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May 2013


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05 Industry news Solvay and Ineos plan PVC merger; Sun Capital creates new packaging giant; BDI expands in flexible packaging; Simona slips back in 2012; Acrylic parts for ‘transparent car’

11 Stretching boundaries PAGE 11

Improvements in biaxial film technology continue to extend the barrier properties of food packaging. Lou Reade reports

19 Fit to print Printing lines are a huge investment, and developers are working hard to ensure they


deliver both cost savings and environmental benefits

27 Sun protection Plastics are vital in the fabrication of photovoltaics – whether protecting silicon solar cells or acting as the basis of organic devices


35 Growing in Guangzhou PAGE 27

With a new ‘film technology zone’, and a host of relevant materials and machinery suppliers present, this year’s Chinaplas is a must-see for film and sheet extruders

45 Technology: Materials


46 Technology: Machinery 50 Extruder of the month: Astrapak 52 Dates for your diary

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Your needs. Our know-how. “High barrier film extrusion solutions� We understand the challenges involved to select the right extrusion system and film structure that best suit your packaging goals. This is why Macro provides more than just machinery; we supply technology. Whether the right system is a blown, cast, coating, lamination, or biax extrusion system, we can help. Our systems coextrude any barrier material to create multilayer structures up to 11 layers. Macro has the extrusion technology and processing expertise to provide the extrusion solution you need to create the high barrier food packaging film your customers demand.

Visit or call +1(905) 507-9000


Solvay and Ineos plan PVC tie-up Solvay and Ineos plan to create

joint venture in chlorvinyls with

across seven production sites

significant benefit to customers

a 50-50 joint venture of their

Sibur, is excluded from the

in Europe. The sites include

such as reliable access to PVC,”

European polyvinyl chloride


five electrolysis units convert-

said Jim Ratcliffe, chairman of

ed to more energy efficient

Ineos. “The combined business

world’s third largest PVC

improve the competitiveness of

membrane technology, to

will be able to better respond to


its operations in a very

support sustainable PVC

rapidly changing European

The joint venture would

challenging environment,

production. Kerling, the

markets and to match

have net sales of E4.3bn and

regarding feedstock and

subsidiary of Ineos that is

increasing competition from

profitability (REBITDA) of

energy costs in Europe,” said

Europe’s largest PVC producer,

global producers.”

E257m, based on 2012 figures.

Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, CEO

would contribute its chlorvi-

Until completion of the

The combined business would

of Solvay.

nyls and related businesses,

transaction, which is depend-

(PVC) activities, to create the

“The joint venture will

including three modern,

ent on several approvals and

in nine countries. Its pooled

vinyl activities, which are part

large-scale membrane

procedures, the two compa-

assets would include PVC,

of Solvin (a joint-venture

electrolysis units.

nies will continue to run their

caustic soda and chlorine

between Solvay [75%] and


BASF [25%]), plus its Chlor

competitive, sustainable

Chemicals business, spread

business that will provide

have around 5,650 employees

RusVinyl, Solvay’s Russian

Solvay would contribute its

“This will create a truly

PVC businesses separately.

❙ ❙

Ecovio moves beyond film BASF has introduced new grades of its compostable Ecovio resin that take it beyond film extrusion. Ecovio T2308, for thermoforming, will be used to make mainly cups and trays. The material has similar mechanical properties to

The car’s the star The latest film by French

grafted pieces and accessories

director Michel Gondry

onto a Peugeot 404.

includes a transparent

The transparent parts were

amorphous PET, but is compostable and contains renewable resources (in the and chemical resistance.

form of polylactic acid).

ShieldUp took 10 years to

The processing window

develop, and won last year’s

for Ecovio T, between 80°C

Potier prize for innovation.

and 120°C (176 and 248F) is

limousine, made from

made in ShieldUp from

extruded and thermoformed

Altuglas International, part of

The material is heated to

acrylic parts.

the Arkema Group. The acrylic

180°C for 15 minutes to soften

plastics. Processing can be

in line with that of other

polymer combines two

it, then is either vacuum

done on conventional

includes the ‘LimoVian’ car

components – PMMA and an

formed or blown with com-

flat-film installations and at


elastomer, structured at the

pressed air (8 bar). It took

typical thermoforming

nanoscale – which provides

many attempts for the plastic

processing speeds.

work were needed for a design

complete transparency while

transformer ABP to obtain the

team from Peugeot to

optimising other properties

ideal shape for each part.

grade is also available.

assemble the limo, who

such as mechanical properties



The film, ‘Mood Indigo’,

More than six months of 

An injection moulding

May 2013 | film & sheet EXTRUSION



BDI expands in flexpack France-based Bourgogne Développement Industrie

Simona slips in 2012 Simona, the German producer

“We managed to progress

of semi-finished products

further at an international

including plastic sheet, saw

level, but the rate of growth

revenues fall 5% last year.

was not enough to offset the

Sales slipped to E293.2m,

losses incurred in our core

(BDI) has moved further

while profit margins fell from

market of Europe,” said

into flexible packaging by

6.4% to 4.7%. Profits, in the


taking over Semoflex – a

form of EBIT, were down

specialist in converting and

around one-third to E13.8m.

printing polyethylene (PE)

“By 2014, the share of revenue from outside Europe is to grow to more than 20%.”

“The euro crisis has

film for the hygiene, drinks

weakened confidence, which

and food processing

translates into lower invest-


ment spending,” said Wolfgang

Revenues from finished and semi-finished parts declined by 6.3% to reach E215.0m.

Moyses, CEO of Simona. “As a

Moyses: ‘International sales

Sales from extruded polypro-

printed films, sleeves,

supplier of capital goods used

grew, but not enough to offset

pylene and fluoroplastic sheet

hoods and bags from three

in the chemical engineering

losses in core European

fell significantly, while those

production sites in France,

sector, we felt the impact of


for polyethylene sheet

and one in Romania. It

this in 2012.”

Semoflex markets

generates sales of around

In Germany, sales fell 11%

remained stable. There was a solar energy sector.

slight increase in sales of PVC

E60m and employs 300

to E93.1 million, which the


company ascribed to lower

were down only 3.9% to

capital expenditure on

E146.1m, thanks to a stable

of 2013, and the persistent

flexible packaging manu-

machinery and equipment in

performance in Eastern

economic challenges in

facturer Ceisa Packaging,

the chemical and mechanical

Europe. In total, the region

Europe, the company currently

which makes printed shrink

engineering industry, as well

comprising Asia, the Americas

expects sales revenue of

film for the drinks and

as a slump in business relating

and Australia saw revenue

E280-290 million for this year.

processed foodstuffs

to plastic sheets used in the

grow by 4.1% to E54.0m.


BDI already owns

In the rest of Europe, sales

foam sheet. Given the weak first quarter

markets. It employs 160 people and generates sales of nearly E60m, of which 80% is from exports. The company has a production site in Bernay, France, and trading subsidiaries in

US private equity firm Sun

turer Britton Group; Paccor,

becomes CEO of the global

Poland, Russia, China and

Capital Partners is to merge

the second-largest rigid plastic

flexibles business.

the US.

five of its businesses to create

packaging company in Europe;

the world’s sixth largest

Kobusch, which produces

in a process that began eight

plastics packaging company.

tailor-made flexible and rigid

years ago to create a global

BDI says that the Semoflex acquisition makes

“This is a natural next step

packaging systems; and

packaging company,” said

of PE in France – and one of

Holdings Sarl, based in

Paragon Print & Packaging, a

Marc Leder, co-CEO of Sun

the top 15 in Europe – with a

Luxembourg, will have 63

UK producer of private label

Capital Partners.

sales turnover of E120m and

plants, 8,650 employees and


annual volume of more than

revenues of more than

60,000 tonnes. It intends to


it the third largest converter

develop a E200m core


Sun Capital creates packaging giant from five subsidiaries

The new company, Exopack

The new company com-

“Building on past collabora-

The management team

tions between the companies,

includes CEO Jack Knott and

the combination will immedi-

chief financial officer Mike

ately achieve synergies and


allow the company to more

packaging business around

prises: US-based paper and

these two companies.

plastics packaging company

❙ ❙

Exopack; UK-based flexible

of Paccor (global rigid


plastic packaging manufac-

business) and Michael Cronin


film & sheet EXTRUSION | May 2013

Dieter Bergner will be CEO

effectively pursue global

PolyolefinAdditives2013 International conference on compounding of polyolefins focusing on PP and PE materials and applications CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

10-12 September 2013 Hotel Nikko, DĂźsseldorf, Germany * + 19% German VAT

Images courtesy of: Songwon International AG

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Sponsored by:

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Giulia Esposito, Conference Organiser Ph: +44 117 924 9442 Fax: +44(0)117 311 1534


Polychim has developed a thermoforming

Stretching the Limits

Clear advantage for thermoformed cups Its HA31XTF homopolymer grade uses

PP for packaging applications that claims

Milliken’s nucleating agent, Hyperform

to offer better aesthetics and faster

HPN-600ei, to overcome performance


trade-offs. It says the new grade achieves superior transparency and reduced yellowing, as well as the opportunity to boost productivity by up to 10%. The grade is aimed at clear PP and opaque thermoformed applications such as food packaging. “There was a definite gap in the market for a PP homopolymer offering better cycle times and enhanced end-product quality,” said Bo Oxfeldt,

Chinaplas 2013 20 - 23 May, Guangzhou Hall 5.1, Booth L01

vice president of Polychim’s parent company Beaulieu International Group, who is responsible for the European and North American PP business.


❙ ❙


UK researchers have developed an

weaken, and eventually break the strong

additive that can break down polyethylene

polymer chain. At the same time, it

(PE) packaging such as shopping bags.

activates the enzymes, which act as a

The additive, called Enzymoplast,

catalyst and accelerate the natural

consists of proteins and enzymes that

process – so that the plastic is degraded

claim to break down PE in a “natural

biologically. After a few months, only

way”. The additive can be included in the

water and carbon dioxide remain.

production process for PE products without any difficulty, says the company. “In principle, the use of plastic bags is

Although the advantages of enzyme been known since the 1980s, no other scientists have put it to practical use,

re-used whenever possible and after-

says the company.

