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10 December 2010

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Binne / Inside: Not the end of Genorah dispute Labour problems at Smokey Hills More money to spend than last year?

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10 DECEMBER 2010


‘Constitutional Court was misled’ Australian based platinum company, Nkwe Platinum Limited, says the Bengwenyama community misled the Constitutional Court (Concourt) in the case in which Genorah Resources lost its prospecting rights near Burgersfort on two farms. Nkwe says in a media release that, as a result, the Roka-Phasha community intends to pursue legal action against the Bengwenyama. The Roka-Phasha community alleges that the Bengwenyama misrepresented their community status and their status in terms of Section 104 of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, which affords a preferential prospecting right to communities that live on the land earmarked for prospecting while RokaPhasha is also challenging a claim that the Concourt-favoured Bengwenyama had previously won community land claim in the High Court. Nkwe identifies the Eerstegeluk landowners as the and the Greater Tubatse Municipality. The Concourt, which ruled that the Nkwe-linked Genorah had failed to communicate properly with the Bengwenyama community, consequently set aside the prospecting rights that the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) had awarded to Genorah, which is Nkwe’s black economic-empowerment partner.

The Concourt also overruled the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act (PAJA), which demands that the aggrieved party brings its review application to court within 180 days. Although the Bengwenyama community failed to meet PAJA’s 180day deadline, the Concourt still found in its favour, on the grounds that the DMR had failed to deal with its timeous appeal. Nkwe says Nkwe, Genorah and local communities from the Concourt judgement’s Eerstegeluk and Nooitwerwacht farms have resolved to proceed with a new rights application. The court did not automatically give the prospecting rights to the Bengwenyama, who will have to submit a seperate application, which they are reportedly planning. The company further states that “over the past four years Genorah and Nkwe have initiated numerous community initiatives (employment, building of roads, provision of clean drinking water, sporting and recreational activities) over all of the 5 farms. The Company is not suggesting there have not been issues over the years. In fact, almost all mining companies in the area have had problems with regard to various social issues such as competing claims to land, chieftaincy, and representativity, most of which are a result of the effects of the previous policy of apartheid. Nkwe has at all times ensured significant involvement and interaction in resolving any community matters with numerous community representatives, with Nkwe’s senior executive management and Board members being on the ground and in constant consultation. Media reports of Genorah (and by implication Nkwe) trampling over the local communities rights and ignoring their legal and rightful connection and

involvement in the properties and their mineral worth are blatantly incorrect.” It also says “until the DMR process for dealing with the two farms has been completed we cannot make any assessment as to what the Court Decision means regarding the impact to the value of the farms. As referred to above the farms haven’t been awarded to anyone else and the local communities have resolved to jointly lodge whatever applications are required by the DMR to ensure preservation of the prospecting rights. The two farms in question do not form part of the bankable feasibility study that

is being finalised on the Garatau Project – a separate update on this will be made shortly. The two farms have at this stage only been subject to exploration and resource drilling which has defined an inferred resource of approximately 20m ounces 3PGE+Au (out of 68.5m total ounces 3PGE+Au over the 5 farms. The two farms are clearly significant and form part of Nkwe’s longer term development strategy for the Tubatse project. In terms of development they are about 18-24 months further away from our northern Garatau project (the subject of the BFS).”

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10 DESEMBER 2010



85 percent of workforce dismissed Platinum Australia said on Tuesday that its mining contractor, JIC Mining had dismissed 85 percent of its workforce at the Smokey Hills mine near Burgersfort. JIC employees had been engaging in an unprotected industrial action at the Smokey Hills platinum project. JIC obtained an interdict requiring employees to return to work, however, a number of employees refused, necessitating the dismissals, according to Platinum Australia. The mining contractor had started the process of re-employing some of the workforce, but it was anticipated that a significant number would not be reemployed. Limited underground mining has continued during the industrial action, and Platinum Australia said that underground production would ramp-up to previous levels over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, the processing plant has remained unaffected by the industrial Photograph: Platinum Australia website

action and continued to treat chrome tailings over the last week. In November, over 31 000 t of chrome tailings were treated at a grade of around 6 g/t platinum group metals. It was anticipated that between 25 000 t and 30 000 t of chrome tailings would be treated in December, along with a further 25 000 t to 30 000 t of underground ore. Platinum Australia said the industrial action was not expected to have a material impact on the production or financial performance of the Smokey Hills operation. Underground ore treatment and chrome tailings treatment would continue on a batch basis through the plant during the March quarter, which should ensure that the plant operated at close to, or at design capacity. Production at Smokey Hills was recently also interrupted when the previous mining contractor Redpath Mining ran into difficulties and was replaced with JIC Mining by Platinum Australia.



