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05 Industry news Cereplast files for bankruptcy; German machinery sales dipped in 2013; Tredegar expands film plant in India; Octal to open R-PET facility in USA; NGR buys majority stake in Dr Collin

11 Pressing concerns PAGE 11

Thermoforming applications are mainly about food – but not always. Lou Reade reports

17 Quality matters Ever-more sophisticated techniques are now available to ensure product and material quality. Lou Reade reports


23 PE film market: rising in the East The polyethylene film market continues to move to Asia, with the region expected to build on its existing 40% market share, says John Campin

29 Getting better


Recent highlights in medical material development include a number of breathable films, as well as a TPE that can replace PVC

33 Show preview: Chinaplas 2014 We round up some of the highlights that will be showcased at this year’s Chinaplas exhibition, which starts in May

47 Technology: Materials


48 Technology: Machinery 52 Extruder of the month: Palram 54 Dates for your diary

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66 years devoted to creating extrusion lines for thermoplastic materials! A passion which, hand-in-hand, with research and development of innovative flat die technology, keeps us motivated to continually improve the performance of our rigid film extrusion lines - allowing you to achieve greater quality and efficiency for your customers. All our extrusion lines are designed and manufactured to represent: reliability and safety optimum quality and performance extremely reduced energy consumption

VISIT US AT CHINAPLAS Shanghai, 23-26 Apr 2014 Hall E2 - Booth D59 VISIT US AT INTERPACK DĂźsseldorf, 08-14 May 2014 Hall 8B - Booth F58


Cereplast files for bankruptcy US-based bioplastics maker

(which would see Cereplast

build a €12 million compound-

Cereplast filed for Chapter 11

wound up) and to block plans

ing plant in Umbria in Italy to

bankruptcy protection on 10

announced by Scheer to take on

exploit the country’s biode-

February in a move designed,

a Debtor in Possession loan of

gradable carrier bag law. Work

the company said, to strength-

up to US$1.0 million from

on this plant has been delayed

en its balance sheet, clean up

ProCap Funding. Horizon

and may be abandoned.

its capitalisation structure, and

claims Cereplast is in breach of

improve financial flexibility as

its loans and that by continuing

Cereplast has also turned its

it realigns operations.

to trade would be using its cash

focus away from its original


starch-based bioplastics in

The company, which reported a loss of US$34.0 mil-

Cereplast is defending itself

lion on total sales of US$2.1

In technology terms,

favour of more traditional

against Horizon’s claims. It

compounded products,

million for the nine months to

Cereplast CEO Frederic

has also initiated legal actions

recycling of polyolefins, and

September 2013 when it owed

Scheer: frustrated by lack of

against two other investors

bioplastics produced from PLA

a total of US$121 million, said

demand in US and delays in

– Magna Group Capital and

and algae feedstocks.

these realignment plans would

European regulations

Hanover Holdings.

better match its cost structure to the realities of its markets.

Cereplast founder Frederic

Cereplast’s business

Scheer has a long association

regulation in Europe, and

strategy has changed consid-

with the bioplastics industry. In

especially in Italy, combined

erably over the years since it

1996 he secured exclusive

steps to improve our opera-

with the legal problems

was established in 2001. The

North American distribution

tions over the past few months

created by several of our

company turned away from its

rights for the starch-based

and we were making great

lenders made clear to our

original plan of producing its

bioplastics developed by

progress,” said CEO Frederic

Board that reorganization was

own bioplastics in 2009 in

Novamont of Italy. In 2000 he

Scheer. “However, the lack of

the proper path forward.”

favour of outsourcing produc-

ended that distribution

tion. In 2010, it relocated from

agreement and the following

“We have taken a number of

traction of bioplastics demand

The lender problems include

in the United States, the

moves by Horizon Technology

California to Indiana where it

year established Cereplast as

repetitive delays in implemen-

Finance to convert the Chapter

again resumed manufacturing.

a manufacturer of bioplastics.

tation of the bioplastic

11 filing to a Chapter 7 filing

In 2011, it announced plans to


Seven-layer barrier line for Shanghai Greenpak says it is the first

process a broad range of raw

producer of barrier film in the

materials, including all kinds

greater Shanghai area, after

of PE, ionomers, PA, EVOH,

commissioning a seven-layer

PETG, and PP. The winder

Evolution blown film line from

installed in the line means it

Reifenhäuser Kiefel Extrusion.

can change between contact, centre and gap winding. This

Since the line came onstream in March 2013, the

makes the winder appropriate

company has made symmetric

for winding sensitive and

and asymmetric barrier films

demanding films. Reifenhäuser will exhibit at

for end products in the food and packaging industries. The

this month’s Chinaplas

company was set up one year

exhibition in Shanghai, which starts on 23 April. Our

earlier by chairman Gang Hu. Colin Wang, general

extensive preview of the show

can provide from its subsidiary

successful start for a new-

manager of Greenpak, said:

in Suzhou. The mixture of

comer like us possible – even

begins on page 33.

“We appreciate the know-how

know-how, support and high

in a demanding market.”

and fast service Reifenhäuser

quality technology makes the

❙ ❙

Greenpak uses the line to




Tredegar expands plant in India

VDMA: German machine sales dipped in 2013

Tredegar Film Products is to

Germany’s plastics and rubber

expand manufacturing of

machinery manufacturers

apertured film for personal

experienced a 1% dip in sales

care applications at its

in 2013.

facility in Pune, India. The company expects the

“The result is largely in line with our forecast,” said Ulrich

extra capacity to be

Reifenhäuser, chairman of the

operational by the end of

VDMA Plastics and Rubber

this year. It will serve the

Machinery Association. “At

growing hygiene market.

K2013 we predicted that sales

“Population growth and evolving Indian demographics support the expanded

would be marginally below the 2012 level.” Turnover in core machinery

use of hygiene and baby care

sales was just short of €6.5

products in the region and


these dynamics are

Exports continued to grow

World Exports of Plastics and Rubber Machinery to China 2012*

Total: 2.5 bn EUR Slovakia 2.9% France 3.3%

Others 12.7% Japan 26%

Italy 4.3% USA 5.2% Republic of Korea 6.8%

Source: VDMA/National Statistical Offices, export figures of 52 reporting countries

Germany 25.8%

Taiwan 13.2%

*Worldwide export data related to 2013 is not yet available

average. The major South

● German machinery exports

continuing to fuel sales and

strongly. In the period to

Asian markets – India,

to China reached an all time

volume growth for our film

November 2013 they were

Indonesia and Thailand – are

high in 2013, thanks to a huge

products,” said Jessica

4.1% above the previous year’s

experiencing a pause in

increase in sales. Sales to the

Torng, managing director of

level, taking exports close to a

growth. Within the EU, our

region topped €855m last year,

Tredegar Film Products in

new record of €4.6 billion. It

members’ reports confirm the

an increase of more than

the Asia Pacific region.

pushes the export ratio above

rates of growth in exports to

one-third on 2012. In 2012,

“Demand continues to

the 70% mark again.

Italy, Spain and Portugal.”

German and Japanese

expand for Tredegar’s high

“Our top sales markets are

And producers are optimis-

machines both accounted for

quality apertured films and

proving very strong,” said

this investment further

Reifenhäuser. “China is more

supports our customers in

than making up for last year’s

forecasts, sales are set to grow

were €644m, while Germany’s

this exciting market.”

dip in growth and the US is

by 6%, to €6.9bn in 2014,” said

were €640m.


also growing faster than



tic of a record year in 2014. “Based on Association

around 26% of machinery sales to China: Japanese sales

Octal to open R-PET plant in US “Octal ships significant

turer Octal will begin commer-

volumes of its DPET sheet to

cial operations in the US later

North America,” said William

response to our customers’

this year.

“This plant is our proactive

Barenberg, chief operating

stated need for flake repro-

The company, based in

officer of Octal. “Keeping the

cessing and quick turnaround

Oman, will open an extrusion

DPET flake stream pure, for

delivery options in North

facility in Cincinnati that will

reprocessing into an ultra high

America,” according to

focus mainly on recycling PET

quality product, is the natural


sheet flake from its customers

next step in developing the our

and other manufacturers. Its

business here.”

product line will include



PET resin and sheet manufac-

The Cincinnati site was

The plant is sized for future capacity enhancement, and Octal expects to double its output 18 months after

products with both post-indus-

selected for its centralised

trial and post-consumer flake

location in relation to the raw



material inflows and customer




Cutting-edge roll-stack system technology and innovation for thermoforming sheet production battenfeld-cincinnati‘s new Multi-Touch roll stack provides excellent production results, particularly for PP sheet.

Multi-nip process to achieve: Lowest tolerances in the industry Optimal sheet quality Superior transparency and surface gloss

a part of a complete battenfeld-cincinnati sheet line.

Multi-Touch rolls with new roll stack concept

Visit hall W2, stand F41 to see our leading solutions

For more information, please visit:

battenfeld-cincinnati Germany GmbH P +49 (5731) 242-0

AMI’s Directory



AMI’s Directory

BSH BOSCH UND SIEMENS HAUSGERÄTE GmbH Robert-Bosch-Str. 100 89537 Giengen Tel: 07322 92 0 Website: Contact: Herr S. Gaschler, Leiter Extrusion Parent company: BSH Bosch & Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, Germany (50/50 Robert Bosch GmbH Stuttgart/Siemens AG München) ISO Registration:ISO 9001v2008 Processes operated: Co-Extrusion Polymers processed: PS, ABS Sheets manufactured: Co-Extruded Minimum Gauge: 3.5 Maximum Gauge: 5.19 Minimum Width: 500 Maximum Width: 1600 Markets served: White Goods, Fridges; Freezers.


PLASTICS PROCESSING SERIES France AIRFORME S.A.S. Route des Soings 41230 Mur-de-Sologne Tel: 02 54 83 88 20 Fax: 02 54 83 91 81 Email: Website: Contact: M. A. Pointaillier, Président Directeur Général Parent company: Groupe Picard Novopac, France Processes operated: Extrusion, Thermoforming Polymers processed: PS, PP, APET. Sheets manufactured: Plain Minimum Gauge: 0.10 Maximum Gauge: 2 Minimum Width: 250 Maximum Width: 1000 Markets served: Automotive, Sports/Leisure, White Goods, Bakery/Confectionery, Cups/Lidding, Meat/Fish, Yellow Fat, Fast Food, Chilled, Frozen Food, Ovenable, Retail/PoS, Medical/Pharma, Protective packaging ALGOPLAST S.a.r.l. Route de Craon 53350 Ballots Tel: 02 43 06 91 80 Fax: 02 43 06 91 78 Email: Website: Contact: M. H. Gorius, Gérant Parent company: Privately Owned Processes operated: Co-Extrusion Polymers processed: PS, ABS, HDPE, PP, Recycled materials Sheets manufactured: Co-Extruded, Plain Minimum Gauge: 0.25 Maximum Gauge: 6 Minimum Width: 400 Maximum Width: 1450 Markets served: Display/POS, Retail/PoS, Protective packaging, Packaging for Glasses. ALKOR DRAKA S.A.S. 75 Rue Pasteur 60140 Liancourt Cedex Tel: 03 44 69 12 90 Fax: 03 44 73 50 01 Email: Website: Contact: M. J. Oliveira, Président Directeur Général

