief Executive Officer, Amos Masango said: “The pharmacist must make sure that the customer is able to interpret the results of the test, while also remembering that the results are not conclusive because they would still need to go to a medical practitioner to confirm the results”. The idea is that the opportunity to buy a self-testing kit will ease the burden on the health care system, as resources are limited. With pharmacies being all over the country and easily accessible – even without a medical aid, is another benefit. Ms Michelle Moorhouse, senior programmes manager at the Reproductive Health and HIV Institute at Wits said that these self-testing kits are “a very good thing and long overdue”. She added: “We currently have about 3.4 million people on treatment in SA, and around 7 million infected. Many health care testing facilities are not easily accessible for some people as they are not open 24/7. “ Especially working men are affected by this. “Some people would also simply prefer to test in their own space and on their own time and self-testing allows this”. Concerns that positive test results may trigger suicidal behavior has been found to be outdated by research. “This was a concern when self-testing was first conceptualized, but large studies which monitored closely for social harms and set up helplines, found that this really has not been the case. There were similar concerns when over-thecounter pregnancy tests were first introduced aeons ago. Self-testing is empowering and studies done so far have demonstrated it is safe”. The draft legislation that will regulate this is currently open for public comment. It also makes sure that pharmacies will be required to only sell tests which have been approved by the World Health Organisation. Platinum Gazette asked readers what they think about this.

Me. Charlotte Clarke sê: “Dis ‘n baie goeie idee. Mense kan dan hulp soek om die situasie te hanteer. Ek is 100% vir dit”.

Mr Isreal Aphane said: “I agree that this something they should do. If you test yourself you can do it without fear, but when you go somewhere people may judge you. I know I am scared to go for tests. More people will now know their status”.

Ms Sarah Moeti said: “It is not good. Some people who test positive without getting immediate counseling may kill themselves. Some people will get angry when they test positive and in their anger set about infecting others with the disease. It should rather be that people are required to get tested at the clinic”.

Mr Ekky Moimane and Mr Jonas Bigboy Mabilu said: “This is not a good idea. It is better if people get tested at a clinic or with a doctor. People should not be able to test at home. The risk of people committing suicide or just going about spreading the disease is too much”.

Ms Mogau Nkoana said: “This is a good thing. Testing at home will be good and safe. Some people are shy to go to the clinic. They would rather buy a test at the pharmacy. More people will know their status”.

Mr Dumisa Mabelane said: “It is a good idea. Government is doing this because they’ve realized that many people are suffering because of a lack of resources. It will be good because pharmacies are easily accessible and you don’t need to have medical aid. Many people are now creating awareness for other illnesses like diabetes and it is important that we work towards eradicating HIV by knowing our status. We don’t need to fear the disease anymore. You can live for a very long time if you take your medicine”.

Mr Papi Makgate said: “It is a very good idea. Many people are still scared to go to a doctor or clinic for the test. Now they can test in private and it will save lives because everyone will be able to know their status privately”.

Mnr. Johann Lategan sê: “Dis ‘n goeie ding. Sommige mense is skaam. As hulle kan weet wat hul status is, kan hulle hulp soek en seker maak hulle loop nie rond en doen dinge wat die virus kan versprei nie”. By hom is Ashley, Eloïse en WJ.

Mr Collen Mojela said: “It will be good. People are afraid to go for tests. If they can test themselves and go to a doctor to have positive result confirmed and get treatment, it will be good. More people will know their status and get treatment. The disease is no longer a killer, you just need to get treatment. Churches should get involved in this and encourage their people to test themselves”.

Ms Makgethwa Sekele said: “It is good. When you know your status you will be able to go to get treatment and advice. People will make use of these self-testing kits and it will save lives”. Mnr Daniël Khotle sê: “Al gaan mense by die huis kan toets sal hierdie ding nie werk nie. Mense is skrikkerig. Baie weet wat hulle aanvang en is daarom bang dat hulle positief sal toets”.

Right: Ms Sabina Mpinga said: “It is a good thing because if they sell it at pharmacies anyone can buy it and test privately. Many people are shy to visit the clinic. Now you will be able to always know your status and where to go for assistance”.



13 JANUARY 2017

Super wheels for Mohlala after winning at Tubatse SUPERSPAR

Phindiwe Mnisi from Tubatse SUPERSPAR handed the keys to her new car to Miranda Molhlala.