As well as packaging, the additive

“We would prefer it if plastics bags were not thrown away in the first place,”

could speed up the decomposition of

said Narinder Bharj, CEO of Advanced

products like plastic agricultural film.

Enzyme Science. “The use of Enzymoplast

As soon as the plastic comes into

represents significant progress, both in

contact with micro-organisms it slowly

terms of environmental protection, and

begins to decompose. First, the micro-

also for the retail trade and consumers.”

organisms devour the proteins – which


• Fast product changes • Easy operation and low maintenance • Reduced manpower and energy consumption • Excellent film quality

technology for treating PE products have

unproblematic – provided that they are wards recycled,” said the company.

• High uptime, throughput and raw material efficiency

• Increasing environmental care

Using enzymes to break down polyethylene

Efficiency, Productivity, Flexibility



Engineered for Performance

HVTSE™ Dry-less Technology Offers Multi-resin Flexibility PTi continues to make major investments in its own organization and particularly the engineering division. People make products and projects successful. PTi is firm believer in this philosophy. Touting some of the industry’s leading engineers, PTi provides systems that feature advanced design innovations and technology developments. This provides customers with an edge over the competition for end product quality and machine versatility.




20 – 90 mils (0.5 - 2.3 mm)


54 in (1,370 mm)


5,500 lb/hr (2,500 kg/hr)

HVTSE™ technology by Bandera

The patented HVTSE™ technology (High Vacuum Twin Screw Extrusion) employs a single atmospheric and dual high vacuum vent system coupled with a long L/D co-rotating twin screw extruder. This unique approach allows moisture (up to 12,000 ppm) and other volatiles to be removed as part of the extrusion process. In the case of recycled PET flake, the need for recrystallization is also eliminated. The energy savings realized from the elimination of the drying and crystallization steps is as high as 35% over conventional methods. The HVTSE™ technology is capable of processing PET, PS, PP, HDPE, ABS and other resins. Contact us today about scheduling a sheet extrusion process trial on our 2200 pph (1000 kg/hr) Demonstration Line using your own resins.

World Class Sheet Extrusion Systems

Biaxial film technology | process feature

Improvements in biaxial film technology continue to extend the barrier properties of food packaging. Lou Reade reports

Stretching boundaries Biaxial stretching of film – from polypropylene through PET to polyamide – can boost any number of properties,


vapour transmission rate (WVTR) of 0.075g/m² d.

pilot line

By choosing a modified HSE polymer and a PP-

improves the

from surface appearance to mechanical strength. But it

homopolymer based tie-layer material, sequential UHB

is most commonly used as a way of boosting barrier

BOPP barrier films can also be produced on the pilot

properties. This remains a focus for both machinery and

line. Reasonable MDO stretching ratios of up to 4.5 have

properties of

materials suppliers.

been obtained. Typical barrier values of metallised

both simulta-

Brückner has developed a pilot line to improve barrier properties for both simultaneous and sequentially produced BOPP ultra-high barrier (UHB) films. “The added value chain for flexible food packaging is permanently striving to improve its packaging materials in many different aspects such as functionality,

neous and

sequential UHB BOPP barrier films are an OTR of


0.071cm³/m² d bar and WVTR of 0.280g/m² d.

produced BOPP

The simultaneous metallised film shows a far superior WVTR barrier, due presumably to different raw But this can be improved further by adding low molecular weight PO additives (LMW-PO). While it has

barrier properties against moisture and oxygen,” said

little effect on OTR, the WVTR can be improved to

Martin Wolf, laboratory manager at Brückner

0.043g/m² d.

The methods can be used for either metallised or transparent film. A typical five-layer UHB-barrier film comprises: a high surface energy (HSE) polymer; an adhesive layer; a PP core layer or PP blends; a further PP/PP blend layer; and a PP co-polymer. There is also a metallised/ glass surface, if this is a metallised film. Metallised simultaneous UHB BOPP barrier films can be used as a possible aluminium foil replacement. Typical barrier values for the simultaneous stretching mode – with high surface energy polymer 1 (HSE 1) and a PP-copolymer based tie-layer material – are an oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of 0.080cm³/m² d bar and water

ultra-high barrier films

materials and processing conditions, says Wolf.

sustainability, convenience and – very important – gas

Maschinenbau, in a recent paper.


For transparent UHB BOPP films, SiOx vacuum coatings were applied to simultaneously oriented HSE base film, giving barrier values similar to the metallised UHB films. (OTR was 0.2cm³/m² d bar and WVTR was 0.3g/m² d.)

This opens a new middle segment in the capacitor film market

Yvo van Vliet, Treofan



process feature | Biaxial film technology

thermal properties of several films, which are used in military ration packaging. One aim is to replace the foil-based structures that are currently used. The multilayer films had a core layer of ethylene co-vinyl alcohol (EVOH), and skin layers of various polyolefin materials for added water vapour barrier, including an ultra high moisture barrier high density polyethylene (HDPE). Total film thickness and layer configuration were varied, to determine the effect on film performance and compatibility with the orientation process. Films were stretched at a 4:1 ratio in the machine direction, and were characterised before and after orientation. “Films that underwent MDO showed a 33% reduction Treofan’s

“We also tested transparent AlOx vacuum glass coat-

in oxygen permeability and a 75% increase in Young’s


ings, applied with different new systems and treat-

modulus over the control unoriented films,” said the

PHR film is a

ments, on simultaneously produced HSE base films,”

researchers. “In addition, tensile strength was approxi-

new type of

said Wolf.

mately five times higher for the oriented films.”

separator film for capacitors

Although the barrier performance was generally

While EVOH has a very high gas barrier, this is

lower, the AlOx processes are interesting due to high

affected by moisture – meaning that the EVOH layer

coating speeds – which are comparable to standard

must usually be protected in some way. It is often

metallisation processes – at much lower production

co-extruded between two or more layers of a high

costs in comparison to SiOx coatings.

moisture barrier material, such as PE or PP.

Meanwhile, Andritz Biax offers both sequential and

A blown film processing trial was conducted at

simultaneous stretching technology to make high value-

Kuraray America, using its pilot- scale seven-layer

added films. For making special films, production steps

Brampton Engineering blown film line, which has five

are tailored and optimised to the needs of the specific

30mm extruders, two 45 mm extruders, and a pancake

process and application.

die with a 1.52mm die gap.

A growing market segment for special film applica-

During this trial four seven-layer film structures were

tions is shrink film, which is used mainly for heat-

produced with different EVOH core layers and total film

shrinkable labels used in packaging for beverages,

thicknesses. The basic film structure was (inner)

detergents and other shaped containers. Shrink labels

LLDPE/tie/EVOH/tie/HDPE(1)/ HDPE(1) /HDPE(2) (outer).

serve as promotional vehicles for marketing activity for

The approximate percentages of each material in the

single or multiple pack promotion, or as a visual tamper

total film structure were: 20% EVOH, 40% HDPE, 15%

evident protection.

LLDPE, and 25% tie resin.

Andritz Biax has carried out projects with a number

Each structure was produced at two different film

of film producers. Based on this experience, it offers

thicknesses, with approximate thicknesses being 100

inline concepts (from extrusion to finished shrink film)

microns (thin structures) and 230 microns (thick

for OPS (SBC) and OPETG, and offline concepts (starting


from unwound cast film) for OPVC, OPETG and OPS. It

Subsequent orientation of the films was completed

also offers multi-purpose lines that make standard

at Nova Chemicals on its laboratory-scale TM Long

BOPET as well as shrink films.

Biaxial Stretcher. Before orienting, a line was drawn in

Customers can also conduct trials on a simultane-

the machine direction of each 5.08 x 5.08 cm film

ous (MESIM) pilot line, in order to develop new film

sample, which allowed for a visual indication of stretch

types or test new materials.

evenness, as well as identifying the machine direction on final samples. Stretch temperature and ratio were

Military precision

varied for each of film structure, to determine optimised

Researchers from the US Army NSRDEC have devel-

conditions for the highest quality film. Conditions

oped methods to further improve the properties of high

included: a pre-heat time of 60s; pre-tension time of

barrier films, with controlled stretching in the machine

10s; and a stretch temperature of 121˚C. Samples


underwent a 4:1 stretch ratio in the machine direction,

Their study determined the effect of machine direction orientation (MDO) on barrier, mechanical and 12

film & sheet EXTRUSION | May 2013

at a rate of 800%/s and 40.6 cm/s. Overall, the study showed that machine direction

TRENDSETTERS 5 layer polyolefin-dedicated (POD) technology was introduced by Macchi in 2001 to foster film production economies and quality enhancement by expanding the product design option. Today that break-through concept is still well alive. Together with the synergistic developments made possible by the new resins offering unprecedented possibilities of downgauging, output rates and product performances for new business opportunities across the flexible packaging value chain.

MACCHI SPA Via Papa Paolo VI, 5 - Venegono Inferiore - Va - Italy Tel +39 0331 827717 -

BOPP FILM 2013 The international conference and exhibition for the bi-oriented polypropylene film industry

Images courtesy of: Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG



25-27 June 2013 Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

FINAL REMINDER – BOOK NOW Organised by: Applied Market Information Ltd.

Also sponsored by:

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Becky Merriott – Conference Manager Tel: +44(0)117 924 9442 Fax: +44(0)117 311 1534

Biaxial film technology | process feature

orientation of co-extruded multilayer films is possible

polyethylene (PE) or cast polypropylene (PP). Its oxygen

at the laboratory scale, and improves barrier and

transmission rate, below 1cc/m²/day, is comparable to

mechanical properties.

that of metallised polyester (PET) and typically higher

Total film thickness affected oxygen barrier perfor-

than most other clear barrier solutions such as

mance and the way that films are stretched: thinner

polyvinylidene chloride (PVdC) or EVOH-coated or

films showed a lower OPR and higher draw rate of the

co-extruded films. The surface energy of the PVOH

EVOH layer, in comparison with thicker films. Orienta-

coating helps ink receptivity and its good chemical

tion significantly improved tensile strength and modulus

barrier contributes to reduced solvent retention.

in the machine direction, with minimal change in transverse direction, said the researchers.

