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THE KITCHEN SINK By Senior Motoring Editor, Maarten Hoffmann


t is rare that the launch of a car has so much riding on its success. The Jaguar XE is one such car, and the company has thrown the

kitchen sink at ensuring it is a huge success.

as the F-Type, XF and XJ, all barnstorming

The Jaguar website allows you to play around

success stories, and we have the new, much-

with the colours, and l think you might agree

anticipated F-Pace SUV to come.

with my assertion.

Design-wise, l was not too concerned when

Driving it is, again, happily a joy. Much of

Its previous shot at this market was the X-Type,

it arrived on my drive as Jaguar have an eye

this is down to the new aluminium chassis and

which, unfortunately, was a Ford Mondeo in a

for a sexy car, and l was not to be disappointed.

suspension that afford it a crisp, light drive. Fit

party frock.

It has an intrinsic style that we, happily, have

the right engine, and it will fly along without

come to expect from the re-incarnation of this

killing your wallet. I would recommend the

stuffed with great cars, so the kitchen sink was

famous old British marque, although I would

S, with its super-charged 335bhp 3.0 litre, as

required, along with the fridge, stove and every

say the body is colour-sensitive: in great

used in the V6 F-Type, that will see 0-62 in 4.9

other appliance they could get their hands on.

colours it looks tremendous, and in others, not

seconds and still return a combined mpg of

But this risk is mitigated by the quality and

so much. In red, black, grey and racing green, it

34.9. Due to the lovely, light balance of the car,

panache of the company’s recent models, such

looks fantastic and you cannot fail in bright red.

fit this engine and you will want for nothing. I

The compact sports saloon market is



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