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05 Industry news The latest compounding industry news including international acquisitions and alliances, plus new investments and plant openings.

13 Compound growth: Europe’s leading compounders continue to expand PAGE 19

A new AMI report examines Europe’s 50 largest technical compounders. Sarah Phillips analyses its key conclusions on how the market is changing.

19 Good as new: additives reinvigorate recycled plastics


Peter Mapleston reports on a range of different additives designed to improve the properties and processability of recycled plastics.

31 Record growth: the story behind the vinyl comeback The resurgence of demand for vinyl records is creating opportunities for PVC compounders, with this month’s Record Store Day set to lift sales still further.


41 Current thinking: new ideas for wire and cable applications Wire and cable producers are making greater use of new and upgraded materials to meet evolving market needs, write Pat Toensmeier.

53 It’s showtime in Shanghai: the compounders’ guide to Chinaplas


The biggest plastics industry exhibition of 2014 takes place in Shanghai this month. We pick out some Chinaplas highlights for compounders.

76 Compounder of the month: Ametek Westchester Plastics 78 Dates for your diary

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3M™ BORON NITRIDE COOLING FILLERS The new 3M™ Boron Nitride Cooling Fillers enable highly thermally conductive and electrically insulating polymers with no compromises in processing and tool life.

ESK Ceramics GmbH & Co. KG, a 3M company Max-Schaidhauf-Straße 25 87437 Kempten, Germany T +49 (0)831 5618-0 F +49 (0)831 5618-345


PolyOne appoints new CEO

news in brief ❙ Timcal has changed its

PolyOne has appointed Robert

rewarding achievement – for

name to Imerys Graphite &

(Bob) Patterson as its new

our customers, employees and

Carbon with effect from 1

president and CEO with effect

shareholders, as well as for

April 2014. The company,

from 15 May 2014. He will take

me personally. Bob has been

which supplies graphite

over from Stephen Newlin who

by my side during our

powders and highly conduc-

is retiring as president and

transformation and is

tive carbon black, has been

CEO, but will remain executive

unquestionably the right

part of the Imerys Group

chairman of the PolyOne board

leader to take PolyOne to even

since 1994.

of directors.

greater heights in the future.

Patterson joined PolyOne in

As executive chairman, I will

2008 and currently serves as

look forward to continuing to

❙ Oxea is planning to increase

its executive vice president and

work closely with him for a

European capacity for its

COO with responsibility for

seamless transition”.

Oxsoft GPO DOTP plasticizers

developing and executing the

Robert Patterson takes over

annual operating plans and

as PolyOne’s new president

bachelor’s degree in business

signed an agreement with a

strategic plans to drive growth

and CEO next month

administration and master’s

third party to establish joint

degree in accounting from the

production of DOTP by the

Newlin envisioned and has

University of Michigan. He

end of 2015.

successfully executed since

began his career at Arthur


Andersen and held leadership

in revenue, gross margin and operating income. Speaking about his new appointment, Patterson said,

Patterson earned his

by 50,000 tonnes/year. It has

roles at Novelis and SPX prior

❙ Aimplas, the Spanish

continue the remarkable

transformation has been an

to joining PolyOne.

plastics technology institute,

transformation that Steve

extraordinary and incredibly


has opened a new research

“It is a tremendous honour to

Newlin added, “PolyOne’s

centre at the Paterna

Clariant introduces pigments based on renewable materials

Technology Park in Valencia

Clariant has begun manufac-

Hoechst facility in Germany. It

Unit, said, “Optimizing our own

materials. The new energy-

turing Quinacridone pigments

says that it is the first producer

pigment production processes

efficient three-storey building

using bio-succinic acid

to offer high-performance

to incorporate renewable raw

makes extensive use of

solutions at its Frankfurt-

pigments based on the

materials is part of our

plastics in its construction.

renewable material.

strategy to help address global

Examples include plastic

materials from renewable resources, nanomaterials, composites and intelligent

challenges and megatrends.

cladding panels on the

We are very excited about what

exterior, an EPDM roof and

uses renewable raw materials

this achievement means both

XPS/EPS insulation.

to manufacture bio-succinic

in terms of improving the

acid that can be used as a

ecological footprint of our

direct substitute for fossil-

products and in helping our

❙ The Danish Ministry of the

based succinic acid. It is

customers to be more

Environment has published

claimed to reduce the


its 88-page report on

environmental footprint of the

Clariant’s Quinacridone

end product without any

products cover all application

impact on the production

areas for the pigments

process or pigment quality.

industry, including the plastics

Marco Cenisio, senior vice

helping its customers to be

president and head of

more sustainable

Clariant’s Pigments Business

will be used to develop

supplied by Myriant, which

The ingredient is being

Marco Cenisio says Clariant is

province. The 4,500 m2 facility


❙ ❙

“Alternatives to classified

phthalates in medical devices”. The PVC plasticizers report, which examines 10 alternatives to DEHP, can be downloaded for free at:




Johns Manville invests in glass fibre production in Slovakia Johns Manville is rebuilding

generation products for

and upgrading the E-glass

structural thermoplastic

furnace at its plant in Trnava,

composites based on our new

Slovakia. The work is due to be

reactive sizing technology.” Henze added, “JM’s

completed in the fourth

commitment to growing the

quarter of 2014.

composites industry and to

The company says that the furnace is the largest and most

investment in the European

productive in the European Un-

region is based on the

ion. It is used to produce its

expectation that the EU will

ThermoFlow grades for

put in place effective measures

polyamides, PBT/PET and

against the dumping and anti-competitive subsidies of

polypropylene compounds, plus its StarRov LFT 490 for

Johns Manville is upgrading E-glass production for thermoplastics

Chinese glass fibre producers,

long-fibre-reinforced polypro-

at its Trnava plant in Slovakia

which is not a sustainable model. JM’s action is in the

pylene composites. industry is growing again and

products. We are making this

interest of our customers

Manville’s senior vice presi-

we are convinced that current

investment to support our

searching for reliability,

dent and general manager for

and future industry trends will

customers’ plans for growth...

proximity of supply and service

Engineered Products Europe/

continue to drive increasing

The furnace upgrade will


Asia said: “The composite

demand for glass fibre

support the launch of the next


Enno Henze, Johns

S&E expands toll compounding capabilities S&E Specialty Polymers has invested

can meet their tolling needs with the

US$1.5 million to expand toll com-

level of quality and service that we have

pounding capacity at its plant in

always held for ourselves.”

Lunenburg, Massachusetts, USA from

with a wide range of equipment,

6,800 tonnes/year). The upgrade has

including: a Farrel Continuous Mixer; a

involved replacing a twin-screw

Banbury two roll mill; a Banbury extrud-

extrusion line and was completed in

er; a high-speed/high-torque twin-


screw extruder; and a state-of-the-art

The company is equipped to carry out toll compounding services for a


28-mm twin-screw extruder for R&D. S&E offers complete toll compound-

wide variety of polymers including PVC,

ing services. Customers can supply the

PVC alloys, low-smoke zero-halogen

raw materials and formulations they

formulations, TPOs, TPRs, plus flame

wish to use, and benefit from the

retardant and UV concentrates.

compounder’s processing knowledge.

“This is a service that many of our


The Lunenburg plant is equipped

5 million to 15 million lbs/year (2,300 to

S&E has also worked with clients to

customers kept asking us for and we

develop recipes to meet their specific

wanted to accommodate the increased

requirements under non-disclosure

demand,” said Duane Shooltz,

agreements, and then used its

president and COO of S&E. “We have

purchasing power to reduce costs.

now reached the point that we feel we



news in brief ❙ Addivant has completed the first phase of capacity expansions at Gulf Stabilizers Industries, its joint

Bayer sells its nanotube patents to FutureCarbon

venture in Al Jubaïl, Saudi

Bayer MaterialScience has

Arabia. Once completed, the

sold the bulk of its patents and

production capacity of

technology relating to carbon

hindered phenolic antioxi-

nanotubes and graphene to the

dants and phosphite

German carbon composites

antioxidants will be doubled

company FutureCarbon.

to 10,500 tonnes/year. Plans

Bayer announced that it

are also underway to expand

was ending its work on its Bay-

capacity for Anox NDB

tube carbon nanotubes (CNTs)

non-dust blends at the site to

in May 2013 when it said that

24,000 tonnes/year.

significant commercialisation

of the technology was not likely in the foreseeable future. The

❙ Norner has developed a

company had spent around 10

novel polypropylene com-

years researching the

pound that is claimed to

materials and it invested €22

Bayer Material Science has sold its carbon nanotube intellectual

dramatically increase the

million in a 200 tonnes/year

property to FutureCarbon

service life of PP in aggres-

CNT pilot production plant at

sive media. Target applica-

its Leverkusen site in Germany

director Dr. Walter Schütz said,

Bayer Material Science, said,

tions include the transporta-

in 2010.

“We enjoy a long-standing

“We are pleased that Future-

development partnership with

Carbon, one of the partners

hydrocarbons or alkaline

participant in Germany’s

Bayer. We are happy that we

from the Inno.CNT develop-

liquids in piping systems with

Inno.CNT collaborative R&D

were able to acquire the Bayer

ment network, will be carrying

PP liners for chemicals.

initiative along with FutureCar-

patents for further market

on our company’s work. We

Accelerated testing predicts

bon, which specializes in the

realisation of the technology.

remain confident that the

very good performance at

development and manufacture

They expand our applications

technology harbours tremen-

70°C over a period of more

of carbon nanomaterials and

base substantially and open up

dous potential, particularly for

than 25 years.

their refinement to create

new possibilities and business

a renowned specialist

carbon composites.

segments for us.”

tion of hot water, warm

Bayer was an active

FutureCarbon’s managing

Patrick Thomas, CEO of

company like FutureCarbon.”


❙ Commercial Plastics Recycling has been appointed the official recycling company for the NPE 2015

China XD continues growth

plastics exhibition that takes

China XD, the Chinese

increase of 55.4%, and net

its strong market positions in

place in Orlando, Florida,

producer of technical com-

income was 55.8% higher at

East and North China.