BUERGOFOL GmbH Jahnstr 10-14 Parent company: Vulcan Group, 93354Brazil Siegenburg ISO Registration:ISO 9001Tel: 09444 9791 110 Processes operated: Calendering Fax: 09444 9791 55 Polymers processed: PVCEmail: Website:Plain Sheets manufactured: Laminated, Contact: Herr G. Schleicher, Minimum Gauge: 6.49 Geschäftsführer Maximum Gauge: 2 Parent company: Buergofol GmbH, Minimum Width: 500 Germany (Privately Owned) Maximum Width: 2400 ISO Registration:ISO 9001 Markets served: Glazing, Lighting, Processes operated: Co-Extrusion, Membrane, Display/POS, Panelling, Thermoforming Stationery, Geomembranes., Movie Screening; Swimming Pools.Polymers processed: LDPE, HDPE, PET, PETG, APET; EVOH. Sheets manufactured: Coated, Flame ALPHAFORM SAS Retardant, Laminated, Foamed, Co291 Route des Pierrelles Extruded 26240 Beausemblant Minimum Gauge: 7.00 Tel: 04 75 03 79 00 Maximum Gauge: 0.80 Fax: 04 75 03 14 99 Email: Minimum Width: 180 Website: Maximum Width: 1320 Contact: M. P. Gautier, Directeur Markets served: Bakery/Confectionery, Général Meat/Fish, Produce, Chilled, Protective Parent company: Groupe Guillin S.A., Ready Meal Trays., Blister packaging, France Packaging; Packaging for Technical ISO Registration:ISO 9001v2000 Parts., Medical Products (non-packaging); Processes operated: Extrusion, Pet Food Packaging; Chemical Industry. Thermoforming Polymers processed: PS, PP Sheets manufactured: Plain Minimum Gauge: 0.20 Maximum Gauge: 1 Minimum Width: 300 Maximum Width: 800 Markets served: Cups/Lidding, Meat/Fish, Produce, Fast Food, Ambient, Chilled, Ovenable, Disposable Plates; Trays; Boxes & Lids; Punnet Trays.

BURDACK KUNSTSTOFFE GmbH Sonsbeckerstr. 12B 40547 Düsseldorf Tel: 02115 7 6000/4449 Fax: 02115 8 9848 Contact: Herr B. Burdack, Geschäftsführer Parent company: Privately Owned ISO Registration:ISO 9001 Processes operated: Extrusion, Pressed Polymers processed: PS, PP, PVC, UHMWPE, PA; PE500; PE1000. Sheets manufactured: Plain Markets served: Aerospace, Food Preparation Surfaces.

Polymers processed

CARLISLE CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS GmbH Eisenacher Landstr. 70 99880 Waltershausen Tel: 04078 8933 0 Fax: 04078 8933 101 Email: Website: Contact: Herr G. Ellegast, Geschäftsführer (based in Hamburg) Parent company: Carlisle Group, USA (via PDT Group, Germany) Processes operated: Extrusion Polymers processed: TPE; EPDM. Sheets manufactured: Cross Linked Markets served: Membrane, Waterproofing Membranes (Roofing, Façade, Ground).

Addresses & contacts

CENTROPLAST ENGINEERING PLASTICS GmbH Unterm Ohmberg 1 34431 Marsberg Tel: 02992 9704 0 Fax: 02992 9704 30 Email: Website: Contact: Herr U. Terbrüggen, Geschäftsführer Parent company: Centrotec Sustainable AG, Germany ISO Registration:ISO 9001v2008 Processes operated: Extrusion Polymers processed: PS, ABS, HDPE, PP, PA; POM; PVDF; PPE; PTFE; PEEK. Sheets manufactured: Plain Minimum Gauge: 0.30 Maximum Gauge: 100 Minimum Width: 500 Maximum Width: 1000

Type and size of sheets manufactured


ALTUGLAS INTERNATIONAL S.A. Entrée Sud B.P. 90229 57506 Saint Avold Cedex Tel: 03 87 81 88 00 Fax: 03 87 91 09 92 Email: Website: Contact: M. G. Nommer, Directeur de Site Parent company: Arkema Group, France ISO Registration:ISO 9001v2008 Processes operated: Liquid Cell Casting Polymers processed: PMMA Sheets manufactured: Plain

Available as a fully searchable database


What will you find in this directory?

Nearly 4 million tonnes of polymer were processed by sheet extruders in 2013

AMI’s Directory




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NGR buys majority stake in Dr Collin Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen

expanding our capabilities in product

(NGR) of Austria has bought a majority

design – an important stage in exploiting

stake in German company Dr Collin.

the full potential of plastics.”

NGR is known as a manufacturer of

To ensure continuity Dr Collin’s owner,

recycling machinery, while Dr Collin

Heinrich Collin, will retain a minority

offers a range of equipment, from blown

interest in the company.

and flat film lines to stretching equipment. The companies see strong synergies in combining their technology platforms. “NGR has always been active in

He will also provide support to the company and to his successor as CEO, Friedrich Kastner. “The flexibility to meet clients’ requests and needs will continue to be a

supporting the stages of product

key part of future joint marketing and

manufacture – production waste – and

sales activities,” said Collin.

recycling,” said Josef Hochreiter, CEO of

❙ ❙

NGR. “With the expertise of Collin we are

Flexible production


High Quality Film Production: Efficiency, Productivity, Flexibility The UK’s Centre for Process Innovation

organic material sets. The system will

(CPI) has produced a range of flexible

include both slot die and screen printing

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED)

capabilities, with options to upgrade to

demonstrators on its prototyping line.

500mm web width, and incorporate other

The devices have been built on substrates

printing techniques such as reverse

with thicknesses ranging from 50 to 125


microns. The device chemistry can be modified

module allowing devices made on the roll to roll coater to be laminated using a

encapsulated using a pressure sensitive

barrier film, thus providing protection to

adhesive and a commercially available

the device from water and oxygen

barrier material.

ingress, both of which are detrimental to

to roll (R2R) coater for printing a range of

CHINAPLAS 2014 Hall E1 Booth K 01

CPI will also install an encapsulation

to produce a variety of colours and is

CPI plans to install a 300mm web roll

Visit us at

device performance and lifetime.



Thermoforming | process feature

Pressing concerns The overwhelming use of thermoformed sheet is for food, and this can range from the liners in chocolate boxes to packaging for fruits and vegetables. Italy-based Ilip has developed two thermoformed products for fresh produce. The B43 heat-sealable salad bowl is designed for

Thermoforming applications are mainly about food – but not always. Lou Reade reports

ready-to-eat salads, and is made of 80% recycled PET. It is available in a range of heights, from 48 to 113mm, and has the same diameter as those currently on the

customer service are the guidelines of our actions,”

Octal says that

market – meaning that the same heat-sealing tools can

said Roberto Zanichelli, Ilip marketing manager. “The

its DPET/PE is

be used.

new products are proof of this. The use of materials

ideally suited

such as R-PET is an important added value for our

to applications

At the same time, it has developed three new products for paraguayo peaches: a punnet/lid (B44), a

partners, because it allows them to reduce the emission

clamshell (SETB44) – both made of recycled PET – and

of greenhouse gases and improve environmental

a full range of fruit nest trays.


such as fresh poultry packaging

Thanks to a closure system with four symmetrical buttons, the B44 basket can be used as its own lid,

PET expansion

allowing the client to create a range of combinations

Paccor International, part of the Coveris group, has

from the lidded basket to a simple flow-pack packaging.

expanded production of PET sheet with the purchase of

The design also allows for optimal ventilation on four

a complete three-layer coextrusion line – including an

sides, reducing any condensation effects and contribut-

in-line lamination station – for its factory in Skiernie-

ing to optimal storage of the packaged fruit.

wice, Poland.

The punnet/lid and clamshell can also be used with “Innovation, environmental sustainability and

The line, from Battenfeld-Cincinnati, has an output of 1.1 tonnes/hour, in thicknesses of 200 microns to 1.2mm and a net sheet width of 900mm.

other fruits and vegetables.



process feature | Thermoforming

well as being 100% recyclable. Octal says that manufacturers are switching to PET resin or sheet because many municipal recycling programmes in North America and Europe accepts PET bottles and containers. At the same time, Saudi Arabian food giant Almarai has chosen DPET/PE trays from Octal for packaging its poultry product line, Alyoum. The trays replace traditional PP/PE containers, to give Almarai a 100% recyclable product. Octal says that its DPET/PE is ideally suited to markets such as fresh poultry. William Barenberg, chief operation officer of Octal, said: “Until recently, meat and poultry processors widely used inefficient packaging. Today, Octal is leading the global conversion from traditional packaging materials University of

Due to the in-line lamination station, multi-layer

to its cutting edge, environmentally efficient and


sheet is just as easy to produce as barrier sheet or

mechanically advanced products. Partnering with large


sealing sheet made of different polymers and regrinds,

food and beverage producers such as Almarai demon-

show the

says Battenfeld-Cincinnati.

strates the reputation our products hold.”


“We have once again chosen a line from our

The company says that its high definition thermo-

mould, and the

long-standing machine supplier, as we are absolutely

forming can cater for a variety of shapes and sizes. The

sink component

satisfied with the energy-efficient operation and the

direct-to-sheet process eliminates the most energy-

made from it

options of manufacturing a variety of different sheet

consuming and defect-prone processes, it says.

products with one extrusion line only,” said Marcin Antos, managing director of Coveris in Skierniewice. The complete line includes all components from

“Direct-to-sheet technology establishes, for the food packaging market, a new standard for quality and sustainability,” said Barenberg. “This translates into

material dosing to the sheet winder and lamination unit.

better processing performance for customers and a

Thanks to an optional rotating infrared tube (or heater)

superior stream of PET flake for collection and

for pre-crystallisation of the material, regrinds can also

reprocessing waste.”

be used in the middle layer without any problems. The lamination unit will provide the sheet with a

Foam advantage

barrier layer to extend the shelf life of the packaging, or

While the vast majority of thermoformed products are

a PE sealing layer for subsequent peelability or

destined for the food industry, there are specialised


products that are aimed at other markets. A recent example is the development of polyolefin foam air ducts for the automotive industry, which were developed by

FrieslandCampina, a major dairy company, recently

PO foam manufacturer Sekisui Alveo and Mergon

switched to a new type of PET for cheese packaging, in

Automotive, a specialist in technical moulded parts.

Dairy demand

collaboration with film producer Suedpack and PET Mergon’s prototype air

sheet manufacturer Octal. FrieslandCampina wanted to replace the existing

duct is made

bottom sheet for its cheese packaging with

from Sekisui

material that is recyclable, but stronger than


the laminated APET/PE structure previ-

polyolefin foam

ously used.

using the

Südpack was driven by production


requirements for a material that met or


exceeded the demanding specifications of its


Form Fill Seal (FSS). Octal provided the packaging material solution that met the objectives of both companies: its DPET (direct-to-sheet PET) provides greater strength than laminated APET/PE, it says, as



5 layer POD film coextrusion line. A technology


here to stay.


process feature | Thermoforming

University of Leuven Leuven, says the method combines two different techniques: single point incremental forming (SPIF) and digital image correlation (DIC). SPIF is a way of making thermoforming moulds from thin sheets of metal, which would help to reduce their cost. Meanwhile, DIC is an imaging technology that could help to reduce set-up times and overcome excessive use of ‘trial and error’. Van Mieghem and his research Coveris

colleagues used SPIF to make a mould for a washing

makes a range

sink. The part was made in high impact polystyrene

of products at

(HIPS), and its deformation was measured using DIC.

its plant in

Thermoforming moulds can be expensive to


produce, as they are machined from solid aluminium or The two companies have signed a collaboration

cast in sand moulds. SPIF involves taking a metal sheet

agreement to develop the ducts, based on a the vacuum

and deforming it into shape. Very complex shapes can

twin-sheet process. They will invest in a series of

be achieved using this method. The sink mould was

prototype moulds, allowing the ducts to be made by a

made from a 0.8mm thick sheet of steel, though metals

combination of thermoforming and welding. Mergon

including aluminium, titanium and copper can also be

currently makes these kinds of parts using extrusion

processed this way.

blow moulding and injection moulding. The two

Small holes were drilled into the mould, which was

companies will develop ducts for current and future

mounted in a thermoforming machine and used to

vehicle models. These are likely to be much lighter than

produce the sink component from 1mm thick HIPS.

existing products. Two layers of foam can be thermoformed and welded

The quality of the part was checked using DIC, which is rarely used in thermoforming, says Van Mieghem.

simultaneously into a lightweight and flexible air duct.