10 DECEMBER 2010

Schools are part of the development The well-known school group Curro are investing in Burgersfort with the construction of a modern new, affordable private model school, within Spekboom River Estate.

Construction of the pre-primary, primary & secondary school will commence in February 2011 with the first intake planned for January 2012. While the two estates are central to

Cranbrook’s presence in the area, the Development Company is in Burgersfort for the long-term. The total development encompasses a few thousand residential

erven, business and light industrial development, a 43 000m² shopping mall, a hospital site, as well as the site for the new school.

10 DESEMBER 2010



Twickenham rewards crew for impressive sweeps Twickenham Platinum Mine on Wednesday this week rewarded some of their employees who formed part of a crew that achieved 360m2 for three consecutive months. This achievement by Crew 34A N1 (in the picture below) is comparable to the best in the industry and on the Eastern Limb. It is also the best ever at Twickenham Mine. The team is from Twickenham Shaft. Mr Theuns Erasmus, Production Manager

congratulated the team and encouraged them to continue their good work. He also urged them to work safely, especially the last two weeks before Christmas. “It is the best any team has done on this mine,� he told the group that also included Union representatives and representatives of the Health and Safety Committee. He recapped their sweeps from January up to now, as well as their safety record. As an incentive the team each received a personalised jacket and they were served a hearty cooked meal.

Mr Theuns Erasmus handed them their jackets.













Prices are valid from 10 - 12 December 2010.


10 DECEMBER 2010


Tubatse Police campaign on violence against women and children On Sunday 5 December Shikinah Church in Tubatse Police visited Praktiseer. The purpose of the visit was to address church members about the 16 days if activism on violence against women and children (lefthand side photographs taken by Const Mthimkhulu, Tubatse SAPS). On Monday the Police visited Kgoga PreSchool in Praktiseer Shushumela extention 2. (photographs on righthand side taken by Warrant Officer Bopape, Tubatse SAPS). In both instances the audiences was addressed by Constable Motene (above, right) who delivered the message ‘don’t look away, report abuse’.

Ohrigstad inwoners oorlede Twee bekende inwoners van Ohrigstad is onlangs oorlede. Mnr GP Joubert (71) (foto links) het etlike weke gelede gaan help om ‘n veldbrand op bure se plaas te probeer blus. Die wind het ‘n smeulende vuur weer laat opvlam en mnr Joubert teen ‘n draad vasgekeer. Hy is deur ‘n werker, Johannes, te hulp gesnel en uit die vlamme gehelp, maar hy was reeds ernstig beseer. Na byna ses weke is hy in ‘n hospitaal in Johannesburg oorlede. Hy word onderskeidelik deur sy vrou Amelie en twee dogters, wat albei in die buiteland woon, oorleef.

Nog ‘n inwoner, tannie Thelma Steenkamp (78) (foto links), ‘n oud Rusplaser, is onlangs oorlede. Sy het die laaste twee jaar by haar suster, Edith van Wyk, op Ohrigstad gebly. Sy is Pietersburg toe vir ‘n lensoorplanting waar sy oorlede is. Sy word ook deur twee seuns oorleef.

10 DESEMBER 2010



Nuwe baadjie Steelpoort Akademie is beskik om ‘n nuwe baadjie te kry. Die skool bied volgende jaar die Interlaer aan en is tans besig om daarvoor voor te berei. Hierdie week is die gras op die rugbyveld uitgehaal en die grond bewerk sodat nuwe sooie geplant kan word. Die swembad is ook uitgetap en skoongemaak sodat hy