USA on 23-27 March 2015. It

pounds for automotive and

US$133.8 million.

is located less than 70 miles

mass transport applications,

(110 km) away in Tampa. At

has reported very strong

expanded the total capacity of

Southwest China accounted for

the previous NPE in 2012, a

growth figures for 2013. Its

its compounding plants in

3.7% of total revenues in 2013.

total of 260,208 lb (118

revenues increased by 75.2%

Harbin to 390,000 tonnes/year.

He added that work has

tonnes) of scrap material

to reach US$1.05 billion, while

It is also constructing a

started on the Nanchong plant

was collected and recycled

the total volume of material

300,000 tonnes/year plant in

and it is expected to be

under the NPE Recycles

shipped grew by 50.5% to

Nanchong City, Sichuan

completed by the end of 2015.


reach 337,189 tonnes.

Province, as part of its strategy

The facility will house 70 8

Gross profit for the full year was US$223.4 million, an


Last year China XD

Jie Han, chairman and CEO of China XD, said that sales in

to grow its business in

compounding lines.

Southwest China, building on


The next level in compounding efficiency: ZE BluePower twin-screw extruder A world’s first: benefit from the multitude of energy-saving technical innovations and perfectly matched components of the trendsetting ZE BluePower twin-screw extruder series. Key highlights: – OD/ID diameter ratio of 1.65 for increased free volume – High torque of up to 16 Nm/cm3 for high output rates – Newly developed elliptical collar liners for optimum wear protection – Modular system for flexible processing section configuration Unparalleled output rates, low energy consumption and uncompromising reliability – all contribute to the ZE BluePower’s unequaled cost-effectiveness!


Compounding World announces European and American conferences Compounding World magazine

Compounding World will be going live in Cologne in April 2015

and AMI are launching a new European conference for the international compounding industry. Their first Compounding World Congress will take place in Cologne, Germany on 21-23 April 2015. The new conference is being launched following the sell-out success of the Compounding World Forum, which took place in Philadelphia, USA in December 2013. The American event, which attracted more

strategies and new materials

there will be analysis of key

Book your place before 27 June

than 240 attendees and 37

technologies, as well as

market trends in the com-

to qualify for a 25% pre-pro-

exhibitors, will return to a

providing practical advice on

pounding industry, plus

gramme discount. More details

larger venue in Philadelphia on

getting the most from

discussions on how to grow


9-10 December 2014.

compounding lines. The

business in an increasingly

primary focus will be on the

competitive global arena.

Compounding World Forum

conference will create a

production of technical

Experts will also cover new

2014 in Philadelphia, including

vibrant meeting place for

compounds based on engi-

developments in processing

a list of compounders and

thermoplastics compounders

neering thermoplastics, TPEs

technology and provide tips on

exhibitors that participated in

from throughout Europe and

and performance polyolefins

how to optimise compounding

last year’s event, please visit

beyond. It will feature a

for demanding applications in

operations. For

high-level programme brought

markets such as the automo-

together by the editorial team

tive, electrical/electronic,

pating in the Compounding

US event, please contact Kelly

of Compounding World,

medical and industrial sectors.

World Congress 2015 in

Cressman on +1 610 478 0800,

The new European

For information on partici-

For more information on the

details on participating in the

Cologne as a delegate, Book

of the magazine’s most

focus on the latest additives

exhibitor, sponsor or speaker,

before 9 May to qualify for a

popular themes in a live event.

and formulations for adding

please contact the organiser,

special pre-programme rate of

value and new functionality to

Kat Langner on +44 117 924

just $790, saving $500.

thermoplastics. In addition,



exploring and developing many

Like the US event, the conference will cover business

Dedicated sessions will

Former CEO returns to head up Tech Blend Tech Blend, the Canadian

interests. These included

exercised his option to buy the

Located in Saint-Jean-sur-

producer of black master-

setting up the Manouk

company when the opportunity

Richelieu, Quebec, Tech Blend

batch, has been acquired by

Djoukhadjian Family Founda-


is Canada’s largest manufac-

Manouk Djoukhadjian who has

tion, a charity to support

returned to the company as its

academically accomplished

excited to return and continue

thermoplastics, and is a

president and CEO.

students who are in financial

to lead Tech Blend in its growth

leading player in the North

need to complete their

and market development”, said

American market. It offers

positions at the company from

education and training. He

Djoukhadjian. “We are in a

grades for extrusion, moulding

2004 until 2012 when he

remained on Tech Blend’s

dynamic industry with interest-

and compounding.

resigned to pursue other

board of directors and

ing growth opportunities.”


Djoukhadjian held these



“I am very pleased and

turer of black concentrates for

Europe’s technical compounders | market report

A new report from AMI contains detailed profiles of Europe’s 50 largest technical compounders. Sarah Phillips provides an exclusive look at its key conclusions on how the market is changing

Compound growth: Europe’s leading compounders continue to expand Europe’s leading technical compounders have contin-

supply a number of niche applications. The advantages

ued to grow and expand their businesses over the past

of using independent compounders’ services can

four years, despite the fluctuations in the market for

include greater flexibility in meeting specific technical

thermoplastic compounds. This is the finding of AMI’s

requirements, faster response in colour-matching and a

latest report, ‘Corporate Performance and Ownership among Technical Compounders – a review of Europe’s 50 leading players’. The new publication profiles Europe’s market leaders and concludes that these companies produced 30% more product in 2013 than four years before, with sales nearly €1 billion higher. There are approximately 155 independent technical compounding sites in Europe (not including compounders that base their compounds on recyclate or secondary grade material). In addition to these independent sites, there are several “in house” compounders at plastics processors, such as Lab Radio in Spain, which makes PA compound for automotive applications, and the Rosa Group in Italy, which makes significant volumes of PP compound that it moulds into appliance components. Independent compounders typically provide small and medium sized plastics processors with relatively small lots that are very often custom-made. They also

willingness to offer product development and technical

support services as a package. All of these can prove attractive to plastics processors. Some of the independents have grown and developed to pose strong competition to the powerful integrated players in the engineering polymer field. In some cases, their supplier competitiveness has been enhanced by their additional involvement as distributors of ETPs that they do not manufacture themselves. The overall trend in the technical compounding business in recent years has been a drive to reduce manufacturing costs and increase plant utilisation. A key aspect of this has been debottlenecking of existing assets to improve output. The attributes of a successful independent producer are rapid response, flexibility and anticipation of new trends. Most companies pursue strategies to focus on core business areas and dispose of unprofitable areas of their operations. AMI’s report seeks to identify the leading independApril 2014 | COMPOUNDING WORLD


market report | Europe’s technical compounders

Distribution of technical compound production in Europe (2013)

According to AMI’s analysis in this report, Albis and

Others 3%

Scandinavia 4%

Schulman are second and third largest businesses in Spain 8%

value terms, although on a volume basis they are rated

France 9%

4th and 5th. Both produce and distribute a range of PP and technical engineering polymer compounds for direct sale to customers in addition to offering toll compounding services and being involved in distribu-

Benelux 17%

tion. Both operate mainly out of Germany. Germany 36%

UK 6%

The strength of the German industry means that Polymer Chemie is rated the second largest in volume terms, although in turnover terms it is lower because the majority of its business is based on toll

Italy 17%

compounding. Over the past five years, the company has been reorganising itself to separate out its toll

© Applied Market Information Ltd, 2014

compounding, technical compounds and PVC compound businesses. The third largest company in volume terms in ent companies involved in supplying technical com-

Europe is Inno-Comp in Hungary with an estimated

pounds in Europe (masterbatch makers are covered in a

production output of 65,000 tonnes. The company

separate publication). It defines “independent” as

established a new plant in the Czech Republic in 2008.

companies which are not vertically integrated into

Inno-Comp was spun out of the polyolefins producer

polymer production. However, the European compound-

TVK in 1999 and the compounding business is actually

ing activities of companies which have polymerisation

located on the PP manufacturing site of TVK. The

facilities outside of Europe have been included (for

second plant in the Czech Republic is similarly closely

example Nilit), as have those of companies compound-

integrated with polymer production, being located on

ing materials for which they are not integrated (such as

the site of the Unipetrol PP plant in Litvínov. The

the LFT activities of Celstran). Toll compounding

business has a regional strategy aimed at supplying the

volumes carried out on behalf of the polymer majors

automotive, building and appliance industries. AMI also notes that the level of M&A for compound-

have also been included in the analysis. As a result of this study, AMI reports that the

ers over the past four years has been relatively low, the

industry is dominated by the compounding activities of

most notable being:

Ravago, which is a leading toll compounder on behalf of

● So.F.Ter, a privately owned company, acquired

the polymer majors and is also building a position as a

certain assets belonging to the P Group in Italy during

supplier of proprietary compounds. The business

2010, including substantial PP compounds business.

supplies almost twice as much prime compounds as

● In September 2013, A. Schulman acquired the

the next largest player – Polymer Chemie – and would

Perrite Group, a thermoplastics manufacturing

be even more significant if its volumes of secondary

business with operations in the UK, France and

grade and recycled polymer compounds were included. Ravago is a prime example of a business successfully developing a broad range of services for both polymer producers (as a toll compounder)

Top 10 companies 18%

and plastic processors (as merchant compounders). Similar strategies have been

Market shares of Europe’s leading 50 technical compounders by volume (2013)

followed by many other of the leading players in the supply of technical compounds, although the balance of toll versus distribution versus

Rest of the market 63%

Top 11-50 companies 19%

proprietary products can vary and with it the value of the business. The combination of polymers compounded will also obviously impact on turnover, although

© Applied Market Information Ltd, 2014

not necessarily on margins. 14


100 %


Congress 2015 The international conference on business strategies, innovative additives and process optimisation for thermoplastics compounders

18-20 February 2013

21-23 April Austria Trend Hotel2015 Savoyen, Vienna, Austria Maritim Hotel, Images courtesy of: Shutterstock