“The film’s excellent flavour and aroma barrier properties keep dry products tasting and smelling fresh,” said Laurent Chantraine, international market segment

MAP reference

manager at ExxonMobil Chemical’s films business.

ExxonMobil has introduced an oriented film that

Laminated to an acrylic OPP film, the structure can

delivers a high gas barrier for modified atmosphere

be lap sealed and side gussets sealed for stand-up

packaging (MAP) applications.


The 21 micron Bicor MB866 OPP film has a polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) coating on one side and an acrylic coating on the other. The film – which is available in

Tosaf has added a highly homogeneous matt compound to its BOPP product line. Matt compounds provide a prestigious, more

Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa – is

luxurious appearance to packaging materials. They also

used for oxygen-sensitive dry products such as fruits

allow in-mould labelling due to their rough surface

and nuts, cereals, roasted coffees and pet food.


The PVOH coating is typically reverse printed and

Tosaf’s new matt compound, MT0589DP, is aimed at

adhesive laminated to a sealant film, such as blown

low thickness films – where it has been hard to achieve



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Biaxial film technology | process feature

homogeneity. The compound provides optimal haze and


gloss, attaining 80% haze and 9% gloss for 2 micron

Bicor MB866

film with STI of 110°.

OPP film

BOPP film producer Treofan has developed a new

delivers a high gas barrier for

type of separator film for capacitors.


The film, PHR, has an endurance temperature resistance of 100°C, which sits between the 95°C of standard


film and the 105°C of premium high-temperature film.


It claims to have higher resistance than standard film,


and enables reductions in capacitor dimensions to drive down cost and widen the options for placing the capacitor inside the component. It also allows for the use of thinner film. This increases the film surface size at unchanged component dimensions, boosting performance. “We are offering a new generation of film that is less expensive than premium high temperature film, yet

Click on the links for more information:

delivers a better performance than traditional standard

❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙

film,” said Yvo van Vliet, executive vice president of commercial operations. “This opens a new middle segment in the capacitor film market.” Current production in the range of 6-8 microns will be expanded into a complete range of 5-10 microns.

ANDRITZ Biax – Orientation to perfection The film stretching specialists Commodity or specialty – innovative stretching technology at it’s best: ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ


ANDRITZ Biax supplies complete sequential and simultaneous stretching lines, also on turnkey base, for the production of all types of biaxially oriented films. Whether your goal is highspeed commodity film production, or the production of high-value technical films, we have proven solutions.

ANDRITZ Biax Salzburg, Austria Phone: +43 50805 69 000

ANDRITZ (China) LTD. Foshan, Guangdong, P.R. China Phone: +86 (757) 8296 9222

ANDRITZ Biax S.A.S. Le Bourget du Lac, France Phone: +33 (479) 268 560



And you can kiss your dust goodbye. The Clean Room Ionizing Gun makes it easy to eliminate air and surface contaminants that get in the way of productivity. That means you can decrease downtime and boost output. NRD is the only company that manufactures electrical and alpha ionization products. And we offer a full line to suit virtually every application. So get the upper hand on static electricity—and maximize your efficiency, reliability, and accuracy. Call 800-525-8076 to find out more, or visit

NRD, LLC 2937 Alt Boulevard, Grand Island, NY14072 P: 716-773-7634 F: 716-773-7744 E-MAIL:

Printing equipment | machinery feature

Fit to print

The sheer scale of investment needed to run a flexible packaging operation is enormous, and this is made ever more challenging by the need for constant improvement: faster speeds, greater flexibility, better resource efficiency and higher print resolution. Printpack has developed its HRG (High Resolution Gravure) printing technology, in partnership with Keatings Gravure. The process claims to offer sharper

Printing lines are a huge investment, and developers are working hard to ensure they deliver both cost savings and environmental benefits

print quality than any other flexible packaging print process. While Printpack’s HD Flexo can achieve the same

meaning that the end result is even closer to the signed

resolution as standard gravure, it has developed HRG in

off design proof – reducing the need for an on-press

response to the demand for advanced graphics. It


claims to deliver consistent print quality, for use on all

as the Helio-

“4Sight is a proven technology that has been

material structures (including monoweb, duplex and

extensively developed by Printpack,” said Paul

triplex laminates).

Jackson, graphics and design manager at Printpack’s

Printpack has also launched the 4Sight gravure fixed

European division. “It produces a complex and

colour palette printing system. The system uses a

sophisticated end result whilst being a convenient

reduced number of process colours – compared to

option for our customers.”

standard gravure – and includes the facility to add special colours.

deliver efficient, high-quality wide range of flexible

short production runs.


ments the HRG process . Printpack says the images

10-colour commission

created with it will enhance on-shelf appeal of packag-

A 10-colour Vistaflex CL 10 flexographic printing press,

ing, while promotional activity is simplified with the

from Windmöller & Hölscher, has now been running at

broad colour palette.

German flexible packaging company Neemann for

star system from W&H, can

printing of a

HRG and 4Sight are available for long, medium and

It offers sharp, consistent print images and comple-

Epson proofs can be accurately predicted to 95%,

Rotogravure printing, such

around one year. The model features a printing width of May 2013 | FILM & SHEET EXTRUSION


machinery feature | Printing equipment

and is expected to allow higher quality designs for transport and secondary packaging, such as for beverages and hygiene products. This is also true for flexible packaging in industrial sectors, such as construction materials, chemical products and animal feed. At the Drupa packaging show last year, it was demonstrated running at 600m/min – a speed now available for the entire Miraflex C range. To reach the 20% increased print speed, it is equipped with high-performance drive technology, as well as the new generation Turboclean inking and wash-up system. Miraflex presses are available as AM, CM, AL and CL models with either eight or 10 colours. Machines can be fitted with automation modules from the ‘Easy’ family. Easy-Set HD is an upgraded version of the Easy-Set At its open house late last year, W&H showcased its

1,650 mm and a maximum repeat length of 1,250 mm. It was the first such machine to be commissioned in Europe, says Windmöller. Neemann, a medium-sized family-run firm, has added

impression setting system, and is specially geared to the latest high-resolution printing plate technology. It allows direct evaluation of the printed image, through line camera-based HD analysis, and provides a

Heliostar SE

around 4,500 square metres of floor space, which is

high-resolution 3D graphic of the design topography,


where the new machine is installed. It produces flexible

enabling the printer to know and judge – as early as the

and Miraflex

packaging material for the consumer goods sector,

proofing stage – the production conditions to be

CM 10 (rear)

especially for baby diapers and hygiene and sanitary

expected for the job. This reduces set-up time as well

articles, as well as the food sector.

ands waste, and ensures high precision of plate cylinder

“Following extensive comparison tests we decided on a Vistaflex CL 10 rather than a side-loaded sleeve

and anilox impression setting. Others include: Easy-Check, which allows printers to

machine,” said press room manager Manfred Hütte-

check and verify quality while printing; Easy-Reg, for


automatic set-up registration; and Easy-Col, for

The decisive factor, he says, was that side loading

automatic ink formulation.

was bound to reach its limits because of the higher weights of sleeves and adapters to be handled when

Pan-European showcase

printing large printing widths and repeat lengths.

Bobst ran three open houses towards the end of 2012

“It is primarily with these applications that the Vistaflex can be changed over more quickly and easily between production runs – especially thanks to Vista-Port,” he says. Vista-Port is the handling robot for the Vistaflex C.

selection of its latest products. In Italy, it showed a Rotomec 4003HS high speed gravure press, which featured a new configuration with shaftless cylinders. The demonstration showed printing

Plate cylinder bases and sleeves, as well as anilox

of a 6-colour food packaging type job on 12 micron PET

rollers, are automatically changed during preparation.

film, with a printing repeat of 625mm.

This is done quickly, while at the same time ensuring

The press was set in register using the TAPS system,

job safety at any time. The press operator selects the

a Bobst patented function that works at the touch of a

sequence of orders, and Vista-Port automatically

button – moving all cylinders into register position, and

organises the change-over actions and completes them

making the register control and auto mode ready to

in the most time-efficient manner.

start production.

At the same time, print quality is improved thanks to

The sequence was completed automatically in less

the sturdy cylinder bases with directly fitted sleeves that

than five minutes, generating around 100m of waste.

are mounted without adapters, says the company.

The press reached top production speed of 500m/min.

Another new machine, which was seen at the

After the printing demonstration, Bobst presented a

company’s in-house event last year, is the Miraflex CL

new trolley solution called Twin Trolley. It allows offline

10, a 10-colour flexographic press aimed at wide-web

separation between the printing cylinder and the colour,


meaning that either or both can be moved to storage or

It has a maximum repeat length of 1.130 mm (44in), 20

– in Germany, Italy and the UK – to showcase a

film & sheet EXTRUSION | May 2013

to a different printing unit, enabling CMYK process

machinery feature | Printing equipment

achieved its maximum production speed of 250 m/min in just 30 seconds. In Germany, the company showed its new SmartSet impression and registration system, an alternative to its SmartGPS offline system. SmartSet is a non-optical, semi-automatic ‘on-board’ system that reduces waste and set-up time. Unlike optical systems, it works with all substrates including reflective ones and eliminates plate damage due to over-impression during the impression setting process. The company claims that its SmartGPS is the only system for flexo printing equipment that ensures perfect German

colours to be kept on the machine – independent of

registration and impression set-up while producing


where in the press they should be positioned.

almost zero waste of substrate. Unlike systems that


The system enhances flexibility in job preparation


and ink logistics, says Bobst, and can achieve up to 50%

automatic optical process of trial and error, SmartGPS

Neemann has

reduction of ink and solvent waste, as well as consider-

does the job offline at the plate mounting stage.


able time savings.

the first

In a second demonstration, a six-colour cosmetic

perform set-up in the press through a manual or

At the same time, its SmartCol colour matching system, allows 100% offline registration, impression and

Vistaflex CL 10

sachet-type job was printed on a 20 micron BOPP

colour set-up of all types of flexo print designs. It checks


substrate on a Rotomec MW 80 press. The MW (Mini-

the ink prior to introduction into the machine, prompts

printing press

mised Waste) press is dedicated to printing medium

changes and makes sure the ink is truly ‘press ready’.

in Europe

web, very short run production. At the event, the press

Bobst also demonstrated its Low Energy Operation

Big enough to innovate, small enough to cooperate!

