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THIS SERIES... My approach to photography is primarily devoted to the representation to what is called «the aesthetic of desolation.» I try to «photograph the psychic,» to bring out the spontaneous, natural side of a character, all for emphasizing the complexity and in playing with ambivalences and ambiguities... To express and give beauty, emotion and grimness all through the hardness of an image. The spectral. A work of introspection. YOUR SOURCES OF INSPIRATION... In the end, everything is inspirational. To point out what we understand about misery, weakness, banality, ugliness... To draw attention to what makes sense, as well as to the multitudes of tiny details that the eyes do not linger upon because they do not fit our conventional aesthetic or moral codes. To interest and show that anyone and anything can have blackness and pain. YOUR PROJECTS ? I’m trying to develop a plural-disciplinary approach as well. I’m trying with my heart to open up, break down the tenuous borders between different artistic media. For example, I have been experimenting with videography. I also want to put words in my images... sort of to gain perspective of print publications ?

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Arthur Sakhkalyan / Richard Naudy / Hélène Jayet / James Lassey / Mélanie Rodriguez / Fée des bêtises / Tilby Vattard / Olfa Bouzenad /...

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