Kerssang by kerslig Op 4 Desember het soete stemme oor die grasperke van Tubatse Chroom Klub weerklink. Die Drie Valleie koor, onder leiding van Elsa de Jager en die Bel Canto koor van Ria Olivier, (laasgenoemde het al die pad van Kemptonpark gekom om saam te kom sing) het by die geleentheid opgetree. Desmond MacManus Algemene bestuurder van Tubatse Ferrochroom het die vertoning amptelik geopen en beloof dat dit nie die laaste van die prag geleenthede sal wees nie. Hy het ook sy dank betuig aan al sy werkers wat die aand help reël en spesiaal gemaak het. Die meester brein agter die hele aand, Ds Riaan Botha het die geleentheid met gebed geopen en die gaste genooi om saam te sing en deel te wees van die program. Die begeleiding is deur Leeza

Foto’s: Willem Montgomery.

Ballack behartig. Dan is die hulp van baie spesiale vriende van die kore ingeroep om dit nog meer spesiaal te maak, Walter Fourie ‘n Tenoor van Nelspruit en Diane Wolhuter die Sopraan van Witrivier, het pragtige solo’s en duete gesing en ook saam met die kore gesing. Theresa Prinsloo het met pragtige harpspel en ‘n klavier solo die skare betower. Haar dogter Nicolé Prinsloo het met haar sang die harte gewen. Die kore wil graag vir Ds Riaan en De Wet Conradie en sy span by Tubatse klub bedank vir al hulle hulp met die reel van die geleentheid en ook almal wat die prag aand by gewoon het. Die kore het ook op 5 Desember op Ohrigstad by die NG Kers se kerssangdiens opgetree. (Geskryf deur Willem Montgomery).

glinterend reg vir ‘n gala kan wees. Mnr. Anton Alberts het Tubatse Chroom bedank vir hul borgskap van die gras. “Daar was soveel verskillende soorte gras en dit kon net nie mooi onderhou word nie,” sê hy. Nou sal hulle hopelik teen Januarie kan spog met ‘n welige nuwe veld, reg vir ‘n atletiek skouspel.



Sporting achievements honoured

10 DECEMBER 2010

Laerskool Burgersfort held their sport prizegiving ceremony at the end of November. Various sports were recognised and the children received both certificates and trophies.

Ruan Ludick received the Lohan Bennet Floating Trophy for Best Progress in rugby u/ 13. He was also the most versatile sportsman. Tiaan Roos received the CJ Muller Floating Trophy for the Best Progress in rugby u/11. Janu Beukes received the floating trophy for best progress in Bulletjie rugby.

Athletics: Lesedi Moropa was awarded the Junior Victrix Ludorm trophy. Swimming: Coelette Erasmus was the Junior Victrix Ludorm.

Jacki Ni received the Markus Moll Floating Trophy for Best Progress in Mini Cricket. Sthembiso Shabangu received the floating trophy for the Senior Boys Tennis Champion.

Athletics: Blessing Serokolo was awarded the Junior Victor Ludorm trophy.

Athletics: Duncan-Lee Ehlers was the Senior Victor Ludorm. Swimming: Ruan Ludick was the senior Victor Ludorm.

Swimming: Awie Small was the Junior Victor Ludorm.

Palesa Mabuza received the Stefanie Kruger Floating Trophy for the Best Progress in Netball for u/12.

Swimming: Sarie Venter was the Senior Victrix Ludorm.

10 DESEMBER 2010



Prizegiving at Calvin College Calvin College rewarded their students for their academic excellence at the annual prizegiving ceremony. The school have their ceremony late in the year as the full year’s performance is taken into account when the top achievers are

determined. The Prep-school held their prizegiving on 3 December and the highlight was the graduation of the Grade R students. The seniors had their turn on 4 December. Achievements in each grade were recognised.

Tetelo Mashigo, Lethabo Riba, Tokelo Shai and Safiya Noor Mahomed were some of the students who were rewarded for excellence.

Achievers in subjects: Desiree Makofane, Khutso Nkoane, Mathabo Mohlala, Sydwell Shai, Tetelo Mashigo, Charles Masinga, Lethabo Riba, Percy Napo, Tshidi Rampedi and Tokelo Shai.

Grade 8 achievers inn subjects; Getrude Kganane, Elias Mohlala, Kholofelo Kgatle, Katlego Mokwena, Tnyiko Maphanga, Peniel Mogowane, Sefiti Harmony, Elna Masha, Donald Mashigo, Magato Mokgopi, Pulane Matlaou, Mbali Mthembu, Precious Magani and Khutsiso Mampuru.

