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Interview with James Magee Operation Feedback Systems NMW/Ausplas

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Inside 3D Printing comes to Melbourne Knox Business conference featuring David Smorgan

3D PrintingTODAY Casey Cardinia host NMW/ Ausplas networking event

Industry Network eMagazine May 2014

What is GECA certification? How do you know that your product is green? And who sets the bar for any eco-friendly claims you make? Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) runs Australia’s only independent not-for-profit ecolabelling program that can assess your product against rigorous standards to verify its environmental credentials. There are many factors to take into account for a product to be better for the environment. Its environmental impacts throughout its life, from manufacture to use and disposal — including longevity of life and toxicity — need to be considered to give a true picture. It also needs to address more than just one or two of these. Without robust third-party standards, there’s no accurate way to assess environmental impact with certainty, and furthermore, no standards to measure it against. GECA’s ecolabel on your products and services provides an independent tick to specifiers and purchasers that your products and services are better for the environment and reduce their impact on human health. Our standards are developed following ISO 14024 principles for global best practice in ecolabelling, so certification acts as solid evidence that your product or service meets world-class environmental standards. Our work to educate the market about the value of ecolabels goes hand-in-hand with building recognition of the positive work licensees are doing. With GECA certification also comes added marketing in line with connecting your environmentally preferable products or services to the wider community. GECA was the first scheme to be recognised under the Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA) Green Star Scheme. The Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) also rewards projects that use GECA certified products. Both schemes are recognised by a growing number of companies and governments. GECA can help your product to stand out from the competition and verify your environmental claims. If you’re interested in certification, head to for more information.


More  than  35  leaders  in  research  and  innova2on  will  come  together  at  Australia’s   largest  manufacturing  industry  event,  Na2onal  Manufacturing  Week  2014  (NMW)  in   Sydney  from  13  -­‐  16  May,  to  share  ideas  for  turning  industry  strengths  into  growth.   NSW  Minister  for  Finance  &  Services  Andrew  Constance,  Australia's  Chief  Scien2st,   Prof  Ian  Chubb,  UNSW's  Professor  Veena  Sahajwalla,  prac2ce  leaders  from  Australian   Industry  Group  and  the  CSIRO's  Future  Manufacturing  Flagship  will  be  among  speakers   in  the  free-­‐to-­‐aWend  Solu2ons  Theatre  program.   Several  of  the  high-­‐profile  speakers  -­‐  including  the  Minister  and  Prof  Chubb  -­‐  will  be   urging  industry  to  embrace  innova2on.  As  Professor  Chubb  comments,  “Just  doing   more  of  what  we  do  now  will  not  be  the  answer.  As  a  country,  we  need  innova2on  and   ideas,  and  we  need  everyone  to  be  thinking  about  how  we  can  change.”     The  NMW  Solu2ons  Theatres  will  be  housed  on  the  exhibi2on  floor  -­‐  presen2ng  a  rare   opportunity  for  visitors  to  engage  face-­‐to-­‐face  with  speakers  in  four  separate  ‘hubs’:     R&D,  Digital  Technology,  Workplace  Safety/CleanTech  and,  in  the  Ausplas  Hub,   industrial  plas2cs.     Each  Hub  will  feature  presenta2ons  and  demonstra2ons,  including  technical  insights   and  interac2ve  discussion,  on  topics  as  diverse  as  photonics,  robo2cs,  bioplas2cs,   nanotechnology,  sustainability  and  new  3D  prin2ng  produc2on  in  metal.   Speakers  will  also  include  areas  of  specific  opportunity  in  presenta2ons  such  as:   · The  Power  of  Polyurethanes  -­‐  Owen  Stam,  Execu2ve  Director  and  founder  of  Pacific   Urethanes · Bioplas2cs:  What  and  Why?  -­‐  Warwick  Hall,  Vice  President  &  Technical   CommiWee,Australasian  Bioplas2cs  Associa2on

