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MAS DRD–DS Achieves Runner Up in the Waste & Recycling Expo 2012 Innovations Awards

“DRD” Drying and Cleaning System for contaminated / wet Plastics The DRD – Technology (Double Rotor Disc) combines a cleaning centrifuge and thermal drying in one single machine, providing a very efficient and cost saving “Drying and Cleaning” in one process. It is well proven for a wide range of materials, like Agricultural Stretch film, Industrial waste, Plastic Fibres, Hollow bodies and Plastic cups etc. in order to separate any contamination that is removable by friction. The DRD is capable to remove up to approx. 90% of the contamination (with one step process), every contamination which is dry removable by friction like sand and soil. With a “two step process” (two DRD installed in series), we can remove with the second step approx. 80% of all the contamination, passed the first cleaning step. Also moisture can be reduced very efficiently lg. from approx. 25% to below 3%.

Basically there are three applications for the DRD 1) DRD as “stand alone dry cleaner” (as already mentioned, for any contamination which is removable by friction can be separated); washing without water = saving costs: • much lower investment • no water = no water treatment necessary • no water disposal costs • no bureaucratic permissions necessary • much lower service and maintenance costs • much lower production costs (Euro/kg/h)

2) DRD installed behind a conventional wet washing process in order to dry the washed flakes much more efficient than with conventional drying systems, with the big advantage of having an additional cleaning step during drying process. • Efficient drying (depending on throughput from 25-30% down to below 3%) • Second cleaning step integrated in drying process which is necessary anyway.

3) DRD installed in front of a “water – washing plant” in order to prevent as much as possible, of the dirt entering the water circle of the water washing plant. As A consequence the washing plant works much more efficient and water consumption as well as maintenance can be reduced to a minimum. • Lower water consumption of the washing plant • Lower maintenance and service costs of the washing plant • Therefore lower production costs The size of the material, fed into the DRD shall be ≤ 100mmx100mm (in terms of film flakes), other materials it need to be determined case to case. In most of the cases a “pre-cutting unit (shredder) is required in front of the DRD. This shredder can be optionally offered by MAS or prepared by customer. In order to prevent damage to the shredder, foreign materials like stones, metal piece, tapes and banding wires must be removed before entering the shredder. We can offer two different sizes: DRD 18 for up to approx. 500 kg/h throughput and DRD 4 for up to approx. 1000kg/h; (please keep in your mind >> throughput and not output of the DRD, as we have to consider the loss of contamination and the loss of moisture) With heavily contaminated agricultural film we recommend either a DRD 24 for a throughput range of approx. 600 - 700 kg/h or a double step process (DRD-DS installation), as we have to consider up to approx. 30% of soil and sand etc, as well as up to approx. 20% of water, The first step for drying and cleaning and the second step just for a final additional clean. Please note, the DRD system removes only contamination which is capable of being removed by friction. Oil, grease and other sticky contamination can cause a blocking of the separation screens and therefore can influence the quality of the output material

References: So far we have delivered more then 20 DRD units to companies in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, South Africa, Japan, USA, Australia etc..; so we can proudly say, it is already a well proofed technology.

Test runs at MAS: In our lab we have a DRD 18 with a shredder installed. The shredder is positioned above the DRD. So there is no need to pre cut the material before sending it to MAS, it can be sent in bales form. We would need approx. 500 kg of each type of material.

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Koga wins Award  
Koga wins Award  

Koga wins recycling award