Cologne, Germany

* + 19% German VAT

SPECIAL PRE-PROGRAMME OFFER: Book now and save â‚Ź300 Organised by: Applied Market Information Ltd. & Compounding World

For further details or to book at the reduced rate please contact the Conference Organiser Kat Langner Email: Tel: +44 (0) 117 924 9442 Web:

Europe’s technical compounders | market report

Malaysia, for approximately US$52 million. Perrite was part of the Vita Group portfolio of companies. ● Styron was acquired from Dow in June 2010 by Bain Capital for US$1.63 billion. The acquisition included Dow’s interests in PS, ABS/ SAN and PC and its PP automotive compounds business. Styron is being renamed Trinseo. Equally there have been relatively

Europe’s Top 10 technical compounders by volume (2013) 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)

Ravago Holding Polymer-Chemie Inno-Comp Albis Plastic A Schulman Europe Sirmax Industrie Polieco MPB Lamplast di Aldo Redaeli So.F.Ter Akro-Plastic

leading players’. This analyses the background, development and recent performance of the 50 largest independent technical thermoplastic compounders in Europe. For more details and to order a copy online, visit: For more information contact Sarah Phillips at AMI has also published a new edition of its directory of ‘Compound-

ers and Masterbatch Producers in Europe’. This lists 683 sites with © Applied Market Information Ltd, 2014 AMI’s previous edition published in addresses, managerial contacts, 2010, Ter Hell Plastic is the most types of materials processed and notable. It stopped compounding production at its Herne technologies used. It is available in printed and plant in Germany in 2013, deciding to outsource this electronic versions – details at work and to concentrate on its distribution activities. Market trends in the European compounding industry will be discussed in detail at AMI’s Compounding World Congress 2015, which takes place in Cologne, Germany More information on 21-23 April 2015. For details on participating in this This article is based on AMI’s recently published report, event, visit ‘Corporate Performance and Ownership among Technical Compounders – a review of Europe’s 50 ❙ few casualties in terms of bankruptcy

or closures. Of the companies listed in

Additives for recyclates | materials feature

Peter Mapleston examines a range of different additives designed to improve the properties and processability of recycled plastics

Good as new: additives reinvigorate recycled plastics With demand for products made from recycled materials rising, recyclability is an increasingly important attribute for many types of plastics, particularly those in consumer applications. But weathering, ageing, contamination and thermomechanical degradation from processing can cause significant performance issues in products made from recycled plastics. An increasing variety of additive packages is now available to enable compounders and producers of finished products to minimize defects and optimize the performance of various types of recycled plastics, whether they are streams of a single polymer or streams with mixed content. Despite significant progress in technologies for cleaning post-consumer plastics recyclate, and for separating different types of plastics, these streams are almost never entirely pure. So a key role of additives when it comes to compounding the materials is to compatibilize

another series of compatibilizers, Entira EP, formulated

what would normally be incompatible polymers.

specifically for highly efficient recycling of difficult-toseparate mixtures of inherently incompatible polymers.

Improving compatibility

The family members are ethylene-copolymers,

As DuPont, one supplier of compatibilizers, points out,

optimized for mixed waste streams of PP and PE.

the general principle of compatibilization is to reduce

DuPont plans to introduce compatibilizers for other

interfacial energy between two different polymers in

mixed materials later.

order to increase adhesion. Generally, adding compati-

Compounding of reground mixed polymers together

bilizers also results in finer dispersion, as well as more

with Entira EP provides re-granulates with excellent

regular and stable morphologies. Compatibilizers

mechanical and processing properties, meeting high

generally increase mechanical performance and

demands even with high degrees of contamination,

surface properties.

DuPont claims. The company adds that using Entira EP

DuPont’s portfolio includes Fusabond types for

significantly reduces the need for melt filter cleaning operations. “Depending on the selected compatibilizer

nated with other resins such as PP, PE or polyesters;

formulation, the re-compounded materials can reach

and Elvaloy resins for streams based on PET and PBT.

almost the same level of low temperature toughness as

Last year, at the K 2013 exhibition, DuPont added

the major blend fraction,” it says.

recycling polyamides 6 and 66 that may be contami-



materials feature | Additives for recyclates

mechanical properties of recyclate containing Entira EP “reach levels that can normally be achieved only after applying costly separation technologies to provide extra low contamination grades. Re-granulates compounded with Entira EP are even suitable to mould high-performance, thin-walled components.” Lucobit, which has its roots in the BASF/Shell joint venture Elenac, is another company offering new compatibilizers. At AMI’s Polyolefin Additives 2013 conference last September, Sandro Kohn, head of R&D at the company, spoke on the use of its Lucofin ethylene butyl acrylates (EBA) and maleic anhydride (MAH) grafted EBA products in recycling applications. The company offers grades for improving properties of polyolefinic and engineering plastics mono-fractions, as well as for compatibilizing multi-polymer mixes. Improvement of mechanical properties of a PE/EVOH blend by adding Lucobit’s Lucofin additives

Lucofin EBA grades such as 1400HN (for use in compounds intended for film applications) and 1400MN (injection moulding) are distinguished by their broad

“As plastic processors increasingly recycle plastic

molecular weight, which provides very good processabil-

waste in-house, the amount of single-component and

ity and high melt strength. In addition, the grades deliver

therefore easy-to-process material available to the

high melting point and thermal stability, low glass

recycling industry is going down,” says Michel Decodts,

transition temperature, and low modulus. In polyolefinic

market segment leader at DuPont. “At the same time,

mono-fractions, adding 5-20% of Lucofin 1400 signifi-

incompatible plastic mixtures have become more

cantly improves elongation at break, puncture resistance,

readily available. These have to be segregated at

impact strength and processability, according to Lucobit.

relatively high cost and therefore make it more difficult

Kohn said that the inherent polarity of EBA provides

to achieve specified recycling rates. Entira EP compati-

good compatibility with polyolefins and moderate

bilizers now offer manufacturers of re-compounds

compatibility with small amounts of polar plastics, while

cost-efficient new opportunities, as they significantly

the additional polarity provided by MAH in such grades

boost the range of ready-to-use raw materials for

as Lucofin 1494M and 1494H significantly increases

high-performance applications.”

compatibility with polar plastics. He says blends of 1400

Even at low concentrations of around 4%, the new compatibilizers promote a firm bond between matrix and dispersed material. Loic Rolland, technical development leader at DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers, says

and 1494 often prove the most cost-effective solution. Dow Elastomers has a whole raft of materials in its Amplify, Engage, Infuse, Primacolor and Versify ranges to address the various processing needs of plastics recyclers in terms of processability, mechanical

New Entira additives from DuPont improve impact strength at 23˚C and -20˚C



materials feature | Additives for recyclates

combining PE, polyolefin elastomers (POEs) and polar materials such as EVOH and polyamide with polypropylene to provide the best benefits of each material, while minimizing individual trade-off properties. “Intune PP-based OBCs [are] fundamentally changing the way the industry thinks about combining polar and non-polar polymers,” says Karen FennessyKetola, global director, new business development, Dow Elastomers, Electrical & Telecommunications.

Boosting processability

Stopping the smells

Industrial process additives specialist Struktol

One major European recycling company using additives to reduce odour in

made with 100% recyclate or compounds that contain

its product is Regain Polymers in the UK. Mark Roberts, technical sales

varying levels of post-consumer and post-industrial

director, explains: “As post-industrial scrap is being reprocessed in-house,

recyclate mixed in with virgin material.

compounders are using a higher level of post-consumer waste. One

continues to expand its range of additives for improving the processability and final properties of materials

Ken Harp, sales and marketing manager with

additive that we have found to be particularly advantageous is an odour

Struktol’s US arm in Stow, Ohio, says that much of its

neutraliser, which removes odour from post-consumer waste streams.

work is geared to automotive applications. “We are

“We trialled the odour-neutralised additive in our New Product

working on solutions for polypropylene in particular, to

Development Lab, running a small sample on the lab compound line with

help with viscosity modification, and to provide more

the odour neutraliser added at different levels. We stored the compound

consistent melt flow, doing that also with contaminated

in jars, checking the odour each day to detect the affect. The neutraliser

feed streams that have a certain content of high density

was shown to give a significant advantage over traditional odour mask

polyethylene,” he says.

additives, whereby the odour remains present and can therefore be detected by the end user. “Loadhog, a transit packaging client of ours, was having issues with the

“We have found that no ‘100% recyclate’ streams are truly pure. There are many ways to improve processing characteristics with our additives. If a stream is highly

odour emitted when processing Regain’s Polypropylene recycled polymer.

contaminated, we can do it with pure lubrication

We suggested that they trial the odour neutraliser additive, which would

technology, to increase melt flow, as well as mould

be added at the compounding stage. The results were significant,

release properties. We can also couple those additives

dramatically improving any residual odour apparent in Loadhog’s process.

with compatibilizers to facilitate blending of different

The additive has become invaluable in the production of their ‘Smartpad,’ a

types of polymers.” One typical example is Struktol RP

consumer product used for dividing bottles on a pallet.”

