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05 Industry news European Parliament backs draft bag ban; Taghleef buys Derprosa; Simona acquires second sheet producer in US; Treofan adds electronics division; UPM expands in Asia

13 Tidying up Better recycling techniques and greater use of biodegradable film is helping to reduce


the effect of agricultural film on the environment. Lou Reade reports

17 Second time around Recycling of PET is become ever more sophisticated, and widespread. Lou Reade reports

23 On the blocks PAGE 23

Designing, or redesigning, of flat dies can boost precision and output. Lou Reade reports

29 Show preview: Interpack 2014 We preview the latest edition of Interpack, which is hoping to welcome more than 165,000 visitors to Dusseldorf during early May


39 Europe’s machine makers back on track Plastics and rubber machinery makers have bounced back from the global recession, according to Euromap. Chris Smith reports

45 Technology: Materials


46 Technology: Machinery 50 Extruder of the month: Arnon Plastic Industries 52 Dates for your diary

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The Maguire Gravimetric Blenders…





Production increase for SBC

Europe may halve use of plastic bags by 2017 The European Parliament has

include obligatory European

TSRC Dexco has begun to

approved draft legislation that

reduction targets and a

produce its Vector styrene

could see the use of conven-

requirement that plastic bags

block copolymer (SBC) at a

tional plastic bags slashed in

come at a cost,” said Margrete

new 25,000 tonnes/year


Auken, a Danish MEP who

plant in Nantong, China. The product, a styrene-

represents the Greens.

The legislation, backed by a

The Parliament estimates

majority vote of Members of the

isoprene-styrene (SIS)

European Parliament (MEPs)

that every EU citizen used 198

block copolymer, claims to

on 16 April, targets bags that

plastic carrier bags in 2010, of

have higher purity,

are thinner than 50 microns

which 90% were ‘lightweight’.

consistency and perfor-

– which are less likely to be

Producers of compostable

mance than conventional

re-used than thicker bags, say

plastics have welcomed the




The products are used in

“This ruling is a historical

If the draft legislation

a range of applications

becomes law, the use of these

including polymer modifica-

bags will be cut by 50% by

tion, photopolymer plates,

2017, and by 80% by 2019

that plastic bags used to wrap

the first time, introduced a

elastic film and baby

(compared to 2010 levels).

foods such as fruit, vegetables

regulatory model aimed at


Member states could use

and confectionery should be

minimising the production of

measures such as taxes,

replaced by 2019 by carrier bags

waste,” said Catia Bastioli,

Asian SIS customers

levies, marketing restrictions

made of recycled paper or biode-

CEO of Novamont, the Italian

greater access to this

or bans to stop shops giving

gradable and compostable bags.

bioplastics producer. “At the

state-of-the-art polymer,

out plastic bags for free,

which allows them to

except for very light ones used

strengthen draft EU rules

models that mimic biological

optimize their adhesives

to wrap loose foods such as

aimed at reducing plastic bag

systems and keep the

formulations, produce

raw meat, fish and dairy

use and waste, notably to

resources used in circulation.”

The new plant will allow

turning point because the

products. The plan also recommends

“MEPs have voted to

European Parliament has, for

same time, it incentivises

consistent, high-performing elastic films and participate in the global market, says the company. TSRC is focused on

European sheet out of the dip

meeting the needs of its

The European sheet extrusion market has

customers by producing a

largely recovered from the dip it experienced in

consumption for sheet has since risen by around

diverse and innovative SBS,

2008 and 2009.

4%, to nearly 4 million tonnes. The figures are

SIS and SEBS product portfolio to serve a growing Poland 7%

number of uses, including polymer modification,

Benelux 7%

Other Western Europe 9%

specialty applications, and adhesives. The company is planning

France 10%

Germany 22%

UK 10%

another SIS plant in Taiwan, to start up in 2016 through a joint venture with Chinese Petroleum Corporation (CPC).


Nordic countries 4% Other Central Europe 7%

Italy 16% Spain 8%

A report from AMI says that material

revealed in the latest edition of its Sheet extruders in Europe report. PET has gained market share, driven mainly by the growing use of recycled material. However, the market is still dominated by polystyrene: AMI found that 304 of Europe’s 735 sheet manufacturing plants are processing PS, compared with 143 processing PET. For more details of the report, contact Regine Futter ( on +44 117 9249442.




UPM boost in Asia Pacific

Taghleef buys Spanish flexpack manufacturer

UPM Raflatac plans to

Dubai-based film producer

increase production capacity

Taghleef Industries (TI) is to

in Asia Pacific by investing

become the new owner of

€14 million in its facilities in

Derprosa Film, a Spanish

China and Malaysia.

flexible packaging manufac-

The company will build a new coating line at its

turer. Taghleef will buy the

self-adhesive labelstock

company from 3i Group, Baring

factory in Changshu, China,

and other minority sharehold-

as well as making machin-


ery upgrades there and at its factory in Malaysia. The company estimates

The transaction is subject to the customary completion conditions and is expected to

that the machinery invest-

close by the end of April 2014.

Taghleef has expanded in Europe, buying a Spanish company

ments will add more than

Taghleef says that Derprosa is

and upgrading this its BOPP line in Hungary

50% to its coating capacity in

a leading supplier of speciality

the region.

films for graphic arts applica-

Derprosa had developed and

“We are investing to

tions for luxury packaging and

launched more than 14

expand our manufacturing

of films for flexible packaging

products in the last four years,

in advanced technology and

platforms in Changshu,

converters in Spain.

with more in the pipeline.

manufacturing capabilities

China and Johor Bahru,

“Once part of TI, Derprosa

At the same time, Taghleef

producer, says the company. “Our continuous investment

further demonstrate our

Malaysia,” said Tapio

Film will have access to

will boost five-layer BOPP film

commitment to support our

Kolunsarka, executive vice

resources deployed on all

capacity in Europe with an

growing European customer

president of UPM Raflatac.

continents and will be able to

expansion at its Hungarian

base,” said Valerio Garzitto,

“These investments will give

accelerate the penetration of a

manufacturing plant.

CEO of TI Europe.

us the needed capacity for

set of very innovative technolo-

continued growth, and take

gies,” said Detlef Schuhmann,

BOPP line, will increase TI’s

upgraded line is scheduled on

our capabilities and quality

CEO of TI Group.

European capacity to 60,000

1 June 2014.

tonnes/year of five-layer film

❙ ❙

to the next level.”


Maite Ballester, managing director of 3i Spain, said that

The upgrade, to an 8.2m

– making it Europe’s leading

The start-up of the

Treofan creates new electronics division Treofan continues to press

BOPP film manufacturer

structures and processes

Treofan has created a new

around customers’ needs and

ahead with its structural

business unit for electronics.

wishes,” said Peter Vanacker,

transition from product-orient-

CEO of Raunheim, Germany-

ed to industry-oriented

managed its capacitor film

based Treofan. “We’ve

processes. It has recently

business and its TreoPore

combined our expertise in the

created separate business

microporous separator films

area of technical films into a

units for packaging films,

separately. The two will now be

single business unit, which will

labelling films, and tobacco

combined in a single Electron-

enable us to work even more

films, which are headed by Yvo

ics Business Unit.

intensively on developing

van Vliet, executive vice

innovative solutions together

president of commercial

Until now, the company has

“This consolidation is another step forward in our

with our partners in the


Vanacker: This is another step

realignment of internal

electronics industry.”


in our realignment



Sheet extrusion lines in perfection Sheet extrusion lines from KraussMaffei Berstorff process a wide range of materials and deliver perfect product quality with minimum energy consumption. In addition to our turnkey extrusion lines, we are a reliable and innovative partner who has more to offer: We will support you in product development and process optimization, and supply you with customized solutions ranging from lab and pilot lines up to high throughput production system with superior product quality. The following options are available for your process: – Single-screw and twin-screw extruders to run pellets, regrind, powder and liquids – In-line compounding for high filler content or abrasive additives – Throughput range from 60 – 6.000 kg/h – Polishing stacks for thicknesses ranging from 0.05 to 60 mm and widths from 600 to 6.000 mm – Options for lamination, coating and fabric reinforcement – Downstream equipment for winding, cutting and stacking the finished sheets


Simona acquires second US sheet manufacturer

Oxea to increase output

Simona of Germany is to make

Laminations,” said Wolfgang

Oxea is to increase European

its second acquisition in North

Moyses, CEO of Simona. “The

capacity of its Oxsoft GPO

America, buying Ohio-based

three companies within the

DOTP plasticisers by 50,000

sheet manufacturer Boltaron.

Simona America Group

tonnes/year. It has signed an

The purchase price has not

command a significant share

agreement with a third party

been disclosed.

of their respective target

to establish a joint production


of DOTP by the end of 2015.

Boltaron makes thermoplastic sheet products for

“Collectively, we are able to

“The European market

components used in aircraft

cover the entire market for

for phthalate-free plasticis-

and mass-transit vehicle

engineering plastics, from

ers is growing rapidly,” said

interiors, as well as applica-

high-volume commodity

Oxea’s project leader,

tions in the construction,

grades to high-performance

Christian Boehmer.

chemical process and

products used in areas such as

The company has also

semiconductor industries. Its

Moyses: “The companies

manufacturing facility includes

within Simona America have a

extrusion, calendering and

significant share of their

rently CEO and principal owner

with two new bio-based

press laminating.

target markets”

of Boltaron – will become CEO

products. Oxblue DOSX

of the new Simona America

(dioctyl succinate) and


Oxblue ATBC (acetyl tributyl

The company employs 90 people and generates annual

Pennsylvania sheet extruder

sales of around US$30 million.

Laminations Inc.