Other Solu2ons  Theatre  speakers  will  drill  down  to  specific  opportuni2es.    For   example,  Lachlan  Mullane,  Partner  at  Hodgkinson  McInnes  Patents  will  speak  on  how   Australian  manufacturing  companies  can  become  smarter  and  globally  compe22ve  by   using  informa2on  obtained  from  IP  asset  databases  (which  is  ohen  not  available   anywhere  else)  and  combining  this  informa2on  into  the  company’s  already  established   compe2tor/market  intelligence.   Having  the  R&D  Hub  and  Solu2ons  Theatre  program  running  alongside  the  regular   trade  exhibi2on  -­‐  and  freely  available  to  all  visitors  -­‐  is  designed  to  spark  the  deeper   level  of  engagement  that  truly  strengthens  industry,  comments  NMW  Exhibi2on   Director,  Anthony  Reed.   "NMW  is  bringing  visitors  face-­‐to-­‐face  with  the  some  of  the  brightest  and  best  in  our   industry,"  comments  Reed.   "We  have  put  together  a  range  of  speakers,  each  with  new  ideas,  new  strategies  and   new  ways  of  thinking  that,  we  believe,  will  inspire  you  toward  more  innova2on  -­‐  or   perhaps  specific  improvements  -­‐  in  your  business.   "Best  of  all,  the  Solu2ons  Theatre  programs  will  run  at  no  charge,  right  on  the   exhibi2on  floor  at  NMW,  giving  you  the  opportunity  to  really  engage  with  industry   leaders  -­‐  to  hear  their  ideas,  ask  ques2ons  face-­‐to-­‐face  and  even  con2nue  the   conversa2on  following  their  presenta2ons"  Reed  says.   NMW  2014  is  supported  by  Engineers  Australia  and  NSW  Trade  &  Investment,  and  will   be  held  at  Sydney  Showground,  Sydney  Olympic  Park  on  13  -­‐  16  May.  Entry  to  both  the   exhibi2ons  and  the  Solu2ons  Theatre  is  free  to  trade  visitors.  For  more  informa2on,   visit

39% of plastics industry ouput is consumed by the manufacturing sector. That's why incorporating Ausplas - Australia's only national trade exhibition for the plastics industry - with NMW in 2014 is good news for you. Alongside the exhibition of leading suppliers of plastics technology, the Ausplas Hub will also feature an unprecedented program of information sessions looking into plastics innovations.

Plastics Moulders, do you have any of the following issues: • •

Problems with black specks? Reject rate too high? • Colour changes too slow? • Polymer changes too slow? • Screw pulls too frequent? Then do as many moulders do and use PurgeX® to reduce your machine down-time and increase your m a n u f a c t u r i n g e f f i c i e n c y.

PurgeX® is an Australian manufactured purging agent PurgeX®T f o r p l a–sfor t i cinjection s processing equipment. moulders

PurgeX® cleans metal surfaces using a unique scrubbing action. At the same time, it does not abrade the surfaces. PurgeX® enables fast purging of process equipment at very reasonable costs. It can be used effectively between multiple colour changes. It can also be used to clean badly carbonised screws and barrels.

PurgeX®S – for extruders and blow moulder

Our customers find that they save on machine downtime, also on polymer if they are using natural polymer to act as a purging agent between colour changes.

PurgeX®R – for hot runner systems

Grades of PurgeX® are available that suit injection moulding (both screw/barrel and hot runners), extrusion and blow moulding processes. F i n d o u t m o r e a t w w w. p u r g e x . c o m . a u ( p u r g i n g compounds heading) or contact Charles Hrubos on 0423 021 762. We will be only too happy to provide more details and let you try out a sample quantity in your own process.