It takes sophisticated technology to make plastics recycling sustainable and more efficient and to continuously improve pellet quality. And it takes commitment to really be successful. SIMPLY ONE STEP AHEAD

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Guangzhou, PR China May 20 – 23, 2013 Booth 9.2D41



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Films for food packaging must meet the highest standards for shelf life, aroma barrier and product presentation. The VAREX blown film extrusion line enables the production of mono-layer, multi-layer and barrier films with excellent quality that has set the standard. Always consistent with up to eleven layers of exemplary sustainable production and safe, efficient handling. We'd be happy to tell you more about the exciting properties for your film extrusion process.

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Multilayer Packaging Films 2013 International business and technology conference for the flexible packaging industry CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

June 5-6, 2013 DoubleTree Chicago Magnificent Mile, Chicago, Illinois, USA Images courtesy of: and Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corporation

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Printing equipment | machinery feature

(Leo) system on a 10-colour press. The system was

With the Offset CI8, a run changeover can be performed

specially developed for the 20Six CI flexo press series,

in minutes as the sleeves can be prepared with the

and helps to reduce consumption of energy, ink, and

plates and blanket cylinders in place.


The servo motors on the individual printing cylinders, combined with the central impression drum CI

Offset advantage

technology, speed up the configuration of colour-to

Comexi, which specialises in developing systems for the

colour registrations and maintain registration accuracy

flexible packaging converting industry, has developed the

throughout the run.

Offset CI8, which was showcased at open house events in Girona, Spain in November and December 2012. The company has spent five years developing the

Time to market is also minimised through faster prepress, thanks to the offset lithographic plates. The cost of the lithographic plates are lower than other flexible

offset printer, which has a central impression drum and

package technologies (such as flexographic and

variable format with solvent-free inks – characteristics

rotogravure), meaning that the design can be changed

that make it a market first, says Comexi.

in every print run – to change the language or a logo, for

It adds that the new line helps to solve several key

example, or to add promotions. Settings can be saved

issues in the flexible packaging printing sector:

and retrieved in order to process identical or similar

enhancing print quality, minimising time to market,

jobs, therefore also shortening delivery times.

reducing costs and protecting the environment. One of the machine’s main innovations is its sleeve and servo motor technology. By using light sleeves made from aluminium or PU composites, the continuous process typical of this type of printing becomes highly repeatable, and job changeover is streamlined.

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Photovoltaics | process feature

Plastics are vital in the fabrication of photovoltaics – whether protecting silicon solar cells or acting as the basis of organic devices. Lou Reade reports

Sun protection Using plastics in solar cells would, at one time, have

cells because you can make a large number of devices

seemed impossible. But a wide array of plastic

in a very short time,” he said,. “This method of self-

materials, from elastomers to engineering polymers,

encapsulation can potentially help improve the life-span

are proving invaluable in the quest to harness energy

of the device as well.”

from the sun.

Plastic solar cells are already much cheaper than conventional silicon-based solar cells, though have

developed a cheaper, faster way of making plastic solar

much lower efficiencies. They are light and flexible

cells on a large scale.

enough to coat a range of different surfaces: building

Anirudh Sharma’s method relies on lamination, niques – which require manufacturing in vacuum conditions.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in

A researcher at Flinders University in Australia has

which is potentially far cheaper than existing tech-

Researchers at

developers are looking to use plastic solar cell-coated

Germany are trying to boost plastic solar cell efficiencies beyond 10%

window panes in new buildings, for example. “This technology will definitely replace silicon in the very near future,” said Sharma.

“In the conventional method of fabricating plastic solar cells you have to deposit various materials

Efficiency improvement

sequentially on top of each other in a sandwich

While plastic solar cells may have lower efficiency than

structure. Over time the materials intermix, leading to

silicon-based devices, researchers are working hard to

device degradation,” said Sharma, of the department of

improve performance. A team at Karlsruhe Institute of

chemical and physical sciences.

Technology (KIT) in Germany have begun a four-year

Instead, he has deposited materials on two different electrically conductive surfaces, which are then laminated together. “This gives better control over the material intermix-

project to boost efficiencies beyond 10%. The work will be carried out by the Organic Photovoltaics Group at the Light Technology Institute, led by Alexander Colsmann. The project is supported by a

ing and can give more stable and better-performing

grant of €4.25m from the Federal Ministry of Education

devices,” he said.

and Research.

The lamination process is roll-to-roll compatible,

Organic solar cells are made by printing and coating

which means it could be integrated with printing

processes, including gravure printing, screen printing,

machines. The ability to print and laminate at the same

slot-die coating and spray coating in continuous

time makes the process scalable at relatively low cost.

roll-to-roll processes. They consume very few resourc-

“This is a much cheaper way of fabricating solar

es, are relatively easy to dispose of, and offer very short



process feature | Photovoltaics

using UV light to initiate cross linking. “We have modified the lamination process so that it only takes 7 to 8 minutes instead of 20 minutes,” said Stefan Schulze, polymer materials team leader at CSP. “We were therefore able to reduce the duration of the total process by more than 50%.” Compared to the standard process, the team could laminate twice as many modules on one system, which shrinks the production cost per module. The researchers were inspired by printing ink, which crosslinks in a few seconds after exposure to UV light. The new crosslinker used by Lanxess worked in the same way – and was activated by UV radiation rather than high temperatures. Another advantage of the new additive was that it allowed the material for the plastic film to be mixed Anirudh

energy payback time. The challenge is to improve their

more thoroughly. When using the heat-activated

Sharma has

power conversion efficiencies.

cross-linker, mixing had to be more gentle, in order to

developed a

The KIT team will study so-called tandem architec-

stay below the cross-linking temperature. This is no

fast, cheap way

tures: two solar cells, which absorb light from different

longer necessary, meaning that the final film will be

to make plastic

parts of the spectrum, are stacked on top of each other

more homogenous – and will crosslink more easily.

solar cells

to achieve better sunlight harvesting and more efficient

Lanxess took care of the materials (plastic and cross

energy conversion. The team is using novel materials,

linker), while Fraunhofer researchers handled the cross

developing innovative device architectures, optimising

linking process. At their pilot plant, they are optimising

stability, and testing the solar cells in a real-life

four parameters: the amount of radiation, the tempera-


ture, the height of the lamp and the feed rate at which

At the same time, manufacturing processes have been moved from the laboratory to an industry-compatible production environment in order promote future commercial use of their results. Project partners include Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research (IAP) in Potsdam, and the

the modules move under the UV lamps. “The process is operational,” said Schulze. Manufacturers using the traditional cross linking process would only need to add one UV lamp to their production lines, in order to switch to the new process. Meanwhile, Dow Chemical has extended production

University of Queensland in Australia, which is supply-

of its Enlight polyolefin encapsulant films for use in

ing new materials for organic solar cells. Merck is the

photovoltaic solar panels, by opening a plant in Thailand.

project’s industry advisor.

The Map Ta Phut site allows Dow to double global production capacity immediately. The new facility has

Fast protection

created around 35 new jobs, bringing the total number

Other Fraunhofer centres are also involved in photovol-

of employees in Thailand to close to 1,000. Thailand is

taics research, but in the more traditional silicon arena.

home to Dow’s largest manufacturing operations in Asia.

A team at the Fraunhofer Centre for Silicon

site for the film in Schkopau, Germany. It has had a

double the speed at which solar cells are embedded

production facility in Findlay, Ohio in the US since

into their protective plastic sheathing – saving both time

December 2010.

and money. To protect solar cells from the environment,


The company is also building a third manufacturing

Photovoltaics (CSP) has developed a new process to

Dow says that Enlight films help to extend the service life of modules because the films have better

manufacturers embed them in plastic –usually ethylene

electrical properties and improved moisture resistance.

vinyl acetate (EVA) – by pressing them together and

It claims that solar panels made with the films retain

heating them to cause vulcanisation (or cross-linking).

efficiency when tested in damp heat conditions for more

To initiate cross-linking, the solar cell plastic stack is

than 10,000 hours (against competitive encapsulant

heated in the vacuum laminator to around 150˚C, a

technology, which typically shows a drop in efficiency

process that takes around 20 minutes.

after around 2,000 hours).

The researchers have managed to cut this to less

At the same time, it says that panel manufacturers

than half the time, in collaboration with Lanxess, by

can increase yield and capacity by reducing lamination

film & sheet EXTRUSION | May 2013

The world rotates once every 24 hours. In that time, the new Atlas CW1040 Series primary slitter rewinder can process over 1 million linear metres of plastic film. For technology that is out of this world, the Atlas CW Series is your solution.

Exceptional performance & productivity.