Two cameras were mounted on top of the thermoform-

The use of two foam sheets optimises acoustic

ing machine so that the moulded part was completely in

absorption, while improving thermal insulation. Despite

their field of view. They gather a stereoscopic image

the two layers these air components are much lighter

and, using DIC software, analyse wall thickness, strain

than those made of hard plastic. The lightweight

and displacement.

construction represents an important contribution to

The software analyses a paint-sprayed speckle

carbon dioxide reduction. Following the development

pattern on the polymer sheet, and compares it with a

and fabrication of the prototype moulds, thermoforming

scan of the mould’s inner surface. In tests, the team

trials will be performed in order to fine tune the moulds

found a large variation in the bottom back curvature of

to the foam. This will be done at Sekisui Alveo’s

the sink, which could have been caused by wrong

in-house application service laboratory in Lucerne,

positioning of the vacuum holes in the sink drain.

Switzerland. The planned production of the air ducts using the vacuum twin-sheet process is a significant expansion of

Because DIC can measure strain, it can then infer thickness distribution. “In an industrial environment, the user can take

current production methods for Mergon, which it

advantage of this technique to shorten the long – mostly

believes will help it meeting the growing challenges of

trial and error – optimisation procedures during the

the automotive industry.

start-up of new products,” said the researchers.

“We are pleased with the intensive exchange and we want to advance new trends in the optimisation of

Click on the links for more information:

products in this market segment,”, said Arnold Boese,

❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙

general manager of Mergon Automotive.

Modelling contract Belgian researchers have developed a method that could improve the efficiency of heavy gauge thermoforming. Bart Van Mieghem, a project engineer at the Catholic 14


Materials testing and quality control | machinery feature

Ever-more sophisticated techniques are now available to ensure product and material quality. Lou Reade reports

Quality matters Process efficiency is vital, and a key factor underpinning

tion basis weight readings for webs and films between

Mocon claims

it is the need to ensure material or product quality –

six and 7,000 grammes per square metre. The sensor

that its latest

which can range from testing the quality of recycled

with the Kr-85 source is designed to measure basis

plastics to probing inner layers of barrier film.

weight of very thin film while providing approximately

Thermo Fisher Scientific says that confocal Raman spectroscopy is ideally suited to analysing samples such as plastic film. It says that its systems to perform this

five times the usable life of comparable sensors on the

oxygen transmission rate test instrument is

market. “The Beta Plus sensor enhances web gauging

type of analysis, such as its Nicolet Almega XR and DXR

performance by incorporating improved optics and

Raman microscopes include confocal microscopes:

advanced digital electronics,” said Tam Nguyen, product

these help to improve the spatial resolution of features

marketing manager for web gauging at Thermo Fisher

within a sample.


10 times more sensitive than previous models

In an application note, the company explains that the technique has been used to analyse a dispersed release

High sensitivity

agent on the surface of a cellulose film (under high

Mocon says that its latest oxygen transmission rate test

magnification). The agent was seen as small crystals up

instrument is 10 times more sensitive than previous

to a few microns in size.


The technique can also be used to look ‘inside’

The Ox-Tran Model 2/21 10x system can measure

samples, says the company. The note cites complex

barriers to 5x10-4 cc/(m2 x day), at precise temperature

laminated polymer films, such as one that was

and relative humidity conditions. It is aimed at applica-

chemically modified – and analysed to determine the

tions that require a high oxygen barrier. Potential users

nature of the modification.

include film and resin manufacturers, converters and

Internal defects can also be found and analysed. The

packagers in industries such as electronics (OLED and

technique was used to prove the composition of a gel

thin film), solar, vacuum panel, food, pharmaceutical

defect (or ‘fish eye’) in a PE film.

and medical devices.

The company adds that its new weight transmission

Improved material barrier systems have created a

sensor can help manufacturers of thin film to reduce

demand for increased testing sensitivity, says the

waste and increase the amount of saleable product.


Its Beta Plus sensor uses either a Kr-85 or Sr-90 source of beta radiation, to offer accurate,

“The improved proprietary Coulox coulometric sensor counts every oxygen molecule permeating March 2014 | FILM & SHEET EXTRUSION


machinery feature | Materials testing and quality control

through the film,” said Doug Lindemann, vice president

On-line quality

of Mocon. “This is why Mocon has the only system that

Isra Vision has developed a ‘DIY’ surface inspection

complies with ASTM D3985.”

system for film systems – which is installed by the

Additional improvements include: improved electronics to reduce system ‘noise’; a TruSeal film cell, designed

customer in order to save time and cost. Its Plug & Inspect needs only a few steps to install,

to eliminate edge-leakage and assure a perfect seal

and requires no specialist knowledge. The system can

every time; and, improved temperature stability.

be used to identify and classify surface defects on a

Each module contains two test cells and is available

range of surfaces including transparent and translucent

in master and satellite configuration. The 10x module

film. It includes a camera beam, illumination module

connects with all other modules in the Ox-Tran 2/21

and special software.

family of transmission rate test systems.

“Blown film lines are becoming more complex, but most inspection of these lines is easy – such as finding

Testing lab

gels and black specks,” said Rudolf Krampe, managing

At the same time, Mocon has opened a laboratory in

director of the company’s surface vision division.

Poland for package testing, in collaboration with Ronox Technology. The lab will carry out permeation, seal strength and

An image of the defect is not always needed, and inspection is often carried out after the lay-flat, he said. Systems can be supplied with either one or two

leak detection testing of rigid and flexible packaging used

cameras. The customer needs to hook the system up to

in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

a computer, laptop or tablet, and have a LAN or WLAN

“With economic growth projected for many of Poland’s market segments, locating a Mocon-certified

system. The company has also developed an inspection

lab there provides an ideal local support system for

system for BOPP, PET and BOPET lines thanks to

food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other companies,”

sophisticated lighting technology. Its Gel light uses LED

said Alan Shema, product manager for consulting and

technology to find defects as small as 50 microns on

test services at Mocon. “In addition to Poland, Ronox

extruded film – such as that used to protect optical

will also be serving the needs of Hungry, Romania and

displays on devices like smartphones.

the Ukraine.” Ronox Technology’s lab capabilities now include Mocon-certified oxygen and water vapour permeation instrumentation as well as burst and pressure decay leak testing.

The combination of the camera, data processing and LED light allows the system to find defects with just one camera: it usually needs several cameras at different angles, says Isra. The LED light illuminates the film from several different directions at the

Isra’s Gel light uses LED technology to find defects as small as 50 microns on extruded film

same time, to enhance the image – by boosting contrast up to 1000 times. NDC has developed a range of web gauging systems for blown film lines. Its 8110-BF system is designed for commodity, single-layer film products such as industrial and technical films. It features NDC’s GBS sensor which is insensitive to environmental and product composition effects and is located either prior to or following the collapser for fast measurement performance. Alternatively, the system can be supplied with a fixed-point infrared FG710S transmission sensor for measuring the thickness of critical coextrusion layers. Both options provide continuous measurement and display of blown film thickness. The 8000 scanning blown film system is designed for more complex products such as co-extruded barriers films, industrial geomembranes and protective laminating films. The system can be configured with



machinery feature | Materials testing and quality control

PTI’s smart-

infrared, X-ray or beta transmission

tem to help it achieve a consistent,

phone app that

sensors on the layflat film following

high quality, recycled product. The

helps users

the collapser for fast measurement

company operates a closed-loop

and control response.

recycling system, in which scrap

calculate the recyclability of their PET packaging

polyethylene is reverted back to pellet

It includes NDC’s Double Layflat

form. By doing this in-house, Duo can

Separation Algorithm (DLSA), which computes the single-layer

monitor the quality of scrap it recycles

film thickness from the scanning

and reduce time and money in trialling

double-layflat measurement and

unknown recycled pellets – which would

accurately aligns the film against

not be possible if using an external

the die positions for an accurate

recycler. Duo offers its clients a waste polyethyl-

polar plot thickness profile. When configured with NDC’s FG701S transmission infrared

ene recycling service. The scrap material will typically have originated from Duo,

sensor, it can measure either

meaning it has a better understanding of the

film thickness or basis

material’s properties. Duo collects the waste

weight. This sensor can also

when delivering orders, and pays its clients

simultaneously measure the

per tonne for its return.

thickness of up to four components of coextruded multilayer

To maximise the use of recycled content in its packaging, Duo invested £750,000 in 2013 on

products, which has become a requirement for modern

a new co-extrusion machine which manufactures

blown film lines.

polyethylene in a multilayer structure. This has enabled Duo to meet growing demand for recycled content in

Recycling quality It’s not just the quality of finished parts that needs to be

products such as glue strip mailing bags. And Plastic Technologies Inc (PTI) has developed a

monitored. With recycled materials becoming more

smartphone app that helps users calculate the

important, it is essential to check their quality too.

recyclability of their PET packaging.

Packaging manufacturer and supplier Duo UK has developed a critically controlled polyethylene waste sys-

Testing data

The objective is to help brand owners – and others involved in the PET process – determine how compatible a package is with today’s recycling systems, and its impact on recycled PET (rPET) production. Many PET packaging structures include labels, additives or multiple layers. If these are then recycled,

Atlas Material Testing Technology and Pearl Laboratories have teamed up

they can cause problems for the ‘next generation’ of

to offer testing of photovoltaic (PV) modules. While Atlas is known for its

material – such as yellowness or haze.

weathering technology and services, Pearl is a third-party testing facility. Atlas recently developed an environmental weatherability programme

“The only way for brand owners to claim that their package is fully recyclable is to subject it to testing that

specifically for photovoltaic (PV) modules, called Atlas 25+. The one-year

can support their position,” said Frank Schloss, vice

programme, a complement to the International Electrotechnical

president of PTI.

Commission (IEC) ‘infant mortality’ tests, includes: weathering stresses

The app acts as a screening tool to help users

that represent long-term outdoor exposure, in place of lengthy ‘real-

determine whether or not they should consider more

time’ testing; and independent third-party data to support R&D, cost

in-depth testing of their packaging in order to increase

reduction efforts and warranty and performance claims.

its recyclability.

The collaboration gives clients access to Atlas PV testing capabilities

The app is available for Apple and Android devices.

and Pearl’s extensive testing services – including PV grid-tied testing, shading and snow load studies thermography and PV module perfor-

Click on the links for more information:

mance characterisation – from a single source.

❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙

“With the combined facilities, capabilities, and know-how of Atlas and Pearl Laboratories, we can offer the PV industry a complete set of services for the testing, verification, and analysis of PV systems and components and how they will perform in the real world,” said Anders Olsson, CEO of Pearl Laboratories.