11, a proprietary blend of fatty acid derivatives that is


designed as a processing aid and mould release agent. It works especially well in polypropylene to modify viscosity.

properties and aesthetics. For compatibilizing polar and

or neutralize odours in recycled plastics. “Lots of

example, it suggests Amplify GR 205 or 216 functional

compounders have problems with odours, which might

polymers; the former is also recommended for blends

come from contaminants in the original materials or

of non-polar polymers and cellulose (diapers). Engage

from chemicals used to wash the recyclate,” Harp says.

polyolefin elastomers are good for mineral-filled PP

The anti-odour products double up as lubricants. “In fact,

automobile parts, while PE/PP blends coming from

most of our products are multifunctional,” says Harp.

blow moulded packaging can be improved with Engage,

Struktol RP 17, for example, which may be added during

Versify plastomers and elastomers, or Infuse block

compounding, extrusion or moulding, was developed for


PE and PP-based wood-plastics composites (WPCs) in

Most recently, Dow Elastomers unveiled Intune,

which fillers as well as the recycled plastics themselves

which it describes as “breakthrough compatibilization

can impart unpleasant odours. It has also been shown to

technology that offers a tuneable range of new-to-the-

work well in plain recycled PE and PP products.

world, highly effective solutions for combining both

The company also offers compatibilizing agents

non-polar and polar polymers with polypropylene.”

specifically developed for recycled materials. With two

The company says that Intune PP-based olefin block copolymers (OBCs) offer highly effective solutions for 22

Struktol has also developed products that either mask

non-polar blends when recycling PE/PA laminates, for


new blends, TR 219 and TR 229, Harp says that Struktol has taken a further step forward, with compatibilizers

Reclaim, simplified. Reclaim Extrusion

Self Cleaning Filtration

Wash Systems

Pelletizer Systems

One central provider for complete systems from scrap to pellet. Specializing in recycling solutions and machinery for post-consumer and industrial plastics.


materials feature | Additives for recyclates

Graph showing the response of Intrinsic viscosity to dosage of PolyAd PET Recycle System

Effect of PolyAd’s Bottlecap Stab additive on MFI of mixed PE & PP stream coming from bottle caps

incorporating traditional lubrication technology. He says

being sold by BASF to Edgewater Capital Partners (see

the new products also help with high filler loadings.

last month’s Compounding World for the news story).

Struktol TR 219 is a blend of compatibilizer and

The company sources materials globally, creating

processing lubricant that was designed for use in

very specific solutions, mostly in the form of easy-to-

polyamide 6 and 66 compounds. Typical improvements

handle micro-pellets with 100% active ingredients.

in processing are better mixing and reduced die

They can be used by compounders as well as directly by

build-up and die drool. For injection moulding applica-

end-product manufacturers running continuous

tions, processors can expect to see better flow and

processes capable of handling very low dosage levels,

mould filling compared with other lubricants such as

such as pipe or film production.

metallic stearates, montan waxes and amide waxes.

PolyAd Services entered the recycling sector with


Struktol TR 229 is designed for use in PC/ABS blends,

four standard grades, aimed in particular at key

720 from

as well as polyamide compounds.

applications: Recyclostab 451 for PP battery cases

PolyAd Services

(providing restabilisation and neutralizing acid resi-

improves the

Multi-functional packages

dues); Recyclossorb 550 for restabilising PE sourced

clarity of a PE

PolyAd Services has seen substantial growth in special

from pallets and waste bins; Recycloblend 660 for

PA blend. Film

formulations for recycled plastics in recent years,

compatibilizing polymers with impurities such as paint,

on the right has

according to head of sales and marketing Vincent

especially from car bumpers; and Recyclostab 411 for

no additive,

Gugumus. Originally targeting post-industrial recycling

restabilising scrap such as HDPE from drums.

while film just

exclusively, the company now offers solutions for

visible on the

post-consumer recyclate as well.

left contains 2% Recycloblend

Offering additive blends for plastics compounders and converters, PolyAd Services is in the process of

In the meantime, the company has extended its offering, which now also includes customer-specific solutions that account for over 80% of its business in this area. “In recycling, every application is different,” says Gugumus. “We can create formulations that in a single package address compatibility, contaminants, odour, light stability, impact resistance, flame retardance, and more. We have produced pellets with as many as nine additives, two of them liquid.” The company’s PolyAd PET Recycle System additive is designed to rebuild the molecular weight of recycled PET to increase mechanical properties, while leaving it suitable for food contact applications. As the company points out, PET is the most recycled polymer in the world, but its molecular weight – which is reflected in its intrinsic viscosity, IV – falls drastically owing to hydrolysis and oxidative damage during processing. Molecular weight can be raised by solid-state condensation, carried out in driers under high vacuum



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Additives for recyclates | materials feature

and temperature, but PolyAd says this requires expensive equipment and it takes a lot of time. The PolyAd PET Recycle System is added to the PET during extrusion, and IV is recovered in minutes rather than hours. Recycloblend 720, described as one of the company’s most versatile and high performance compatibilization systems, is designed to compatibilize PE-based recycle streams contaminated with condensation polymers such as polyamides and polyesters. For example, with streams of multilayer barrier film containing 10-15% PA or PET, an addition rate of 1-2% is sufficient to convert scrap into film grade resin that has enhanced melt strength, low gel count, high mechanical properties and good clarity (see photo). Recycloblend 720 also works with thick-walled

PolyAd Services has also developed a compatibilizing

PolyAd Services has

multi-polymer structures such as injection moulded

additive package for PE and PP coming from recycled

automotive parts. “These are typically ground and

beverage bottle caps. The caps are easy to separate


compounded into a very low grade injection moulding

from PET bottles by flotation methods, but it is very

special additive

resin with severe delamination,� Gugumus says.

difficult to separate PP closures from PE closures.

“However, with the addition of 1% Recycloblend 720, the

Bottlecap Stab increases tensile strength, elongation,

recycled bottle

delamination with such a resin mixture is non-existent

and impact strength, and also has the ability to adjust


because the system has been alloyed to create a

the melt flow index at an addition rate of just 0.1-0.5%

uniform polymer matrix.�

(see graph).

packages for


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materials feature | Additives for recyclates

Kenrich says that the effects

PVC is often thought of by non-experts as non-recyclable. That’s not true of course, although it does help

of its titanate

to keep it out of other recycling streams to avoid the

additives are

risk of it “unzipping” and spoiling the batch. But on its


own, it is highly recyclable. Now its green credentials

obvious in pellet appearance

can be improved further by using a bio-based additive to improve its processability and performance. Metabolix recently launched I6003rp, a polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) copolymer, to improve toughness and increase recyclate usage rates. Metabolix says that PHA has excellent inherent miscibility in PVC to enable improved processing. “I6003rp can lower torque and improve flow, while improving PVC properties such as tensile toughness, hardness, and tear resistance,” the company says.

reaction mechanism much like a polymer producer

“Using I6003rp enables reformulation to reduce

uses a metallocene (titanocene) catalyst in its reactor.

plasticizer, modifier, and stabilizer addition while

“The catalysis can cause repolymerisation – the

maintaining physical properties.” (See tables)

building up of the molecular weight of one polymer – or

I6003rp reduces the melt pressure in PVC recyclate

says. The effect of repolymerisation catalysts is

increased by 10% while keeping torque at the same

immediately obvious when looking at pellets, since

level, or the output can be kept constant and torque

discoloration is much less (see photo).

reduced by up to 20%, Metabolix claims. Metabolix

copolymerisation between dissimilar polymers,” he

processing. At a 10% loading, throughput can be

Kenrich Petrochemicals, which specializes in

Monte explains: “Although both are classified as polyolefins, PP and HDPE are not very compatible. If

shows how its

coupling agents, has a new titanium based catalyst in

you are trying to injection mould an HDPE flower pot

PHA can

development to improve the performance of its

with more than 5% co-mingled PP, you get delamina-

improve the

100%-active liquid additive Ken-React LICA 12, which is

tion. However, if you include 0.2% of a titanate into the


itself an organic phosphate-titanate.

injection moulding machine, you can go to 50% PP/50%

properties of recycled PVC

Salvatore Monte, president of Kenrich Petrochemicals, says that a titanate in the extruder provides a

HDPE and get a better looking flower pot produced with faster cycle times at about 9% lower temperature.” Monte says that the new catalyst will be supplied in pellet form ready to be used just like a colour concentrate. “We are waiting for Brabender Plasti-Corder data on two commercial PCR streams and one polystyrene plastic waste stream to confirm our claims,” he said in February. “We will then get our IP in order and consider licensing the technology.”

More information For lively discussions on plastics recycling and the wider issues of dealing with waste, don’t miss AMI’s End of Life Plastics 2014 conference, which takes place on 16-18 June in Düsseldorf, Germany. Download the brochure at Click on the links for more information:

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Vinyl records | applications feature

The resurgence of demand for vinyl records is creating new opportunities for PVC compounders, and this month’s Record Store Day is set to lift sales still further

Record growth: the story behind the vinyl comeback

To many people outside the plastics industry, ‘vinyl’ is

Vinyl always retained a niche appeal for certain

not a material but a product. To them, ‘vinyl’ means

collectors and DJs. Now, however, when much of the


music we listen to does not even have any physical

However, demand for PVC from the music industry

form, vinyl has an appeal to buyers far too young to

dwindled away in recent decades as recordings

remember it as a major format. Vinyl is now becoming

migrated from 7 inch singles and 12 inch LPs on to

an important money maker for certain compounders,

other formats: cassettes in the 1970s and 1980s, CDs

record pressers and retailers.

since the 1980s, and more recently various digital

It is generally agreed that 2006 marked the low point

formats. Now, to the surprise of many, vinyl records

in the vinyl records market, when the total trade value

have bounced back, creating real opportunities for the

of the products in the US was put at US$36 million.

select few compounders and pressing plants which can

Since then, it has increased, albeit unevenly, in every

meet the format’s unique demands.

year, reaching US$89 million in 2010, US$116 million in

“With more than 60 years of loyal service, the vinyl

2011 and US$171 million in 2012. This includes a

LP is by some margin the most enduring album format

relatively small 7” single market. For one major

of all time,” says Geoff Taylor, chief executive of the

presser, Record Industry of Haarlem, Netherlands, this

British Phonographic Industry (BPI), a membership-

makes up just 4% of its total output.

funded trade organisation that represents the UK’s recorded music business. “Although sales overall are

Chart toppers

small compared to CD and digital albums, vinyl’s

According to figures from Nielsen SoundScan, sales of

collectability and appeal to audiophiles is drawing in

vinyl albums in the US were 990,000 in 2007, rising to

new fans.”