Booth 8.1-F11

Rewind to the Future Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd., Bedford, UK.

process feature | Photovoltaics

Maintaining efficiency Tests carried out by the Photovoltaik-Institut (PI) Berlin have shown that Tectosil, a thermoplastic encapsulant from Wacker, helps to maintain device efficiency. In particular, the silicone elastomer ensures that modules do not display leakage currents due to potential-induced degradation (PID) – which can occur in the event of higher voltages or penetrating moisture, and lead to significant performance losses in the solar module. Tectosil, is a flexible, transparent, electrically insulating sheet comprising an organosilicone copolymer. It bonds the components of a photovoltaic module into a stable laminate. to protect solar cells from Dow has

cycle times by up to 30%, as well as reducing damage to


equipment and modules – because the film does not

production of

produce corrosive acetic acid.

its Enlight poly-

mechanical and chemical stresses. Solar modules encapsulated with Tectosil were tested as per IEC standard 60904-1 at a system voltage

“Market demand for these innovative encapsulant

of 1,000V. Unlike the reference modules, which, in part,

olefin encapsu-

films remains very strong, and this new production

displayed PID effects, there was no evidence of any

lant films with

capacity will enable us to meet the needs of this

PID-related performance losses in the Tectosil-encap-

a new plant in

fast-growing sector,” said Jerry Pritchett, global

sulated modules.


business director for the Performance Plastics’

“The PI’s results confirm our own tests,” said Jürgen Küpfer, senior manager for new businesses at Wacker.

photovoltaic business.

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Photovoltaics | process feature

“We now have clear proof that Tectosil is capable of reliably suppressing PID effects in solar cells.” In addition, Evonik says it has developed a complete acrylic lens package, Plexiglas Solar Pre-Fab Optics, to provide access to Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) optics, while cutting the cost and lead times associated with tooling. The lens panels are part of the Plexiglas Solar (Acrylite Solar in the Americas) range, which consists of speciality PMMA moulding compounds and sheet products for solar applications. The lens panels are combined with a Secondary Optical Element (SOE) to create a complete optical train package for assembly directly into CPV modules. This allows customers to avoid buying a tooling device needed to create the product. “This allows us to deliver world-class performance to our customers while bypassing the tooling process, to save both time and money,” said Christopher Walby, new business development manager of Evonik’s Acrylic Polymers business line. “We are also offering the product in small quantities of as little as 10 panels to be

Pre-Fab lens panels help customers to cut tooling costs

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Evonik’s Plexiglas Solar

10 2013

used in prototypes.”

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THIN WALL PACKAGING 2013 International conference on lightweight plastic tubs, trays, jars, containers and cups for food packaging

Images courtesy of: Danone and Printing Company Verstraete



June 18-19, 2013 The Westin Chicago North Shore, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Chinaplas | show preview

With a new ‘film technology zone’, and a host of relevant materials and machinery suppliers present, this year’s Chinaplas is a must-see for film and sheet extruders

Growing in Guangzhou This year’s Chinaplas exhibition, held in Guangzhou in

winding equipment, and printing, lamination and

May, promises to be the largest edition of the show so far.

coating machines.

The event, held at China Import & Export Fair

The Film Technology

Smartphone users can download the Chinaplas 2013

Zone is a new

Complex in Pazhou, Guangzhou on May 20-23, occupies

App for the latest information, and plan their routes

area at this

an area of 220,000sq m, and will host more than 2,900

through the show. Useful information on concurrent

year’s Chinaplas

exhibitors. It fills 25 halls, and features 11 themed

events, travel and accommodation are all available in

zones and 14 separate country pavilions. Visitor

the App, which can be downloaded from App Store (for

numbers are expected to top the 109,000 who attended

iPhone users) or Play Store (for Android users).

the 2012 show in Shanghai. Ada Leung, assistant general manager of the show’s

Chinaplas 2013 will focus on building industry with a concurrent event called Archi-Light, which showcases

organiser, Adsale Exhibition Services, said: “Our team

environmentally friendly plastic building materials that

is prepared to welcome over 115,000 visitors from all

combine aesthetic and attractive elements.

around the world.” With an exhibition area of 57,000 sq m, the Chemicals

There are three parts to the event: the first is the Archi-Light Concept House, sponsored by Sabic and

& Raw Materials Hall will be divided into a number of

using new type of plastics materials with high light

sub-categories for easy navigation. Hall 10.2 and 11.2, for

transmittance; the second is the Plastic Building

example, will showcase general plastics and engineering

Materials Gallery, which features materials supplied by

plastics, Hall 12.2 hosts the bioplastics zone, while

Italcementi Group and China Lesso that are energy

semi-finished products can be found in Hall 13.2.

efficient and beneficial to low carbon emissions; and the third is the Future Building Design Competition, in

In the zone

which students of Shanghai Tongji University and

A themed zone making its debut is the ‘Film Technology

Guangdong Industry Technical College present their

Zone’. Housed in Hall 8.1, it will cater for the growing

own ideas for building designs.

market demand for film products. Well-known suppliers on show here include Sun Centre, Webcontrol,

Material expansion

Jandi’s, Andritz, Atlas, Rajoo and Bobst. The zone will

Songwon of Korea has expanded its product range with

show a range of film-related exhibits including

the addition of two new plastics additives – as well as

extrusion lines for blown film, flat film and sheet,

boosting its capacity for OPS (One Pack Systems).

stretching lines for film and filament, slitter rewinders,

Songwon Baifu Chemicals (Tangshan), a joint venture May 2013 | FILM & SHEET EXTRUSION


show preview | Chinaplas

also complies with international food contact regulations, such as US FDA, EU and Jospha, and is on the Chinese Positive List for resins permitted in food packaging products. This means that no pre-qualification of the material is needed. Croda will be focusing on two new additives at Chinaplas. The first is Atmer 7373, an anti-fog concentrate for clear PP food packaging. It is effective in both hot and cold fogging applications, preventing droplet formation on plastic surfaces to keep the food looking fresher for longer. The company says that the 40% concentrate it is particularly useful for converters who can easily handle its pellet form. It is also useful for masterbatch producers who either cannot or do not wish to handle soft and pasty raw materials. W&H’s Filmex

with Tangshan Baifu Chemical of China, now has a

lines, such as

production capacity of 8,000 tonnes/year of thioester

its IncroMax TM 300 additive for polycarbonate process-

this 9-layer


ing. It reduces surface friction and improves mould

system, are

The company has also agreed a long-term deal to

The other new product being showcases by Croda is

release characteristics to enhance the extrusion and

used to make

distribute HALS hindered amine light stabilisers (Hals)

moulding of polycarbonate. Target applications include


from Sabo of Italy. Sabo is a leading producer of

glazing products for the construction and automotive

barrier film

monomeric and polymeric Hals, says Songwon.

industries where high optical clarity is required.

Jongho Park, chairman and CEO, said: “We are committed to becoming a leading supplier of Hals

Multiple layers

worldwide and will invest in expanding these products

Windmöller & Hölscher (W&H) of Germany is to focus

to meet the demands of industries where light stabilisa-

on its Filmex cast film line at Chinaplas 2013.

tion is a critical performance parameter.” At the same time, it has doubled the capacity of OPS

Filmex is a modular cast film line that can be configured to meet different needs, extruding barrier,

to 14,000 tonnes/year at its Greiz facility in Germany,

PP, stretch or surface protection film. It operates on the

and begun production at a new 7,000 tonnes/year plant

chill-roll principle. Resin pellets are melted in the

in Houston in the US. In 2014, it will add a similar-sized

extruders. In the feed block, streams of melt converge

plant in Kizad, Abu Dhabi. Songwon’s joint venture now

ExxonMobil Chemical will showcase a range of products that can be used to produce improved rigid

produces 8,000

packaging – including its Vistamaxx propylene-based

tonnes/year of

elastomer (PBE) and ExxonMobil polypropylene (PP)



antioxidant in

The company says that using Vistamaxx PBE as an


additive in compounds can contribute to sustainability by potentially cutting raw material use, lowering energy consumption and enabling product scrap recycling. Its low density compared to many other polymers allows the creation of lighter, thin wall products while maintaining product properties. Vistamaxx PBE can reduce compound processing temperatures for reduced energy use, it says. “When used in a polyolefin blend, it can contribute to less overall waste in the manufacturing process, as any scrap produced during processing can be recycled,” says the company. Vistamaxx PBE can be dry-blended – using existing equipment – with PP before processing. Vistamaxx PBE


film & sheet EXTRUSION | May 2013

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show preview | Chinaplas

The company’s product lines are not engineered as standard equipment, said Chew, but are designed for each customer. “We do not try to commoditise our customers’ applications,” he said. “We engineer machinery that is tailored to individual customer needs.”

On a roll At this year’s Chinaplas, Illig will introduce its RDM-K and RDK series of automatic of roll-fed thermoforming machines. The current third generation of RDM-K models are designed for high-volume cup production in a range of shapes and sizes. RDK series machines rely on roll-fed material to produce bowls, trays and hinged packs, such as those used on supermarket display shelves. At the show, an RDM 70K with 680 x 300mm forming surface will make close to 45,000 APET cups Gloucester

and are then spread out to a web width of up to 5m,

per hour using an 18-cavity mould. APET will also be


then solidified by rapid cooling on the chill-roll. The

processed by an RDK 80 IC (with a forming surface of

product lines

immediate freezing results in low film crystallinity, and

756 x 565mm) to make trays in a 10-cavity mould at 50

are not

consequently higher optical and mechanical film


engineered as

properties, says the company.


It can produce barrier film with 11 layers or up to 17

equipment, but tailored for each customer

nanolayers (in a special configuration). A major advantage of cast barrier film is the high

The ‘IC’ suffix denotes machines featuring Illig’s Intelligent Control concept, which helps the operator make full use of its capabilities. With its current RDM-K machines, Illig has boosted

flexibility in the ratio of different layers as well as range

cup-making productivity and quality, while reducing

of the films’ overall thickness, says W&H. For example,

costs. Using servomotors on the machine raises the

Filmex lines can create products for high thermoform-

speed of each function. At the same time, the machines

ability (for trays), as well as much thinner film for

need half the forming air of their predecessors. This

lidding applications.

results in a more dynamic forming air build-up.

To enhance efficiency, lines can be equipped with

Illig says that the machines achieve around 30%

modules such as the Profile Booster die control, which

higher productivity, while also increasing part quality

gives quick gauge adjustment.

and reducing energy consumption.