Tasman 3D held 3D Printing open house to display their range of equipment plus latest 3D Printing Industry Information. Titled — Moving from 3D printing hype to commercial reality

Many organisations are looking for innovative ways to save costs and increase productivity and 3D printing is an ideal solution. From design to finished product, 3D printing can speed up and reduce costs in the process. Learn how organisations are transforming their business with 3D printing in multiple ways.

APS Innovations are a product design and development firm dedicated to maximising client profit by engineering optimised designs, in many cases enabling cost effective local manufacture. From a raw idea to manufacturing line, we guide clients through every step of the process. Our unique design, takes the time, sweat and hassle out of your factory cleaning and workshop maintenance with our industrial vacuum cleaners and commercial vacuum cleaners for more effective waste management.


Australia's  largest  manufacturing  industry  event  Na2onal  Manufacturing  Week  (May  13  -­‐   16,  Sydney  Showgrounds)  will  see  visitors  and  exhibitors  get  'up  close  and  personal'  with  a   Networking  Event  on  Day  1  (May  13,  4  -­‐  6pm)  sponsored  by  the  Casey  Cardinia  region.   The  Networking  Event  will  set  the  tone  for  this  year's  event  -­‐  that  is,  giving  par2cipants   more  opportuni2es  to  make  new  contacts  and  exchange  ideas  -­‐  by  giving  par2cipants  the   opportunity  to  meet  each  other  and  spark  ideas  for  ongoing  exchanges.  With  over  275   exhibi2ng  companies  and  thousands  of  visitors  onsite  on  the  day,  the  event  will  be  one  of   the  highlights  of  NMW  2014.   The  event  is  being  sponsored  by  the  Casey  Cardinia  region,  ‘the  place  to  grow  your  business   in  Melbourne’s  South  East’.  The  region  brings  together  two  Victorian  Councils  (the  City  of   Casey  and  Cardinia  Shire  Council)  to  beWer  market  the  region  as  an  industry  des2na2on  to   aWract  new  investments  that  will  create  jobs  for  the  region's  residents.   The  Casey  Cardinia  region  is  located  in  South  East  Melbourne,  an  area  of  1680  kilometres   with  a  total  residen2al  workforce  of  more  than  156,000  and  the  third  fastest-­‐growing   popula2on  in  Australia.   The  formal  partnership  underpinning  the  Casey  Cardinia  region  is  a  rare  instance  of  local   government  co-­‐opera2on  and  is  believed  to  be  unique  in  Victoria  and  Australia.  Through   the  regional  partnership,  the  two  Councils  are  working  proac2vely  with  developers  and  the   business  community  to  facilitate  the  growth  of  local  businesses,  including  facilita2ng  

developments within  the  region.  In  par2cular,  the  Casey  Cardinia  region  is  aiming  to  build   on  its  strengths  in  :   · Food  product  manufacturing · Machinery  and  equipment  manufacturing · Transport  and  logis2cs   The  Casey  Cardinia  region's  par2cipa2on  in  NMW  is  designed  to  promote  the  features  of   the  region,  says  Casey  Manager  Economic  Development  David  Wilkinson.   "This  includes  a  growing,  skilled  workforce  and  a  pro-­‐business  environment,"  Mr  Wilkinson   said.   Cardinia  Shire  Council  Mayor,  Graeme  Moore  adds,  “Casey  Cardinia  offers  land  that  costs   40%  less  than  comparable  sites  in  the  western  region  of  Melbourne  and  is  up  to  6  2mes   more  affordable  than  the  inner  region  of  Melbourne.  This  -­‐  and  our  other  strengths  -­‐  makes   Casey  Cardinia  Region  a  new  fron2er  of  growth  for  the  greater  Melbourne  area."   NMW  Exhibi2on  Director,  Anthony  Reed  commented  that  Casey  Cardinia  region’s   par2cipa2on  will  benefit  sponsors  and  par2cipants  in  several  ways.   "We're  very  much  looking  forward  to  the  Networking  event.  It  will  serve  to  showcase  the   strengths  of  the  Casey  Cardinia  region  -­‐  and  beyond  that,  will  help  spark  the  conversa2ons   and  engagement  that  help  manufacturers  develop  new  success  strategies,"