The acquisition fits with

the aerospace industry.” Lawrence Schorr – cur-

“ Boltaron COO Dean Li

expanded its range of phthalate-free plasticisers

citrate) are aimed at

becomes its president. Michael

applications such as food

Simona’s strategy of making

strategy vigorously over

Lynch becomes president of

cling wraps. Both are

targeted acquisitions in the US

several years due to the

both Simona America and

commercially available in

plastics market. Earlier this

strategic fit of Boltaron with


Europe and North America.

year, Simona America bought

both Simona America and



“We have pursued this

New line to double capacity US-based Pregis has made a “multi-million dollar investment”

62,000 sq ft facility located across the street. “Demand continues to increase for our

for a custom-built converting line at

protective packaging materials and sys-

its manufacturing plant in Plym-

tems,” said Kevin Baudhuin, president and

outh, Indiana.

CEO of Pregis. “By increasing our HC film

The equipment will be used to

output and moving our equipment centre to a

make low density polyethylene (LDPE)

larger facility, we will be better able to

hybrid cushioning (HC) film used by its

service growing customer requirements.”

AirSpeed Versa brand of protective

The new facility provides extra space to

packaging equipment. The line is

configure custom protective packaging

expected to be operational by the end of

systems. For example, Pregis often engi-

Q3 this year, and will double production capacity. At the same time, Pregis will move its Systems Equipment Centre into a

neers custom overhead systems, which deliver on-demand protective packaging to packing stations. ● Private equity firm Olympus Partners is to acquire Pregis for an undisclosed amount


Pregis will make its hybrid cushioning film on a

from AEA Investors.

new custom-built converting line in Plymouth, Indiana



AMI’s Directory



AMI’s Directory

BSH BOSCH UND SIEMENS HAUSGERÄTE GmbH Robert-Bosch-Str. 100 89537 Giengen Tel: 07322 92 0 Website: Contact: Herr S. Gaschler, Leiter Extrusion Parent company: BSH Bosch & Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, Germany (50/50 Robert Bosch GmbH Stuttgart/Siemens AG München) ISO Registration:ISO 9001v2008 Processes operated: Co-Extrusion Polymers processed: PS, ABS Sheets manufactured: Co-Extruded Minimum Gauge: 3.5 Maximum Gauge: 5.19 Minimum Width: 500 Maximum Width: 1600 Markets served: White Goods, Fridges; Freezers.


PLASTICS PROCESSING SERIES France AIRFORME S.A.S. Route des Soings 41230 Mur-de-Sologne Tel: 02 54 83 88 20 Fax: 02 54 83 91 81 Email: Website: Contact: M. A. Pointaillier, Président Directeur Général Parent company: Groupe Picard Novopac, France Processes operated: Extrusion, Thermoforming Polymers processed: PS, PP, APET. Sheets manufactured: Plain Minimum Gauge: 0.10 Maximum Gauge: 2 Minimum Width: 250 Maximum Width: 1000 Markets served: Automotive, Sports/Leisure, White Goods, Bakery/Confectionery, Cups/Lidding, Meat/Fish, Yellow Fat, Fast Food, Chilled, Frozen Food, Ovenable, Retail/PoS, Medical/Pharma, Protective packaging ALGOPLAST S.a.r.l. Route de Craon 53350 Ballots Tel: 02 43 06 91 80 Fax: 02 43 06 91 78 Email: Website: Contact: M. H. Gorius, Gérant Parent company: Privately Owned Processes operated: Co-Extrusion Polymers processed: PS, ABS, HDPE, PP, Recycled materials Sheets manufactured: Co-Extruded, Plain Minimum Gauge: 0.25 Maximum Gauge: 6 Minimum Width: 400 Maximum Width: 1450 Markets served: Display/POS, Retail/PoS, Protective packaging, Packaging for Glasses. ALKOR DRAKA S.A.S. 75 Rue Pasteur 60140 Liancourt Cedex Tel: 03 44 69 12 90 Fax: 03 44 73 50 01 Email: Website: Contact: M. J. Oliveira, Président Directeur Général

BUERGOFOL GmbH Jahnstr 10-14 Parent company: Vulcan Group, 93354Brazil Siegenburg ISO Registration:ISO 9001Tel: 09444 9791 110 Processes operated: Calendering Fax: 09444 9791 55 Polymers processed: PVCEmail: Website:Plain Sheets manufactured: Laminated, Contact: Herr G. Schleicher, Minimum Gauge: 6.49 Geschäftsführer Maximum Gauge: 2 Parent company: Buergofol GmbH, Minimum Width: 500 Germany (Privately Owned) Maximum Width: 2400 ISO Registration:ISO 9001 Markets served: Glazing, Lighting, Processes operated: Co-Extrusion, Membrane, Display/POS, Panelling, Thermoforming Stationery, Geomembranes., Movie Screening; Swimming Pools.Polymers processed: LDPE, HDPE, PET, PETG, APET; EVOH. Sheets manufactured: Coated, Flame ALPHAFORM SAS Retardant, Laminated, Foamed, Co291 Route des Pierrelles Extruded 26240 Beausemblant Minimum Gauge: 7.00 Tel: 04 75 03 79 00 Maximum Gauge: 0.80 Fax: 04 75 03 14 99 Email: Minimum Width: 180 Website: Maximum Width: 1320 Contact: M. P. Gautier, Directeur Markets served: Bakery/Confectionery, Général Meat/Fish, Produce, Chilled, Protective Parent company: Groupe Guillin S.A., Ready Meal Trays., Blister packaging, France Packaging; Packaging for Technical ISO Registration:ISO 9001v2000 Parts., Medical Products (non-packaging); Processes operated: Extrusion, Pet Food Packaging; Chemical Industry. Thermoforming Polymers processed: PS, PP Sheets manufactured: Plain Minimum Gauge: 0.20 Maximum Gauge: 1 Minimum Width: 300 Maximum Width: 800 Markets served: Cups/Lidding, Meat/Fish, Produce, Fast Food, Ambient, Chilled, Ovenable, Disposable Plates; Trays; Boxes & Lids; Punnet Trays.

BURDACK KUNSTSTOFFE GmbH Sonsbeckerstr. 12B 40547 Düsseldorf Tel: 02115 7 6000/4449 Fax: 02115 8 9848 Contact: Herr B. Burdack, Geschäftsführer Parent company: Privately Owned ISO Registration:ISO 9001 Processes operated: Extrusion, Pressed Polymers processed: PS, PP, PVC, UHMWPE, PA; PE500; PE1000. Sheets manufactured: Plain Markets served: Aerospace, Food Preparation Surfaces.

Polymers processed

CARLISLE CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS GmbH Eisenacher Landstr. 70 99880 Waltershausen Tel: 04078 8933 0 Fax: 04078 8933 101 Email: Website: Contact: Herr G. Ellegast, Geschäftsführer (based in Hamburg) Parent company: Carlisle Group, USA (via PDT Group, Germany) Processes operated: Extrusion Polymers processed: TPE; EPDM. Sheets manufactured: Cross Linked Markets served: Membrane, Waterproofing Membranes (Roofing, Façade, Ground).

Addresses & contacts

CENTROPLAST ENGINEERING PLASTICS GmbH Unterm Ohmberg 1 34431 Marsberg Tel: 02992 9704 0 Fax: 02992 9704 30 Email: Website: Contact: Herr U. Terbrüggen, Geschäftsführer Parent company: Centrotec Sustainable AG, Germany ISO Registration:ISO 9001v2008 Processes operated: Extrusion Polymers processed: PS, ABS, HDPE, PP, PA; POM; PVDF; PPE; PTFE; PEEK. Sheets manufactured: Plain Minimum Gauge: 0.30 Maximum Gauge: 100 Minimum Width: 500 Maximum Width: 1000

Type and size of sheets manufactured


ALTUGLAS INTERNATIONAL S.A. Entrée Sud B.P. 90229 57506 Saint Avold Cedex Tel: 03 87 81 88 00 Fax: 03 87 91 09 92 Email: Website: Contact: M. G. Nommer, Directeur de Site Parent company: Arkema Group, France ISO Registration:ISO 9001v2008 Processes operated: Liquid Cell Casting Polymers processed: PMMA Sheets manufactured: Plain

Available as a fully searchable database


What will you find in this directory?

Nearly 4 million tonnes of polymer were processed by sheet extruders in 2013

AMI’s Directory




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W&H opens in China Windmöller & Hölscher (W&H) officially

include die-head service and on site

opens its new Chinese subsidiary during

training for customers, according to the



The company, Windmoeller &

Staff from Johs. Rieckermann, which

Hoelscher Machinery (Taicang), opened

was previously W&H’s agency in China,

for business on 1 January and is located

have been taken on by the new W&H

in Taicang, around 30 miles from the

subsidiary to ensure continuity. Staff at

centre of Shanghai.

the new company include Jinghui Dai

The company will handle new

(general manager), Klaus Meyer (sales

machinery sales as well as service and

manager) and George Yang (service

replacement parts for W&H products.