In China, W&H is represented by Windmoeller &

Kiefel has extended its KMD series of thermoform-

Hoelscher Asia (in Hong Kong) and Johs. Rieckermann

ing machines with the Speedformer KMD 78. It says that

(in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing).

the new model is particularly cost-efficient, and can be

Gloucester Engineering will feature its lines of engineered equipment for the plastic extrusion and At the show, Illig machines will produce

converting industries. The company designs and manufactures cast film, blown film, and foam extrusion lines, as well as bag


making machines, and ancillary equipment – through

APET cups and

its subsidiaries Future Design (which supplies products


such as air rings) and Pearl Technologies (which sells various consumables). “Our machinery and equipment has a strong history of success throughout Asia,” said Chew Yew Kwong, sales director for Asia Pacific at Gloucester Engineering. “The flexibility and durability of our equipment allows customers to customise the type of plastic film and sheet they need, and change their product offerings with the market demand.”


film & sheet EXTRUSION | May 2013

PLASTICS PACKAGING PRODUCTION The strategy of the 50 European leaders revealed This invaluable report gives you a market analysis of the fifty leading plastics packaging producers involved in rigid and flexible packaging for the industrial, retail, medical and food industries in Europe.

Click here to view sample pages and to order this report

4th Edition

Plastics Packaging Producers - 4th edition Amongst the leading groups included:        

Amcor Alpla-Werke Sealed Air Aptar Group LINPAC RPC Constantia Klöckner Pentaplast and more...

For each group listed, you will find: A review of Europe’s

• Corporate and ownership details

50 largest players


• Business review of the company’s development in plastics packaging


50 TOP




• All plastics packaging plants operated in Europe, including their polymer throughput • Financial results in plastics packaging

This report provides very useful benchmark information for your own business to allow you to see how you compare with Europe’s best.


Applied Market Information publishes over 50 different reports and databases covering thermoplastics markets globally. The range of publications aim to provide complete listings of plants carrying out particular plastics processing operations and to give an analysis of the leading groups. AMI also produces authoritative industry reports which provide cost effective statistical data and analysis on polymer trends. For more information go to our website or contact Régine Futter or Elizabeth Carroll on or Tel: +44 (0) 117 9249442.

show preview | Chinaplas

Atlas slitter rewinders are now available in widths up to 10,400mm

used to create a wide range of components. The model is equipped with HTS ceramic heaters, for

Ancillary additions Atlas Converting Equipment of the UK will present its

consistent distribution of heat-output, along with proven

latest Atlas CW and Titan SR9 series of slitter rewinders

toggle drive and motorised upper-yoke adjustment for

for film and flexible materials.

both the forming and cutting stations. Tension bars help to ensure play-free movement of

The company recently introduced the CW5000 Series, which is available in widths from 3600 to 5400mm. The

the drive components and the precise, repeatable

complete CW Series platform now covers machine

cutting. (A newly developed two-stage cutting system

widths from 2500 to 10400mm, with speeds up to

helps to boost accuracy.) An adjustable stacking unit


operates from bottom to top, while formed components are placed onto a conveyor belt. The KMD 78 is equipped with a touch-screen-operat-

The company says it has sold more than 40 of the new platform slitter rewinders (in widths of 25009000mm) for BOPP, BOPET and CPP films.

Kiefel says that

ed Siemens Simotion control system, and can handle a

The latest range features wireless rewind arms,

its cost-efficient

range of materials, including PS, OPS, EPS, PE, PP and

automatic pick-and-place knife positioning, direct drive

new KMD 78

PET. The unit can handle a maximum form-size of 760 x

web path rollers ensuring optimum web tension for


540mm, with a negative/positive formed-component

films as thin as 6 micron and up to 125 micron.

machine will

height of up to 150 mm and a maximum film width of

produce a fruit


tray from clear

The model will be seen at this year’s Chinaplas

APET at the

exhibition, manufacturing a fruit tray using clear APET



The new platform also claims higher efficiency, productivity and reliability, better quality rewind reels, lower noise levels and more effective, operator-friendly control systems. Atlas also makes the Titan range of secondary slitter rewinders for flexible packaging materials, plastic film, labelstock, laminates and paper. The latest Titan SR9 series modular slitter rewinders provide high levels of slitting productivity, design modularity and rewind reel quality, says Atlas. New features include reduced power consumption and faster set-up time. Maag Pump Systems will showcase its Extrex pump family, including the unveiling of the new EA pump that was developed specially for the Asian market. Extrex EA is a localised extrusion pump that covers most extrusion applications. Assembled at the company’s new facility in Shanghai, it integrates key components, such as gears and bearings made in Maag’s European facilities, to guarantee high standards of quality. The EA pump covers most standard extrusion applications, providing a differential pressure of up to 200 bar.


film & sheet EXTRUSION | May 2013


International conference on backsheets, encapsulants and other polymer materials in photovoltaic systems CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

September 10-11, 2013 Images courtesy of: EVONIK INDUSTRIES AG and SBM SOLAR INC.

Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

SPECIAL OFFER: Save $200 if you register before August 2, 2013 Organized by: Applied Market Information LLC

Media supporters:

Amanda Schaeffer – Conference Coordinator Ph: +1 610 478 0800 Fx: +1 610 478 0900

show preview | Chinaplas

German machinery manufacturers see decline in exports to China during 2012 Germany’s plastics machinery makers

“certain consolidation” after two years of

export market, which it valued at E2.48

reported a 16.4% decline in exports to

above-average growth in exports to China


China in 2012. After growing rapidly to

(a remarkable 64.4% in 2011 and 30.5% in

reach a new high of E766.4 million in

2010). Germany is the leading exporter of

2011, sales fell to E640.4 million in 2012,

Japan was second with a 23.8% share, followed by Taiwan with 10.8%, the USA with 5.8% and Italy with 5.3%.

according to the VDMA, Germany’s

plastics and rubber machinery to China.

Plastics and Rubber Machinery Associa-

Full data for 2012 is not yet available, but

feature 140 exhibitors and will occupy

tion. It says that the decline represents a

in 2011 it had a share of 30.9% of the total

more than 3,800m2.

The new Extrex-5 pump family is a modular system that can be adapted to meet demanding extrusion applications. Standard design covers three different

that may be caused by the inevitable vibrations felt normal operation. Therefore, the system achieves

pressures up to 500 bar.

high-precision measurements with a maximum error

loading container and storage hopper

Tecnofer of Italy will be in Guangzhou to show off its plastics recycling systems. It produces a range of heavy duty equipment for washing, drying, separating,

system at Chinaplas. This simple device measures the

shredding, grinding, agglomerating, mixing and storing

productivity and efficiency of the feeding line, monitor-

plastics waste.

and providing statistics on production volumes. The Ryng device is inserted between the loading container and the storage hopper with a high-precision weighing device placed inside it

It also supplies complete washing lines with capacities from 150 to 4,000 kg/hour. Custombuilt systems are offered for PET bottles, PE or PP films, and rigid PE or PP products such as bottles, containers or crates. In addition, Tecnofer makes compact integrated lines for recycling plastics waste on a smaller scale.

to give an instant and precise measurement of the quantity of material transferred. This allows operators to take prompt action on the machine’s operating parameters and recieve information on the machine’s effective productivity. The system uses proprietary software, incorporating specific algorithms which filter and interpret the gathered to indicate the actual quantity of transferred material. Ryng measures the quantity of material that the container loads into the hopper, therefore


rate of less than 1%.

systems supplier, will be introducing its new Ryng

ing material consumption in real time


throughout the feeder system due to the machine’s

differential pressure up to 400 bar and discharge

Piovan, the Italian materials handling and control

between the

In addition, the software is programmed to exclude

the necessary pressure range.

pump with an SSC 076 screenchanger.


the machine’s expected and actual production rates. or reduce to a minimum any measurement fluctuations

At Chinaplas, it will show an Extrex 45-5GP gear


allowing real-time comparisons to be made between

pressure ranges, providing maximum throughput for Maag’s Extrex pumps are designed to withstand

Piovan’s Ryng

The German Pavilion at Chinaplas will

film & sheet EXTRUSION | May 2013

Click on the links for more information:

❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙

END OF LIFE PLASTICS 2013 International conference and exhibition on commercial markets and options for end of life plastics CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

4-6 June 2013 Maritim Hotel, Cologne, Germany

* + 19% German VAT

FINAL REMINDER – BOOK NOW Organised by: Applied Market Information Ltd.

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RECOMMENDED READING Our selection of the latest titles and essential reference works for the film & sheet industry POLYMERS IN PHOTOVOLTAICS 2013 CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS


2013, 17 papers and CD, €335.00 or £280.00 or $420.00

2011, by Poliskie, €120.00 or £100.00 or $150.00

Brand new. Market overview, backsheets, encapsulants, manufacturing and UV stability.

Best seller. Current and future opportunities, materials, properties and processing technology. D ANW R B NE

➤ More info/Buy here


➤ More info/Buy here



2011, by DeMeuse, €160.00 or £135.00 or $210.00

2012, by Malpass & Band, €100.00 or £85.00 or $135.00

Covering fundamental principles, equipment, industrial processes and a variety of materials and applications.

New. An introductory guide for the non-expert, covering topics from synthesis to markets.

➤ More info/Buy here

➤ More info/Buy here



FILM PROPERTIES OF PLASTICS AND ELASTOMERS 2012, by McKeen, 235.00 or £195.00 or $310.00

2010, by Wolf, €100.00 or £82.00 or $125.00

New edition. Comprehensive data handbook describes and compares 47 material types.

Essential reading on techniques for adhesion promotion for joining and decoration.

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➤ More info/Buy here

Visit for hundreds of recent titles, easy online ordering, special offers and clearance bargains! Order online or by telephone, fax or email. Contact Matt Wherlock, Tel: +44 (0)117 924 9442 Fax: +44 (0)117 9892128 email: All prices are correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change. Please check the Plastics Information Direct website for current prices and shipping charges.

