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artificial grass

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artificial grass guide

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• • looks like real grass • feels like real grass • tough and hardwearing

straight edge for sand

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artificial grass


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• Rolls of artificial grass can be heavy. Please take care when lifting and handling! • Do not lay artificial grass in areas liable to flooding.

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• Heavily weeded areas should be treated with weedkiller before laying grass. • The products to which this guide applies do not need rubber or sand brushing in. • Maintenance required only removal of leaves and twigs etc with a soft brush or blower. Dog/animal mess use mild detergent and water.

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It’s always easier to cut the grass rolls from underneath



Edge fixing • To fix down the edges, use the ground pins and fix through grass at 200mm intervals. • Ruffle the grass over the pin heads to disguise.

Strip turf, removing all the grass down by an average thickness of 40mm. This can be done using a spade.


Roll out grass to cover areas. Trim edges of grass rolls using a craft knife

Using a mechanical turf lifter * makes light work. *Available from hire shops


If jointing is required

35mm • If jointing ensure grass rolls are butted together with no fibres caught underneath.

• Ensure all grass rolls are laid in the same direction so the blades of grass point the same way.

Spread and level and compact 35mm of sharp builders sand.




35mm35mm Loose jointed. 3mm gap

Compact sand using a builders plank & heavy hammer Re-smooth sand after completion. Gentle slopes or mounds are fine.

If fitting on a solid surface such as concrete or tarmac use a bead of adhesive along all edges.

• Apply adhesive onto jointing tape (rough side up) and spread along join surface.

Using a compaction plate * makes light work.

• Place roll edge onto tape making sure the fibres do not touch the glue.

*Available from hire shops

• Ruffle up the pile at the joint to disguise


Angle pins to avoid lifting

Over the top of the sand roll out weed membrane, overlapping joints by 300mm. Leaving it 50mm short of the grass edge.

300mm overlap


Stand back and enjoy!

DIY Installation  
DIY Installation  

How to install artificial grass.