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Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) (PPC) Cement Manufacturer

There were times when Ordinary Portland Cement was considered as the only variety of Cement generally usable and acceptable to the constructional faculty. But with advent of new varieties of cement based on substitution of clinker specific sustitutes , the scenario has taken a new shape. The newly formed varieites of cement are now equally acceptable in general construction and specific uses as well . Some of the most evident form of manufacturing taking shape is the Portland Pozzolana Cement type of variety generally known as PPC. Portland pozzolana cement is given a thrust by the govenment as a low cost highly effective substitute for the cement clinker as has been found by the detalied experimental work established by cement laboratories over periods of years. The acceptable quantities of addition of substitutes remain till this day a matter of contention and speculation. But generally , in PPC, the acceptable substitute has been taken as Fly ash which is cement grade ( having high surface value and low carbon content) . The acceptable percentage of Fly ash addition in the cement has been challenged over a period of years by the cement manufacturing companies to get to around 40% from the government. But as of this writing the allowed legal limit of addtion is around 25% by the weight of cliner.

The addtion of Fly ash to the cement has equal advantage to the surplus production of Fly ash being produced by thermal power stations around the country. This Fly ash earlier was being used in land filling purposes. After regular pursuation by the cement manufacturing industries over a period of time the government has found it to be a win win situation to make a land filling commodity to a useful one with no significant effects on the quality of clinker produced by the cement manufacturing industries.

About The Platinum Cement: We are manufacturers of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) in 43 Grade OPC and 53 Grade OPC. We have the most energy efficient and high quality manufacturing industry with excellence in concrete performance. We have 25 years of knowledge in cement and concrete industry. We are a core management team of engineers who have 25 years experience in the production and quality maintenance in cement and concrete fields. The industry is well equipped with rigorous testing system to ensure the quality of cement is highest standard and fulfills the demand of all constructional purposes from High rise buildings, Road Development projects, Water retaining structures etc.

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Platinum Cement

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(PPC) Cement Manufacturer  

Portland pozzolana cement is now gaining acceptance in General Constructional works and also some types of special concrete applications.

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