Materials | technology


Low-gloss PC sheet boosts thermoformed aircraft parts Sabic has developed a low

the film complies with a

gloss polycarbonate sheet

range of FAR 25.853 regula-

barrier film

Sealant keeps meat fresher A sealant layer made from

for aerospace applications.

tions. It can be used as an

Lexan XHR 6005 claims

adhesive for Ultem foam

helped to keep vacuum-

or as a backing layers

packed meat fresher for

to bring ‘velvet texture aesthetics’ to thermofor-

for fabrics for added

med aircraft interior


With its low heat release, the sheet can

It can be colour-matched in

longer. The material is used in the

“Our low gloss


DuPont’s Surlyn resin has

Hibassk high-barrier film

Lexan XHR sheet grade

from Dutch company A. van

provides design flexibility,

den Broek, which preserves

offer a weight saving of up to

sheet and resin form for colour

custom colour and excellent

the red colour of the meat for

12% compared with traditional

coordinated thermoformed

processing characteristics,

longer and removes the

PVC/PMMA products, says

and injection-moulded parts.

and also meets stringent

typical odour associated with

Sabic, which leads to better

At the same time, Lexan

safety and regulatory

conventional nylon-polyethyl-

fuel economy while complying

XHR A13 film can be used to

requirements,” said Ilknur

ene film packaging. The

with Ohio State University

add robustness in multilayer

Gur, mass transportation

material’s meat adhesion

(OSU) 65/65 standards for

laminate constructions used in

marketing manager at Sabic

helps to reduce the release of

flame-smoke-toxicity (FST)

decorative interior applications.

Innovative Plastics.

meat juices.


Available in gauges of 2-7mils,


Hibassk’s low oxygen permeability (of 2cm³/m²/ day) ensures a long storage


life of the packed meat.

Flexible EVA film improves orthopaedic applications

Further benefits of the sealant layer include its sealing efficiency to grease and meat juice, high puncture resistance (which is

Simona has extended its

prosthetics. The two product

supplied in sizes of 400 x

important when packing

Simolife range of products,

types EVA flex and EVA

400mm and 2000 x 1000mm,

meat with sharp bones) and

for orthopaedics applications,

superflex are designed to meet

with thicknesses ranging

high transparency.

to include ethylen-vinyl

a range of requirements with

from 3 to 15 mm.

acetate (EVA) sheets.

regard to flexibility of the

Joost van den Broek, the company’s CEO, said:

Simolife sheets have

specific material. The extruded

excellent hot-forming

“Multiple trials have shown

for the manufacture of inner

sheets, available in a natural

properties, claims the

that the combination of a

sheaths used in arm and leg

and skin-tone colour, are

company. With minimal

nylon substrate, EVOH

material shrinkage during

barrier film and Surlyn

cooling, they also offer high

sealant layer provides the

dimensional stability with

right stability, barrier effect

uniform wall thickness

and meat adhesion needed to


avoid discolouration and the

Simolife EVA is designed

The material is biocompatible in accordance with DIN 

formation of odours.” DuPont says that Surlyn

EN ISO 10993-5/-10 and

saves raw materials and

offers resistance to sweat,

energy by allowing thinner

cosmetics, skin creams and

film structures and reducing


heat-sealing temperatures.


❙ May 2013 | film & sheet EXTRUSION


technology | Machinery


Patented ultrasonic technology boosts aesthetics of flexible packaging seals Seals of 2-25mm are now

Rinco Ultrasonics has received a US patent for a

possible, compared to

new method of sealing

1-2mm previously, said

flexible packaging.

Aurand. Contour-shaped seals are also possible. To

Its PPS0145 ultrasonic film sealing technology relies

further enhance aesthetics,

on an interlocking tooling

Rinco has developed the

design, allowing users to

ability to emboss a design or

increase seal strength and

logo into the seal area. The company’s new FPA

improve aesthetics. Rinco adds that it allows a broader

series ultrasonic pouch

processing window than

sealing systems incorporate the patented technology for

competitive ultrasonic

traditional ultrasonic sealing

sealing and heat sealing

processes, the surface area of

allows seal patterns with

flexible packaging of dry and


the bond must ordinarily be

greater surface area. The

liquid foods, personal care

kept to a minimum to focus the

interlocking design creates a

items and electronics. They

shatters the notion that

frictional forces that are

wide lattice of focused lines of

have been designed to

ultrasonic seals must be


force within the seal area. This

replace existing heat sealing

creates seals over a much

equipment on liquid filled

“Our patented process

unattractive, narrow and

This results in today’s very

Rinco’s new technology

straight,” according to

narrow and straight conven-

greater surface area, while

pouch form-fill-seal (FFS)

William Aurand, Rinco sales

tional ultrasonic seals

still focusing the initial contact

machinery or pre-made


throughout the packaging

point as required by the

pouch systems.




Due to the nature of

blown film

Evacuation system cuts contaminants by 80% Blown film producers can cut

film process can cause safety,

with a patented evacuation system.

health and maintenance problems.

The Saturn Evacuation System

nants cannot be captured by

prises a small air ring that fits any

conventional exhaust systems and

between the die and the primary

are too heavy to stay airborne, and

cooling ring. Connected to the

settle on equipment. Many facilities

vacuum side of the blower, it creates

shut down for a day or more every

a positive vacuum that draws

six weeks in order to eliminate these

contamination from the low-pres-


“This will help operators in the

film & sheet EXTRUSION | May 2013

Smoke, fumes and other contami-

(SES), from Future Design, com-

sure zone at the die exit.


Contaminants from the blown

airborne contaminants by up to 80%

Installing an SES system can extend this cleaning period from

plant environment by removing

weeks to months: airborne particu-

smoke, fumes and contaminants

lates as high as 60 million parts per

from the air – a definite benefit for

million (ppm) have been reduced to

their health and safety,” said Robert

as few as 400,000 ppm.

Krycki, the inventor of the system.



45mm Kuhne single screw extruder model K45E 30D plugged vented. 20-204 rpm. 24kw dc motor.

1040mm wide Welex sheet extrusion line: 90mm Welex extruder with gear pump, die head, 1040mm wide Welex 3 roll polishing stack, haul off and winder.

Sheet Equipment

1300mm wide Battenfeld coextrusion sheet line; 2 x 90mm single screw extruders. 1300mm x 600mm 3 roll polishing stack+ haul, 2 station winder, 1995


2400mm Cincinnati Sheet line 1800mm Reifenhauser line 1500mm Bandera 3 roll stack 1350mm Welex/union sheet line. 1300mm Battenfeld sheet line 1040mm Welex Coex sheet line. 1040mm Welex 3 roll stack 1000mm Esde 3 roll Stack 1000mm OMV co ex sheet line

Profile Lines

Tel: +44 (0)1793 827666 Email: Web:

2 Component Maguire model WSB 420 gravimetric weight scale blender. 2 hopper loaders.

1350mm wide Welex coextrusion sheet line with 115mm and 50mm extruders. 1270mm wide sheet die, 1350mm x 450mm rolll stack, haul off, winder.

Extruders 45mm Kuhne single screw extruder 50mm Welex single screw coextruder 60mm Betol Dc60. 80mm Cincinnati twin screw extruder. 90mm Egan extruder 30Dv, 150hp 90mm Kaufmann STMP single screw extruder 863mm wide EDI Ultraflex H75 flex lip sheet die. 0-1.9mm die gap. 480V heating 90mm Welex single screw extruder 4.5" (115) Welex single screw extruder




AMI Strategy Seminars These one-day seminars are given by an AMI director and provide invaluable insights into market trends and industry strategies. They are held in small groups and provide ample opportunities for questions and discussions.

25 June 2013: Singapore 15 October 2013: Cologne, Germany 9 December 2013: Dubai, UAE

Contact: Katy Cheng +44 117 924 9442

Download the programmes for these forthcoming conferences Simply click on the brochure cover or link to download a PDF of the full publication


End of Life Plastics


M A S T E R B AT C H 2




Connecting with downstream customers


3-5 June 2013 Marriott Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany Organised by: Applied Market Information Ltd.

This year’s edition of AMI’s well-established Masterbatch conference will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, on 3-5 June. This brochure has the full programme which includes speakers from Coca-Cola, Danone, Nokia and Johnson & Johnson.

END OF LIFE PLASTICS 2013 International conference and exhibition on commercial markets and options for end of life plastics

4-6 June 2013 Maritim Hotel, Cologne, Germany

* + 19% German VAT

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Organised by: Applied Market Information Ltd.

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Multilayer Packaging Films

International business and technology conference for the flexible packaging industry

Fire Retardants in Plastics

Returning to Chicago in June, the Multilayer Packaging Films conference features an impressive line-up of speakers covering the latest industry trends and new developments in materials and processing technology.

June 5-6, 2013 The DoubleTree Chicago Magnificent Mile, Chicago, Illinois, USA Images courtesy of: and Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corporation

FIRE RETARDANTS Template IN PLASTICS 2013 Trends and technical developments in the international flame retardant industry

Images courtesy of: GBH International and ICL-IP

Multilayer Packaging Films 2013

June 13-14, 2013 Grand Hyatt Denver Denver, Colorado, USA

Media supporter:

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Thin Wall Packaging USA THIN WALL PACKAGING 2013

Images courtesy of: Danone and Printing Company Verstraete


June 18-19, 2013 The Westin Chicago North Shore, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Sponsored by:

➤ Click here to download

BOPP FILM 2013 The international conference and exhibition for the bi-oriented polypropylene film industry

platinUM sponsor

AMI’s global conference for the BOPP film industry will be taking place in Singapore this year on 25-27 June. Download the programme which covers the latest market trends, materials developments and processing technologies.