Future services for Chinese customers


Metallocene resins make five-layer stretch films XinLe HuaBao Plastic Machinery is using

that meet customer needs,” said Ma

ExxonMobil Chemical’s metallocene

Guoliang, general manager of XinLe.

polyethylene (mPE) resins and Vistamaxx

“Fast line speed and high output are

PBE to produce cast power pre-stretch

possible for low unit costs.”

film during Chinaplas. The five-layer technology produces 15

The line is designed for speeds of up to 650m/minute and an extrusion capacity

micron cast stretch films with excellent

up to 1700kg/hour. The automated line

optical properties, according to the

offers advantages including high output,


and low labour cost and energy use. It

“The combination of ExxonMobil

produces film in widths of 1500mm-

Chemical’s polymers and our machinery


allows us to develop cast stretch films




Agricultural plastics | materials feature

Better recycling techniques and greater use of biodegradable film is helping to reduce the effect of agricultural film on the environment. Lou Reade reports

Tidying up Scraps of plastic film caught in trees and on fences is a potent image of the modern countryside. As the use of

Novamont has launched

agricultural plastics increases, so does the prospect of

its first

this kind of ‘littering’. But huge efforts are underway to


overcome the traditional difficulty of collecting and

mulch film

reprocessing agricultural film. Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen (IK), the German plastic packaging association, is overseeing a national project to recover agricultural plastics. Together with waste disposal specialist RIGK, it has founded Erntekunststoffe Recycling Deutschland (ERDE), a nationwide recovery system. The system will support the recovery of silage stretch films, net replacement films, underlay films and silo hoses. Additional funding will come from the scheme’s member companies: Biofol Film, BSK & Lakufol Kunststoffe, Manuli Stretch Deutschland, Polifilm Extrusion, RKW SE and Trioplast Vertriebs. Jürgen Bruder, managing director of ERDE, said: “Every year, several 10,000 tonnes of various synthetic material products are used in German agriculture. In such a nature-related sector, plastics should have as little impact as possible on the environment after their use. We support sustainable agriculture.” The system is open for others – whether manufacturers, traders or consumers – to get involved. Supply agencies and farmers can hand in their used films at a number of collection points. This collection is funded by ERDE members. The effort of collecting stretch films is high, so customers receive a bonus for returning the used films – which can be redeemed on their next purchase.

Soiled and reused Initiatives like this are becoming more common, as more sophisticated recycling machinery allows soiled products like agricultural film to be reprocessed. Soreplastic of Belgium, for example, is using equipment from Lindner and Erema to create recycled granulate from agricultural film. It uses a customised Power Universo 2800



materials feature | Agricultural plastics

silage,” he said. “One need only think of the enormous areas of film used to cover fields of asparagus.” The films are heavily soiled by loam, plant residues and manure, he says, which clings to the film and becomes hard to wash off. “Asparagus films are generally rolled up and reused once or twice. But then they are so badly damaged that they have to be changed,” he said. Herbold begins with coarse grinding of the material, followed by several washings. Finally, the material is separated by centrifugal force in a hydro cyclone, then thickened in an agglomerator so that a free-flowing granulate comes out at the end.

Compostable film Agricultural

shaft shredder from Lindner Resource and a 1716

Biodegradable film is also helping to reduce the effect

film is being

TVEplus recycling extrusion line from Erema to convert

on the landscape, as – under the right conditions – it


the film into granulate. Recycling of contaminated

will biodegrade when the land is lying fallow.

recovered and

agricultural film is difficult because the material is hard


to shred, separate and clean, though plastics like LDPE

Mater-Bi biodegradable films, developing a grade for

and LLDPE are in demand.

agricultural mulch film for the first time. The transpar-

Novamont of Italy, has extended its range of

“High throughput, low sensitivity to impurities, low

ent film will biodegrade in the soil. Until now, Novamont

wear costs and constant high quality of the final product

has decided against marketing such a product, because

were our main criteria,” said Vincent Sciascia, manag-

it did not previously have any natural, biodegradable UV

ing director of Soreplastic.

stabilisers. The UV stabilisers are needed to ensure that

Following the separator-based and manual removal

the product has a long enough lifespan in the field.

of coarse debris, a belt conveyor feeds the material into

“We did not consider it sustainable to use the same

the Power Universo 2800 – a slow-running, single-shaft

additives as non-biodegradable mulching film because

shredder with a throughput capacity of 3-8 tonnes/hour

this would have left deposits in the soil after the film

depending on the type of film being processed.

had biodegraded, presenting a risk of accumulation,”

The plant gives Soreplastic the capacity to recycle around 20,000 tonnes of input material per year. “Our standard portfolio ranges from LDPE through LLDPE to customer-specific blends,” said Sciascia. “This makes us the only recycler capable of offering

said the company. Novamont has now developed a UV stabiliser derived from natural substances, which biodegrades completely in the soil. At the same time, Biotec has launched its Bioplast

high-quality LLDPE from washed agricultural stretch

500 film grade, which has a bio-based carbon share of

films for film blowing applications.”

more than 50%. “The challenges to tackle were significant,” said

Great effort

Harald Schmidt, CEO of Biotec. “Processability and

Herbold Meckesheim of Germany is another company

mechanical properties were key factors.”

that is seeing more activity in the recycling of agricultural film – despite the inherent difficulty. “The effort and expense required for recycling are

Bioplast 500 can also be used to make film as thin as 18 microns, he added. The material, which took three years to develop, is

much greater,” said Heiko Weber, head of project

designed for blown film extrusion for applications

management at the company. “But that is where we see

including agricultural film.

greater opportunities. A lot of firms can do basic recycling, but not many have mastered sophisticated

Click on the links for more information:

recycling as well as we have. If materials are heavily

❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙

soiled, it is more difficult.” The company develops plant and machinery for reprocessing plastic waste. “Films for agricultural use represent a growth sector, for covering large areas such as fields or 14


new Bandera Agrifuturefilm line Largest sizes and multi layer. High quality production has never been so easy.

Discover it

R-PET sheet | materials feature

Second time around

PET is probably the most widely recycled plastic on the planet, due to the relative ease of the process – from the many collection schemes that exist to the physical process of washing and re-granulating PET, then turning it back into useful products. The every-growing need for PET products, such as

Recycling of PET is becoming ever more sophisticated – and widespread. Lou Reade reports

thermoformed sheet, has led to a huge demand for recycled PET (R-PET). PET resin and sheet manufacturer Octal will begin commercial production of R-PET in the US later this

turnaround delivery options in North America,” said

year. The company, based in Oman, will open an

The plant is sized for future capacity enhancement,

extrusion facility in Cincinnati that will focus on

and Octal expects to double its output 18 months after

recycling PET sheet flake from its customers and other


manufacturers. Its product line will include products

PolyAd Services, which BASF recently sold to Edgewater Capital Partners, offers a number of


additives that can help improve recyclate formulations. which is designed to rebuild the molecular weight of

officer of Octal. “Keeping the DPET flake stream pure,

R-PET in order to increase mechanical properties. The

for reprocessing into an ultra high quality product, is the

grades will also be suitable for food contact applications.

The Cincinnati site was selected for its centralised customer destinations.

damage during reprocessing. Molecular weight can be


PET is the most highly recycled polymer, but its – falls drastically due to hydrolysis and oxidative

ers’ stated need for flake reprocessing and quick


molecular weight – reflected in its intrinsic viscosity (IV)

location in relation to the raw material inflows and “This plant is our proactive response to our custom-

silver award at

This includes its PolyAd PET Recycle System additive,

North America,” said Joe Barenberg, chief operating

natural next step in developing the our business here.”

ogy won it a the 2012 DuPont

with both post-industrial and post-consumer flake “Octal ships significant volumes of its DPET sheet to

Microgreen’s R-PET technol-


raised by solid state condensation, carried out in dryers under high vacuum and temperature, but the company April 2014 | FILM & SHEET EXTRUSION


materials feature | R-PET sheet

R-PET plant is our proactive response to the need for flake reprocessing in North America

Octal CEO Joe Barenberg

says this requires expensive equipment and is timeconsuming. Its system is added to the PET during extrusion, and helps to recover IV in minutes rather than hours, it says.

ing to optimal storage of the packaged fruit. The punnet/lid and clamshell can also be used with other fruits and vegetables. “Innovation, environmental sustainability and customer service are the guidelines of our actions,” said Roberto Zanichelli, Ilip marketing manager. “The new products are proof of this. The use of materials such as R-PET is an important added value for our partners, because it allows them to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and improve environmental sustainability.”

Inline expansion Kobusch UK has installed an R-PET inline sheet line at its plant in Stanley. A Vacurema recycling plant from Erema is the central element of the expansion, while the main extrusion equipment is supplied by SML Maschinen of Austria. The new plant enables Kobusch UK to produce 100% food grade R-PET cast films.

Fresh approach

Tony Mitchell, director of sales at Kobusch UK,

Italy-based Ilip has developed two thermoformed

explains: “We intend to continue running the existing

products for fresh produce, which incorporate R-PET.

extrusion division in Stanley to achieve our expansion

The B43 heat-sealable salad bowl is designed for

target. The new Erema plant, with the next-generation

ready-to-eat salads, and is made of 80% recycled PET. It

SML equipment, will enable us to increase the propor-

is available in a range of heights, from 48 to 113mm,

tion of post-consumer waste material in our R-PET

and has the same diameter as those currently on the

products even further, without compromising quality

market – meaning that the same heat-sealing tools can

and purity during the thermoforming process.”

be used. At the same time, it has developed three new

The company says that the technology in the new extrusion plant has highly efficient decontamination

products for paraguayo peaches: a punnet/lid (B44), a

performance. Food-grade R-PET monolayer film can be

clamshell (SETB44) – both made of recycled PET – and

produced directly from PET bottle flakes, making it

a full range of fruit nest trays.

possible to dispense with the surface layer of virgin PET

Thanks to a closure system with four symmetrical

used in conventional ABA multilayer films. Another

buttons, the B44 basket can be used as its own lid,

advantage is that cast film is produced directly, with no

allowing the client to create a range of combinations

need for an intermediate granulate stage.

from the lidded basket to a simple flow-pack packaging.

Kobusch UK has other locations in the UK. It has an

The design also allows for optimal ventilation on four

inline sheet plant with direct, one-stage processing

sides, reducing any condensation effects and contribut-

capability in Livingston, which processes post-consum-


Available on the web and as Apple iOS and Android Apps for tablets and smartphones. And it is available free.


5 layer POD film coextrusion line. A technology


here to stay.


materials feature | R-PET sheet

its cup and lid line later this year. The technology used to create the cup could be applied to other markets, ranging from building construction and electronics to transportation, says the company. Its technology won it a silver award in the 2012 DuPont packaging awards. The company used carbon dioxide to thermoform recycled PET plastic rolls into inherently insulating trays and cups. The CPET trays and the cold party cups are 45% lighter than their solid plastic counterparts, as well as being at least 60% less dense – resulting in lower thermal conductivity. This allows consumers to handle CPET trays straight from the oven – without being burnt – or to keep the beverage in their cups cold.