Video interview with James Magee - National Sales Manager Operations Feedback System

DKSH are well aware the 2014 metals industry in general faces many challenges on many different levels. As we see our manufacturing industries undergo a major rationalisation in this country we see huge effects on such areas as the primary metal producers, foundry industry, car manufacturing etc which in turn is having a dramatic impact on many of our loyal SPECTRO users and as the AUD starts to climb once more we are not likely to see any major changes to this difficult working environment anytime soon !

SPECTRO recognises that these industries need to meet these challenges head to be even more competitive, more diverse and more flexible than ever before to remain viable and grow and that means, high performance, cost effective metal analysers producing accurate and reliable data day in and day out for their QC analysis and day to day monitoring of production.

In many instances your company relies on the performance of the metals analyser to ensure a smooth continuous turnover in the plant or laboratory. Just because business is down does not mean you can be complaisant about maintaining good reliable equipment in any level of the business.

The analytical equipment in the laboratory or factory can be just as important (if not more so) than any other major piece of equipment on the factory floor yet many tend to forget about the importance of these metal analysers. Only if/when the instrument falters do you see the true value of having a reliable instrument and the cost effectiveness of a new replacement when weighed up against the significant loss of revenue whilst the instrument is down waiting on parts and/or repair. Indeed many companies still run instruments that are 10 - 15 years old or more where the risk of permanent failure becomes exponential as the instrument ages.

In response to its customer needs today SPECTRO has announced its new 'NEW for OLD' discount offer where if you are considering replacing your old elemental analyser, SPECTRO in partnership with its distributor DKSH, will give you an immediate 10% discount off the recommended retail price. This offer is valid until the 30th September 2014 and covers all AS-OES, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, and ED-XRF instruments offered by SPECTRO. Please visit the SPECTRO website at http:// for more details on their latest instrument models.

E.R.C. Packaging 1  Catherine  St,  Coburg  Nth  Vic.  3058

Phone (03)  93542022    Fax  (03)  93541010


Suppliers of   quality   packaging   equipment   and   consumables   for   many  industries  but  in  par7cular  the  food  industry.  Our  machines   include   tray   and   cup   sealers,   flow-­‐wrappers,   ver7cal   and   horizontal   form-­‐fill-­‐seal   machines,   shrink   wrapping   systems,   shrink  label  and  tamper  evident  packaging  to  name  just  a  few.   We   cater   for   home   based   industries   up   to   high   produc7on   companies. With  our  extensive  range  of  both  local  and  overseas  suppliers  and   manufacturers   we   would   be   only   too   pleased   to   help   with   your   enquiry Family  owned  Australian  Company  for  over  60  years  

Duromer Products recently released their new corporate video. View General Manager Andrew Stewart & his team as they provide the latest news & information about Duromer Products.

Independent Testing, Approval and Certification Services Austest provides fast and economical product testing and approval services for a big range of electrical products. We are an independent, Australian owned full service approvals company encompassing product safety standards, EMC, telecommunications, energy efficiency and environmental testing through to product certification.

