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P58 / 082 / WORDS SEPTEMBER 2014 Featuring 40 artists who submitted images based on the theme words during September 2014. Cover Ralski www.ralski.com

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Akihiro Nishino www.facebook.com/akihiro.nishino.58

Celia Anahin www.facebook.com/alliancedigital

Leigh Silvers www.facebook.com/BlondiesOriginalArt

Karen Disljenkovic www.facebook.com/karen.disljenkovic

Todd Monaghan www.facebook.com/tminism

Dominic Brecken www.facebook.com/dombrecken

Sandrine Esnou www.facebook.com/sandrine.esnou

Judith Reismann www.facebook.com/judith.reismann

Arne Wald www.facebook.com/arne.wald

Aspla www.facebook.com/the.aspla

Vitus Vitula www.facebook.com/vitus.vitula

Les Flynn www.facebook.com/sunnydrunk

Sathya Ramachandran www.facebook.com/sathya.ramachandran.39

Cherie Hanson www.facebook.com/cherie.hanson1

Kerstin Kuntze www.kkuntze.com

Mike Hinc www.facebook.com/mike.hinc

Agop Gemdjian www.facebook.com/agop.gemdjian

Mike Tedder www.miketedder.com

Dirk Decker www.facebook.com/dirk.decker.dd

Maria Rosa Cortes www.facebook.com/rosa.langer

David Goldstein www.facebook.com/davidgoldsteinphotography

Zio Kim www.facebook.com/ziokimimages

Juta Jazz www.facebook.com/jutajazz

Oshomi Box www.facebook.com/oshomi.box

Ralski www.ralski.com

Vanessa Vox www.facebook.com/MissVanessaVox

Patricia Allingham Carlson www.facebook.com/patricia.a.carlson.5

Ioannis Kontomitros aka darkwood67 www.darkwood67.gr/

Graham Iv www.facebook.com/graham.iv.7

Yann Cielat www.facebook.com/ycielat

Elizabeth Kirby www.facebook.com/elizabeth.kirbygaither

Kerstin Kuntze www.kkuntze.com

Armineh Hovanesian www.armineh-photography.com

Quinlan John www.facebook.com/quinlan.john.100

Takuya Murata www.facebook.com/takuya.murata.14

Jane Streimer Schultz www.facebook.com/janeschultz

Marion MCa www.facebook.com/marion.callies

Myriam Hofer www.facebook.com/myriam.hofer.7

Marti Visser www.facebook.com/marti.visser.9


Riel Noir www.facebook.com/riel.noir.1