Country debuts Flight Plastics has set up New Zealand’s first plant to make RPET food packaging, according to a report on Kobusch UK’s

er PET bottle flakes and Kobusch’s own production

R-PET sheet

waste. The resulting material is fed directly into the

line includes a

adjacent cast film line with a throughput of around

Bandera equipment to help it make plastic food trays


1,000kg/h to produce food-grade R-PET film, for making

from 85% recycled PET.

recycling plant

thermoformed PET trays. A larger, more advanced line

from Erema

at the Stanley site has a maximum possible throughput

tonnes/year of PET. Any PET that is collected and

and extrusion

of 1,400kg/h.

recycled is sent abroad, where it is reprocessed in wash

equipment from SML

local news channel 3 News. The company, based in Wellington, has invested in

It says that New Zealand consumes around 17,000

plants. This is the type of material that Flight will use in

Cups looking up US-based Microgreen has boosted production of its

its plant. “It’s one step forward, but a better step forward is to

InCycle cup after an investment from Native American

be re-running packaging that’s come from a New


Zealand recycling source through a wash plant in New

Funds from the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde and the Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians will pay for a $10m expansion programme, enabling the company to raise daily production of its R-PET cup from 400,000 to 2m. At the same time, the company will begin to extrude

Zealand,” according to Derek Lander, director of the company. Flight has a sister company based in Romsey, UK, which is already running a similar operation. And, in another country first, Starlinger of Austria

post-consumer R-PET together with all in-plant

has supplied the equipment for the first complete PET

generated trim, eliminating waste from its current

recycling project in Uzbekistan.

operations. “This expansion has been in the works for several

Tashkent-based recycler Geleon Link is using a Starlinger Recostar PET 125 HC iV+ recycling line

years, ramping up technology developed at University of

(including Viscostar 120 SSP unit) to process post-con-

Washington to full production,” said Tom Malone, CEO

sumer washed and dried PET bottle flakes. The line has

of Microgreen. “Production is running 24/7 on our

an output capacity of around 8,000 tonnes/year. The

existing lines, while we’re also managing the construc-

resultant food-grade R-PET is destined mainly for the

tion site and training new employees.”

domestic market.

The expansion is expected to create around 100 new jobs at the company, which is based in Arlington,

Click on the links for more information:

Washington. The company’s major customers include

❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙

Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, Virgin America and United Airlines. Microgreen’s insulating hot cup is created in recycled PET, primarily from soft drink and water bottles. The company offers both hot and cold InCycle cups to airlines and food service outlets, with plans to expand 20


Your needs. Our know-how. “High barrier film extrusion solutions� We understand the challenges involved to select the right extrusion system and film structure that best suit your packaging goals. This is why Macro provides more than just machinery; we supply technology. Whether the right system is a blown, cast, coating, lamination, or biax extrusion system, we can help. Our systems coextrude any barrier material to create multilayer structures up to 11 layers. Macro has the extrusion technology and processing expertise to provide the extrusion solution you need to create the high barrier food packaging film your customers demand.

Visit or call +1(905) 507-9000

Flat dies | machinery feature

Designing, or redesigning, of flat dies can boost precision and output. Lou Reade reports

Changing the interior geometry of a flat die can have a dramatic effect on the end product. By redesigning – or developing a completely new geometry – film and sheet extruders see benefits including more accurate layer

On the blocks

distribution and reduced material wastage. Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries has developed

machined from hardened stainless steel. It is designed

Tuning inserts

tuning inserts for its Ultraflow I feed block, which can

to generate a corrective layer profile for a polymer with

for Nordson

be adjusted during co-extrusion to help film and sheet

specific flow properties. The flow-adjusting component

EDI’s Ultraflow

extruders cut downtime and material waste.

of Nordson EDI’s tuning insert consists of 10 segments:

I feedblock cut

The tuning inserts are used while permanent flow

downtime and

each can be adjusted to reduce or increase layer

inserts are prepared, and will also help achieve greater

thickness. Once achieved, this can be used to make a

precision in the ultimate thickness profiles of each layer

permanent insert.

material waste

across the width of the die, says the company. “The new tuning inserts help processors maximise run

Internal deckle

time and minimise waste – during the week or more that

At K2013, the company introduced a new generation of

is required to design and machine permanent inserts,”

its Contour cast film die. It has an internal deckle,

said Sam Iuliano, chief technologist at the company.

allowing extruders to balance speed and precision

The tuning inserts can be fine-tuned ‘on the fly’, making it possible to do several iterations – making small

without incurring downtime for changing product width. The company claims two major advantages of the

additional changes very quickly, and refining the geom-

Contour die over traditional dies with ‘coathanger’

etry with precision before machining a permanent insert.

manifolds: less time is needed to achieve on-spec

“This process eliminates the need to do several

product and to purge between product runs; and there

‘re-cuts’ of the permanent insert before arriving at the

is up to 25% improvement in cross-directional product

target layer profile,” he added.

uniformity, as well as a reduction in gel formation.

A feedblock is used to shape molten polymer – from

The latest version retains these advantages while

two or more extruders – into layers in a sandwich

saving up to two days of downtime for width changes

structure, which is then distributed to full end-product

because it incorporates an internal deckle for making

width inside a flat die. In feedblocks like Nordson EDI’s

changes in product width.

Ultraflow I, a machined flow insert yields a target

“The Contour die can pay for itself in less than a year

cross-direction thickness profile for each layer. Any job

by virtue of the resin savings made possible by precision

with significantly different layer ratios or polymer flow

control over the gauge profile,” said Iuliano. “Nor do

properties makes it necessary to design and machine

these savings take into account the enhanced productiv-

different inserts.

ity resulting from increased yields of saleable film and

reductions in scrap.”

A flow insert is typically about 4in (10cm) wide, and




Multilayer Packaging Template Films 2014 International business and technology conference for the specialty flexible packaging industry

Images courtesy of: Stand-Up & Windmoeller Hoelsher Corporation


June 24-25, 2014 Hyatt Regency O’Hare, Chicago, Illinois, USA

FINAL REMINDER – BOOK NOW Organized by: Applied Market Information LLC

Sponsored by:

Media supporter:

Amanda Schaeffer – Conference Coordinator Ph: +1 610 478 0800 Fx: +1 610 478 0900

Flat dies | machinery feature

Moebius manifold

Three versions of Cloeren’s Moebius manifold were seen at K2013

At the same event, Cloeren exhibited three versions of its Moebius manifold die: one is designed for monolayer products, and one for coextrusion, while the third is a coextrusion die that incorporates the company’s internal deckle system (IDS). The die provides a diminishing cross section manifold with a varying aspect ratio. The larger teardrop cross section, at the centreline, narrows to a smaller cross section along the width to the manifold end – while maintaining constant manifold length by varying its transition angle. “This allows the manifold to be constructed with a

A number of manifold geometries is possible. One includes a diminishing cross

backline parallel to the die lips, for minimisation and

section manifold with an internal deckle portion of the

elimination of differential clamshell deflection,” said

manifold. The manifold is then configured to diminish

the company.

the cross section up to the deckled region of the die. In

The shallow transition angle improves flow charac-

the deckled region, the manifold adapts a constant

teristics through the end region of the die, says Cloeren.

cross section that is suitable for receiving the internal

This, coupled with the reduction in manifold volume,


reduces residence time and improves streamlining of

Adapting the Moebius manifold, coupled with

the manifold end regions. This is of benefit when

Cloeren’s two-stage preland, provides an optimised

flushing polymer flow through the end regions of the

distribution of the polymer across the die width.


Meanwhile, Austria’s EMO has expanded its process-



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Flat dies | machinery feature

ing capacity in two main areas: in the product range for 3m nozzles for single- or multi-layer films and plates; and, for the largest size range for construction and landfill films in the width range of 7-9m. At K2013, EMO demonstrated film dies with integrated product width adjustment (a so-called Nordson EDI’s

‘deckling’ system). As an example of the technolsliding with some plastics, which

ogy, it demonstrated one die with automatic thickness control and internal deckling through a customised profile slider bar in the flow channel. The company has recently developed new options for the corrosion and wear protection of nozzle channel and lip areas, through collaboration with university institutes and research centres. The basics are nozzle components made of steel

can provide extra opportunities in the process. The two companies (Cloeren and EMO) have also agreed to provide technical services for one another’s products, helping both to extend their global footprint. EMO will provide extrusion die refurbishment and repurposing for Cloeren dies in Europe, while Cloeren does the same for EMO dies in North America. Each

qualities 1.2311 and 1.2316, which are coated – either

company will maintain their respective intellectual

entirely, or only on the flow channel surfaces. The basic


level of coating is hard chrome, but this can be upgraded to corrosion-resistant chromium nitride,

Click on the links for more information:

tungsten carbide and even DLC (Diamond Like Carbon).

❙ ❙ ❙

DLC has an impact on the flow characteristics of the plastic melt: the common wall sticking becomes wall

Contour die now has an internal deckle, so incurs no downtime during changes in product width

Interpack | show preview

We preview the latest edition of Interpack, which is hoping to welcome more than 165,000 visitors to Dusseldorf during early May

Packing them in

Interpack is back. The giant German trade show for

17.8% weight saving compared to PET-based food trays.

Nowofol has

packaging technology returns to Messe Dusseldorf on

This would allow the production of 70 trays from 1kg of

developed an

8-14 May. Among all the cans and cardboard and paper,

PP, compared with 57 trays from 1kg of PET. The

there are plenty of innovations in plastics packaging, from

material’s high heat resistance further extends

film that rips

thermoformed sheet to breakthroughs in blown film and

application opportunities by enabling microwaveability

open cleanly

barrier packaging. The organisers are looking to top the

and hot fill capability, says Milliken.