“The full year’s performance is taken into account”

Right: Grade 9 subject achievers; Kea Ramaephadi, Theophelus Riba, Sedzani Malovela, Abbigail Digama and Thato Mmola. The grade R students all graduated and will be going to the ‘big’ school next year.

Photographs: Calvin College.

Various trophies and awards were handed out during the prizegiving ceremonies last week.

Grade 10 subject achievers; Lerato Moraba, Irene Mavanyisi, lesedi Ngoato, Refilwe Maphanga, Kgothatso Manyaka, Freedom Chokoe and Lucas Mahole.



10 DECEMBER 2010

Do you have more money to spend With only weeks left before Christmas, many people are planning family gatherings, holidays and shopping trips. The big rush in the shops are expected to start within the next week and many people have been working hard to ensure that they will be able to spend a worry-free Christmas. Last year the recession was digging into everyone’s pockets and it was the time when many residents in our area were not sure of their jobs for the coming year. Most industries scaled down, many stopped paying out bonuses and overtime was cut to the minimum resulting in a much lower income for many households. This year prospects are looking better, although not perfect yet. We asked readers if they will have more, less or about the same amount of money to spend over this Christmas season compared to last year? They also told us what will be the priorities when they do spend money this year.

Let us know what you will do... SMS your opinion to 073 416 5119

Mr Chris Namkwapa said: “This year there is no money. Everything is up. Most of the money goes to food and clothes”.

Mr Matthews Malatjie said: “It is going better than last year. I’ll buy some things to braai and drink”.

Me. Annetjie van Staden sê: “Dieselfde as laas jaar. Ek gaan dit op my kleinkinders en die familie spandeer. Ouma gaan hulle bederf. ‘n Mens leef net een keer”.

Mnr. Mervin Raaths sê: “Ek persoonlik het baie meer geld tot my beskikking as verlede jaar Kerstyd. Ek gaan ‘n gedeelte daarvan gebruik om iemand anders happy te maak en die res gaan ek self geniet”.

Mnr. André Viljoen sê: “Ek het ’n bietjie meer geld as laas jaar. Ek gaan bietjie die familie spoil. Ek gaan nie op vakansie nie want die myn maak nie toe nie”.

Mnr. BJ Nkosi said: “This year it is a little bit different. Prices are up in our shops. A lot of money is spend on food. It is a daily issue so that is where the money goes”.

Ms Mary Mlema said: ‘This year we don’t have money. The little we have we’ll spend on clothing, school things and groceries”.

Mnr. Danie Stoltz sê: “Minder as laas jaar. Ek sal fokus op die familie”.

Mr Godfrey Ntemahe said: “I’m taking my family out. Some of the money I’ll deposit on a new car. I have a bit more money than last year because I’ve saved”.

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10 DESEMBER 2010



this Christmas compared to last year?

Mr Jacob Mareshi said: “I have about the same as last year. It will be spend on clothes and food”. Mr Surprise Manas Mojalefa said: “I don’t have money. I work on a project for myself and I don’t know if the people I do the work for, will pay me before Christmas. If I do get paid, I’ll buy clothes for my child”.

Mr Donald Tshelane said: “I have more than last year at least. I’ll take my family to the Mall in Rustenburg where they live”.

Me. Karin Loubscher sê: “Definitief minder geld want die goed het duurder geword. Die geld sal op die kinders en kleinkinders spandeer word”.

“Around 72 percent of adult South Africans do not save anything. One of the reasons is a lack of income -- contributed to by high unemployment.” - Links: Me. Ina Jacobs sê: “Ons het minder. Alles het opgegaan maar die salarisverhogings was laer. Die meeste van die geld sal op kruideniersware spandeer word”.

Me. Edith Wagner sê: “Laas jaar het ons nie bonus gehad nie, hierdie jaar het ons darem. Ons gaan met vakansie om net ‘n bietjie weg te kom”.

Right: Ms Lucia Mphago said: “I did not save more than last year. I’ll be at home and hope for a peaceful and resting Christmas. I wish everyone the best and a safe season”.