Pacific Urethanes –Specialists in Polyurethane Technology Pacific Urethanes Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company based in Melbourne, specializing in the development and production of Polyurethane Systems for the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Rim markets. With extensive applications experience Pacific Urethanes is able to provide solutions for their customer’s material and processing requirements We develop products to specifically meet our customer’s material handling and processing requirements. Our range of rigid foams is 100% ozone friendly with no HCFC blown systems. We have a highly trained team of professionals that handle your enquiry from initial contact through to full commercialisation About Us Our focus is on providing customized solutions for a wide range of polyurethane applications from flexible and rigid foam to castable elastomers using the latest advanced technology. Pacific Urethanes has a team of highly experienced chemists able to develop polyurethane systems to satisfy their customer’s vast array of uses and production capabilities. The local development team of Pacific Urethanes has an on-site laboratory and testing facility to ensure a fast turnaround of product development and production. We have developed special products for cryogenic applications in the LNG industries and have certification for Thermal Conductivity, Compressive Strength and Tensile Strength at temperatures from ambient to minus 165 C. Pacific Urethanes is accredited to ISO 9001 and their products are sold under the UrePac® trade name. Responsive and Reliable The Minister for Small Business Bruce Billson officially opened our new manufacturing and technical facilities at Carrum Downs on 27 November 2013. Pacific Urethanes offers polyurethane products at competitive prices. Our products are based on consistent raw materials which are globally sourced and quality tested at every point in the chain. Our customer service people offer friendly service and are only a

Pacific Urethanes are attending NMW – stand No 3035 – in the Ausplas section. NMW14 – Ausplas Sydney Showgrounds 13 to 16 May 2014 Visit us on Stand No 3035 NMW14 – Ausplas is the only fully integrated annual manufacturing exhibition showcasing the latest products and constantly evolving technologies. In 2014 NMW will be introducing a host of exciting new features including the incorporation of Australia's premier plastics exhibition Ausplas. Ausplas will be held alongside NMW 14 at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park. Pacific Urethanes is exhibiting again and will be showcasing the latest polyurethane systems technology - stand no 3035. Impianti OMS one of the world's leading manufacturers of polyurethane dispensing machines and manufacturing plants will also have a representative on hand to discuss the latest developments in polyurethane application equipment. To arrange an appointment on our stand during the exhibition please contact us on 1300 736 963

For further information contact Owen Stam on 0421 755 555

This 2014    marks  the  125th  anniversary  of  STEINERT’s   foundaOon.  Steinert  will  be  celebraOng  the  anniversary   with  a  STEINERT  Open  Day  at  the  STEINERT  locaOon  in   Cologne  in  September.  Alongside  presentaOons  of  the   STEINERT  technologies  in  our  in-­‐house  test  facility,  visitor  aVracOons  will  also  include  an  in-­‐ house  trade  show,  training  sessions  on  current  technologies  organized  as  part  of  the   STEINERT  University  and  an  internaOonal  sector  meeOng  with  a  joint  get-­‐together.

Techspan Laron Overlap Welding Machine Operation Instruction Plastic Welding Tools from Techspan are manufactured in Switzerland - innovative design & precision engineering for 'trouble free' plastic welding -

Trotec Laser Australia

Laser engravers and laser cutting machines NMW Sydney, 13-16 May Visit Trotec Laser at stand #1928

Trotec Laser Cutting & Laser Engraving Machines

Repetitive Metal Fabrication About Swift Metal Services and their professional metal fabrication techniques. As a specialist component manufacturer and metal fabrication company, Swift Metal Services understands the value of customer service. Our commitment to fast quotes, in house design, tool room facilities and personal representation is all designed to ensure that you receive your parts or products, on time, every time!.

With confidence in the Australian manufacturing sector, Swift continues to invest in the very best equipment to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of component and metal fabrication technology. Our continual improvement philosophy ensures that work methods and production processes are optimised for maximum efficiency. Staff training, including high proficiency in Lean Manufacturing techniques forms an integral part in Swift Metal Services ability to deliver efficient component solutions.

