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HAVE YOU SIGNED UP TO G-CLOUD? by Lisa Downs, Partner, Commercial Rawlison Butler Tel: 01293 558593 E:


or many companies, the time and money needed to tender for public sector work has often proved to be a considerable

barrier for many years. With €425bn being spent on public contracts each year in 2011 the

suppliers (95% are SMEs), 28,080 services and

• Once they have a list of potential suppliers

(as at 2 November 2015) £903m in sales – 51%

who can provide what they want, they will

of total sales by value and 61% by volume have

evaluate the shortlisted suppliers tenders

been awarded to SMEs.

but they will only contact you to confirm if

All round benefits of G-Cloud include:

EU decided that reform was needed to ensure

• Scalability and elastic services

that all sizes of companies had a better chance

• More time and cost-effective buying process

at winning a slice of this spend.

What did the EU want? Less red tape was one of the key aims – “Simpler and more effective rules … to benefit both public authorities and firms, in particular SMEs, so that public funds are

• Access to innovation • Agility. To ensure that these benefits are maintained, the G-Cloud framework is refreshed every 6 months. There have been 7 iterations since

you have the resource capabilities to meet their timescales. Again, you will not be able to revise your original tender • If you’re short-listed, they will evaluate your original tender but will not contact you and you will not be able to revise your tender beforehand • Unless they have contacted you to confirm

2012 – G-Cloud 6 and 7 being the current

resource capabilities, the first time you are

versions – (G-Cloud 8 is expected to be

likely to know that you’ve been selected will

used as efficiently as possible to provide high

advertised a few months before G-Cloud 6

be when they contact you to tell you! Your

quality public services to users”. Revised EU

expires (on 1 August 2016)).

original tender will then form the basis of the

procurement rules mean:

For SMEs familiar with, and new to, G-Cloud,


• Less paperwork

it can be a daunting process. There are various

• Shorter procedural deadlines

procedures and hoops to go through to win

services, being a supplier on G-Cloud is an

• Greater use of electronic communication

a place on G-Cloud, and with the substantial

opportunity not to miss. If you would like

• Greater freedom to negotiate

number of suppliers now participating and

help tendering for G-Cloud 8, or if you would like

• Simplified publication obligations.

the way in which public sector bodies procure

help with tendering generally, please contact Lisa

Welcome to G-Cloud

services via G-Cloud, it is vital that your tender

Downs by emailing Lisa at

If you are a supplier of commoditised cloud

is detailed, accurate and water-tight. or by calling her on

UK Government decided to make it simpler for


TenderQA and ProcureONE services.

Government departments to procure certain

• The tender you submit to get onto g-cloud

commoditised services. In 2012 G-Cloud was

will sit within an online catalogue which


public sector bodies will search to find the

Hot on the heels of the 2011 EU reforms, the

In its first year, it had over 700 suppliers

service they want – they’ll input certain key

– 80%+ were SMEs – and £18.2m in sales.

words to find what they want, but will not

Now in its 4th year, it currently has over 2,500

contact you at this stage

+44 (0)1293 558593 to discuss our In2G-Cloud,

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