165,000 visitors that attended the show back in 2011.

“With its low density, efficiency and performance

Among the 2,700 exhibitors are a variety of machinery

advantages Ultra Clear PP provides exciting opportuni-

manufacturers, film makers and materials suppliers.

ties for the global packaging industry to substitute more

Milliken will demonstrate the benefits of Ultra Clear

expensive, less functional and less sustainable

PP – polypropylene clarified with its Millad NX 8000

materials,” said Sami Palanasami, Milliken’s marketing

series of additives – during Interpack.

and sales manager for plastic additives.

Samples will show the clarity, aesthetics and low

The company adds that the discovery of shale gas in

weight potential for thermoforming, foldable packaging

the US will lower the cost of PP in future, making

and other applications.

clarified PP a viable economic option in comparison

Millad NX 8000 gives PP a clarity boost that over-

OPP packaging

with materials such as PET and PS.

comes its traditional ‘milky’ appearance in thermoforming, giving a transparency comparable to that of

Material tie ups

PET in sheet and thermoformed applications such as

DuPont will highlight a number of collaborations that it

cups, trays, clamshells and containers. Ultra Clear PP also offers performance benefits such as easy peel and seal, chemical resistance and impact resistance. Samples on show will demonstrate its ability to offer a

has struck up with leading machinery

Milliken’s Millad NX 8000

manufacturers. The company


has teamed up with Reifenhäu-

improves the

ser Kiefel Extrusion to develop two high barrier packaging systems. One, a new APET-based DuPont

clarity of thermoformed packaging

Appeel high-performance sealant April 2014 | FILM & SHEET EXTRUSION


show preview | Interpack

Starlinger’s PP Star pinchbottom bags

resin is used to produce PA-based lidding films, which combine high barrier with good printability. They seal directly and safely to trays of 100% APET, removing the

are made from

need for APET/LDPE tray laminates. This means that

PP tape fabric

material costs and lid and tray production costs can

and OPP film

decrease. At the same time, a special grade of Surlyn allows the production of thermoformable barrier films that can be made 20% thinner than conventional 7-layer PA/PE films – with lower costs, better optical properties, higher puncture resistance, excellent abrasion resistance, and improved sealing properties, says DuPont. In each case, Reifenhäuser optimised its Evolution barrier blown film lines to suit the processing parameters of DuPont’s materials. At the same time, DuPont and Kuhne have extended the field of application of the latter’s TripleBubble

High heat PLA

process for making biaxially stretched films. With up to

Bioplastics will be an important feature of the show.

11 layers of functional plastics, Surlyn ionomers and

Corbion Purac will showcase a number of its packaging

Bynel adhesive resins, the films are available in

products made from standard and high heat PLA.

thicknesses of 20 to 110 microns. All grades combine

On display will be a range of applications, including

high, adjustable shrinkage from zero to 60% and high

the latest high heat applications based on the com-

barrier against oxygen and moisture with outstanding

pany’s performance lactides. These include single-use

transparency, high gloss and – despite the compara-

hot drink cups and lids and full stereo-complex

tively low thickness – very high tear strength and

transparent film, which offers opportunities for both

puncture resistance.

food and non-food applications.

This allows significant savings of raw materials (up

The company’s converting partners at Interpack

to 50%, depending on the application) and energy, and

include Huhtamaki, Innovia, Synbra – a leading

improved results in the life-cycle analysis.

producer of ePLA foam – and WinGram, which makes

And, in co-operation with Braskem, the company is developing renewably sourced tie-resins and polymer

PLA films and packaging. As well as final applications, Corbion Purac will also

modifiers to extend its range of Bynel and Fusabond

be displaying its PLA resin and compound partnerships,

The Multivac R

resins. It will use Braskem’s renewably sourced PE to

for those interested in developing their own bioplastic

085 model for

produce drop-in alternatives that meet or exceed the

products. These include Hisun, Supla, Biotec and FKuR.


performance of its conventional petroleum based

packaging runs

products. With the renewably sourced Bynel grades,

processed on existing equipment, with commercially

flexible and

DuPont aims to help multilayer packaging manufactur-

acceptable cycle times, says Corbion.

rigid films

ers that have started to use Braskem’s green polyethyl-

PLA can replace PS, PP and ABS, and can be

FKuR will present a variety of bio-based products at

ene to increase the renewable

Interpack, including its Bio-Flex, Biograde, Fibrolon and

material content in their

Terralene materials, as well as Green PE (Bio-PE) from

overall structures.

Braskem, Evonik’s Vestamid Terra (bio-PA) and a bio-based PET called Globio. “Our customers have the ability to access a unique variety of materials from a single source,” said Patrick Zimmermann, director of marketing and sales at FKuR. One highlight is the achievement of the first production application for Bio-Flex F6611, which has been used to make a new heat-resistant thermoformed food tray. The fully compostable tray was produced by Plastisud in Italy. For durable, non-biodegradable products, FKuR offers bio-based products such as Bio PE,




What do you get when teams of brilliant minds scrutinize each component of the proven VAREX range to make it even better? Higher output, superb ergonomics, improved safety and a new world of energy efficiency. More than just a pretty face: VAREX II.

VAREX II’s modular design provides flexibility for producing blown films from diverse resins. With the new ENERGY MONITORING module, you get real-time data, making it easier than ever to identify potential savings. And that’s just the beginning ...

Windmöller & Hölscher KG P.O. Box 1660 · 49516 Lengerich · Germany Phone: +49 5481 14-0 · ·

Please visit us: Hall 15 C41

show preview | Interpack

rigidity, and four times the tearing resistance of the earlier generation of material. More details of the material will be available during the show. Biolice is a biodegradable polymer derived from cereal. Applications include bags, agricultural and industrial films and rigid thermoformed and shaped extruded products.

Flexible OPP Jindal Films – the former oriented polypropylene (OPP) division of ExxonMobil Chemical, which has now been bought by Jindal Group – will introduce a range of new Erema will

Bio PET and Bio PA. These have a favourable carbon

film technologies for flexible packaging and labelling

present its

footprint and can help to reduce greenhouse gas

applications at Interpack.

Intarema K

emissions. As ‘drop-in’ solutions, they have the same


characteristics as their fossil-based equivalents and

says is the first oriented polypropylene (OPP) based

system for the

can be widely used in the packaging industry, says the

sealant film for stand-up pouch applications. The film

first time at


offers high stiffness for stand-up display, high transpar-


Laminates of Bio PE with Bio PET or Bio PA can

These include Bicor 50 SuP 490, which the company

ency for optimum visibility, and excellent moisture

enhance the barrier properties of bioplastics and extend

barrier. It also provides opportunities for downgauging

the shelf life for food products, says FKuR.

compared to blown LLDPE or cast polypropylene (CPP) alternatives.

Transparent performance

Metallyte MM688 OPP film is a metallised, surface-

Metabolix will showcase a number of its compostable

printable monoweb solution with a broad seal range

film grades at the show, including its recently launched

and operating window for high-speed horizontal form

Mvera B5011. The resin that allows the creation of

fill and speed (HFFS) packaging. The film, with a very

transparent, compostable film and bags.

low temperature seal coating, can replace lamination

The material was designed to meet international industrial standards for compostability, while enabling customers to produce films for compostable bags and

while maintaining moisture, flavour and aroma barriers to keep products tasting and smelling fresh. And Label-Lyte 52LLC247 is a white, lightweight

packaging applications with high transparency com-

oriented PO film for pressure sensitive label (PSL)

pared to competing products. It is certified for com-

applications. Its conformability and squeezability allows

postability by Vincotte to meet the EN13432 standard

the label to remain intact and appear new even after

and by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) to

multiple squeezes of the container. The printable

meet the ASTM D6400 standard. The material processes

surface enhances point-of-sale impact, on products

well on existing blown film equipment and has a good

ranging from household products to bottled food.

balance of puncture toughness, tear propagation resistance, seal strength, printability and durability. “Mvera B5011 extends our compostable film product

“These films follow the introduction of several technologies in the past 12-18 months. And, with many more in the development pipeline, this is a dynamic and

line with a product that pairs robust bag durability and An industrial

superior clarity, touch and feel,” said Bob Engle, vice


president of biopolymers at Metabolix.

has optimised film materials for ultrasonic sealing

The company will also show its earlier Mvera B5010 material, for making translucent bags. Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) will launch its new Biolice Bags material, which it says will lead to better end products. “This is a major technological change for compostable and biodegradable bioplastics,” said Walter Lopez of LCI (Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients). “Our new material allows users to produce even smoother bags or films, improving printing quality.” Other benefits in the material include: higher



show preview | Interpack

the Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) industry. Neocell PS is a thermoformable, co-extruded 3-layer sheet with a gas-injected middle layer and external PS layers that is highly suited to dairy applications. The sheet is available as white and bi-coloured sheet in 300-820mm width and 0.7-1.4mm thickness. The sheet is adjustable to all kinds off FFS lines, says the company. Neocell is a flexible and modular concept in terms of density by altering the quantity of injected gas. The sheet achieves a density decrease up to 0.80-0.95g/cc (compared with 1.05g/cc of compact PS) without the use of chemical foaming agents. As a result, it leads to a weight reduction up to 24% while maintaining product functionality. It is also available in which the external PS layers include mineral fillers to improve the mechanical DuPont has

exciting time for the company and our customers,” said

teamed up with

Paul Griffith, executive vice president of Jindal Films.

a number of

Starlinger will highlight its PP Star concept for

properties of the final product.