25-27 June 2013 Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

special offer: Save US$375 if you register before 15th May 2013

SPECIAL OFFER: Save $200 if you register before May 10, 2013 Organized by: Applied Market Information LLC

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The American version of AMI’s Thin Wall Packaging conference returns to Chicago on 18-19 June. This brochure has the full programme which covers the latest developments in thermoformed and injection moulded packaging.

International conference on lightweight plastic tubs, trays, jars, containers and cups for food packaging

Organized by: Applied Market Information LLC

Images courtesy of: Brückner Maschinenbau Gmbh & co. KG

Sponsored by:

AMI is holding its third US conference on Fire Retardants in Plastics in Denver, Colorado, on 13-14 June. The packed programme covers the latest FR technologies as well as addressing environmental issues, legislation and testing standards.

SPECIAL OFFER: Save $200 if you register before May 3, 2013

SPECIAL OFFER: Save $200 if you register before April 26, 2013 Organized by: Applied Market Information LLC

Taking place on 4-6 June in Cologne, Germany, this international conference will address the commercial markets and options for end of life plastics. The programme includes experts on legislation, waste management and recycling technologies.

Media supporters:

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fax back to +44 (0)117 311 1534

Organised by: Applied Market Information Ltd.

Also sponsored by:

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Andritz: Biax films production

Aquafil: plant engineering

This new eight-page brochure covers Andritz’s technology, service and expertise for the production of all types of Biax films. It offers production lines and complete turn-key plants for BOPP, BOPET, BOPS and BOPA.

Technology. Expertise. Service. For the production of all types of Biax films

This 24-page brochure from Aquafil covers the company’s comprehensive range of chemical plant engineering capabilities. These include polyamide polymerisation and polyester polycondensation processes as well as polymer drying.

➤ Click here to download

➤ Click here to download

Macchi: barrier film production

Polymag: process roll cleaning

This brochure from Macchi covers the company’s COEX flex coextrusion systems for the production of five-, seven- and nine-layer barrier films. The modular blown film lines offer high levels of flexibility and efficiency.

This new five-page guide from Polymag Tek provides a detailed overview of the company’s engineered contact cleaning solutions including its wide range of process roll cleaning products.

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Struktol: additives for plastics

Macro: extrusion systems

This brochure from Struktol covers its wide range of additives for thermoplastics, including products for superior viscosity control, improved mixing and filler dispersion, plus reduced friction and plate out.

This 20-page brochure from Macro provides a overview of the company, which manufactures film and sheet extrusion systems plus web handling systems. It also offers process development and optimisation services.

Get To Know Struktol

Struktol’s vast polymer additive experience is translated into the most

Quick Guides

intelligent solutions available anywhere. Each of our additives are tested and retested to insure maximum product quality and performance consistency.

Struktol Company of America

Struktol Company of America is a member of the Schill & Seilacher family of companies, with representation in over 100 countries around the world. A global organization with over a century of specialty chemical expertise,

Struktol manufactures a complete line of additives that function individually

Schill & Seilacher markets most of their polymer processing products under the brand name STRUKTOL® – a name

or in combination as adhesives, lubricants and surfactants, all accompanied

that has become synonymous with both quality and performance. Struktol manufactures chemicals for the plastics

by a wide range of benefits.

and rubber industry, foam inhibitors, polydispersions, silicone emulsions, products used in latex processing, and POLYDIS®, a line of epoxy prepolymers and flame retardants. The Struktol approach to the rubber and plastic additives business is by no means typical or ordinary. Chemistry is at the heart of everything we do. Providing Intelligent Additive Solutions, Struktol products are designed to

Case Studies

Improved Processing

meet the challenges and exacting demands of our customers. Our technical specialists, R&D chemists and compound laboratory are dedicated to creating innovative solutions for the ever-changing polymer industry –

A compounder of flame retarded polypropylene was

solutions that keep you ahead of your competition with increased productivity, better quality parts and lower

unable to efficiently mold their compound due to the high

overall cost. In addition to premium product performance, Struktol Customer Service initiatives have become

temperatures and pressures required during processing.

the industry benchmark.

The molding conditions caused problems with the flame retardant system. By adding 1% of STRUKTOL® TR 251

the customer was able reduce the process temperature

by 20°C and reduce the pressures required to completely fill the mold.

Improved Performance

A compounder of polycarbonate resin was able to

reduce the viscosity of his product by 25% using 1%

of STRUKTOL® TR 044W without sacrificing any clarity due to the additive. This viscosity reduction led to a corresponding reduction in molded-in stress which

improved the mechanical performance of the material. In addition the additive provided improved mold filling

Struktol Company of America 201 E. Steels Corners Road P.O. Box 1649 Stow, OH 44224-0649 330-928-5188 800-327-8649 Fax: 330-928-0013 Email:

and release.

Cost Reduction

A rigid PVC profile extruder was able to increase the

addition level of regrind into his product by adding a

costabilizing STRUKTOL® V Series product. The additive

maintained the heat stability of the compound resulting in substantial cost per part savings due to the increased level of regrind added. No performance reduction was seen.

Many Struktol Intelligent Additive Solutions are the result of a partnering effort between our customer and our sales and technical staff. If we don’t have the product that meets your needs you can count on us to develop something that

➤ Click here to download

exceeds your requirements.


Intelligent Additive Solutions for Today’s Thermoplastic Industry

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If you would like your brochure to be included on this page, please contact Claire Bishop. Tel: +44 (0)20 8686 8139

extruder of the month

Astrapak Head office: Date founded: CEO: Ownership: Turnover: Employees:

Johannesburg, South Africa 1997 Robin Moore Public (listed on Johannesburg Stock Exchange) R2.71bn (around US$303m) More than 4,000


Astrapak comprises more than 20 plastic packaging companies, in both the rigid and flexible markets. It supplies products to a range of industries, including food, beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical, agricultural and retail.

Product lines:

Each company in the group specialises in a different type of technology. Barrier Film Converters, for example, supplies vacuum bags for dairy and meat products, while East Rand Plastics produces PE and PP films for products such as bread packaging and garbage bags. Other companies in the group make thermoformed products and modified atmosphere packaging.

Plant locations:

Other details:

The group has a number of manufacturing plants dotted across South Africa – from Thermopac and Peninsula Packaging in Cape Town to Barrier Film Converters and Packaging Consultants in Durban. The company recently invested in a real time monitoring and scheduling system from BMSvision, to optimise production scheduling and improve operational efficiency across all its production facilities.

To be considered for ‘Extruder of the Month’, contact the editor on

Forthcoming features The next issues of Film and Sheet Extrusion magazine will have special reports on the following topics:

June 2013 Bioplastics Barrier film materials Control & Instrumentation Thermoforming technology

July/August 2013 Blown film die developments Downstream equipment Foamed sheet technologies K2013 first look

Editorial submissions should be sent to Lou Reade: For information on advertising in these issues, please contact Claire Bishop: Tel: +44 (0)20 8686 8139

Catch up on our recent issues for FREE Simply click on the cover to see the full magazine, or download the issue in the relevant Apple or Android app Film and Sheet - April The April edition of Film and Sheet Extrusion looks at developments in waterproof membrane technology and the newest innovations in production of stretch film. Plus, this edition has updates on the latest thermoforming machinery and material handling systems. ➤ Click here to view

Compounding World – May Compounding World’s May issue has special features on: electrically-conductive additives and compounds; the latest wood-plastic composite technologies; and, developments in clarifiers, nucleating agents and processing aids. Plus it includes Chinaplas 2013 highlights. ➤ Click here to view

Pipe and Profile – Mar/Apr The March/April edition of Pipe and Profile Extrusion looks at the latest developments in extrusion screw design, techniques for joining plastics pipes and new developments in polyolefins for pipe applications. This issue also previews the upcoming Chinaplas exhibition. ➤ Click here to view

Film and Sheet - March The March issue of Film and Sheet Extrusion covers developments in performance polyolefins, agricultural films, flat die designs and construction applications. It also looks at cost management strategies for plastics processors. ➤ Click here to view

Compounding World – April The 50th edition of Compounding World reports on sustainable compounding in action, plus it examines market drivers and technology innovations for wire and cable applications. It also covers developments in antioxidants, and troubleshooting for pellet defects. ➤ Click here to view

Injection World – May Injection World’s May edition is packed with information on the latest automotive applications, developments in process cooling, plus the latest in TPEs. It also has a guide on design for demoulding, and reports on the highlights of Chinaplas. ➤ Click here to view

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dates for your diary

Global exhibition guide 2013

14-16 May

Plast-Ex, Toronto, Canada

20-23 May

Chinaplas, Guangzhou, China

20-24 May

Feiplastic, Sao Paolo, Brazil

6-8 June

Plastics Printing Packaging Tanzania

18-19 June

PDM, Telford, UK

18-20 June

Plastec East, Philadelphia, USA

19-22 June

PlastExpo, Casablanca, Morocco

20-23 June

InterPlas Thailand, Bangkok

3-6 September

Applas, Shanghai, China

4-6 September

InterPlas Vietnam, Hanoi

5-7 September

Plasti & Pack, Lahore, Pakistan

10-12 September

Plastec Midwest, Chicago, USA

25-26 September

Mediplas, Birmingham, UK

Plastics Printing Packaging Kenya

K 2013, Düsseldorf, Germany

Plastics & Rubber Indonesia, Jakarta

Plast Eurasia, Istanbul, Turkey

4-6 October

16-23 October

20-23 November

5-8 December

AMI conferences for film & sheet extruders

5-6 June

18-19 June

Thin Wall Packaging USA, Chicago, USA

25-27 June

BOPP Film, Singapore

10-11 September

Multilayer Packaging Films USA, Chicago, USA

Plastics in Photovoltaics, Philadelphia, USA

10-12 September

Polyolefin Additives, Düsseldorf, Germany

16-18 September

Agricultural Film, Madrid, Spain

18-20 November

Multilayer Packaging Films, Vienna, Austria

3-4 December

For information on all these events and other conferences on film, sheet, pipe and packaging applications, see

Stretch & Shrink Film, Philadelphia, USA

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