3 6 6 GRAVIMETRIC BLENDING 3 5 1 6 3 1 6 6 3 1 1 6 3 1 1 5 1 6 6 3 1 6 6 1 3 8 3 9 1 3 It’s all about 3 6 5 6 1 3 6 6 1 1 1 9 9 5 3 6 1 6 3 6 1 6 3 1 6 9 3 1 VIEW ONLINE VIEW PRODUCT GUIDE 6 3VIEW SHOWREEL 3 1 6 1 5 1 1 6 3 6 3 1 1 OVER 6 45,000 3 6 1 6 3 BLENDERS WORLDWIDE 8 3 1 9 1 1 3 3 1 6 5 1.9 million 6 3 1 3 1 AVERAGE TONNES PER HOUR 6 6 6 STANDARD 1 1 3 8 9 1 9 9.3 billion 5 MODELS 3 6 TONNES5PER ANNUM 6 1 3 6 3 6 6 1 6 1 Billions of 3 1 1 6 9 5 1 dollars 3 6 3 6 PASSING THROUGH MAGUIRE 1 6 3 5 BLENDERS ANNUALLY 1 6 6 3 1 1 6 6 3 Find out more about our 1 products 1 6 3 Email: 3 1 6 1 5 1 6 6 3 1 1 6 10kg to 6 1 3 8 4,000kg 9 1 3 using 2 to 12 3 6 5 materials 1 3 The innovative market leader for… 6 6 1 EXTRUSION CONTROL 1 1 9 5 3 CONTROL 8 STORAGE DOSING 8 BLENDING 8 DRYING 8 CONVEYING 8 EXTRUSION 6































































































































































































The Maguire Gravimetric Blenders…




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Polyethylene film | feature

The polyethylene film market continues to move to Asia, with the region expected to build on its existing 40% market share, says John Campin

The downturn in the global polyethylene film market following the financial crisis of 2008 may be considered a defining moment in the industry’s recent history. As can be seen from the LDPE price history chart, PE resin prices had reached an all-time peak by August 2008 and the pressure was on film suppliers to combat this unwelcome situation by improving the yield of films in

PE film market: rising in the East

order – giving the end-user more square metres per

domestic growth in China while both Northeast Asia and

kilo of film to minimise the rising raw material prices.

Southeast Asia have been increasing production aimed

Where feasible, we saw significant down-gauging of PE

at exports outside their own regions.

film products. This, combined with the recession that hit

The largest identifiable market sector is retail bags,

Western regions in the main, led to a serious downturn

which accounts for almost one quarter of total global

in film growth rates when measured in terms of

PE film production. Pressures continue in some

tonnage. Not only were regions such as Western Europe

geographical regions from environmental groups, with

and North America affected by the financial crisis, but

various attempts to introduce a tax on plastic carrier

countries as far afield as South Korea, for example,

bags or to impose charges for the use of non-biode-

suffered because of the major fall in exports to these

gradable bags. Retailers also have been driving the

Western economies.

trend to reusable bags and reducing the number of bags

Stretch wrap is an important market for PE film

given away free in supermarkets.

Asian dominance

Other major market sectors include pallet stretch

Northeast Asia, which includes China, is currently the

films and agricultural films, with shrink films and

highest film-producing region with one third of global

technical films following closely. Stretch films are the

production of PE film products. Southeast Asia account-

largest individual market for LDPE/LLDPE resins and

ed for a further 10% of global production, confirming

this sector has been one of the most dynamic in recent

Asia’s domination of this market at over 40%. In

years. Stretch film is used primarily as a method of

comparison, both North America and Western Europe

pallet stabilisation and protection, but its use has also

each had only about 15% share of the world market.

expanded to other areas such as silage wrapping and

Three years before the financial crisis, Asia’s share

cling film for food wrap. Stretch film production is one of

stood at less than 40% of the global market while both

the major applications for LLDPE resins: indeed it was

North America and Western Europe each had a 20%

probably the main driver in the development of this resin

share. The growth in Asia has been driven primarily by

type. Stretch film is also a key market for metallocene



markets feature | Polyethylene film


grades of PE. The main process used to manufacture

Europe is a

industrial stretch film uses cast technology, with the


majority of producers in this sector investing in high

market for PE film, despite the presence of large players like BPI

output machinery. Blown film technology has a smaller proportion of the industrial stretch film market, but it has greater flexibility to tailor films to specific physical requirements and is the preferred route for the production of silage stretch films and some other films that benefit from the more balanced molecular orientation than that normally attained through the cast route. Agricultural films include mulch films, greenhouse films and silage stretch films. Mulch films are available in a variety of colours to prevent weed growth by either raising or lowering soil temperature and reflecting light to the plant. Films with specific characteristics are available, including low gas permeability fumigation films used for sterilisation of the soil, UV blocking films and biodegradable films that can be left in situ at the end of the growing season. A lot of work has been done to determine which light transmission properties are conducive to good plant growth in greenhouses. Plants respond to a wider range of light wavelengths than humans are able to see, including parts of the UV and IR

shrink was the first filmic application aimed at securing

ranges. This has led to a wide range of films developed

palletised loads, and it still provides one of the best

to optimise growing conditions by selecting the

weatherproof wraps available. However, the use of

wavelengths transmitted to a particular crop.

shrink hoods has declined substantially as customers have switched to pallet stretch film and, more recently,

Shrink market

pallet stretch hoods – which give better load coverage,

Shrink films fall into two categories: collation shrink

use less material than shrink hoods and do not require

and pallet shrink. Collation shrink film is an example of

the application of heat.

secondary packaging used to wrap and unitise multiple

They are normally coextruded multilayer products

applying heat to effect shrinkage. The main resin used

incorporating layers to impart specific characteristics

is conventional LDPE. The growing trend of selling

such as oxygen barrier, strength and flexibility,

multi-packs in supermarkets, notably alcoholic and

sealability and high quality print finish. Typically up to

non-alcoholic beverages, has led to considerable

seven layers, the film may incorporate non-PE resins in

growth of high quality printed collation shrink film to

some layers, such as EVOH, polyamide, PET or PP. The

give the product attractive display characteristics. Pallet

markets for such products include packaging for fresh food, snack foods and dried food, pet food and medical


Global PE film market by film type 2013

Lamination Hygiene FFS (excluding heavy duty bags) Construction

Other films

Freezer Bags Geomembranes Health care Heavy duty bags


Stretch hood

Technical films cover a wide range of applications.

items during transit by enveloping the items in film then

Retail bags/sacks

Stretch Shrink

products in CAP/MAP packaging, stand-up pouches and form-fill-seal bags. Film constructions involve complex balancing of processability, impact strength and transparency and nearly all grades of polyethylene can be used. As with lamination films, the use of higher alpha olefin LLDPE grades is widespread, and metallocene resins are increasingly being used for their sealing characteristics.

Trading volume Inter-regional traded volume grew by almost 1 million tonnes between 2005 and 2012, with Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia heading the table of exporters: each exported almost 1m tonnes in 2012. The largest



Your needs. Our know-how. “High barrier film extrusion solutions� We understand the challenges involved to select the right extrusion system and film structure that best suit your packaging goals. This is why Macro provides more than just machinery; we supply technology. Whether the right system is a blown, cast, coating, lamination, or biax extrusion system, we can help. Our systems coextrude any barrier material to create multilayer structures up to 11 layers. Macro has the extrusion technology and processing expertise to provide the extrusion solution you need to create the high barrier food packaging film your customers demand.

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markets feature | Polyethylene film

Northeast Asia is expected to grow at over 8% per year and increase its share of the global market, while Southeast Asia and North America will show good growth and retain their current market shares. The Middle East will be the fastest growing region in terms of percentage growth per year at over 10%, followed by the Indian Subcontinent with a similar growth rate (albeit from a much lower starting point). In terms of volume production, Northeast Asia will lead with an additional 8 million tonnes, followed by North America with an extra 3m tonnes. Each of these regions are forecast to grow by approximately 1.5 million tonnes: Middle East, Southeast Asia, India and South America (including Central America).

LDPE pricing history

Western Europe’s share of the global market is projected to fall by some 3% with production growing at

importing region was Western Europe, at over 1m

a little over 1% per year. This is largely a reflection of

tonnes of PE film and bags, the largest proportion of

continued economic difficulties in its southern nations,

which originated in Southeast Asia, Central Europe,

combined with government cutbacks that continue to

Northeast Asia and the Middle East. North America was

suppress demand and hold back recovery. Longer term,

the second largest importer, with 60% coming from

it is difficult to see Western Europe playing a major part

Northeast Asia and 20% from Southeast Asia. Over the

in global exports, especially as far as standard film

next five years, global traded volumes are forecast to

types are concerned, because of the high cost of raw

increase by half a million tonnes: while film on the reel

materials, energy and labour, combined with relatively

volume will increase by 600,000 tonnes, bag trade will

old extrusion equipment resulting from a slowdown in

decline by 100,000 tonnes.

capital investment over the past few years. Regarding

Moving forward, other factors will play an important

market applications, stretch film is forecast to grow the

role in reshaping the global PE film market. The shale

most, adding over 2m tonnes over the next four years,

gas upsurge in North America, for example, will give

closely followed by bags and sacks, Other high growth

rise to much cheaper feedstock and lower energy costs,

products include technical films, agricultural films,

while putting Europe in an increasingly disadvantaged

heavy duty sacks and shrink films.

position against its global trading partners. It could also

Summing up, the PE film industry has a positive

reduce the competitive edge currently held by Middle

future when examined from a global point of view, but

East producers.

within the overall forecast there will be winners and

Looking at net imports or exports over the next five years, it is interesting to note that of the net exporting

losers in terms of production levels depending on the global region.

regions, the two major regions – Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia plus the Indian subcontinent – are

For more information

forecast to show a reduction in net exports. Only the

This is based on AMI’s recently published Global Polyethylene Film Products Report 2014, which provides comprehensive analysis of production, demand and trade in each of 10 global regions, with film and bag production analysed by region, end-use application (15 defined product groups) and polymer type, analysis of past and current market and a forecast to 2018. This is the second edition and is much extended, with two comprehensive appendices that give details of imports of PE film and bags into all major countries showing region of origin for 2005 and 2012; and PE film production by major producing country, film type and resin class for 2005, current and a forecast to 2018. For further information contact John Campin (

Middle East will see an increase in net exports. All other global regions are net importers: the Commonwealth of Independent States (the ‘Russian Commonwealth’), South America and Africa are likely to show major increases in net imports; meanwhile North America and Central Europe will shown decreases in net imports, the driver in both regions being a projected increase in the level of exports. Meanwhile Western Europe’s level of net imports will increase, driven by both a reduction in export activity and an increase in imported volume, reflecting the ever more uncompetitive cost base of the region. Over the next five years, worldwide demand for PE film is forecast to increase by more than 6% per year, leading to a further 20 million tonnes of usage. 26


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STRETCH & SHRINK FILM 2014 The business conference & exhibition for the stretch & shrink film industry

Images courtesy of: Norner AS and Electronic System S.p.A.



1-3 April 2014 Maritim Hotel, Cologne, Germany * + 19% German VAT

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Medical materials & applications | process feature

Recent highlights in medical material development include a number of breathable films, as well as a TPE that can replace PVC. Lou Reade reports

Getting better Medical materials often work at a level of performance

a specific functionality: two or more properties can be

or cleanliness far beyond that of other applications. But

embedded directly into a product using Lubrizol’s broad

the properties needed of the materials can be identical:

portfolio of breathable TPUs, says the company.

a good example is breathability, which is as important in

At the same event, Bayer MaterialScience show-

food packaging as it is in medical applications such as

cased a range of new products – including Bayfol

packaging or wound dressing.