Optimised for sealing


making pinch-bottom bags. The bags are made from a

An industrial collaboration between Bosch Packaging,


composite of PP tape fabric and reverse printed OPP

Amcor, Dow and Herrmann Ultraschall has looked into

to develop new

film, making them lightweight, durable and tear

ways of optimising film materials for ultrasonic sealing.


resistant. They are ideal for sensitive bulk goods such

The details will be available during the show.

as pet food or fertiliser, says Starlinger. At the show, Starlinger will give a demonstration of the high strength and endurance of the bags by dropping them: while many bags burst when dropped, such as

Laminates that have near-identical sealing behaviour with heat-conductive sealing can show totally different characteristics when using ultrasonic sealing. For the study, the sealing performance of polyolefin

when lifting them from out of a car boot, PP Star can fall

sealant materials of different classes has been

off a shelf several metres high without breaking.

evaluated systematically. The sealant materials were

The bags also protects their contents from factors

laminated to a polyamide-carrier layer to be used for

such as moisture or insects. High barrier properties

flat-to-flat and pillow bag sealing configurations.

prevent leakage of grease even after long storage

Laminates consisted of 15 micron biaxially oriented

periods. The laminated printed OPP film lends itself to

polyamide (BOPA) and different 50 micron thick

attractive design. Even the bottoms and sides of the

polyolefin films.

sack are fully printable.

By considering the fundamentals of heat generation using ultrasonic vibration, it is possible to understand

Ripping time

– and predict – the sealing behaviour of different

Nowofol of Germany has developed a packaging film

polyolefin materials, say the partners.

that rips open cleanly. The company, which produces monoaxially oriented polypropylene films, has developed Nowostraight –

higher than the melting point of the material. But in

which ensures that products such as foil envelopes and

ultrasonic sealing, heat is created inside the material

stand up pouches can be torn open easily and conveni-

through molecular friction.

ently, with no spills. The most important feature of the film is its linear

A number of material and process parameters are important to ensure that the ultrasonic sealing process is

and parallel tear property. A notch on the side ensures

a success. These include: viscosity, density, loss modulus

that the film always tears in a straight line.

and stiffness of the material. Important process param-

“The variety of applications offers so much potential,” said Wolfgang Rasp, managing director of Nowofol.

eters include: amplitude of the sealing tool; sealing time and energy; and contact geometry of the anvil.

The film solution is comparable to laser scribing,

Dow’s Versify propylene-based plastomers provide a

says the company, and does not adversely affect the

wide process window for ultrasonic sealing technology.

oxygen and moisture barrier.

Amcor has included the material in the formulation of a

Coveris has launched a polystyrene (PS) sheet for 34

During heat sealing, heat travels from the outside to the inside and the sealing jaws are at a temperature


sealant layer for ultrasonic sealing. In the project all





HVTSEâ&#x201E;¢ Dryer-less Technology Offers Multi-resin Flexibility

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PET, PLA, HIPS, PP & HDPE ... 20 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 90 mils (0.5 - 2.3 mm) 54 in (1,370 mm) 5,500 lb/hr (2,500 kg/hr) Inline Thermoforming

HVTSEâ&#x201E;¢ technology by Bandera

World Class Sheet Extrusion Systems 2655 White Oak Circle | Aurora, Illinois 60502 | T 630-585-5800 | F 630-585-5855

show preview | Interpack

Plastisud uses

through a short extruder to ensure minimal thermome-

FKuR’s Bio-Flex

chanical stress.

F6611 to make

The model 504 K will be presented at the show. It


includes the new, patented Counter Current core


technology, energy-saving EcoSave system (including

food trays

direct drive) and, for the first time, a touch screen. The Multivac R 085 entry-level model for thermoforming packaging can be used to run both flexible films and rigid films, so is suitable for packing both food and non-food products. It is aimed at companies that are looking to start using automatic thermoforming packaging. It can be ordered with four standard format layouts and is suitable for packing both sliced products and individual items. The R 085 can also be used to produce packs seals in the cross and longitudinal directions were

with inert gas as well as vacuum packs. It has a

executed with sealing components from Herrmann

thermoforming depth of up to 80mm.

Ultraschall. Films were tested on Bosch’s continuous

This product is Multivac’s response to current trends

motion SVC and SVE VFFS platforms with outputs of

in the packaging market, where demand is rising for

more than 100 bags per minute.

high-quality product packaging in small batch sizes.

The laboratory results found the viscosity and loss

At the other end of the scale, the company will also

modulus response of the material was very important

present a turnkey, end-to-end thermoforming packag-

for the ultrasonic sealability of the material.

ing line. It demonstrates Multivac’s ability to supply all

Herrmann Ultraschall has recently delivered sealing systems to a large European supermarket chain bagging their own cheese brand. The ultrasonic

the components for a full thermoforming line, including integration of modules, interfaces and service. The line shown at Interpack consists of the R 245

modules run in two or three shifts per day on multiple

thermoforming packaging machine, the MRQ cross web

lines. The customer confirmed a more stable weld and

labeller (equipped with TTO thermal transfer printer),

an increase in production numbers in comparison to the

MR822 checkweigher, MBS 100 belt system and

previously used heat-seal machines.

automatic stacking unit. The R 245 has a MR293 TT direct web printer for printing directly onto the upper web.

High output Windmöller & Hölscher (W&H) will showcase its new

Click on the links for more information:

Topas SL high-output form-fill-seal (FFS) line. With

❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙

output of more than 2,600 bags per hour, TOPAS SL claims to be the fastest line of its kind on the market. The Topas SL is different to its predecessor in several ways. First, it has much better accessibility through the open frame structure and the large, transparent safety doors. At the same time, the newly designed operator touchscreen is as easy and intuitive to use as a smartphone, says W&H. The intensified top and bottom seam cooling maintains consistently high load-bearing capability of the seams even with the now much shorter processing cycles. A simultaneous in-house event at W&H headquarters in nearby Lengerich will include a demonstration of the Vistaflex CX 8, a new 2,200mm wide flexographic press. Erema will present its Intarema K recycling system for the first time at Interpack. This is the successor of the KAG system, which is designed specifically for the recycling of PE edge trim – a fully automatic recycling system that ensures material-friendly processing 36


AMI Global Plastics Industry Seminars 2014 These one-day seminars are led by AMI’s research director, Andrew Reynolds, and provide invaluable insights into market trends and industry strategies. They are held in small groups and provide ample opportunities for questions and discussions.

Places are very limited, and these seminars frequently sell out. Book your place now to avoid disappointment.

7 May – Frankfurt, Germany 15 May – Hamburg, Germany 24 June – Berlin, Germany

9 September – Philadelphia, PA, USA 14 October – Cologne, Germany 8 December – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

For more information, please contact Ms Katy Cheng Tel: +44 117 924 9442 or visit:

Applied Market Information Ltd Visit the AMI Stand EN/A02 on the ground floor of the North Entrance (Eingang Nord) - Browse and Buy from our range of Packaging related Market Reports and Directories including: s!-)S$IRECTORY0%&ILM%XTRUDERSIN%UROPE s!-)S$IRECTORY3HEET%XTRUDERSIN%UROPE

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Messe Duesseldorf, 8-14th May, 2014

THIN WALL PACKAGING 2014 International conference on lightweight plastic tubs, trays, jars, containers and cups for food packaging



May 20-21, 2014 Images courtesy of: Inland Label and Verstraete In Mould Labels

The Westin Chicago North Shore, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Machinery | markets

Europe’s machine makers are back on track European plastics and rubber machinery makers have recovered strongly from the global recession with demand for high productivity equipment underpinning the continent’s leading market position, according to Euromap. Chris Smith reports Below:

European manufacturers continue to dominate the

grew from 11% in 2008 to 13% in 2012. “Euromap

global plastics machinery market despite losing some

accounted for 48.5% of global exports,” said Anceschi,


share in the immediate post-downturn period, accord-

who aside from his role as president of the association is


ing to Euromap president Luciano Anceschi, speaking to

also general manager of Italian machinery maker Tria.

us at the K show last year. “We lost some share in the past three years but we have gained in volume,” he said. Production of core plastics and rubber processing

Germany, Italy and Austria dominate exports of core processing machinery from Europe. Anceschi said the

Luciano Anceschi (left) and vice president

three countries accounted for near 80% of total Euromap exports of €9.3bn in 2012 (Germany 48%, Italy


18% and Austria 14%). Around 60% of Euromap

Heinson gave

includes the machinery powerhouses of Germany, Italy

member exports go outside of Europe, with the major

us their views

and Austria as well as smaller players such as France

destination markets being the Americas (19%), China

at K2013

and Switzerland – amounted to €12.1bn in 2012, up by

(10%) and Asia (9%).

machinery in the nine Euromap countries - which

3.2% on the 2011 figure of €11.7bn and 10% ahead of the pre-downturn result of €11.0bn for 2008. Euromap’s share of the global market has declined since the pre-downturn years, down from 50% in 2008 to 41.4% in 2011 and 41.2% in 2012. That market share has been picked up by China. Euromap data shows China’s production of plastics and rubber machinery totalled €4.2bn in 2008 and represented a 19% share of the global market; in 2012 Chinese production stood at

€8.6bn, a 29.4% share of the global market. However, much of China’s machinery production is for local consumption. The country’s share of the total world plastics and rubber machinery export market (which Euromap estimates stood at €19.2bn in 2012)



markets | Machinery Global production of core plastics and rubber machinery (2008-2012) Year

Total Value €000s

Euromap Value €000s

Euromap Share %

China Value €000s

China Share %

USA Value €000s

USA Share %

Japan Value €000s

Japan Share %



















































Source: Euromap/VDMA/national statistical offices

€ market share values by calculation, not corrected for exchange rate variation. * Estimated figure

Global exports of core plastics and rubber machinery (2008-2012) Year

Total Value €000s

Euromap Value €000s

Euromap Share %

China Value €000s

China Share %

USA Value €000s

USA Share %

Japan Value €000s

Japan Share %



















































Source: Euromap/VDMA/national statistical offices

€ market share values by calculation, not corrected for exchange rate variation.