On 16 December Miranda Mohlala from Ga-Mashamothane drove off in a brand new Special Edition i10 Glide after winning the Tubatse SUPERSPAR Win-A-Car competition. Tubatse SUPERSPAR received thousands of entries in the Win-A-Car competition and gave away thousands of rands’ worth of shopping vouchers, prizes such as a home theatre system, kitchen appliances and even a kettle braai. Tubatse SUPERSPAR is known as one of the shops in town that truly care about customers and the community. They annually have massive promotions and competitions with prizes that are irresistable. The draw was held in trading hours and Ecclesiastes 10:20 (NIV) customers participated by helping to draw the 20 Do not revile the king even in your thoughts, or curse the rich in your winners in bedroom, because a bird in the sky may carry your words, and a bird a transon the wing may report what you say. parent manner. An overwhelmed Mohlala could not believe her luck. After her name was selected from the pile of entries, she was phoned and quickly made the journey to the store by taxi. She arrived to applause from customers and Tubatse SUPERSPAR staff. Tubatse SUPERSPAR thanked all their clients for their support in 2016 and invite them to regularly visit the store in 2017 for friendly service and great prices.

Lucky winners at Siyakha Learning Lab

The Siyakha Learning Lab team at Tubatse Crossing Shopping Centre with the four lucky winners of brand new tablets.

On 17 December 2016 the Siyakha Learning Lab at Tubatse Crossing Shopping Centre was a hive of activity as the winners of the four tablets in their most recent competition was drawn. To enter the competition the public had to enter using the entry form published in local media at the Learning Lab between 14 November and 15 December 2016. They had to answer an easy question on the entry form. The winners were decided through a lucky draw and each walked away with a brand new tablet. The lucky four were Kwliswa Bomoyi, Theresa Mkhondo, Mishack Malema and Khomotso Magune. They were very excited to receive their prizes and thanked the Siyakha team and management for their prizes and the opportunity to have access to free internet and free learning opportunities.

13 JANUARIE 2017


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13 JANUARY 2017

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Healthy festive fun

Local athletes did not rest over the festive season. Even on Christmas Day runners and enthusiasts gathered for a 10km fun run from Ga-Mampuru to Lavita Car Wash at Ga-Malekane. The event was organised by Recruiting Youth to Sports Against Crime and Drugs, Oom Leggs Malekane, Josie Tshoma and Steven Maupa. The group plan to make this

an annual event. After the fun run an aerobics session followed. The organisers would like to thank their sponsors for the water and watermelons the runners received. The event turned out to be great fun and runners, local community members and their extended family members participated.

Anyone who would like to become involved in the initiative to promote sport in the area can contact either Oom Leggs Malekane (076 386 6662), Josie Tshoma (076 505 9358) or Steven Maupa (072 590 8925).

(Photograph and information: Steven Maupa).

Run at the Marula Festival The Marula Festival Half Marathon, 10km run and 5km fun run will be taking place in Phalaborwa on 25 February 2017. The event is organised by Run/Walk for life in Polokwane and sponsored by LEDET. The races will start at the Bollanoto Information Centre on the road to the Kruger Park (opposite Spar). Entry fees for the 21,1km is R40, 10km is R30 and the 5km - R10. All participants must be wearing their valid 2017 licences and athletes without licences will have to wear temporary licences which will be available at R30 each for non-club members. The minimum age for the 21,1km race is 16 years and the minimum age for the 10km race is 15 years. Medals will be given to all finishers in the 21,1km, 10km and 5km fun run. Gold category winners and silver for the runners up in both the 21,1km and 10km road races. There will be a three and a half hour cut-off time to finish. The prizegiving will take place at 09:30. All IAAF/ASA/Lima rules and conditions will apply. Starting times will be 06:00 for the 21,1km and 10km Walkers, 06:15 for the 21,1km and 10km Runners. The fun run will start at 06:45. Enquiries: Kobie Marais - 082 561 5429; Jerry Mamabolo - 082 350 9544 or Molotello on 081 510 2773.

Put this on your sporting diary School athletics are now going into full swing again. The following dates has been reserved for big events with the parents and public being invited to come and support the children. Steelpoort Academy

Laerskool Burgersfort

Steelpoort Academy will be hosting their internal house athletics on Thursday next week. The school’s athletes will participate against each other in their different teams and will participate in track and field items. Various other athletic meets will be taking place over the next few weeks before the Inter Schools event of which Steelpoort will be the host. This will be taking place on 24 February 2017 in Lydenburg.

Laerskool Burgersfort’s two teams - the Skilpaaie and the Hasies (Hare and Rabbit teams) will be battling it out in different track and field items on Friday, 20 January 2017. The event will take place at the school’s sportsgrounds and will start at 08:00 in the morning. The public and parents are invited to come and support the athletes and the school.

Platinum Gazette 13 January 2017  

Local newspaper for Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad and surrounding villages in Limpopo Province, South Africa.

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