Mnr. Christo Engelbrecht sê: “Dis min of meer dieselfde as verlede jaar. Ek gaan die meeste van die geld op die familie spandeer - al is hulle nie by my nie”. By hom is Tiaan.

Mnr. Anton Alberts sê: “Ek het bietjie slimmer gespeel en deur die jaar gespaar. Ons gaan dit op vakansie en familie spandeer”. By hom is Roddy.



Airbus A380, Concorde, Gripen? Let your dreams fly this Festive Season...

10 DECEMBER 2010

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How often have you heard the above phrase in your life? We bet many times! Normally this would entail referring to the comparison to one’s neighbour as a benchmark for social caste or the accumulation of material goods, failing this would be perceived as demonstrating socioeconomic or cultural inferiority. For the 10 years, that Modikwa Platinum Mine is in existence, we also tried keeping up with other industry leaders in the fields of Safety, Production and other key indices. Constantly learning, applying new technology, sometimes burning our fingers slightly, and yes, sometimes failing abysmally! We had to live (fight) through a tough recession, came from high incident rates and not so good production results, having difficulties with communities and not always understanding why we seem not to harmonise with Organised Labour structures. As we journeyed along this path, we slowly but surely learnt from our weaknesses and started to turn them around into opportunities. Through affecting these opportunities, we were becoming the Joneses…Our Safety performance grew into one of the very few mines that can boast with having 7 000 000 Fatality Free Shifts. We lived through the worldwide economic recession without the need to downscale operations. Our production is on a roll to new heights and we are expanding business with the Opencast development and developing a new shaft, South 2 Shaft. Management, Organised Labour, our Workforce and our loved ones at home has become one family, we ‘staan saam’! We now have strengths, no longer just opportunities, and the weaknesses lies behind us…We now are the Joneses! Other mines now benchmark against us, trying to keep up with our pace, and yes, we encourage and support them, but we need to keep up with ourselves, sustaining and improving on these achievements! The only way that we can do this is to stay humble, to stay a family, always striving to be the best and to always believe, and trusting that our Heavenly Father will always carry us! As this year draws to an end, we are proud of our achievements, made possible by our employees and their loving and supporting families, the communities they live in, along with the grace of our Heavenly Father.We thank all of you for your effort, support, dedication and commitment! Our wish for all of you is to have a blessed festive season, to take care during this period and to live life to the fullest in the year ahead of us, staying on top, reaching 8 000 000 Fatality Free Shifts, and to always stay the Joneses! Merry Christmas and have an AWESOME 2011! Modikwa Platinum Mine Management

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Social Christmas Golf Day All members of the Tubatse Chrome Club are invited for a round of social golf on 11 December. Each member brings along a gift of approximately R100 in value. This will serve as prizes at the end of the day. Enquiries: Martin van Rooyen, 082 816 4833. Watervalsrivier Geloftefees - program 2010 Die Watervalsrivier Geloftefees begin reeds op 14 Desember met die trek van ‘n laer onder leiding van Andries Human. Om 19:00 word daar saam gebraai. Pap, sous en kole sal voorsien word. 15 Desember 2010: 09:00: Vertrek na die waterval vir ‘n sjampanje ontbyt. Elke gesin sorg vir hulself. 18:00: Boerewors/Vienna rolls en koeldrank te koop. 18:30: Toneel - “Mengelmoes Kardoes”. Kom lag en huil saam. 16 Desember 2010: 04:00: Saluutskole onder leiding van Andries Human. 09:00: Erediens gelei deur Ds. Jacob van der Merwe. Spreker - Koos Winterbach. Tee en koffie by die kampeerders. 11:00: Algemene vergadering 13:00: Saam eet onder die boom. (Bring julle beste vleis, bykos en poedings). 18:00: Lantern bekruip vir jonk en oud. 17 Desember 2010: Laer breek af. Ontruiming. Almal is welkom om te kom saam kamp en kuier. Die Watervalsrivier Geloftefeesterrein is op die R37 tussen Burgersfort en Lydenburg skuins oorkant die Beetgekraal afdraai en aan die begin van die Watervalsrivierpas. Vir navrae kontak: Lodewyk de Jager (voorsitter) by 083 236 5870 of Andries Human (kamp kommandant) by 082 655 3157. Ohrigstad Geloftefees Op Ohrigstad word daar op 16 Desember weer Geloftefees gehou. Dit vind by die Potgietersaal buite die dorp plaas. 08:00: Saluut en Kranslegging 09:00 Diens in die Potgieter Gedenksaal 10:00 Tee Bring asb. ‘n bordjie eetgoed saam om saam met die tee te geniet. Bring u kinders en vriende en kom gedenk die dag saam met ons.