Anceschi said the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia,

They cannot buy this in the local market so they have to

India and China) accounted for 22% of Euromap exports.

buy from overseas, including Europe,” said Euromap

Euromap countries account for 53% of the €521m

vice president Helmut Heinson, who is also managing

market for imported plastics and rubber machinery into

director of sales at German injection moulding

Brazil, 58% of the €640m imported machinery market

machinery maker Arburg. “Injection machinery sales

in Russia, 38% of the €645m imported machinery

dropped in China in 2012 but imports grew.” Euromap member countries also accounted for 48%

market in India and 39% of the €2.5bn imported

of the €1.8bn market for imported plastics and rubber

machine market in China. Anceschi said the result in India is particularly

machinery in the fast recovering US and 49% of the

impressive for Euromap producers, which are typically

€716m market for imported plastics and rubber

offering high technology equipment. “This [India] is a

machinery in Africa. “The continent of Africa is most

very price sensitive country. Asian suppliers cover more

dynamic and in the past four years imports have

than 50% so we consider this very positive,” he said.

increased by 45%,” said Anceschi.

In China, meanwhile, European machinery makers

Looking ahead, Anceschi said Euromap production

are benefiting from growing demand for high productiv-

was returning to growth following last year’s sluggish

ity manufacturing equipment. “We are seeing in the

start. “The first quarter of 2013 was a bit slow but, after

Chinese market a move to higher technology machines.

that, resumed a positive trend so we expect the year to end around the same level as 2012. It will return to

Euromap core plastics and rubber machinery exports 2012 by country of manufacture. Total €9.3bn

growth in 2014 – we expect €12.5bn,” he said. Aside from its role as a collector of sales and market Italy 18.4%

Great Britain 1.5% Spain 1.2% Luxembourg 2.3%

standards for plastics processing machinery Germany 47.6%

Switzerland 6.2% Turkey 1.0%

Source: Euromap/ national statistical offices


data, Euromap also acts to develop industry


manufacturers and users. Technical experts for Euromap member companies are involved in the European Committee CEN/TC145 covering safety of plastics and rubber machinery. The organisation also develops its own

Austria 13.8%

Technical Recommendations for machine builders. France 8.2%

These effectively become industry standards and cover everything from platen fixings to measurement methods. It recently updated the Euromap 60

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markets | Machinery

Euromap core plastics and rubber machinery exports 2012 by destination country. Total €9.3bn

ment and changing equipment. Euromap recommendaRest of the world 13.7%

Near and Middle East 4.0%

tions can be downloaded from the organisation’s website here Secretary general Thorsten Kühmann said at K that the view within the machinery industry around the

Europe 40.7%

world of standardisation is changing away from

Americas 19.4%

viewing machine standards as a way of closing off and protecting markets to one of them providing the means to open them up. “If we are to export to other countries we need a

India 2.6%

Source: Euromap/ national statistical offices

China 10.3%

level playing field and we are pleased this is not only Asia 9.3%

the view of us [at Euromap] but also of many Asian producers. So one year ago we came together with the US, China and Japan and said ‘Lets go to a global level of standardisation,’” said Kühmann.

mendation for measuring the energy efficiency of injection moulding machines, which lays down methods

The result of this initiative was the formation last

for determining machine-related and product related

year of the Technical Committee ISO/TC 270, which

energy consumption and has introduced a similar

aims to develop globally relvant safety standards for

recommendation – TR46 – covering energy efficiency of

plastics machinery. “This is for the benefit of all

extrusion blow moulding machines.

countries – there is no reason why one should have a

The association recently revised the Euromap 12, 62,

different standard. We are starting with injection

67, 67.1 and 67.2 recommendations covering plug-in

moulding machines,” said Kühmann

interfaces for handling, automation and mould move-



2290mm Wide Davis Standard Sheet Extrusion Line Comprising, 115mm Extruder, 2100mm Die, 2290mm X 450mm Roll Stack, Haul Off, Guillotine.

890mm wide Welex 3 roll polishing stack, anti stat bath, pump group, edge trim winders, haul off and 2 station winder. 1991. Running Pet sheet from 150micron

Sheet Equipment

Conair Dehumidifying Dryer Model CD300 With Insulated Hopper, And Hopper Loaders. CH44-58 hopper (1643 litres) 2002.


2300mm Sheet line for ABS 1700mm Line for ABS and PMMA 1500mm Bandera stack 1450mm Kaufman Sheet line 1350mm Welex/union sheet line 1300mm Battenfeld Sheet line 1000mm Omv sheet line 1000mm Esde 3 rollstack 890mm Welex 3 roll stack

Profile Lines

Tel: +44 (0)1793 827666 Email: Web:

130mm + 63mm Davis Std coextrusion sheet line Upstream; Comprising extruders, continuous s/changer, g/pumps, Cloeren Coex block & 1100 die, 2002!!

115mm Davis Standard Thermatic extruder model 45IN45T . 30:1 L/D with barrier PP/ HDPE screw, 305kw motor, Fan cooled electrically heated 6 zone barrel 2008!!

Extruders 50mm Welex extruder 60mm BC60 extruder 63mm Welex extruder 63mm Davis standard extruder 90mm Egan extruder 90mm Kaufman extruder 115mm Davis standard extruder 130mm Davis standard extruder 150mm Egan extruder


1120mm wide EDI close approach PET sheet die model H100 with Flex lip and decals. Lip heater. Lip gap up to 2.5mm 1996



END OF LIFE PLASTICS 2014 International conference on markets and technology options for the end of life plastics CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

16-18 June 2014 Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf, Germany Images courtesy of: EXPRA

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POLYMER SOURCING & DISTRIBUTION 2014 A new era for the polymer supply chain

Trends and technical developments in the international roofing and geomembrane liner industry


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12-14 May 2014 8-10 November 2013 Marriott Hotel, Maritim Hotel, Hamburg, Germany Cologne, Germany

* + 19% German VAT

Images Building Images courtesy courtesy of: of:Firestone Nijhof-Wassink BV Products and Polykemi AB

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Materials | technology


Antiblock additive for film Trinity Resources of Canada has developed a new antiblock additive for plastic film. Its Altiblock is available in


PP/LLDPE film adds to performance Sabic has broadened its

four sizes, including 2, 4, 6 and

stretch film portfolio with a

9 microns, with distinct

material that combines

morphology and particle size

polypropylene (PP) and linear

distribution curves.

low density polyethylene

For a talc replacement,


Altiblock D400 can improve

By combining the

block force and clarity., says

properties of PP and LLDPE,

Trinity. For a DE replacement,

the film competes on

Altiblock D900 can improve

maximum yield efficiency

clarity while being equivalent

with existing alternatives. Its

in block force.

improved mechanical pyrophyllite – a hydrous

iron content, which slows

properties offer opportunities

DE have been the incumbent

aluminum silicate mineral –

down degradation of organic

for downgauging, meaning

high performance antiblock

which are located in New-

components in the film; low

that customers use less plas-

minerals in plastic films for a

foundland, Canada.

hardness, which helps to

tic to wrap their pallets.

“Talc, nepheline syenite and

prolong machine lifetime;

It offers a blend of talc-like

long time,” according to John

The film’s high holding

Hurley, president and CEO of

platy particles and irregular,

good refractive index, which

force (up to 12% compared to


blocky particle shapes to

leads to high clarity products;

current solutions) is ideal for

provide optimal blocking,

and low moisture content (of

protecting heavy loads, says

Altiblock combines the best

clarity, film strength, barrier

around 0.2%), which means


attributes of these into one

resistance and improved

reduced gassing and venting


thermal efficiency of the film,

issues, and improved shelf

ers protect their goods


during storage and transit


with this unique blend of PP

“The morphology of our

Altiblock is made from the

says the company.

company’s deposits of

Benefits include: a very low

“Sabic is helping custom-

and LLDPE, which offers a balance of increased strength BOPP

and clarity and reduced

Lollipop wrapping in Spain Spanish confectionery manufacturer Carame-

adjustments required,” said Juan Jesús

los La Pájara has used Innovia Films’ fast

Losada, general manager and owner of

sealing BOPP film to wrap a variety of its

Caramelos La Pájara.

products. The company has used the Propafilm FFF range, which is fast sealing with

thickness,” said Lucio Baccaro, technical marketing engineer for LL-LDPE at Sabic. The film’s high transparency allows easy bar code reading and constant brand

Propafilm FFB and FFC form part of Innovia’s Fast Flexible Films (FFF) range. The grades used – Propafilm FFB

exposure. During transportation or on display on

good barrier properties and suited

and FFC – are coated on one

warehouse floors, it provides

to wrapping small units such as

side with water-based acrylic

a clear view of product

sweets and lollipops at high speed. “The outstanding performance of the films minimises product waste, reduces set-up times and

and on the other with a waterbased low temperature sealing coating. FFC is a transparent glossy

names and brand logos. The film also helps the construction industry to protect and stabilise weighty,

film, suitable for individual flow wrapped confectionery, while FFB is a

awkward-shaped pallet

significantly cuts down on the

white version of FFC.


amount of line supervision and





technology | Machinery


Coating replaces heater bands to boost efficiency A heating system from

US-based Paragon Films

Nordson Xaloy can replace

installed SmartHeat at its

conventional heater bands

facility in Broken Arrow,

with an efficient heater

Oklahoma to ensure uniform

coating, to maintain melt

temperature control through-

nichrome wire wrap sand-

uniformity in extrusion melt

out the melt pipes.

wiched in between, plus a

pipes and adapters. Smart-

“Anyone utilising band heat-

the risk of operator injury. “SmartHeat is 25-60%

thermal insulation cover. Heat

more energy-efficient than

Heat was originally devel-

ers knows the issues you can

from the wires is conducted

band heaters, and as a

oped as an injection barrel

have with inconsistent heat

throughout the ceramic

continuous coating it

coating, and has since been

transfer and the problems

material, meaning that the

distributes heat more

adapted for use in extrusion.