UX502, a TPU film that is used in medical packaging to

At the recent MD&M West show in the US, Lubrizol

Tubairless is a new type of dispensing technology that protects sensitive

protect sensitive devices such as orthopaedic implants.


featured its breathable, medical-grade thermoplastic

The composite film combines the abrasion resistance of


polyurethane (TPU) technology. Benefits of the technol-

TPU with the thermoformability of PETG.

ogy include: 100% viral and blood barrier protection,

Also, the company showcased its Platilon and Dureflex

even at extrusion layers as thin as 25 microns; one-way

films. Wound dressings made from these films help to

transmission of moisture for better breathability; a soft,

protect wounds, while accelerating healing thanks to

textile-like feel; improved patient comfort; and in-

enhanced breathability.

creased processing efficiency. “Whether it’s a medical garment, wound care

The films can also be made into surgical drapes that conform to a patient’s body.

product or transdermal treatment, the materials used must provide an ideal moisture vapour transmission

Breathing easy

rate (MVTR), complete viral barrier properties, and – if

Silpuran silicone film, from Wacker, is an ultrapure

needed – the ability to deliver active ingredients,” said

product available in thicknesses down to 20 microns.

Ralf Hüther, Lubrizol global business manager. The material’s “superior monolithic design” avoids the

The silicone rubber used in the film range has passed selected tests for biocompatibility according to ISO 10993

use of micro-pores, which Hüther says are commonly

and US Pharmacopeia Class VI. The films are produced

used in these types of product, but are prone to clogging.

under cleanroom conditions and are free of organic

Lubrizol says the breathable products have the traditional advantages of all its TPUs, such as strong

plasticisers and stabilisers. A patent application has been submitted for the

chemical and puncture resistance, good tear resistance

production process, which delivers high quality, uniform

and plasticiser-free formulations.

silicone films of a defined thickness.

Breathable TPU formulations can be tailored to attain

The film thickness across the entire film web March 2014 | FILM & SHEET EXTRUSION


process feature | Medical materials & applications

the TPE division at Teknor Apex, said that new material offered property improvements over PVC, along with weight and cost savings: film made from the material was half the thickness of PVC, for the same strength; and its density is around 30% lower, allowing weight savings of up to 70%. Medalist elastomers are also available at lower hardness ranges than flexible PVC, provide a broader processing window, and have greater elasticity and tear strength. They also exhibit 25% less colour change on exposure to gamma irradiation than standard grades of flexible PVC. Genesis used its proprietary radio frequency (RF) welding technology, EcoGenesis, to form strong permanent bonds in complex geometric patterns – inWacker’s

deviates from specification by no more than 5%, says

cluding sealing two mono-layered films to tubing, to


the company. This, together with the material’s typical

make traditional infusion bags.

silicone film is

silicone characteristics, allows applications that were

available in

previously difficult or impossible to achieve on an

Cream protection


industrial scale. Potential applications include flexible

Clariant has teamed up with PumpArt System to

down to 20

wound dressings and breathable membranes – for

develop a new type of dispensing technology to the


devices such as heart-lung machines. Because

pharmaceutical industry.

silicones are permeable to gas but not water, the film

Tubairless combines an air chamber and a soft

can be used to make breathable adhesive plasters that

plastic pouch, which are both sealed within a flexible

help boost the healing process.

tube. The system helps protects sensitive cream-based

For improved handling, the films come with an intermediate backing from which they can easily be peeled intact.

formulas from the adverse effects of outside air. Many medicated creams, ointments, gels and pastes are susceptible to moisture gain or loss as well as contamination. The tube’s internal pump prevents

PVC replacement

air-intake and product flow-back during dispensing,

Teknor Apex has teamed up with O’Sullivan Films and

reducing the ingress of contamination. Protection can

Genesis Plastics Welding, to develop a way to make

be further enhanced by integrating multiple protective

products like blood bags from TPE rather than PVC.

barrier or active layers to the package.

Calendered films made from Teknor’s Medalist

“The Tubairless design appeals to both healthcare

MD-500 series of elastomers can overcome the

providers and patients,” said Elisa Le Floch, Clariant

traditional disadvantages of TPEs in applications such

healthcare packaging business development manager.

as fluid drainage and storage bags, cushioning bladders

“It can help address preservation issues as formulators

and surgical pouches, says the company.

look for ways to reduce or eliminate preservatives from

Calendered PVC film is widely used in medical applications but TPEs have not performed well in in this

formulations.” Tubairless allows almost complete (95%) evacuation

process – which typically provides better thickness

of the product. The system boasts low complexity, with

uniformity, more consistent physical properties and

only three parts (compared up to 20 with a piston pump

greater thermal stability than film extrusion, says Teknor.

system). It also uses 25-50% less plastic than conven-

Teknor and O’Sullivan have shown that Medalist

tional airless tube-pumps.

MD-500 Series medical elastomers can be formulated for successful calendering. “We attempted to calender a wide range of plastics besides PVC and concluded that most are simply not calenderable,” said Chuck Stronach, commercial manager for healthcare products at O’Sullivan Films. “We were intrigued to discover that Medalist 500 Series compounds can be adapted for this process.” Elliott Pritikin, global medical market manager for 30


Click on the links for more information:

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April 23 - 26, 2014

Hall W2, Stand W2J01 Hall E1, Stand E1F03

PPS_AD_March2014_FilmSheetExtrusion.indd 1

200+ Years

of Combined Plastics Industry Experience

18.02.14 13:32

Specialty Packaging Films Asia 2014 Asia Pacific conference on markets and technology of flexible barrier packaging for retail and industrial applications


24-26 March 2014 Swissôtel Nai Lert Park, Bangkok, Thailand Images courtesy of: Bemis Company Inc, Berli Jucker Foods Limited and Jing Jia Zhuang.

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Chinaplas | show preview

We preview this year’s Chinaplas, which will showcase everything from blown film and thermoforming lines to recycling technologies and innovative materials

Shanghai surprises Chinaplas

Chinaplas, the largest plastics show taking place this

taic applications such as UV-resistant solar back sheet,

year, opens its doors in Shanghai on 23 April. By the

and advanced production lines with the patented

attracts an

time it ends three days later, on 26 April, more than

Evapore process – for efficient, high output and high


100,000 visitors will have come through the turnstiles,

quality production of battery separator film for 3C and

number of

to inspect the products and services of around 2,900

EV applications.

exhibitors. Adsale, the show’s organiser, boasts that it will host


As well as specialty films, there is still plenty of


demand for commodity films in China. Brückner’s high

more than 3,200 sets of machines. The show is certainly

yield stretching lines offer high productivity: up to 10.4m

dominated by machinery, with many established Western

working width, 525m/min speed and an annual output

companies keen to extend their foothold in China.

of over 55,000 tonnes. Brückner’s subsidiary companies will also be in

Machinery boosts productivity

evidence. Its PackSys Global packaging equipment

Brückner will be presenting its latest solutions for

division, for example, will exhibit machines for the

enhanced productivity, quality and optimised energy

production of oral care tubes.

efficiency at the show. “Upcoming trends lead to more demand for innova-

The LT 125 and LT 250 high speed laminate tube lines allow clients to achieve world-class production

tive oriented speciality films in packaging as well as

efficiencies for oral care tubes at speeds of 125 or 250

technical applications,” said the company. “New

tubes per minute. They feature the patented loading

markets are driven by factors such as the trend towards

system on the LT 250 compression moulding header.

less raw material usage or renewable energy in the form of photovoltaic panels or electric mobility.” The company will present a number of technologies

The company will also showcase equipment for the production of cosmetic tubes. The new LSH heading machine features quick size part changeover in just 10

to help film producers diversify and enlarge their

minutes and a plug and produce concept. The LSH, with

portfolios. These include: production lines for high-

its compact footprint, is ideal for the production of

barrier BOPP films in 5, 7 or 9 layers; BOPET lines for

small order sizes.

the various optical applications up to 400 microns; simultaneous LISIM technology with very specific,

Two-way stretch

adjustable film properties for BOPP and BOPET

Andritz Biax also has expertise in film stretching. The

capacitor films below 3 microns, as well as BOPA film.

company supplies a full-range of lines for commodity

There are also dedicated line concepts for

films, and offers state-of-the-art lines for speciality March 2014 | FILM & SHEET EXTRUSION


show preview | Chinaplas

The RecoBatch

films, such as capacitor film made from BOPP or



from Starlinger,

Its patented Mesim technology is a mechanical

Reifenhäuser Kiefel Extrusion and Polyrema will present their new features for more productivity, quality, and energy efficiency in blown film production. Presenta-

can upcycle PP

simultaneous film stretching process for making

tions include the new cooling systems Evolution Ultra


biaxially oriented films with special properties and high

Cool, plus the FFS version, which can boost output by


quality. The film can be oriented in machine direction

20%. The Evolution Ultra Flat flattening unit promises

with ratios between 0.6 and 7 for controlled relaxation

faster and smoother processing. There are also complete

or stretching, while in the transverse direction it can be

production lines, ranging from mono to 11-layer.

stretched between 1 and 10. The technology can produce film at 45° stretching

In cast sheet coating, the new Mirex-MT polishing stack is based on the technology of state-of-the-art

orientation at high precision. In addition, the unique

precision machine tools. Thanks to the high degree of

design of the chains-clips-system accounts for high

automation and precision, changeover times – and

energy efficiency.

waste production during changeover – can be reduced

The Mesim design is user-friendly and has low main-

by 80%. For barrier film production, it offers the new

tenance costs. It helps producers of biaxially oriented

ReicoFeed 2.1 feed block, which controls the layer

films to generate attractive returns. Applications

structure during production.

include LCD screens, technical films and high-value food and non-food packaging. The sales and service base of Andritz Biax in Foshan, China is currently being extended to provide Asian customers with a faster, more comprehensive service.

“For the Asian market, we see especially high growth potential in cast films for surface protection,” said the company. And Reiloy Metall will present its wear-resistant screws and barrels for extrusion and injection moulding. These are made in Germany and available in

Film expertise

lengths up to 9m. Proprietary alloys and production

Reifenhäuser will showcase its latest technologies for

methods ensure high quality. Reiloy components are

the production of blown film, cast film, sheet, and film

used in all Reifenhäuser systems.

coatings, as well as extruders, screws and barrels. “In recent months, we have developed unique selling propositions across all business units,” said Ulrich

the exhibition. Its responsibilities were expanded last

Reifenhäuser, managing director of Reifenhäuser Group.

year: in addition to service, it also takes charge of sales

“These developments deliver real added-value to

in China. A German engineer will join the team in April

customers and go beyond mere product improvements.”

2014, head of sales and service, to further strengthen

Reifenhäuser Extrusion Technology shows an extruder study for the future that combines state-of-

the subsidiary. Ralf Pampus, managing director of Reifenhäuser

the-art design with innovative features. Some of these

China, said: “We see great potential for growth in Asia,

features, such as the new Energizer Screw – which can

and particularly in China. Strengthening the team in our

boost productivity by 20% – are already available.

Chinese branch was a logical step that has already paid

Others, such as the use of thermoelectric generators

for itself: sales are up significantly since early 2013, for

for energy recovery, are a vision of what extrusion may

recycled PET applications, barrier films and sheets,

be like in the future.

agricultural film and nonwovens.”