4.6 million in 2012 and just over 6 million in 2013. This



applications feature | Vinyl records

Last year’s best

figure gives vinyl 2% of the market, up from 0.4% in

selling vinyl

2008 and 1.4% in 2012. The best-selling album on vinyl

LPs in the UK

in the US last year was Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, with 490,000 copies, ahead of Modern Vampires of the City by Vampire Weekend and Reflektor by Arcade Fire. Meanwhile, CD sales in the US fell by 14.5% to 165.4 million units in 2013, and digital music sales fell for the first time since the iTunes store opened. The total albums market fell by 8.4% to 289.4 million units. Clearly, vinyl is a small slice of a declining market, but even so it can account for up to 20% of sales for some albums in the first month after release, despite being more costly on a unit basis. For some specialist retail merchants and manufacturers, vinyl now accounts for over 50% of sales. In the UK, according to the BPI and the Official Charts Company,, unit sales of vinyl albums rose from a low of 205,000 in 2007 to 337,000 in 2011 and 389,000 in 2012, and then doubled to 780,000 in 2013, equivalent to 0.8% of total album sales. This was the sixth successive year-on-year rise. It also marked the best year of vinyl sales since 1997. Between 2008 and 2012, their retail value more than quintupled from £1.1 million to £5.7 million (€1.3

and the US were by Arctic Monkeys, David Bowie, Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, and Daft Punk

store owner has stated that Nielsen SoundScan only tracks about 15% of total sales due to bar codes and that real unit sales could be as high 20 million units, while in Germany the fact that many small shops and whole areas still do not use scanner cash registers probably also lead to serious underestimates.

Vinyl demand Compounders clearly believe that the market is substantially higher. Frank Hutzler, VP of sales & marketing at the US compounder Rimtec, says that the US market is now about 8 million pounds (3,600 tonnes). Another US industry insider known to Hutzler puts this market at 9-10 million pounds (about 4,000-4,500 tonnes). Mean-

million to €6.8 million).

while, Andy Tombs, business

The best-selling album on vinyl in the UK last year was the Arctic Monkeys’ AM,

development manager at the UK

ahead of Random Access Memories and

compounder Dugdale, estimates the

David Bowie’s The Next Day. Bowie was

UK market at 1,000 to 1,500 tonnes/

also riding high in the vinyl charts in

year and continental Europe’s at 5,000

2012 with the remastered 40th anniver-

to 6,000 tonnes/year.

sary edition of Ziggy Stardust, second

LPs weigh in the region of 140 to

behind Coexist by The xx.

180 grams each, so these figures equate to around 60-75 million records/

Figures are harder to come by for

year in those markets, massively higher

other major markets. In Germany, LP

than the official figures suggest and

and 7” single sales were put at around 700,000 in 2011. Quoted figures for other markets include 102,557

actually higher than the best figures for capacity. Any

in Australia in 2011, 105,000 in Japan in 2010 and

figure is general, of course, given that capacity

47,891 in Finland (both formats in each case), plus

utilisation rates are unknown and not every vinyl record

81,000 LPs in the Netherlands in 2011 and 135,000 LPs in Spain in 2012. In France,

Ton Vermeulen, the owner of Record Industry, has

the SNEP put sales of LPs in 2008 at

compiled a comprehensive list of world pressing

about 200,000, but some independent

capacities. He calculates that 47.03 million vinyl records

labels put the figure at nearer 1 million.

were produced last year, spread among 45 manufactur-

However, official figures like these

ers. Of these units, 24.7 million were in Europe, 20.9

may hide some serious underestimates

million in the US, and 1.4 million in six other countries.

of the scale of the market because of

This equates to around 7,500 tonnes of PVC consump-

the anarchic nature of a market where

tion, compared to the compounders’ lower estimation of

sales are mainly through independent

9,600 tonnes.

record stores. In the US, one record 32

is a 12” pressing.


Vermeulen believes that the world’s largest record


3 6 6 GRAVIMETRIC BLENDING 3 5 1 6 3 1 6 6 3 1 1 6 3 1 1 5 1 6 6 3 1 6 6 1 3 8 3 9 1 3 It’s all about 3 6 5 6 1 3 6 6 1 1 1 9 9 5 3 6 1 6 3 6 1 6 3 1 6 9 3 1 VIEW ONLINE VIEW PRODUCT GUIDE 6 3VIEW SHOWREEL 3 1 6 1 5 1 1 6 3 6 3 1 1 OVER 6 45,000 3 6 1 6 3 BLENDERS WORLDWIDE 8 3 1 9 1 1 3 3 1 6 5 1.9 million 6 3 1 3 1 AVERAGE TONNES PER HOUR 6 6 6 STANDARD 1 1 3 8 9 1 9 9.3 billion 5 MODELS 3 6 TONNES5PER ANNUM 6 1 3 6 3 6 6 1 6 1 Billions of 3 1 1 6 9 5 1 dollars 3 6 3 6 PASSING THROUGH MAGUIRE 1 6 3 5 BLENDERS ANNUALLY 1 6 6 3 1 1 6 6 3 Find out more about our 1 products 1 6 3 Email: 3 1 6 1 5 1 6 6 3 1 1 6 10kg to 6 1 3 8 4,000kg 9 1 3 using 2 to 12 3 6 5 materials 1 3 The innovative market leader for… 6 6 1 EXTRUSION CONTROL 1 1 9 5 3 CONTROL 8 STORAGE DOSING 8 BLENDING 8 DRYING 8 CONVEYING 8 EXTRUSION 6































































































































































































The Maguire Gravimetric Blenders…




applications feature | Vinyl records


pressers by annual capacity are:

that vinyl records account for less than 5% of the


● United Record Pressing (US), 7 million

material that Dugdale compounds at its site in Halifax.

pressing plant

● GZ (Czech Republic), 6 million

The strong demand is perhaps more of a challenge for

at Haarlem in

● Rainbo Records (US), 5 million

the pressing plants.

the Nether-

● Optimal (Germany), 4 million

lands can

● Record Industry (Netherlands), 3.8 million

stress last year to get records pressed in time,” says

produce 3.8

● Pallas (Germany), 3 million

Vermeulen. “As we have a lot of presses available and

million records per year

The number of PVC compounders that are active in

“I know that some of the European plants had a lot of

we only run eight or nine hours a day, we were able to

this market, meanwhile, is not certain but it is low.

keep our customers happy with a bit of overtime here

Dugdale and Swindon-based Doeflex are key players in

and there. I am working on plans to put in an extra shift

the UK, while there is at least one more in Germany and

to double our output, though.”

the same in Italy. A decade ago in the US, Rimtec had only one significant competitor, which has since gone

Building up to the big day

bankrupt; now, Hutzler believes there to be a few more.

Unquestionably, much of the revival is down to Record

Whatever the case, there is no doubt that this is a

Store Day (RSD), an event that has taken place on the

rapidly growing, if niche, market. “Records have really

third Saturday in April since 2007 – this year it is on 19

taken off in the last two to three years, especially in

April. Conceived at a gathering of independent record

continental Europe,” says Tombs. “A few European

store owners and employees in the US as a way of

It is estimated

compounders are now promoting themselves strongly

celebrating and publicising the culture of the independ-

that more than

in this field, whereas in the US they are more reticent

ent record store, it brings together artists, staff and

7,500 tonnes/

and tend to rely on word of mouth.” Dugdale is now

customers, with a wide range of live performances and

year of PVC is

looking to capture some of the US market as well.

related events.

used in

Records are relatively low volume products and

RSD has rapidly expanded from the US and is now


growing demand is not likely to create supply issues for

also celebrated in the UK, Germany, Belgium, the


compounders in the foreseeable future. Tombs says

Netherlands, Canada, France and Mexico. A big range of major and independent record labels produce special limited-edition vinyl pressings of both new and old recordings that go on sale on RSD at independent record stores. This prompts a surge in vinyl sales, both in terms of absolute numbers and relative figures. In 2008, sales were said to be up by 24% to 40,000 in the week of RSD; in 2012, they were up by 128% to 172,000. Michael Kurtz, president of the Department of Record Stores coalition, calls the event a “megaphone” that provides “a stage for vinyl to shine on”. Ironically, it may be that RSD has less of an impact in the US, where it started, than in Europe. Hutzler says that he has never known of customers demanding extra production from Rimtec due to RSD. Tombs, by contrast, says that “they are all going mad pressing” in the two to




that’s where your benefits start

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PLAS MEC s.r.l. Plastic Technology Via Europa, 79 - 21015 Lonate Pozzolo (VA) - Italy - Tel. +39.0331.301648 -

applications feature | Vinyl records

Record Store Day is now celebrated in

three months leading up to the big day,

“In the UK, compounders tend to

which is followed by a lull from May

produce in black and the presser

gradual increase in the run-up

and has helped

to Christmas.

drive growth in vinyl sales

will add in any colour he wants in

to September and another

eight countries

masterbatch form,” says Tombs. “In continental Europe, where the total market is

Again, this effect is felt more by pressers than

larger, pressers are more

compounders. “RSD puts a lot

likely to go for pre-coloured

of pressure on all pressing

compounds. This is fine if

plants, we surely have to do

you have large volumes but

overtime to get product out in

not at batches of 100 or so.” There are some

time, but we are very happy to

potential constraints on

do this as this initiative has given an enormous boost to vinyl sales,” Vermeulen comments. RSD is

growth, starting with the equipment. Anecdotally, at

also, he adds, when most of Record Industry’s 7” output

least, it seems that no new pressing equipment has

is sold.

been made since the late 1980s. Some say that a

This is also a small enough market that a decision

Crowds gather outside the Rough Trade shop in London’s Notting Hill on Record Store Day

German company is doing so, but others believe it is

by one major artist to put an album on vinyl can have a

putting new central units inside old frames. For now,

significant effect, causing 20% spikes in demand. For

pressers are coping with the growing demand by

instance, the first three Oasis albums (yes, even Be

refurbishing old equipment or cannibalising it for parts.

Here Now, it’s a strange world…!) are being reissued on vinyl. Dugdale recently supplied the material for the first 11,000 copies of Definitely Maybe. When vinyl was a mass market, the material was almost all black, with a few exceptions on novelty records or for specific marketing purposes. Now, compounders agree, colour is more popular though there is no real consensus on how much more. It depends in large part on the market. Rimtec, for instances, specialises in colour, producing red, blue, green, clear and other formulations, while Bill Trendell, managing director of Doeflex, says that the company has made records “in every colour of the rainbow and quite a few shades of each of them”. Dugdale, however, is still doing 90% of its business in black vinyl, which is partly a function of the market it operates in.

