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P58 / 084 / OCTOBER 2014 Featuring 46 artists who submitted images on theme Feelings during October 2014. Cover Kerstin Kuntze

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artists Arne Wald MoJoe JoJo Lobotom Akihiro Nishino David Goldstein Marinet Manikan Van Renselar Clau Fer Myriam Hofer Dominic Brecken Les Flynn Marti Visser Pierre Bonnal Oshomi Box Rino Rossi Stevii Jones Dirk Decker Angie Stergio Jaya Suberg Kerstin Kuntze Virgin Viridian Karsten Werner ! Armineh Hovanesian

Ioannis Sidiropoulos Celia Anahin Quinlan John Cherie Hanson Vitus Vitula Cisco Jones Giuseppina Irene Groccia - GiGro Juta Jazz George Adamantidis Julien RĂŠveillon Agop Gemdjian Nick Decker Patricia Allingham Carlson Mike Hinc Michel GUY Louisa Dawn Vita Zabarauskaite Jos Tontlinger Michaela Sibi Adern x Jane Streimer Schultz Marion MCa Gottfried In-Berlin Vanessa Vox Besnainou Elodie

P58 / 084 / OCTOBER 2014