Top 5 Benefits of Additive Manufacturing

Since the introduction of 3D printing (additive manufacturing) in the 1980s, the benefits of producing small quantities of complex parts fast is well understood among manufacturing circles. Despite this, the industry is just beginning to understand exactly how transformative the technology will be to the future of manufacturing. As the technology becomes more sophisticated with the onset of new IT capabilities, and as acceptance and familiarity grows among mold manufacturers, the additional benefits will further reveal themselves. The following are the top five benefits of additive manufacturing that highlight where the technology is taking us today. 1. Freedom to design and innovate without penalties 2. Increased supply chain proficiency with ‘3D faxing’ 3. Support of green manufacturing initiatives 4. Bottom line improvements through factory physics 5. Get parts – fast Whatever the case, all of the stories are the same and most end with additive manufacturing acting as the bridge. When one supplier fell through for an automotive manufacturer who was building machines in Asia, they turned to additive manufacturing to produce 250 ABS thermoplastic pieces instantly in order to keep the factory running. Without these parts on demand enabling continuous production, the factory would have been idle for weeks. Similarly, for a government application, parts on demand meant saving lives of our armed forces when the production of military flashlights, used in battle, were put on hold because of retooling. With additive manufacturing available to help validate the new design, it allowed manufacturing assembly to kick in while tooling caught up. According to the purchasing manager, without additive manufacturing’s ability to redesign the part overnight, they would have had to wait 12 weeks. The demand to obtain parts quickly will continue to rise, especially as the industry becomes increasingly comfortable and familiar with enabling technologies like additive manufacturing. In fact, traditional manufacturing companies are already beginning to increase the number of onsite additive manufacturing machines to fill the void. It is only a matter of time before the most significant benefits of this technology are realized and the future of manufacturing is transformed into global digital factories. To read the full article ... click here

The Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) is Australia’s largest association for Supply Chain and Logistics professionals and practitioners. The association has local branches in all states of Australia and each division runs regular logistics lounges, site visits and technical seminars for the industry. The SCLAA are also the proud owners of the Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards; the largest and oldest awards program in the industry. The Future Leaders Group (FLG) is designed for members under 30 years of age and mentoring programs, annual scholarships and much more are available to all of the members. For further information please email or visit

Find out why most ads, sales letters and web sites don't work – get 'Cheat Sheets' and discover how to get more customers fast – as easy as 1, 2, 3. Also discover marketing and advertising secrets like... •

The single most important secret (less than 5% of business owners follow) behind long term advertising success

Tynic is a materials & application pioneer in its field of engineering plastics and their specific uses. With support of state of the art design & engineering, Tynic offers the complete package from supply, conception through to commissioning and beyond. Whilst only offering materials made available from the world’s leading manufacturers, Tynic offers you the customer the complete solution. We believe in the age old philosophy, “There is no such thing as a great talent without great will-power.” At Tynic Engineering Plastics we only engage talented people with a will to deliver on time every time.

First impressions count. The right packaging helps attract customers on first visual contact of your product. Not only does your product packaging need to be practical and functional for convenience and ease of use, it also needs to protect your product during transit, and to safely store contents from exposure to external conditions. Furthermore, your packaging can display important usage instructions for health and safety compliance, effectively grab attention with creative design, and has to power to convey your brand to attract new customers. Through innovation and design, steel packaging has been able to meet exactly these needs for manufacturers. About Steel Packaging “Steel holds a unique position as a sustainable packaging material because it is 100% recyclable. Steel cans are the most recycled form of packaging. A significant portion of all the steel in a can comes from recycled sources.” -- World Steel Association -Tin cans and steel packaging origins date back more than 200 years ago, when they were first used to store food during Napoleonic war times. Today, the Steel Can is a popular and every-day option for modern packaging as it provides many benefits: > It’s food safe and keeps contents fresh; > It endures against environmental factors. The majority of steel used in packaging is tinplate which is steel that has been coated with a layer of tin to prevent corrosion; > It’s safe and compliant with UN Dangerous Goods packaging codes; > It’s versatile and suitable for many different applications. Steel packaging is commonly used for food, beverages, promotional materials, aerosols, paints and chemicals, bottle tops and caps; > It’s a convenient, innovative and functional product packaging choice; > It’s attractive, with the ability to apply branding, coatings, and printing.