Record Industry, for instance, sources spare parts from a nearby toolmaker. This, clearly, is much more expensive than buying off-the-shelf. Tombs has heard of redundant presses being acquired in South Africa and shipped to Ireland. For now, the pressing sector can cope with demand and has spare capacity to hand by adding shifts, but if the upward curve continues indefinitely, there may be some issues looming.

Recipe for success Materials form another constraint, for different reasons. Although the PVC and copolymers used are much the same as in the heyday of vinyl, some changes have been forced by availability and legislative issues, particularly REACH in the EU. These issues have involved toluene, which was used as a flowing agent, and lead- and cadmium-based stabilisers. “Toluene is nasty stuff, we stopped using it some years ago,” says Trendell. “I know of some competitors using a lead-based stabiliser, which is an SVHC [substance of very high concern] under REACH, but we use tin-based ones, which are not. There are no other significant regulatory threats to our business.” Tombs adds that the need for a licence to use toluene, which costs many tens of thousands of pounds, means that it is not worthwhile for most compounders to get one, unless they happen to need it in much larger volume applications. Some compounders have struggled to make grades that flow as well without toluene; the main routes have been different viscosity polymers or adjusting the flow and viscosity of the melt. Dugdale is currently trialling new formulations with a UK customer.



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2013, by Fisk, €78.00 or £65.00 or $105.00

New. 1800 experimental ideas for problem solving from a panel of industry experts.

New. A practical guide to risk assessment, socio-economic evaluation, management and reduction. NE


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POLYMER EXTRUSION, 5TH EDITION 2014, by Rauwendaal, €140.00 or £115.00 or $180.00

2013, 19 papers and CD, €335.00 or £280.00 or $420.00

New. Revised and expanded edition of the standard industry reference work.

New. Encompassing markets, flame retardants, safety, sustainability, regulation and applications.

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2013, by Dick, €180.00 or £150.00 or $240.00

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Vinyl records | applications feature

compounder could easily break into the records market without the right equipment and the right formula-

Even in our increasingly

tions. He likens making records to making a

digital “Com-

chocolate sponge: the ingredients may be

puter World”,

much the same, but the results can vary

there’s still a

greatly at the end.

place for

“This is one of the most technical

analogue vinyl!

products we make,” he says. “As well as all the usual critical parameters for PVC compounds, there is a third dimension of quality – the sound – that you cannot test for.” Dugdale has addressed this by using its own record press to produce pre-compressed items and

In the US, Hutzler says, there has been a similar move away

using its internal quality

from lead and cadmium, partly

testing procedures. The company also uses

because of Sony specifications

only pre-approved materi-

and partly because of the Toxic

Day lifts production of 7” singles, such as this RSD 2013 special from Vic Godard

als, which has sometimes

Substances Control Act, the US’s

caused availability problems, and

nearest equivalent to REACH. Some older companies, he adds,

Record Store

the testing can sometimes cause delays at

have been reluctant to give up using lead because it

the customer end. However, although there is some

gives better release properties.

relatively high-volume, low-value record compounding,

“Changes in PVC recipes have made pressing a bit

Tombs believes that the market will remain first and

more difficult sometimes,” agrees Vermeulen, “but in

last about quality. In this increasingly digital age, the

the end we were able to deal with these problems, for

analogue sound and the physical beauty of a vinyl

now the PVC we use is REACH-approved. We are testing

record has become something to cherish and celebrate.

Any colour you want, as long

new balances between S-PVC and copolymers all the time. Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of space in the

More information

as it’s not black

ratio between the two: a bit too much of one has a

This year’s Record Store Day takes place on Saturday

– compounders

significant influence on the quality of the records we

19 April. For details on participating stores and special

are meeting


vinyl releases in different countries, use the national

demands for

That comment goes to the heart of everything, really. Making vinyl records is something of a black art. Quality

links at AMI’s PVC Formulation

is vital – this is a market driven to a large degree by

conference returns to Cologne,

serious audiophiles, who are ready to spend thousands

Germany, on 16-18 March

on their hi-fi systems and can detect real differences in

2015. For details on partici-

the quality of sounds – but it is not always measurable

pating in this event as a

or even predictable.

delegate, speaker, exhibitor

“Our product is a harder material than some and it does not warp in sunlight like the old records used to,”

or sponsor, visit

says Trendell. “Record people say that it gives a better sound than others.” He admits, though, that Doeflex’s

Click on the links for

material, like any other, seems to work better on one

more information:

machine than another and it is not always clear why.

❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙

“There are many different types of pressing equipment and some are maybe more material-friendly than others, but it comes down to the willingness of pressers to do certain things,” Hutzler says. “Anyone who processes plastics has a set way of doing things and the nuances of each piece of equipment can change.” Because of factors like this, Tombs says, not just any

coloured vinyl








2 #'#!.,&!'!*)"/!.&0&.1 2 #-1"&-+#,-&*) 2 %&$%+/,&.1

2 .%#,('!*)"/!.&0&.1 2 #'#!.,&!'!*)"/!.&0&.1 2 '/ ,&!.&*)

For electronic packaging, fuel hoses, flooring, power cables and accessories, conveying belts, ATEX applications.

For seals, water-meters, heat sinks, geothermal pipes, LED light sockets, primers for electrostatic painting, gas barrier properties.



TIMCAL Graphite

TIMCAL Carbon Black

##1*/.  '-.&!+) +,&' 

%&)+' +,&'

JEC Group brings the worldwide composites industry to Atlanta in a new mega event. Discover the full global composites value chain from materials producers to end-users. See every final application sector, from design to mass production. Expand your business horizons, meet new partners, learn about the latest in composites innovations. Techtextil North America and Texprocess Americas join the JEC Group to bring this 3-in-1 international event to American composites stakeholders.

Georgia World Congress Center:

Wire and cable | applications feature

Current thinking: new ideas for wire and cable applications One example of the diverse formulation developments underway in wire and cable can be seen in a common and seemingly mundane accessory: ear bud headsets for personal media players. Many of these audio devices are using special wires that stretch, with no loss of audio performance. As a result, consumers have fewer concerns about permanently damaging them by snagging, tugging and other mishaps.

Wire and cable producers are making greater use of new and upgraded materials to meet evolving market needs, writes Pat Toensmeier

The application might not be a world-beater. However, its simplicity, performance and ability to meet

Efforts in these areas are broadening the types of

an important need in a low-cost, high-volume product

resins and fillers that are being specified for wire and

reflects just one aspect of the innovation that is afoot in

cable. While polyolefin and polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

all types of wire and cable materials.

grades remain dominant choices in the industry,

Throughout the industry resin suppliers and

compounders and material suppliers are using more

compounders are formulating or fine-tuning a range of

types of materials such as polyurethane, polyester,

materials to meet evolving needs. These can be in areas

polyester elastomers, fluoropolymers and carbon fibres

like regulation (smoke, fire and toxicity safety), environ-

in formulations. Even exotic materials like carbon

mental resistance, stiffness and shielding. In addition,

nanotubes are being evaluated for select applications, to

there are ongoing demands from end-users for lighter

tap their benefits in conductivity and weight reduction.

weight, improved conductivity, use of green formulation

“We are seeing a changing of the guard with

chemistries, and even “smart” grades that signal when

materials,” says Jeff Lewison, design engineer at

cable replacement is required. The latter capability is

Minnesota Wire. “Some of the old materials are going

called “in-situ maintenance” by Minnesota Wire, a com-

away and new ones are coming in.”

pany that rapidly develops and compounds exotic materials.

Minnesota Wire specializes in custom formulations for a range of markets, among them, the military, April 2014 | COMPOUNDING WORLD


applications feature | Wire and cable

medical and robotics. A good part of its business – 15%

tivity. As a result, they resist damage when exposed to

– derives from the US defence industry, according to

severe conditions, such as being snagged by digging

chairman and CEO Paul Wagner. The company gets a lot

machinery during installation. The iStretch line comes

of funding from the US government’s SBIR (Small

in 30 gauges and conductor types.

Business Innovation Research) and the Defense

Wagner points to another innovation that reflects his

Department’s BAA (Broad Agency Announcement)

company’s ability to rapidly develop and commercialize

development programs. Minnesota Wire, in fact, says it

formulations and products – prognosticator cables.

wins more than 80% of the government R&D grants it

These alert maintenance personnel when a cable nears

seeks; the national average for most companies is 10%.

the end of its service life and needs changing. “They are

“The Defense Department has needs, so a lot of our technologies and platforms are developed under those programmes,” Wagner says. Minnesota Wire is the developer of the stretchable

designed to relay information about a cable break before it happens,” Wagner explains. Formulations for the prognosticator cables are developed with data the company has about the lifespan

audio wire. This application uses a polyurethane-based

of materials. A sensor is also embedded within the

material (as with most of the company’s applications,

primary layer of a cable. When this layer begins to

Wagner declines to reveal formulation specifics) and is

break down, an indication of potential electrical

among the compounder’s best-selling products.

problems and the need for replacement, the sensor

The company’s stretchable wire and cable technology

creates an undisclosed “electrical incident”. This alerts

shows up in other developments, as well, among them

personnel to the affected cable. Otherwise, Wagner

wearable electronics and flexible antennas.

explains, in configurations like a wire harness that

One application of the technology is the company’s

binds multiple cables, the entire assembly might end up

iStretch, a product line of conductor cables. Wagner

being replaced if service personnel can’t identify the

says that versions stretch 30% with no loss of conduc-

one cable at risk of failure. Durable cables, along with “smart” cables that indicate when they need replacement, are critical in applications where unscheduled maintenance is a major expense. Wagner says that aircraft, cell phone towers and wind turbines are examples of applications where replacing cables is not only expensive, but involves taking all or part of an installation out of

Minnesota Wires’ iStretch

service. Even robots used for specialized component


assembly in ultraclean rooms (think medical devices


and silicon chips) entail a big cost when unscheduled

extensionrelated damage in applications such as headphones

maintenance results from a cable break. The operation must be suspended and machines removed, repaired and then reintroduced into the room. “Companies that reduce maintenance can reduce a lot of costs,” Wagner observes.