10 DESEMBER 2010



Islamia Madressa awards and cultural celebrations On Thursday, 2 December the local Islamia Madressa awards ceremony took place. Various trophies and gifts were handed to the students. The ceremony was opened by Mufti Ansarul Karim, Principal of the Madressa Islamia Burgersfort, Burgersfort Muslim Jamaat. Muhammed Amod recited the Qiraat and Uwais Abdul Aziz the Qasida. There were also cultural performances by some of the grades. “Culture reminds us of where we come from and of we are. Culture keeps the nation alive with pride, honour and dignity. Hence we should preserve our anthropological rituals and cultural values in our daily lives. We are truely privileged in this beautiful, multi-cultural and multi national country. As a nation with one of the longest histories of culture and tradition, celebrating this kind of day annually is a motivation for our children to continue this Cultural Heritage in years to come” said Mufti Karim. “We would like to take this opportunity to wish the Community of Burgersfort in particular and the entrire nation in general seasonal greetings and a happy cultural New Year. “On behalf of the Trustees of our Organisation, all the teachers, students and parents, we wish to place on record our sincere appreciation to our generous contributors and loyal supporters for having made this day possible. May the Almighty reward them abundantly”.

The younger students performed a song during the ceremony.

Mariam Tar and Faiza Randera with the Principal. Abu Bakar Amod and Amina Amod with the Principal. They had 100% attendance this year.

The Principal with Mohammad Zubair Taiyob.

Opening Qiraat by student Mohammed Amod.

One of the groups of students who received trophies for their hard work.



Hard work rewarded The Madressa Islamia Burgersfort, Burgersfort Muslim Jamaat held their annual Cultural celebrations and awards ceremony on 2 December. Read more about this on page 13.

Big and small were rewarded for hard work.

Mohammad Zubair Taiyob was the Dux student in the whole Madressa Islamia Burgersfort this year. Above: Waiz Abdul Aziz did the Opening Naath (religious song).

Left: Wais Abdul Aziz and Adam Abdullah with the Principal. This group made a cultrual presentation.

Mohammad Omar, Mohammad Zubair Taiyob and Rabia Tar with the Principal.

Some of the older students with their trophies.

10 DECEMBER 2010

10 DECEMBER 2010


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Plaas jou klein advertensie by Phelo Pele Pharmacy in die Khadima Sentrum of by Burgersfort Apteek in die Marone Sentrum of doen dit elektronies d.m.v. e-pos of faks. Place your small at Phelo Pele Pharmacy in the Khadima Centre or at Burgersfort Pharmacy at the Marone Centre. You could also place it via e-mail or fax. Enquiries: 083 543 1676 or 083 271 9151. E-mail: • Fax: 086 554 9031

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1. Sport Klubs/ Sport Clubs GSKA Karate Dinsdae & Donderdae van 17h30 – 19h00 by Calvin Collage. Almal welkom van 6 jaar en ouer. Skakel Jolanda Hietbrink by 082 859 9681.

3. Dienste/ Services School bus from Steelpoort via Burgersfort to Lydenburg Schools. Scholars from Tubatse Village,Winterveld and Lannex. Contact Linda 083 288 0553/ 013 231 7663

3. Dienste/ Services NAKIKI`S Driving School cc In Burgersfort Already 2 years in operation. Excellent pass rate. Contact Linda 083 288 0553 / 013 231 7663 Elshamah Motors Your Mechanic on Duty. We specialize in all minor and major repairs and services on ALL types of vehicles. Engine, gearboxes and differentials. We specialize in Mahindra vehicles. Lebowa Business Park, Burgersfort. Contact: Willie, 076 158 9192.