The company’s Suzhou-based Chinese subsidiary, Reifenhäuser Plastic Machinery, will also be present at


What do you get when teams of brilliant minds scrutinize each component of the proven VAREX range to make it even better? Higher output, superb ergonomics, improved safety and a new world of energy efficiency. More than just a pretty face: VAREX II.

VAREX II’s modular design provides flexibility for producing blown films from diverse resins. With the new ENERGY MONITORING module, you get real-time data, making it easier than ever to identify potential savings. And that’s just the beginning ...

Windmöller & Hölscher KG P.O. Box 1660 · 49516 Lengerich · Germany Phone: +49 5481 14-0 · ·

Please visit us: Hall 15 C41

show preview | Chinaplas

machine clean. A magnetic transport system (optional on the AD Convertex CL) enables the machine to produce high quality bags with no punctures in the bag wall, while the rotary bottom opening station allows trouble free production of paper-lined PP bags.

Fast pressing Illig will present an IC-RDM 54K automatic roll-fed thermoforming machine. With a forming area of 520 x 300mm, it can Kiefel’s

Technical film

make 54,000 APET cups per hour using an 18-cavity


Windmoeller & Hoelscher will exhibit three lines that

mould at a speed of 50 cycles per minute.

KMD 78 will be

are of relevance to film and sheet extruders.


Varex is a modular blown film line for multi-layer

RDM-K machines are designed specifically for serial production of cups in various shapes and sizes from

with a tray tool,

packaging and technical film applications. It produces

thermoplastic material. The new ‘IC’ operating concept


film with outstanding optical and mechanical qualities,

(Illig Intelligent Control Concept) helps to boost the

clear APET

while generating minimal scrap and minimising

efficiency of this servo-driven thermoformer.

material, at

changeover time. The Optifil P profile control system


ensures a uniform film thickness within narrow toler-

in-line in combination with upstream material extrud-

ances. Overall film thickness can be kept to the mini-

ers. These configurations always involve high-volume

mum while maintaining the necessary specifications. The

manufacturing, such as drinking cups made in millions

resulting raw material savings minimise cost as well as

of units. This makes the modules of the IC control

environmental impact. The company’s Filmatic series of

concept particularly relevant, as they support high-

winders is matched to the Varex series.

speed production. Besides general process optimisa-

And, its Miraflex CI flexo printing press, for printing

tion, such as the self-adaptive start up for material and

flexible packages, claims high productivity, print quality

mould change, the IC modules – ThermoLineControl,

and dependability – with low production costs. This is

Compensation and Illig Net Service – ensure high

due to factors including W&H’s sleeve technology and

productivity and availability of a production line, while

use of direct-drive motors. Low power consumption,

helping to reduce costs.

comprehensive noise abatement and safety devices,

The complete line is centrally managed, controlled and

effective solvent concentration and ergonomic opera-

optimised with the ThermoLineControl module. This

tion are other major benefits.

makes the system more operator-friendly and saves time

For smaller jobs, simpler and faster changeovers

during mould or format changes. The NetService allows

become more important for gravure printing. In

Illig engineers to look into all line components directly

response, W&H offers the gravure printing presses

and comprehensively via the internet, to diagnose errors

Heliostar. Because of its modular machine structure,

and correct setting-related malfunctions.

Heliostar offers high flexibility. Features include: up to

The IC module ‘compensation control’ adds to the

12 printing decks, various types of dryer, integration of

improvement of process stability by automatically

a pre-conditioning station, inline and laminating

balancing effects of changing environmental influences

stations, web turning devices as well as shafted or

which occur during production. Without compensation,

shaftless non stop winders matched to the printed

the inevitable heating up of the machine stand over time

material – and winding diameters of up to 1300mm.

causes the temperature of the material web to be

The company also offers technology to create woven

non-uniform (temperature drift) which leads to

PP bags. Their ruggedness makes them ideal for

fluctuating process conditions and, consequently, often

cement and other bulk materials. W&H’s AD Convertex

fluctuating product quality.

can produce bottom valve bags inexpensively from

Meanwhile, Kiefel will show its Speedformer KMD

coated PP fabric at high output. The technology does

78 pressure forming machine. It is used for the mass

not require adhesive for bag production. Instead, bags

production of rigid packaging products made of PS,

are welded with hot air, saving cost and keeping the




Thermoformers in the RDM-K series are often used

Welcome to YOUR way to extrusion.

Looking for a Competent & Reliable Manufacturer of High Quality Plastic Sheet Extrusion Systems & Equipment? Uway Extrusion manufactures high output, high quality, customized plastic film, sheet, & board extrusion systems and equipment. Whether your company is considering replacing or upgrading your current extrusion systems or machinery or undertaking a project to bring extrusion in-house, Uway has the solutions for you. Owned and managed by thoroughly experienced, technically- & globally-minded individuals, you can trust Uway to work within your budget to design and build you the most reliable and easy to operate extrusion system your money can buy while using quality component parts from trusted and well-known suppliers in the USA, Germany, and China. To find out more information or to schedule an onsite visit, call our USA Sales Office at (765) 592-6089 or email us at For outside of North America, please contact Will Wood at

Welcome to UWAY and Welcome to YOUR Way to Extrusion. Specializing in 1-ton+/hr Output Systems High Quality Systems Easy to Operate Systems

Visit UWAY at ChinaPlas 2014 Outside in Central Hall Booth C4C27

USA Office: (765) 592-6089



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Chinaplas | show preview

Equipped with black HTS ceramic heaters for consistent distribution of heat, a toggle drive and motorised upper-yoke adjustment for both the forming and cutting stations, the KMD 78 fulfils all the requirements for the cost-efficient production of rigid packaging. The machine is equipped with a touch-screen-operated Siemens Simotion control system. It operates quickly, quietly and with minimal energy consumption. The unit can handle a maximum tool dimension of 780 x 560mm, with a negative/positive formed-component height of up to 150mm and a maximum film width of 810mm. At this year’s show, the Speedformer will be demonstrated with a tray tool, processing clear APET material.

Recycling expansion Starlinger will be showcasing two different recycling

raw material requirements; and, the controlled quality

technologies at Chinaplas: one to re-use PP production

of the regranulate. With the RecoBatch application from

waste; and one to turn recycled PET and HDPE into

Starlinger, it can even be upcycled, by adding calcium

food-safe production material.

carbonate during the recycling process. The waste then

offer high

becomes in-house produced masterbatch, which can be


Waste from polypropylene tape production is perfect for recycling as it is clean and homogenous, and can be

used to substitute part of the masterbatch needed in

processed and recycled without difficulty. Two reasons

tape production. The company will be showing a

to recycle production waste on site are: the reduction of

RecoStar universal 65 VAC recycling line with the

Brueckner’s high yield stretching lines

show preview | Chinaplas

film extrusion, will provide technical advice and after sales services to the local processors. Shanghai Cheerful Blossom Trading, Macchi’s long-time agent in China, will also play a key role in Macchi’s Chinese expansion, says the company. Next Generation Recycling (NGR) will highlight its Chinese expansion at the show: in the first half of this year, it will open a new customer care centre in China, to continue its long-standing presence in Asia. “With 25% of the world’s used plastic, the Chinese market is the ideal place for further expansion,” said the company. “Additionally, our strengthened presence in Asia reflects the fact that 40% of the world’s plastic production is used in China.” The new location, Taicang, is close to Shanghai. Two Italian machinery manufac-

NGR systems will be available for client testing and

RecoBatch option. At the same time, Starlinger Viscotec will exhibit its

demos in the customer care centre. An Austrian

turer Macchi is

DeCon 20 decontamination dryer. It is used for process-

engineer and Austrian director will be permanently

to set up a

ing flakes and recycled pellets from PET and HDPE for

on-site and will train the Chinese employees in


use in food grade packaging. Unique to the DeCon 20 is

technology and sales. The long cooperation with the

office in

its ability to process input material in different forms –

Chinese sales partner Jebsen will continue.

Shanghai this

such as pellets, flakes and skeleton waste – simultane-


ously. The process is compliant with the relevant FDA

by imports. This includes used plastic that is recycled

and EFSA standards, so the material can be used

on a large scale. NGR’s new company in China aims to

directly for the production of food grade packaging.

serve both industrial plastic processors and end-of-life

The new PET sheet line, ViscoSheet, produces

In China, around half of plastic consumption is met

plastics recyclers. “This commitment to the Chinese market fits

thermoforming sheets for food packaging from up to

perfectly into the expansion of NGR. In 2010, we opened

100 % recycled PET. Italian machinery manufacturer Macchi will exhibit

a customer care centre near Atlanta, USA, and it has

the latest version of Recotrim, its patented system that

since then developed into a strong pillar for NGR,”

reclaims processing trims and extrusion film scraps.

added the company.

Once Chinaplas has ended, the model on show will be

Ancillary showcase

delivered to a local customer. At the same time, Macchi is unveiling a more

NGR’s new Chinese base, Taicang, is also home to

complex strategy in China, which sees it setting up a

German-owned Motan-Colortronic Plastics Machinery,

representative office in Shanghai. A Chinese technolo-

which will be showcasing a cross-section of its ancillary

gist, who has more than 20 years of experience in blown

equipment at the show. It has designed its booth to

Material demonstrations A number of local companies will be

HDPE HTA108 resin in the core layer can

Plastic Machinery will use Exxon’s

extruding materials from ExxonMobil

be used to tailor the stiffness and

Vistamaxx PBE to make tough shopping

Chemical during the show.

toughness balance depending on the

bag films. It will demonstrate an HDPE

needs of the application.

and LLDPE three-layer blown coextrusion

One, Sun Centre Machinery, will be

“The combination of Enable resins and

bag film that has been enhanced with a

technology to make shrink multipack

our machinery can deliver tough collation

20-40% Vistamaxx PBE-based master-

films with ExxonMobil Chemical’s Enable

shrink films that provide significant

batch in the core layer.

metallocene polyethylene (mPE) resins.

downgauging opportunities,” said Kwan

using three-layer coextrusion blown film

Using Enable mPE 35-05HH in the core layer gives a combination of stiffness, toughness and shrinkage.



The three-layer coextrusion line can

Ting Kwok, general manager of Sun

be configured to meet customers’ needs,

Centre Machinery.

with a maximum film width of 500mm

Elsewhere at the show, Huashan

and an extrusion output of 100 kg/hour.

It takes almost 30 Earth years for the planet Saturn to orbit the sun.

There are many Atlas slitter rewinders that have been in production for the same length of time.

The new Atlas CW Series film slitters are designed to deliver the highest productivity and rewind reel quality, now and in the future.

For technology that is out of this world, the Atlas CW Series is your solution.

Exceptional performance & productivity.

Booth W5-J05

Rewind to the Future Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd., Bedford, UK.

END OF LIFE PLASTICS 2014 International conference on markets and technology options for the end of life plastics CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

16-18 June 2014 Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf, Germany Images courtesy of: EXPRA

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Chinaplas | show preview

simulate an actual example of plastics processing. It


will focus on four major product areas: drying; convey-


ing ; dosing and mixing; and control.

