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Issue 03: You and Me Hana Pesut Greg Ponthus Nirrimi Firebrace Kari Cieszkiewicz Stepan Obruchkov Sophie Van der Perre Kate Smuraga Amber Marie Chavez Berber Theunissen Mònica Domínguez Farré

PLATFORM Why hello again... Behold...Issue 03 of PLATFORM Magazine: ‘You and me’. As always, we were delighted by the range of submissions for this issue, so thank you all for sharing your wonderful work with us! For a publication that is, essentially, still a baby learning to walk, we are continually overwhelmed by the support we’ve received so far, so a big shout out to all our followers and fans! If we could give you all a hug, we would. As some of you will know already, we’ve added a ‘subscribe here’ button to our website so, if you haven’t already, feel free to give it a good old click! We promise not to spam you - we’ll just let you know when a new issue has been launched, or new theme announced! For this issue we were looking for pictures that spoke of a relationship, be it between mother and child, boyfriend and girlfriend, man and dog. We wanted photographs that depicted all the different kinds of connections that exist between people and, in our humble opinion, we’ve accumulated a beautiful selection. We hope you enjoy... Happy looking. The PLATFORM Team

Hana Pesut 31, from Whistler, Canada, lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Photography is... changing.

Nirrimi Firebrace 20, Australia and the World

Photography is... choosing which moments to keep alive, and which to let die with memory.

Kari Cieszkiewicz 24, Indiana

Photography is... awesome.

‘‘I really became interested in film photography once I started exploring/roadtripping—most notably when I first traveled out west to yellowstone five years ago. I always have 2 or 3 cameras going at one time. for me, that is key. Once I see my developed film, I get to relive all those great hikes/camping trips/etc. It is a perfect extension to the adventures i never wanted to end.’’

Stepan Obruchkov 26, Russia, Voskresensk town

Photography is... an opportunity to show the diversity of life.

Sophie Van der Perre 25, from Brussels, Belgium, lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photography expression of an emotion

Kate Smuraga 23, from Vitebsk, Belarus, lives in StPetersburg

Photography is...a journey

Amber Marie Chavez 26, from Orange County, lives in Los Angeles in the beautiful city of Echo Park

Photography is... an art. And as Vladimir Mayakovsky once said, “Art is not a mirror to reflect the world, but a hammer in which to shape it.” So put your mud boots on, because I’m going deep.

Right now I work in film, I shoot the body doubles for film advertisements. I want to go freelance by the end of this year and focus on photography. Balancing the two has left me little time to stay sane.

I am tired of trying to understand everything. I shoot because I’ve always shot. I started at 12 with my twin sister. Little sister act duo. My favorite thing to photograph is my twins son, his name is River.

Berber Theunissen 24, from the Netherlands, lives in Amsterdam

Photography is... a way to drive things out of my mind.

Mònica Domínguez Farré 21, from Barcelona, Spain, lives in Calafell

Photography is... a nice way to show feelings

Greg Ponthus 20, from Lyon, France, lives in Brussels, Belgium

Photography is... a good struggle between what you imagine, what you actually do, how you perceive it and how people will see it.

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PLATFORM Magazine Issue 03: 'You and Me'  

PLATFORM Magazine is a free online photography magazine dedicated to sourcing and showcasing emerging photographic talent from all across th...

PLATFORM Magazine Issue 03: 'You and Me'  

PLATFORM Magazine is a free online photography magazine dedicated to sourcing and showcasing emerging photographic talent from all across th...