Steel Packaging Solutions from Perennial Packaging Perennial Packaging is a leading supplier of industrial packaging products that combine quality and innovation to meet your product, branding and technical requirements. Currently servicing numerous industries within Australia and South East Asia, Perennial Packaging’s products are suitable for a diverse range of goods, from paints and heavy chemicals to foods and oils. Features and Benefits of the Perennial Packaging Product Range: > UN DG Approved to Packaging Groups II and III > Australian Work Cover compliant for the transport of Dangerous Goods > Tinplate Open Head Reseal Pails available in sizes 2L to 23L > Tinplate Closed Head Drums available in sizes 20-23L > Tinplate Round General Line Cans, Microdrums, and Flasks available in sizes 125ml to 6L > Full Range of closures and fittings available for Reike, Stolz, and Trisure > Customised packaging solutions tailored to your desired specifications > Lithographic printing and promotional services Contact Perennial Packaging: T: +61 2 9631 8111 E:

Clariant recent media releases Clariant - Low halogen controlled colorants Second generation biofuel

SP100 Series 1" Air-Operated double Diaphragm Pump 1" SP100 Series AODD pumps, designed and manufactured in the USA by Tuthill Corporation under the brand name Sotera Systems®, are characterised by: •

patented QuikSeal® threaded ring construction reduces comlexity, parts number (67% fewer parts) and maintenance time (up to 50%). patented QuickFlow® air valve design, featuring an extremely fast trip-over, resulting in a 67% reduction in pulsation and the highest and smoothest flow in the industry (15% more flow or up to 57 gpm for the 1” model) 20% improvement in air efficiency compared to competitive pumps. Less air consumption saves money over the long run.

PLASTIC WELDING RODS - BUY ONLINE from TECHSPAN You can now purchase plastic welding rods online. A range of materials are available in a range of quantities... Bulk rolls are now available on spools of 400 meters. These bulk rolls are ideal for plastic fabricators or those using plastic extrusion welders. A full range of Plastic Welding Rods are available for ‘online’ purchases, via our ecommerce online shop. Techspan plastic welding rods are available in a variety of materials and colours, and they are available in a range of various profiles. Only high quality, virgin materials are used in the manufacture of Techspan Plastic Welding Rods. Welding Rod De-reeler Boxes :A simple, effective way of keep track of your plastic welding rod type and helping to keep the welding rod clean Techspan has developed a new concept for housing your plastic welding rod. Its a very simple idea, that was developed to help customers to achieve two main objectives. 1. Keeps your welding rod clean – The welding rod de-reeler boxes are designed to help keep your welding rod clean. A small hole in the side of the dereeler allows the welding rod to be feed and de-reeled by simply drawing more rod through the exit hole. 2. Easy identification of your welding rod type - Plastic welding rods have in the past been supplied and packaged using a shrink film, which has resulted in many customers finding themselves with rolls of plastic welding rod without any indication of the material type. The De-reeler boxes help solve this problem by simply allowing the rod type and description labels to be attached to the outside

In a world where most composite decking products are imported from countries that have a different climate to our harsh conditions, ModWood Technologies P/L is an Australian owned company, manufacturing product in Australia for Australian conditions.

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Inside 3D Printing comes to Melbourne — July 9-10, 2014 As official media partners, 3D PrintingTODAY are proud to be associated with Inside 3D Printing inaugural Melbourne event.

Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo is the leading B2B trade show for the 3D printing industry. As an attendee, you'll explore the business applications of 3D printing through our conference sessions, hear keynote presentations from industry influencers, add valuable contacts to your network, and watch the latest 3D printers and services in action. Discover how the 3D printing boom will affect your brand or business and join us at our upcoming events. Billionaire business magnate, Elon Musk, said he strongly believes that 3D printing is "going to revolutionize design for manufacturing in the 21st century." For a taste of what you'll experience, watch this video and read this overview by 3D Printing Industry of our past conference.

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