Numéro 40

Page 9

THIS SERIES... 2°20 is the longitude of the meridian in Paris. I covered it with my bicycle from Dunkerque to the Spanish border and took pictures of my trip: people, landscapes, urban areas, etc. With no aesthethic concern ; nothing but slowness and sincerity. YOUR SOURCES OF INSPIRATION ? All the travel books I read when I was a teenager, my dreams as a child and of course, Raymond (Depardon) and his wanders, Jean-Michel Dagory who covered the same distance on foot and wrote « La France par les petits bouts » (“Tiny bits of France”)… YOUR PROJECTS ? Going for another trip of the same kind on the 45th parallel, from Lacanau to Lacanau, through Crimea, Aral sea, South of Mongolia, the Rockies and the Plains… I can already picture myself there !