encountered when heater

system raises the temperature

uniformly – a crucial

Melt pipes and adapters

bands go bad,” said Gary

of a machine component to

advantage for any melt pipe

– which transfer molten

Greenfield, director of

target levels more quickly than

or barrel,” said David

polymer from the extruder to


with band heaters, maintains it

Hotchkiss, global product

“We believe SmartHeat will

more uniformly and uses less

manager for Nordson Xaloy.

cover considerable distance,

eliminate these problems, not

energy, according to Nordson

“Since all SmartHeat wiring

making it difficult to maintain

only providing a more reliable


is run underneath the

melt uniformity. Replacing

solution than band heaters but

band heaters with the continu-

helping to reduce energy use

insulation wrap over the

eliminates the hazard of

ous coating of the SmartHeat

as well.”

ceramic coating virtually

having numerous exposed

eliminates heat losses to the

wires connected to multiple

downstream equipment – can

system ensures a consistent

SmartHeat comprises two

The tightly strapped thermal

thermal insulation, it

temperature over extended

layers of plasma-sprayed

workplace, saving on air

heater bands.”

lengths, says the company.

metallised ceramic with a

conditioning costs and reducing



Granulate kept at constant dew-point Motan-Colortronic has

installed in the dry air

developed ATTN – an auto-

generator and can be set to

matic temperature and

one specific dew-point

dew-point control system.

between -30°C and +5°C. This

It maintains the dew-point

then stored and maintained.

constantly to a defined value in

This principle requires that

line with the process param-

the amount of moisture in the

eters of the part being made. It

process return air is higher

is now a standard feature on

than the set dew-point. Under

the Luxor A range of dryers.

normal atmospheric

ATTN has been designed to maintain a constant dew-point



pre-set dew-point value is

of the granulate being dried

conditions, this is the case with a control dew-point

of the process air for drying

between -30°C and -5°C.

plastic granules. It is generally


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Colines: stretch film This brochure from Colines promotes the company’s HANDrollEX, HANDrollEX Triple, JUMBOrollEX, HANDrollEX Combi and Unicast systems for producing stretch film for manual, auto and jumbo wrapping applications.

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Gloucester: die rebuilds BLOWN FILM DIE


Gloucester Engineering products are legendary for its quality, productivity and durability making them prime candidates for rebuild services. Gloucester Engineering’s robust, cost-effective rebuild program is focused on shorter lead-time and increased performance. Our team of specialists can also refurbish a range of components – even made by other manufacturers. So even if it’s not a Gloucester part, we can repair it so it looks as good as new.




This brochure from Gloucester Engineering covers its blown film die rebuild service, which increases line performance and limits downtime. The company’s specialists can refurbish various components, including those from other manufacturers.

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Maguire: gravimetric blenders

Erema: Recycling News 2013/2014


the story of the global market leader erema

EU GREEN PAPER closing plastic loops

PRACTICE international users report

This 32-page magazine celebrates Erema’s 30th anniversary, and covers the launch of its new Intarema plastics recycling technology. It also features interesting case studies from around the world.

WELCOME TO THE NEW DIMENSION EREMA presents INTAREMA® – featuring core technology for a new dimension in plastic recycling

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Macro: extrusion systems This 20-page brochure from Macro provides an overview of the company, which manufactures film and sheet extrusion systems plus web handling systems. It also offers process development and optimisation services.

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Bandera: extrusion intelligence

This interactive product guide covers Maguire’s full range of WSB gravimetric blenders. It explains how the blenders operate and includes technical specifications, key benefits, plus options and accessories.

This comprehensive 28-page brochure from Bandera covers the company’s history and current strategy, as well as describing its wide range of extrusion lines, including film, foil and sheet systems.

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Polymer Sourcing & Distribution POLYMER SOURCING German headline sponsor & DISTRIBUTION 2014 programme template A new era for the polymer supply chain Trends and technical developments in the international roofing and geomembrane liner industry

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Fire Retardants in Plastics

AMI’s ninth conference on polymer sourcing and distribution returns to Hamburg, Germany, on 12-14 May 2014. Download the high-level programme that examines “a new era for the polymer supply chain”.

FIRE RETARDANTS Template IN PLASTICS 2014 Trends and technical developments in the international flame retardant industry

The American version of AMI’s conference on fire retardants for plastics is now well established. This will be the fourth annual event in Denver, Colorado, and it boasts another strong programme.

12-14 May 2014 8-10 November 2013 Marriott Hotel, Maritim Hotel, Hamburg, Germany Cologne, Germany

May 13-14, 2014

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Thin Wall Packaging

Organized by: Applied Market Information LLC

International conference on lightweight plastic tubs, trays, jars, containers and cups for food packaging


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End of Life Plastics

The American version of AMI’s Thin Wall Packaging conference returns to Chicago on 20-21 May. Download the programme which includes speakers from General Mills, Silgan, Berry Plastics and many other influential players.


Grand Hyatt Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA

Images courtesy of: ICL-IP and GBH International

* + 19% German VAT

Images courtesy of: Firestone Building Images courtesy of: Nijhof-Wassink BV andProducts Polykemi AB

International conference on markets and technology options for the end of life plastics

AMI’s second End of Life Plastics conference takes place in Düsseldorf, Germany on 16-18 June. Check out the impressive programme which covers a wide range of technology options and markets for end of life plastics.

16-18 June 2014 Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf, Germany

May 20-21, 2014 The Westin Chicago North Shore, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Images courtesy of: Inland Label and Verstraete In Mould Labels

Images courtesy of: EXPRA

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Connecting with downstream customers

24-26 June 2014 Andel’s Hotel, Berlin, Germany Organised by: Applied Market Information Ltd.

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Organised by: Applied Market Information Ltd.

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Multilayer Packaging Films AMI’s 21st Masterbatch conference will take place on 24-26 June in Berlin. The impressive speaker line-up boasts experts from throughout the supply chain, including representatives from BMW and Johnson & Johnson.

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Multilayer Packaging Template Films 2014 International business and technology conference for the specialty flexible packaging industry

Images courtesy of: Stand-Up & Windmoeller Hoelsher Corporation

Organized by: Applied Market Information LLC

* + 19% German VAT

SPECIAL OFFER: Save 100* if you register before 9th May 2014

SPECIAL OFFER: Save $200 if you register before February 14, 2014

AMI’s fifth North American conference on Multilayer Packaging Films returns to Chicago on 24-25 June. The programme covers developments in barrier materials and coextrusion technologies as well as applications and market trends.

June 24-25, 2014 Hyatt Regency O’Hare, Chicago, Illinois, USA

SPECIAL OFFER: Save $300 if you register before March 28, 2014

Sabine Prack - Senior Conference Organiser Ph: +44(0)117 924 9442 Fax: +44(0)117 311 1534

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Organized by: Applied Market Information LLC

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Dammam, Saudi Arabia 1999 Majed Alsulaim Private (part of Al Fozan group of companies) Arnon began as a specialist in polyethylene (PE) rolls and sheets for the construction industry, as well as food trays and containers made from polystyrene (PS) and PET. It has since diversified into a broader portfolio, including PE foam products (such as heat insulation, carpet underlay and wrapping material), and a wide variety of PS and PET products such as food trays. Its LDPE-based foam materials can be tailored to a range of end uses. Its heat insulation products, for example, are available in thicknesses of 6-30mm and widths of 1.1m. They are used in the roofs and sidewalls of buildings, to provide acoustic and thermal insulation. Other examples are protective wrapping and carpet underlay. Its PS foam products are used as food trays and clamshells. And its PET products are used for transparent food packaging. The company produces all its products at three modern facilities at the Second Industrial City in Dammam. In addition, it has branches in Riyadh and Jeddah. The company recently invested in a sheet extrusion line from Welex, allowing it to double its capacity. The line, featuring tandem 130mm extruders, is used to make PET, PP and HIPS sheet. The V-PET vented single-screw extruders enable PET sheet to be made without the need for recrystallising or pre-drying.

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Global exhibition guide 23-26 April

Chinaplas, Shanghai, China

Interpack, Düsseldorf, Germany

13-16 May

Ausplas, Sydney, Australia

27-30 May

Plastpol, Kielce, Poland

16-22 June

Argenplas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

17-20 June

FIP Solution Plastique, Lyon, France

18-19 June

PDM & PRE, Telford, UK

19-22 June

Interplas Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand

8-14 May

17-19 July

Plastic Technology Expo, Bangkok, Thailand

Indoplas, Jakarta, Indonesia

29 Sept-3 Oct

Plastex, Brno, Czech Republic

30 Sept-2 Oct

Interplas, Birmingham, UK

30 Sept-3 Oct

Equiplast, Barcelona, Spain

14-18 October

Fakuma, Friedrichshafen, Germany

28 Oct-1 Nov

IPF, Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, Japan

Pack Expo, Chicago, IL, USA

18-21 November

Plastimagen, Mexico City, Mexico

19-20 November

Expoplast, Montreal, Canada

3-6 September

2-5 November

AMI conferences for film & sheet extruders 12-14 May 2014

Polymer Sourcing & Distribution, Hamburg, Germany

20-21 May 2014

Thin Wall Packaging, Chicago, USA

24-25 June 2014

Multilayer Packaging Films, Chicago, USA

15-17 Sept 2014

Agricultural Film, Barcelona, Spain

14-15 October 2014

Barrier Pharma Packaging, Princeton, USA

14-16 October 2014

Multilayer Packaging Films, Cologne, Germany

28-30 October 2014

Polyolefin Additives, Cologne, Germany

11-12 November

Plastics in Photovoltaics, Philadelphia, USA

11-12 November

Stretch & Shrink Films, New Orleans, USA

17-19 November

Waterproof Membranes, Bonn, Germany

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