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Entrepreneurial Spark

READY TO HATCH The first batch of ‘Chiclets’ from NatWest’s Entrepreneurial Spark venture in the South East are seeking investment as they grow their innovative companies.


ntrepreneurial Spark is the world’s largest free business accelerator offering support, coaching and mentoring to those companies that want to grow and scale. There are now 12 accelerators across the UK, including the South East base in Brighton For the ‘Chiclets’ (as the entrepreneurs are known), it is an intensive

process with weekly enablement sessions, workshops and mentoring. The Brighton hatchery opened in August 2015, and now some of the fledgling companies are seeking investment to really grow and scale their business to the next level. On these pages, they explain why investors should take notice.

OMGTea Founder Katherine Swift 1. Please describe your business In 2010 my mother was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Watching her fight the disease made me realise that the most important thing in life is family, friends and health. I decided that I wanted to do something positive and became involved in supporting the ground breaking research of one of the world’s leading genetic and cell biologists, whose research was highlighting the benefits of antioxidants in our diets. Green tea is renowned for its healing properties due to an abundance of antioxidants and I wanted mum to drink a quality green tea with the highest level of antioxidants. With its amazing health and healing properties and an astonishing level of these antioxidants, I created OMGTea - Organic Matcha Green Tea, with a percentage of OMGTea’s profits pledged to The Healthy Life Foundation, a charity I founded that funds research into age related diseases.  

2. Are you looking for funding or investment and if so, how much? Yes, £100,000

3. What would the money be used for? To develop a Ready to Drink (RTD) product to add to the OMGTea range

4. Why should an investor invest in your company? After centuries of relative obscurity, matcha is now exploding onto the global beverage market in a way that was truly incomprehensible a few years ago. Matcha market value was $2.5 billion in 2013, retail sales surged 55% in 2014, RTD’s increased by 253% and the annual growth is forecast to be 25% until 2019. The proposed OMGTea RTD product will be combined with alkaline water (first to market) making it a genuinely healthy drink. OMGTea is doing what it can to validate the health claims of green tea and particularly matcha, and has commissioned its own research with two exciting papers due to be published in January 2017.



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