Production efficiencies Cost reduction in cable manufacturing was a guiding principle in the development of the latest product from PolyOne. In January, the company formally unveiled ECCOH XLS, a low-smoke, low-fume, non-halogenated, polyolefin-based jacketing compound for flame-retardant (FR) applications in low-voltage power cables and specialty cables for marine and other uses. One major benefit of the material is that it can be cured in a water bath at the end of a process line, or within 10 days at ambient temperature regardless of humidity. This means that producers don’t need to invest in extra equipment for crosslinking, and may be 42


Global producer of Styrenic Block Copolymers

Benefits: High transparency. Great oil absorption. Pantone 282 C

Superior UV/Ozone and age resistance.

Pantone 165 C

Outstanding electrical insulation. Steam sterilisable capacity. Exceptional compatibility with polyolefins. Outstanding balance in mechanical properties. Excellent alternative for PVC substitution. Great low and high temperature range for flexural properties.

Thermoplastic rubber Solution styrene-butadiene rubber Hydrogenated rubber


Polymers in Cables 2014 The international conference and exhibition for the plastics cable industry


June 17-18, 2014 Hotel Sofitel Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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Wire and cable | applications feature

able to reduce production costs as a result. PolyOne’s ECCOH LSF0H

“Efficient manufacturing remains a focus of our

grade is a polyolefin-

customers,” remarks Gerd Zirkus, commercial director

based compound that

of wire and cable, colour and additives and ECCOH

meets Europe’s EN 45545 fire-safety railway standard

high-performance solutions at PolyOne. Low-smoke, low-fume and halogen-free FR materials have, of course, been priorities industry-wide for years. Materials suppliers and compounders selling in Europe are seeing fire and smoke standards intensify in the key market of railway vehicles. This year sees the enactment of EN 45545, which mandates higher performance for interior parts weighing more than 100 grams (3.5 oz) and exterior parts over 400 grams (14 oz). PolyOne says that the rule represents a strengthening of fire safety standards, with cables being a particular source of concern given their omnipresence in rolling stock. Indeed, one train can have “several kilometres of cabling” installed, notes PolyOne, and the trend towards providing wireless internet access for passengers “has increased the amount of cabling [on trains], not diminished it.” PolyOne is among companies with grades formu-

The Cutting Edge of

Strand Pelletizing

Small lab to large productions Custom built, in-house design, engineering & manufacturing Spare parts custom built - any make or model FREE sharpening for the life of any rotor made by BPM


Made in the USA

applications feature | Wire and cable

Properties of three Teknor Apex halogen-free flame retardant TPE compounds Properties

Test Method

Hardness, Shore A (15 sec. delayed) Specific gravity Tensile strength, psi (MPa) Elongation, % Tear strength (die C), lbf / in. (N / mm) Flexural modulus, psi (MPa) Brittle point, °C Volume resistivity @ 23 °C, Ω-cm

Compound Properties ASTM D-2240 ASTM D-792 ASTM D-638 ASTM D-638 ASTM D-624 ASTM D-790 ASTM D-746

Dielectric constant @ 1 MHz Oxygen index, % Vertical flame rating (1/16-in. specimens) Max. continuous operating temperature, °C Oil resistance (0.030-in. plaques. IRM 902: 168 hr. @ 60 °C Tensile strength retention, % Elongation @ break retention, % Acid gas emission Halogen acid gas content, % pH Conductivity, µS / mm Sunlight resistance (720 hr, twin-carbon arc weatherometer) Tensile strength retention, % Elongation @ break retention, %


Halguard® E 59000 Series 59002


85 1.12 2,100 (14.5) 530 226 (39.6) 18,100 (124.8) -49

85 1.13 1,535 (10.6) 530 218 (38.2) 16,100 (111.0) -38

92 1.08 2,100 (14.5) 540 229 (40.1) 59,300 (408.9) -47

ASTM D-257 ASTM D-150 ASTM D-2863 UL-94

4.82 x 1014 2.89 30 V-0 105

4.45 x 1014 2.92 33 V-0 105

1.77 x 1016 2.53 27 V-1 105

UL-62 UL-62

82 92

– –

88 95

IEC 60754-1 IEC 60754-2 IEC 60754-2

0.5 8.1 27.2

0.5 8.4 24.6

0.5 7.4 13.1

UL-1581 UL-1581

98 104

91 96

90 99

Properties Determined from Wire (18 AWG with 0.016-in. / 0.406 mm Insulation) VW-1 vertical flame test (0.030-in / 0.76 mm jacket) UL-1581 Pass Pass Cable flame test (0.030-in / 0.76 mm jacket) UL-1581 Pass Pass Smoke density, % optical transmission IEC 61034 69 66 Deformation @ 150 °C, % UL-1581 10 0 Short term insulation resist. in water @ 15 °C, MΩ•1000 ft. ( GΩ•m) UL-62 107 (32.6) 77(23.5) Heat shock @ 150 °C UL-62 Pass Pass Cold bend @ -40 °C UL-62 Pass Pass

Pass Pass 15 0 49,500 (15,087) Pass Pass

Source: Teknor Apex Company

lated to meet the EN 45545 standard. Examples include

elastomers (TPEs), the Halguard E 59000 Series, to

ECCOH LSF0H (low smoke and fume, zero halogen)

three grades – 59001, 59002 and 59010. The company

flame-retardant materials for cable sheathing and

points out that TPEs are inherently flexible and thus

primary insulation. The key to the performance of these

compounded without phthalate plasticizers.

cross-linked (by dry silane or e-beam treatment)

Developed for power cables and flexible cords, the

polyolefins is the use of additives that generate smaller

grades are designed as alternatives to phthalate-plasti-

particle emissions in fires than other non-halogenated

cized PVC insulation and jacketing. They can also be

additives. As a result, “smoke density is lower, visibility

used in place of highly filled, halogen-free flame-re-

is higher, and passengers and fire-fighters can breathe

tardant (HFFR) polyolefin compounds.

more easily,” the company reports. And since they are certified for railway infrastructure

Teknor declines to reveal formulation specifics, stating that the materials represent proprietary chemistry. The

as well as rolling stock, PolyOne says the ECCOH LSF0H

company notes, however, that the TPEs are “different

grades, which are designated 5803 and 5806, can

from the polyolefins in other HFFR compounds.” The

reduce manufacturers’ inventories, as well.

grades are also compounded with intumescent FRs rather than the high loadings of metal hydrate fillers

Zero-halogen options Halogen-free grades are, of course, a big target of


commonly used in flame-retardant polyolefins. Flame resistance is reportedly similar to polyolefin

development for regulatory reasons. This year, Teknor

HFFR compounds, and oil resistance is higher. The

Apex expanded its line of halogen-free thermoplastic

grades have lower density, lower melt viscosity and


FIRE RETARDANTS IN PLASTICS 2014 Trends and technical developments in the international flame retardant industry


May 13-14, 2014 Grand Hyatt Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA

Images courtesy of: ICL-IP and GBH International

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Wire and cable | applications feature

higher elongation at break than most polyolefin HFFR

used in high-voltage applications. The material has

compounds, and are reportedly easier to process

a melt-flow index of 2.4 g/10 min at 190°C (374°F),

without the high loadings of metal hydrate fillers.

density of 920 kg/m3, and elongation of 500%.

In terms of specific properties: Grade E 59001 meets

Tensile strength at break is 14 MPa.

deformation and heat-shock requirements at 150°C

Repsol supplies a range of wire and cable

(300°F), almost 24% higher than the average 121°C

compounds, mostly polyolefins, that Montenegro

(250°F) for PVC. Shore A hardness is 85; specific gravity

says provide a balance of low viscosity and mechan-

is 1.12; elongation is 530%; and the limiting oxygen

ical properties. Recent additions include silane

index (LOI) is 30%.

cross-linked PE grades for low-voltage cables in

Grade E 59002 has an LOI index of 33% and better

power distribution, telecommunications, transpor-

flame properties than 59001 (both are rated UL-94 V-0).

tation and household electronics. These materials

Specific gravity is 1.13; Shore A hardness is also 85; and

provide good electrical and insulation properties,

elongation is 530%.

along with high temperature and abrasion resist-

Grade E 59010 has high volume resistivity, whether


dry or in water, and is thus a good insulator. Its Shore A hardness is 92; specific gravity is 1.08; elongation is

Market for nanotubes

540%; and its LOI is 27%. The material has a flame

In some cable applications, weight savings trump

rating of UL-94 V-1.

costs, and compounders are developing innovative

High quality standards in the production of materials for insulation and jacketing are increasing application requirements, especially when it comes to medium-

formulations to meet weight-reduction needs for such markets as aerospace. Minnesota Wire, for one, is experimenting with

and high-voltage cables. One company that is gearing

cable compounds that include carbon nanotubes.

much of its development efforts to these needs is

The nano-scale fibres are highly conductive and

Repsol. Ana Montenegro, head of technical service and

lightweight. They are also costly. “By weight,

development at the company, says that the expanding

nanotubes are more expensive than gold

energy, telecommunication and data needs of users

right now,” Lewison says.

worldwide make it essential that cable materials “meet

In critical applications such as civil and

the needs of faster transmission rates and higher

military aircraft, satellites and rockets, the

energy use.”

potential weight savings could make

Developments from Repsol in this area include

compounds with nanotubes attractive

PE-004S, an ultraclean low-density polyethylene (PE)/

alternatives to more conventional materials,

peroxide compound. It is targeted primarily at medium-

whatever their cost. Lewison says that the

voltage cables, although Montenegro says it can also be

company’s work is geared towards the

High quality gear pumps for a vast variety of industrial applications such as acids, oils and detergents