Ultrablend 95 gravimetric

Product highlights include: Silent Line sound-insulated double walled piping that can reduce the noise of

dosing and

conveying raw materials. And the Ultrablend 95 gravi-

mixing unit will

metric dosing and mixing unit for the medical industry.

be one of many

ProTec Polymer Processing will present a range of


ancillary equipment for material treatment and handling,

devices seen at

including the OHL tumble reactor – for selectively

the show

improving the properties of free-flowing materials – and Somos TF 40 eco auxiliary dryer. The OHL tumble reactor is a solid-state polycondensation (SSP) reactor that can be heated and evacuated. It is available in coordinated modular sizes, from 50-litre sizes for laboratory use all the way to large 44m³ containers for manufacturing plants. The reactor on display at Chinaplas will feature optimised geometry as well as revised drive and control technology. Heated using heat transfer oil, it uses a significantly smaller volume of oil than its predecessor. Overall energy consumption for this process step is reduced by around 20 %, says ProTec. It can be used to purge polyester and polyamides of


2000kg/hr Maguire model WSB 1840 4 component gravimetric blender with 2 additional side feeders, vacuum blower, and conair hopper loaders 2002

130mm + 63mm Davis Std coextrusion sheet line Upstream ; Comprising extruders, continuous s/changer, g/pumps, Cloeren Coex block & 1100 die, 2002!!

Sheet Equipment

Conair Dehumidifying Dryer Model CD300 With Insulated Hopper, And Hopper Loaders. CH44-58 hopper (1643 litres) 2002.


2300mm Sheet line for ABS 1750mm Sheet line 1700mm Line for ABS and PMMA 1500mm Bandera stack 1450mm Kaufman Sheet line 1350mm Welex/union sheet line 1300mm Battenfeld Sheet line 1000mm Omv sheet line 1000mm Esde 3 rollstack 890mm Welex 3 roll stack

Profile Lines

Tel: +44 (0)1793 827666 Email: Web:

115mm Davis Standard Thermatic extruder model 45IN45T . 30:1 L/D with barrier PP/ HDPE screw, 305kw motor, Fan cooled electrically heated 6 zone barrel 2008!!

1350mm Welex 3 Roll Stack. 300mm Dia Rolls. Silent Chain. Dc drive. 3 zone pump group. 2 roll haul off 1986.

Extruders 50mm Welex extruder 60mm BC60 extruder 63mm Davis standard extruder 90mm Egan extruder 90mm Kaufman extruder 115mm Davis standard extruder 130mm Davis standard extruder 140mm Berstorff twin Screw 150mm Egan extruder


1120mm wide EDI close approach PET sheet die model H100 with Flex lip and decals. Lip heater. Lip gap up to 2.5mm 1996



show preview | Chinaplas

Bertram Capital, the private equity company that owns Webex, recently acquired Maxcess – which makes web guiding, tension control and other downstream equipment. It has now merged the two plastics companies together. And, Atlas Converting Equipment will launch upgraded versions of its Atlas CW Series and Titan SR9 Series slitter rewinder technologies. It recently introduced its CW5000 Series, which is available in widths of 3600-5400mm. Last year, it introduced its CW3600 and CW1040 series. The range now covers widths of 2500-10,400mm at speeds up to 1500m/min. Benefits of the new technology include greater Atlas says that

volatile pollutants, or post-condense these materials

efficiency, productivity and reliability, as well as higher

its CW Series of

(increase their molecular weight). In addition, the

quality rewind reels and less noise.

slitter rewind-

reactor is used in the chemical and pharmaceutical

ers has faster

industries for systematically and gently improving the

and deceleration cycles, claiming that, at 1200m/min, it


properties of free-flowing solids.

has a faster rewind cycle than a conventional primary

and decelera-

The tumbling rotation of the reactor results in perma-

film slitter running at 1500m/min.

tion cycles than

nent, homogeneous mixing while placing a low


mechanical strain on the packaged goods. Precise

secondary slitter rewinders have new features including

primary film

control over temperature, vacuum and time ensures

reduced power consumption and faster set-up time.


that granulates – whether recyclates or new product

Atlas says that the CW Series has faster acceleration

At the same time, its latest generation Titan SR9 Series

– are individually processed to the required quality.

Click on the links for more information:

The Somos T/TF eco range of dryers consist of a drying

❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙

air generator and an insulated stainless steel drying hopper. TF versions have an integrated conveyor mechanism for automatically feeding the processing machine. The hopper geometry is optimised to the material flow, resulting in a low variation in retention time for the material to be dried. With hoppers sizes ranging from 30 to 300 litres, graded in five dimensions with adjusted dry air throughputs of 10m³/h to 100m³/h. The range of dryers caters to small material throughputs of around 3kg/h all the way to 100kg/h. Drying temperatures range from 60 to 140°C at a dew-point temperature of the dry air of -35°C. Webex will introduce its new seamless vacuum roll design at the show. They provide the ideal tension isolation and control point ahead of flotation ovens and can be used at any other location where a nip or contact with both sides of the web is not possible or desired. The new vacuum roll design incorporates a smooth, ultra-fine, seamless, nickel screen Illig’s automatic roll-fed thermoforming

that provides consistent grip across the entire width of the web, without damaging delicate coated materials. Applica-

machine will

tions include the production of

make 54,000

ultra-thin coated films, pressure

APET cups per hour

sensitive papers, decorative products, adhesive tapes and optical film for the aerospace, biomedical and pharmaceutical industries.




Photovoltaics 2014

International technical and market conference on backsheets, encapsulants, adhesives and other polymer components in photovoltaic systems CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

8-10 April 2014 Maritim Hotel, Cologne, Germany * + 19% German VAT

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POLYMER SOURCING & DISTRIBUTION 2014 A new era for the polymer supply chain

Trends and technical developments in the international roofing and geomembrane liner industry


Please create the cover in a separate one page file and drop into this template, so we always have the most up-to-date template (otherwise changes can be made to the template during the time of cover until print which maybe missed)


12-14 May 2014 8-10 November 2013 Marriott Hotel, Maritim Hotel, Hamburg, Germany Cologne, Germany

* + 19% German VAT

Images Building Images courtesy courtesy of: of:Firestone Nijhof-Wassink BV Products and Polykemi AB

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Materials | technology



PLA-based compound into film

Bio-based and free of phthalates


Oxea has expanded its range

PLA moves into film UK-based Floreon has expanded the use of its

The material (also called

of phthalate-free plasticisers

Floreon) was originally

with two new bio-based

developed for injection


moulding, and has since been

Oxblue DOSX (dioctyl

applied to sheet extrusion.

succinate) and Oxblue ATBC

“Trials show it can reduce

(acetyl tributyl citrate) are

the load placed on the

tested in a small-scale blown

machine more commonly

aimed at applications such as

extruder, and allow the

film extrusion trial, for a

used for PE, the Floreon

food cling wraps.

material to be processed at

potential customer that is

compound processed without

lower temperatures,” said the

looking for a sustainably

problems with promising

available in Europe and North


sourced film.

results,” said the company.


The material has now been

“Although the trial was on a


Both are commercially

“With growing health and image concerns of consum-


ers, producers will find our

Nanoparticles create new barrier

Oxblue products to be

Tera-Barrier Films of Singa-

foil, but more effective at

manufacture products with

barriers, it says.

sustainable solutions which enable them to economically

blocking air and moisture.

no compromise on perfor-

create a new type of barrier

make packaging for a range of

The material has an air and

mance,” said Jacco de Haas,


products for a range of TBF’s

moisture barrier 10 times

global marketing manager

films will allow see-through

better than the transparent

for specialty esters at the

nanoparticle barrier films have

packing and a longer shelf-life

oxide barriers currently used


high transparency and are also

for a range of products,

to package food and medi-

The Oxblue products

stretchable – which is not

including pharmaceuticals, food

cines, says TBF. This is due

complement the company’s

possible with either alumini-

and electronics.

to the encapsulated nanopar-

existing Oxsoft range of

ticle layer.




pore has used nanoparticles to

TBF’s 700nm encapsulated

um-based packaging material or those with inorganic

The films could be used to

TBF says the film is thinner than those using aluminium


Bio-PA for film applications DSM has added a higher

“The development of EcoPaxx

in 2009, followed by a market

viscosity extrusion grade to its

is a clear example of our

introduction in 2010. It is

portfolio of EcoPaxx polyamide

commitment to sustainability.

already used in a number of


DSM has now increased its

markets, including automo-

polymer production to full

tive, building & construction

aimed at the film, fibre and

industrial scale. Moreover,

and sport & leisure.

monofilament markets.

production can be expanded

Properties include

EcoPaxx is already available

further, allowing us to fully

thermal stability, broad

for injection moulding

meet customer demands.”

processing range and good

The bio-based material is

applications. Kees Tintel, business manager for EcoPaxx, said:

DSM began to develop

melt strength, plus good fuel

EcoPaxx, its bio-based

and chemical resistance.

polyamide 410 product range,




technology | Machinery



Diverter valve boosts control PSI-Polymer Systems has introduced two new designs

multiple processes.

to purge. Most divert valves have two

It is supplied with a

standard positions machined

three-way valve that directs

into a vertical bolt (piston). In

the flow either to one of two

filter I divert valve (Div-F),

the divert position, the

process flow bores or to a

intended for lab applications

polymer is directed to the

divert position that directs

but also suitable for larger

floor. In the on-line position,

the polymer through a

scale operations. The second

polymer flows straight through

discharge port.

is a combination A-B die I

the bolt into the die. The Div-F

divert valve (Div-3X), which

introduces a breaker plate

can be particularly useful for

directs material to

with a filter pack into the

applications where the timing

of polymer Divert Valve. The first is a combination

The new three-way valve

multiple dies or

normal through bore

needed for coordinating the

directly to the floor


sequence of material flow needs to be perfect. The valve is easily customisable and enables operators to control the optimum timing sequence. This eliminates

“Our divert valves are one

New lines help barrier growth

of the more innovative and

US-based Next Generation

universally useful auxiliaries

Films has ordered three

we’ve developed here at PSI,”

blown film extrusion lines

said Don Macnamara,

from Windmoeller & Hoels-

improved control and function-

general manager.

cher to build up its presence

ality for lines dedicated to


in the barrier film market.

the need for a screen changer and adapters. Its other new development, the Div-3X, provides

The company, which entered the barrier film market in 2012, has ordered


Flexible extrusion concept for multi-layer PVC sheet production

two Varex II lines – an 87in, 7-layer line and a 103in, 9-layer line. Dave Frecka, founder and CEO, said: “We want to solidify

Palram Israel is using a

products,” said Avinoam

company is able to manufac-

our position as a key player on

flexible extrusion concept from

Gershoni, group technical

ture free-foamed and

the growing barrier market

KraussMaffei Berstorff to

purchasing manager

coextruded multi-layer

and are investing in the

make multi-layer PVC sheet.

of Palram. “Thanks to

sheets as well as transpar-

technology we need to do so.”

this coextrusion

ent PVC sheet, he says.

The company is producing

The 32D twin-screw

The company has also

the sheets, which are 2030mm

technology, we can

wide, for a range of applica-

respond quickly and

extruder has a screw that is

Varex line, which will be

tions. The production system

flexibly to the wishes of

specially adapted for sheet

installed this spring. It is in

comprises a KMD 133-32/PL

our customers.”

extrusion, to ensure exact

the process of building a new

temperature control. This

175,000 ft2 building, sched-

32D twin-screw extruder with

For example, the

a KMD 75-26/PL coextruder. “A criterion for any investment decision we make is flexibility, because

improves melt

uled for completion by the

homogeneity (and

end of 2014.

end product quality), as well as boosting

we want this system to work

output up to 1200

with varying formulations and


manufacture a variety of final 48


ordered, a 126in, 5-layer


Windmoeller & Hoelscher introduced Varex II at the recent K2013 show in Germany.


