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Issue 04: Portrait of a Boy

Olya Oleinic Martyn Hyde Daria Svertilova Anna Kharina John Edmonds Mario Leko Jade Danielle Smith Jason Koxvold Margarita Senkova Alexander Veledzimovich Sydney Cunningham Emma Gibney

PLATFORM Welcome to Issue 04 of PLATFORM Magazine: ‘Portrait of a Boy’. We began with the theme of ‘Portrait of a Girl,’ for Issue 01, and so I thought it was only fair to give the guys a turn at being represented, hence this month’s theme. As always, we’ve had an influx of submissions from all around the world, from photographers of all ages, at all stages. It’s a great thing, seeing how one art medium, in a way, joins all these people together - how such (presumably) different people share a passion for the same thing and express it in such differing ways. We feel very grateful, here at PLATFORM, that we get the opportunity to bring all these photographers together and share them with you lot! It really is a pleasure... Happy looking. The PLATFORM Team

Martyn Hyde 52, From Manchester, lives in Kilmore Quay, County Wexford, Ireland

Photography of the greatest gifts of the 20th century one picture can stop you in your tracks or you pass something or one that makes you feel you have to capture this moment

Daria Svertilova 17, Ukraine, Odessa

Photography is...Photography is an exchange of energy. In my opinion, whatever or whoever you shoot you always put your energy into a shot. I imagine this process like special waves pass through your camera to an object which you are taking picture of. When you take a portrait, the person who you are shooting radiates energy too. And the crossing of yours and person’s energetic waves are always seen in ready photo, especially in the film one. That’s why as I mentioned earlier I enjoy shooting portraits most of all. It’s like a mutual love: you give your energy to the person and see how he changes, opens and sends his waves during the shooting. And there is the most trustful moment in photography. It isn’t preparing for a shooting or post-production of the photo, this moment is a contact between you and model while shutter clicks.

Anna Kharina 24, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Photography is...a wordless poem.

I began to shoot around eight years ago. Most of the time, I was shooting portraits. First I wanted to fix the hidden beauty of the people, but after some years I realized that I am more interested in transferring my own feelings, senses and ideas through the pictures I make. It includes beauty but now it’s more a medium for me than a final goal.

Alexander Veledzimovich 29, from Belarus, lives in Vitebsk

Photography attempt to catch something that you can understand only when you see the photo.

John Edmonds 24, Washington, D.C.

Photography is...about seeing as much as it is about feeling and perception. ;

Olya Oleinic 21, from Chisinau, Moldova, lives in London/Amsterdam

Photography is...a tool of the personal expression

Mario Leko 31, Split, Croatia

Photography is...the way I try to see what’s behind someone’s eyes. My effort to come closer and to listen all those things we usually don’t say out loud. There’s an endless sea of silence and photography is one of my ways of keeping a record of it.

Jade Danielle Smith 21, from Watford, England, lives in Southampton but moving to London and one day New York (dreaming)

Photography is...The.Love.Of.My.Life

I’ve just completed my degree at Southampton Solent University! Fantastic course and some amazing memories I’ve made there! Now onto my next chapter to pursue a life time dedicated to what I’m passionate about! I’ve got to save up for equipment first but my end goal is to have travelled, have happiness and love! (Hippy) And of course be able to live from taking photographs, exhibiting, big productions, advertising and fashion editorials!

Jason Koxvold 35, born in Belgium. Grew up near London and lives in Brooklyn, NY

Photography is...more powerful than you think.

I come from a culturally diverse background; half Norwegian, half Italian. I’ve always been from somewhere else, and being from somewhere else gives you a little bit of a dierent perspective.

Margarita Senkova 23, Belarus, Minsk

Photography is...the best thing for me to overcome my timidness, when I take a camera in my hands I finally feel i'm a person, an individual. When I look through the lens I'm 100 % concentrated, nothing exists except me and my vision. Photography is an extraordinary window which gives us a glance at another world, we''ll never enter it or see it fully but at least we can try.

Sydney Natasha Cunningham 22, From London (West London, just o Portobello Road), soon to return to Ladbroke Grove

Photography is...a way of exploring, understanding and expressing. It is one’s interpretation of the world that surrounds them. It is a beautiful way of capturing a transient moment and having the ability to keep a fraction of that moment forever.

Emma Gibney 24, London

Photography is...A reminder of something that happened when you weren’t looking.

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