4. Oornag Akkommodasie/ Overnight accommodation Mooifontein Guesthouse Accommodation in Burgersfort. R380 per person per day. Includes Bed & Breakfasts, Lunch/ Supper & Laundry service. Contact: Judy, 082 308 9221/7

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does” - Stuart Henderson

7. Allerlei/ Miscellaneous Vision Meat Slaghuis Vir al jou vleis en biltong behoeftes. Ure: Ma. - Vr: 08:00 17:30. Sa: 08:00 14:00. Tel: 013 231 7094

Fax: 086 623 7124 Leandé: 083 637 8749. E-mail:

9. Te Huur/ To Let FLATS TO LET IN BURGERSFORT 1 Bedroom flats. Available immediately. Contact: 076 666 1100

w w w

Contact: 083 543 1676 to advertise.

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Kennisgewings/Notices Betrekkings/Vacancies REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP IN TERMS OF SECTION 120 OF THE MFMA INTEGRATED SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT SERVICE The Greater Tubatse Local Municipality requires services of a suitably qualified Service Provider to deliver an integrated solid waste management service for the Municipality. The service will include collection, storage, disposal and the rehabilitation towards closure of the Burgersfort landfill and the finance, design, construction, operation and maintenance of the new Appiesdoorndraai landfill.

The RFP document will be distributed at the briefing session. Only Bidders that have registered at the briefing session and have acquired the RFP document will be sent the Draft PPP Agreement electronically. A compulsory briefing session for all interested bidders wishing to submit a proposal will be held as follows: Venue: Old Municipal Building (crn Kort & Eddie Sedibe streets, Burgersfort) Date: 15 December 2010 Time: 11h00 All communications by Bidders relating to this tender should be addressed in writing to GTM at the following email address: or at Fax: 013 231 1000 Sealed proposal must be deposited, during office hours between 7h30-16h00 only in the tender box situated at Municipal Offices, (corner of Kort & Eddie Sedibe streets, Burgersfort). CLOSING DATE FOR THE BID: 18 FEBRUARY 2011 AT 12H00. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED. Address: Kastania Street, Burgersfort PO Box 206, Burgersfort, 1150 Tel: 013 231 1000 Fax: 013 231 1467 Website:

MF Mokoko Acting Municipal Manager


10 DECEMBER 2010

Platinum Gazette

SPORT Two points between top two

Cross country and jumping are a breeze Micaela van der Merwe of Letabo Perr riding school outside Burgersfort partipated in a Cross Country and show jumping event two weeks ago. The event was hosted at Pondorosa Ranch near Nelspruit. Both Micaela and her horse did very well and ended the year’s competitive riding on a high note.

Maatlopo United FC beat Mpheleng Sweepers 4-2 at Moroke Stadium last week Saturday. The visitors scored first and Maatlopo retaliated by scoring a goal of their own. Mogau Thobejane should be given credit for this. The halftime score was 1-1. Trevor Mohlala increased the score to 2-1 in the 55th minute of the game. Collen Mphoka also score in the 67th minute of the game with Trevor Mohlala coming in for a second time to score in the 78th minute. The visitors reduced the gap to 4-2 during the second half. Maatlopo United who is trailing behind Tubatse United in the second position on the log was happy with their win. This helped them to close the gap, especially with Tubatse United’s game against Makgala noto Young Chiefs ending in a draw. Two points now separate the first and and second positions. This weekend Maatlopo will play Nchabeleng Young Stars at GaNchabeleng. Supporters are encouraged to join the team and come to support them. Transport will be R70 per person. Enquiries: Jimmy Makola, 082 407 6226 or Sydney Makoka, 072 869 4418.

Going wild on the golf course Members of Tubatse Chrome Golf Club are invited to come and play in the Christmas Social Golf Day tomorrow. Every player brings along a gift worth approximately R100. These will serve as prizes at the end of the day. The idea is to end the club activities for 2010 on a social and giving note. Players are welcome to bring their families along and to enjoy the outdoors together. The course is currently in good condition and if players are lucky they will play alongside the wildebeest and other game that are roaming the course. The group in the photograph were having ‘dinner’ when the night golf kicked-off two weeks ago. Enquiries about the golf day: Martin van Rooyen, 082 816 4833.

Platinum Gazette 10 December 2010  

Local newspaper for Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad, Jane Furse and surrounding villages in Limpopo Province South Africa.