THIN WALL PACKAGING 2014 International conference on lightweight plastic tubs, trays, jars, containers and cups for food packaging



May 20-21, 2014 Images courtesy of: Inland Label and Verstraete In Mould Labels

The Westin Chicago North Shore, Chicago, Illinois, USA

FINAL REMINDER – BOOK NOW Organized by: Applied Market Information LLC

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Media supporters:

Amanda Schaeffer – Conference Coordinator Ph: +1 610 478 0800 Fx: +1 610 478 0900

This month’s free brochure downloads Simply click on the brochure cover or link to download a PDF of the full publication

Bandera: extrusion intelligence

Battenfeld-Cincinnati: Multi-Touch

This comprehensive 28-page brochure from Bandera covers the company’s history and current strategy, as well as describing its wide range of extrusion lines, including film, foil and sheet systems.

Multi-Touch The way to perfect sheet

➤ Click here to download

Gloucester: die rebuilds BLOWN FILM DIE


Gloucester Engineering products are legendary for its quality, productivity and durability making them prime candidates for rebuild services. Gloucester Engineering’s robust, cost-effective rebuild program is focused on shorter lead-time and increased performance. Our team of specialists can also refurbish a range of components – even made by other manufacturers. So even if it’s not a Gloucester part, we can repair it so it looks as good as new.




This brochure from Gloucester Engineering covers its blown film die rebuild service, which increases line performance and limits downtime. The company’s specialists can refurbish various components, including those from other manufacturers.

➤ Click here to download

Premix: conductive sheets This white paper from Premix examines the use of electrically conductive plastics in sheet applications. It provides useful design, extrusion and thermoforming tips for maximising material properties.

➤ Click here to download

This eight-page brochure from Battenfeld-Cincinnati covers its latest Multi-Touch roll stacks for sheet extrusion applications. They feature uniform cooling, multiple nips and thin wall roll technology for improved results.

➤ Click here to download

Macchi: barrier film production

COEX flex 5-7-9 ®


This brochure from Macchi covers the company’s COEX flex coextrusion systems for the production of five-, seven- and nine-layer barrier films. The modular blown film lines offer high levels of flexibility and efficiency.

➤ Click here to download

Maguire: gravimetric blenders This interactive product guide covers Maguire’s full range of WSB gravimetric blenders. It explains how the blenders operate and includes technical specifications, key benefits, plus options and accessories.

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Download the programmes for these forthcoming conferences Simply click on the brochure cover or link to download a PDF of the full publication

The Asia Pacific conference on markets and technology for flexible barrier packaging is being held by AMI on 24-26 March 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand. Download the brochure to see the full programme and booking details.

Specialty Packaging Films Asia 2014 Asia Pacific conference on markets and technology of flexible barrier packaging for retail and industrial applications

24-26 March 2014 Swissôtel Nai Lert Park, Bangkok, Thailand Images courtesy of: Bemis Company Inc, Berli Jucker Foods Limited and Jing Jia Zhuang.

SPECIAL OFFER: Save USD300 if you register before 21st February 2014 Organised by: Applied Market Information Ltd.

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Stretch & Shrink Film STRETCH & SHRINK FILM 2014 The business conference & exhibition for the stretch & shrink film industry

Images courtesy of: Norner AS and Electronic System S.p.A.

Specialty Packaging Films Asia


1-3 April 2014 Maritim Hotel, Cologne, Germany * + 19% German VAT

SPECIAL OFFER: Save €150* if you register before 28th February 2014

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Organised by: Applied Market Information Ltd.

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Polymers in Photovoltaics POLYMERS in

Photovoltaics 2014

International technical and market conference on backsheets, encapsulants, adhesives and other polymer components in photovoltaic systems

Polymers in Photovoltaics is AMI’s international technical and market conference on backsheets, encapsulants, adhesives and other polymer components in solar power systems. It’s on 8-10 April 2014 in Cologne, Germany.

Polymer Sourcing & Distribution POLYMER SOURCING German headline sponsor & DISTRIBUTION 2014 programme template A new era for the polymer supply chain Trends and technical developments in the international roofing and geomembrane liner industry

Please create the cover in a separate one page file and drop into this template, so we always have the most up-to-date template (otherwise changes can be made to the template during the time of cover until print which maybe missed)


Marriott Hotel, Maritim Hotel, Hamburg, Germany Cologne, Germany

* + 19% German VAT

SPECIAL S OFFER ER: Save if you register before 20th 2012 SPECIAL OFFER : Save100* 150* if you register before 4thOctober April 2014

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11 1534 or Email:

Fire Retardants in Plastics FIRE RETARDANTS Template IN PLASTICS 2014 Trends and technical developments in the international flame retardant industry

* + 19% German VAT

Images courtesy of: Firestone Building Images courtesy of: Nijhof-Wassink BV andProducts Polykemi AB

SPECIAL OFFER: Save €140* if you register before 7th March 2014 Sponsored by:

The American version of AMI’s conference on fire retardants for plastics is now well established. This will be the fourth annual event in Denver, Colorado, and it boasts another strong programme.

Organised by: Applied Market Information Ltd.

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Connecting with downstream customers

Andel’s Hotel, Berlin, Germany Organised by: Applied Market Information Ltd.

Grand Hyatt Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA

supporter: MediaMedia supporter:

Also sponsored by:

24-26 June 2014

May 13-14, 2014 Images courtesy of: ICL-IP and GBH International

AMI’s ninth conference on polymer sourcing and distribution returns to Hamburg, Germany, on 12-14 May 2014. Download the high-level programme that examines “a new era for the polymer supply chain”.

12-14 May 2014 8-10 November 2013

8-10 April 2014 Maritim Hotel, Cologne, Germany Images courtesy of: Ray Colby of Sundial Solar

Organised by: Applied Market Information Ltd.

AMI’s next international conference for the stretch and shrink industry is being held on 1-3 April 2014 in Cologne, Germany. This well established event attracts a large and influential audience. Find out more by downloading the brochure.

Sponsored by:


AMI’s 21st Masterbatch conference will take place on 24-26 June in Berlin. The impressive speaker line-up boasts experts from throughout the supply chain, including representatives from BMW and Johnson & Johnson.

Media supporter:

SPECIAL OFFER: Save $200 if you register before March 7, 2014 Organized by: Applied Market Information LLC

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Sabine Prack - Senior Conference Organiser Ph: +44(0)117 924 9442 Fax: +44(0)117 311 1534

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To see our full line-up of more than 25 plastics industry events over the next 12 months, please visit

extruder of the month

Palram Head office: Date founded: CEO: Ownership: Turnover 2012: Profile:

Product lines:

Plant locations:

Other information:

Ramat-Yohanan, Israel 1963 Ido Rodoy Public (listed on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 1994) Around $340m Palram has produced extruded thermoplastic sheet for more than 50 years. Its main products, in polycarbonate and PVC, are used across a range of industries, including construction, architecture, agriculture, glazing and fabrication. In 1998, the company established a strategic parnership with Bayer of Germany – which holds a 25% stake in the Palram subsidiary Paltough Industries. These include flat sheet (such as multi-walled polycarbonate and foamed PVC), corrugated sheet (such as Ag-Tuf PVC liner panels for agricultural buildings), speciality products (such as anti-microbial cladding), Sunpal multi-wall polycarbonate cladding, and finished products (such as greenhouses). Palram produces far beyond its original base in Israel. It now also makes polycarbonate and PVC sheet in the UK (Doncaster and Durham) and US (Allentown, Pennsylvania), as well as making polycarbonate sheet in Germany (Schoenbeck) and China. The company recently invested in a co-extrusion system from KraussMaffei Berstorff, to make PVC sheet in Israel. The line can be used to make transparent, free-foamed and co-extruded multi-layer PVC sheet.

To be considered for ‘Extruder of the Month’, contact the editor on

Forthcoming features The next issues of Film and Sheet Extrusion magazine will have special reports on the following topics:

April 2014 Flat die developments Agricultural films R-PET sheet extrusion Interpack 2014 preview

May 2014 Waterproof membranes Thin-wall packaging Materials handling Film winders

Editorial submissions should be sent to Lou Reade: For information on advertising in these issues, please contact Claire Bishop: Tel: +44 (0)20 8686 8139

Catch up on our recent issues for FREE Simply click on the cover to see the full magazine, or download the issue in the relevant Apple or Android app Film and Sheet - Jan/Feb The latest issue of Film and Sheet Extrusion looks at film recycling, including how supercritical CO2 is being used in packaging recovery. Plus, the latest bioplastics introductions and a review of new renewable filler materials sourced from sea shells, paper and grain. ➤ Click here to view

Compounding World - March The March edition of Compounding World takes a look at the latest research into natural fibre reinforcements and compounding of high performance biopolymers. It also reviews additives for PET and new developments in twin screw compounding extruders.

Film and Sheet – Nov/Dec Film and Sheet Extrusion’s November/December edition has special features on K show highlights, melt filtration technology, masterbatch developments, new bagmaking equipment, plus European market trends. ➤ Click here to view

Compounding World - February Compounding World’s February edition includes special features on nanocomposites, thermally-conductive compounds, additives for polyolefins, materials handling systems, and long-fibre thermoplastics. ➤ Click here to view

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Pipe and Profile – Jan/Feb The January/February issue of Pipe and Profile Extrusion analyses opportunities in India’s growing plastics market. Plus it contains special features on new developments in PVC stabilizers, melt filtration systems, and high-performance polymers and composites. ➤ Click here to view

Injection World – March Injection World’s March issue is overflowing with information on bioplastics, materials handling systems, thin wall moulding, and Indian market trends. Plus there are useful tips on melt preparation and weld lines. ➤ Click here to view

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dates for your diary

Global exhibition guide 26-27 March 7-10 April 9-10 April 15-16 April 23-26 April 8-14 May 13-16 May 27-30 May 16-22 June 17-20 June 18-19 June 19-22 June 17-19 July 3-6 September 29 Sept-3 Oct 30 Sept-2 Oct 30 Sept-3 Oct 14-18 October 28 Oct-1 Nov 2-5 November 18-21 November 19-20 November

Plastec New England, Boston, MA, USA Plastivision Arabia, Sharjah, UAE Plastteknik, Malmö, Sweden Plastec South, Charlotte, NC, USA Chinaplas, Shanghai, China Interpack, Düsseldorf, Germany Ausplas, Sydney, Australia Plastpol, Kielce, Poland Argenplas, Buenos Aires, Argentina FIP Solution Plastique, Lyon, France PDM & PRE, Telford, UK Interplas Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand Plastic Technology Expo, Bangkok, Thailand Indoplas, Jakarta, Indonesia Plastex, Brno, Czech Republic Interplas, Birmingham, UK Equiplast, Barcelona, Spain Fakuma, Friedrichshafen, Germany IPF, Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, Japan Pack Expo, Chicago, IL, USA Plastimagen, Mexico City, Mexico Expoplast, Montreal, Canada

AMI conferences for film & sheet extruders 24-26 March 2014 1-3 April 2014 8-10 April 2014 12-14 May 2014 20-21 May 2014 24-25 June 2014 15-17 Sept 2014 14-15 October 2014 14-16 October 2014 28-30 October 2014

Specialty Packaging Films Asia, Bangkok, Thailand Stretch & Shrink Film, Cologne, Germany Polymers in Photovoltaics, Cologne, Germany Polymer Sourcing & Distribution, Hamburg, Germany Thin Wall Packaging, Chicago, USA Multilayer Packaging Films, Chicago, USA Agricultural Film, Barcelona, Spain Barrier Pharma Packaging, Princeton, USA Multilayer Packaging Films, Cologne, Germany Polyolefin Additives, Cologne, Germany

For information on all these events and other conferences on film, sheet, pipe and packaging applications, see

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