Customized strandand underwater pelletizing systems for any requirements and preferences

Filtration systems for maximum performance and reliability for numerous applications

Internal gear and screw pumps to accommodate a wide range of applications and viscosities

Sylvin Technologies has developed a PVC cable compound that uses bio-based plasticizers


Dover Pump Solutions Group (Europe) GmbH ß Aspstrasse 12 ß 8154 Oberglatt ß Switzerland ß T +41 44 278 8400 ß ß

applications feature | Wire and cable

development of lightweight shielding, and that it has developed a technique that improves the dispersion of these difficult-to-handle materials. One interesting material announced late last year is

eliminates failure points in the overhead conductor. Admittedly, these aren’t typical wire and cable applications. But the development shows how new opportunities can be created in conventional markets by

a PVC compound that uses a phthalate-free, bio-based

companies with experience in materials formulation –

plasticizer for flexibility. Developed by Sylvin Technolo-

in these cases high-performance composites – and a

gies, the 6240-80 grade is designed to replace vinyl

willingness to think outside the box when it comes to

using conventional plasticizers such as DINP and DIDP,

finding new ways of applying this expertise.

in 60°C (140°F) flexible cord jackets and 80°C (180°F) cable jackets. Sylvin states that the grade is RoHS (Restriction of

Nexans reports that the carbon-fibre composite inner core of the Lo-Sag design is one-tenth the weight of conventional steel or aluminium cores and two times

Hazardous Substances) compliant, has performance

stronger. Its coefficient of thermal expansion is one-

similar to that of PVC compounds with conventional

tenth that of steel.

plasticizers, and is competitively priced. Environmental pressures are also behind a product

As a result, the composite-containing transmission lines, as the name implies, don’t sag as much as conven-

development by Evonik Industries. Late last year the

tional lines. This means that the lines achieve spans of up

company announced a pair of tin-free catalysts for use

to 2.5 km (1.5 miles), which reduces the number of pylons

with the Monosil process of crosslinking PE during the

needed for their support, significantly lowers the height (up

production of high-performance cables.

to 30%) and cost of the towers, and makes it easier to span

The products – Dynasylan SILFIN 201 and SILFIN 202 – replace the conventional organic tin compound DBTDL

rivers, valleys and urban landscapes. Importantly, Lo-Sag lines carry around two times as

(dibutyltin dilaurate) as a catalyst. The goal is to make

much electricity as conventional transmission lines.

available a catalyst option that doesn’t have the potential

The Brazilian utility testing the design, for example, was

health problems of organic tin compounds, the company

able to increase power transmission capacity by 72.5%. Southwire’s C7 overhead conductor reportedly


doubles the capacity of ACSR conductors of similar

Inside story

diameter and exhibits less sag. The construction has a

Most plastics compounds used in wire and cable

high strength-to-weight ratio, minimal thermal

applications are used on the outside of the metal wire

expansion, and is installed like conventional overhead

or cable for shielding or insulating purposes. However,

transmission cables.

that idea is being turned on its head by Nexans and Southwire. The two companies are separately working on the use of advanced carbon fibre composites as high-strength cores for overhead transmission cables. Nexans has been testing its Lo-Sag lightweight cable in France and Brazil. The design replaces conventional ACSR (aluminium conductor steel reinforced) lines with Nexans’ Lo-Sag overhead transmission line is a lightweight

a thermal-resistant aluminium conductor wrapped around a carbon fibre composite core. Its main

takes place in Philadelphia, PA, USA on 17-18 June. To view the programme and reserve your place, visit The European equivalent – Cables 2015 – returns to Cologne, Germany on 3-5 March. For information on partici-


pating in the event as an attendee,

Southwire developed a similar application called the C Overhead Conductor. This


also has a composite core containing


carbon fibres. The US-based company embedded carbon fibres in a polymer matrix of heatresistant Fortron polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) and capped it with a layer of polyetheretherketone (PEEK), both from Celanese. The construction also reduces line sag and


AMI’s Polymers in Cables 2014 conference

benefit is extending wire line spans without

design with a composite core

More information


speaker, exhibitor or sponsor, go to Click on the links for more information:

❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙ ❙

Forum 2014 The international conference on business strategies and new technologies for compounders

December 9-10, 2014 Loews Philadelphia Hotel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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Chinaplas 2014 | exhibition preview

This year’s biggest plastics exhibition is taking place in Shanghai. We highlight some of Chinaplas exhibitors that will be of interest to compounders and masterbatch makers

It’s showtime in Shanghai: the compounders’ guide to Chinaplas The 28th Chinaplas exhibition is being held in Shanghai,

Future” display sponsored by Bayer MaterialScience.

China on 23-26 April 2014. The annual event, which

Located in the exhibition centre’s central square, it will

alternates between Shanghai and Guangzhou, is now

highlight the green credentials of plastics and raise

firmly established as the world’s second biggest

awareness of sustainability.

plastics industry exhibition after the K show, which

China has not escaped the impact of the global

takes place every three years in Düsseldorf, Germany.

downturn, but the result has been slower growth rates

Adsale, the organiser of Chinaplas, says that it is

rather than declines in business. Government figures

expecting over 3,000 exhibitors and 120,000 visitors in

put GDP growth for 2013 at 7.7%, the same as 2012, and

Shanghai this month. The total exhibition space will be

its economists forecast 2014 performance of between 7

more than 220,000 m2 and there will be 14 country

and 8%. Big efforts are underway to refocus economic

pavilions hosted by Austria, Canada, China, France,

growth on domestic consumption rather than exports.

Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Switzerland,

And this, together with rising labour costs, is leading to

Taiwan, Turkey, the UK and the USA.

a general upgrading of manufacturing technology in all

The show is being held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Pudong. Its opening hours

industries, including plastics. Over the following pages we look at a selection of

are 09:30 to 17:30, and tickets cost RMB 30 for a

Chinaplas 2014 exhibitors that will be of interest to

one-day pass or RMB 50 for all four days. Alternatively,

compounders and masterbatch makers. Raw materi-

visitors who pre-register online before 18 April will

als and chemicals will be located in halls N 1-4 and C

obtain free admission.

9-13, while extrusion machinery will be in Halls W1-3

This year’s show will have a particular focus on

and C 4-6.


sustainability issues and will feature a “City of the



exhibition preview | Chinaplas 2014

Machinery and equipment The new Buss

Buss will use Chinaplas to launch the smallest version

Quantec 46 G3

of its Quantec G3 Kneader which provides high levels of

can be used for

flexibility for both rigid and soft PVC com-

both production

pounding applications.

and research applications

The new Quantec 46 G3 has a 46 mm screw diameter and can be used for both production and research applications, providing flexibility and fast response speeds for small to medium batch compounding. It can process up to 500 kg/hour of filled PVC. Launched at last year’s K show, the G3 range is the third-generation of the highperformance Buss Quantec Kneader series. It features further improvements including a bigger

control significantly reduces energy consumption. Common to all Quantec G3 sizes is the combination

processing window and greater throughput. Buss says

of four-flight kneading elements on the axially oscillat-

that it is also more economic to purchase and operate.

ing screw shaft with fixed kneading pins in the Kneader

The 46 model, which is making its debut at Chinap-

barrel. Together, these design features intensify mixing

las, is the smallest machine if the range; the largest

while enabling a broad process window and high

has a screw diameter of 110 mm and has a maximum

compounding throughput.

throughput of 6,000 kg/hour.


Buss delivers the Quantec G3 as a turnkey compounding line. It’s the first Buss Kneader to incorporate

Coperion will use Chinaplas for the Asian debut of its

a fully optimized feed system upstream, plus a through-

ZSK 26 Mc18 twin-screw laboratory extruder. This has 25

put-optimized single shaft discharge extruder with

mm diameter screws and the higher specific-torque

Coperion’s ZSK

pelletizer downstream. Heating/cooling units for the

design of the company’s latest Mc18 series.

26 Mc18

mixing/kneading zone and discharge extruder are built


into the machine and fully piped, as well as electrical

cm3, which allows higher throughput than that of its


heating for the other zones. This saves several weeks of

predecessor, the ZSK 26 Mc. It also allows an increased

extruder will

on-site manpower for installation and commissioning

filling degree, which lowers melt temperature and

makes its Asian

– only the power, water and compressed air supplies

shear to provide gentle compounding for materials such

debut at

have to be connected.

as polyamides, PET or glass-filled engineering resins.


The new Quantec 46 G3 is very compact – its

The new extruder has a specific torque of 15 Nm/

The ZSK 26 Mc18 can be used for the development of

footprint is only about 3 m². Ergonomic controls simplify

new formulations, for conducting sample compound

operation, while the built-in screw shaft temperature

trials, or for the production of relatively small batches at rates up to around 180 kg/hour. It is a compact and mobile machine with its control cabinet integrated into the base frame. Coperion will also be showing an STS 65 Advance compounding extruder with 65 mm diameter screws and a specific torque of 10 Nm/ cm3. STS machines are manufactured at the German company’s Chinese factory in Nanjing. The latest Advanced versions benefit from experience gained with Coperion’s high-end ZSK machine and are designed to increase throughput while reducing the specific shear stress and melt temperature. Also on display will be Coperion K-Tron’s newly designed Smart Flow Meter for the reliable monitoring of bulk material flows at rates up to 200 m3/hour. One



A relentless push for change guide us to engineer and develop customized and high performance tools for the industrial blending. Our technological evolution is strictly related to a revolution of your production standards. Choose Promixon: get used to a new kind of results.




Connecting with downstream customers

24-26 June 2014 Andel’s Hotel, Berlin, Germany Organised by: Applied Market Information Ltd.

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Chinaplas 2014 | exhibition preview

target application is in polyolefin production, metering

system ensures that the

the main component’s flow into the extruder.

extruder screw is filled


virtually pressure-free with

Erema’s new Intarema recycling system offers

the pre-heated material.

Erema will be showing its Intarema plastics recycling

Michael Heitzinger, Erema’s

high levels of

system for the first time in Asia at this month’s

chief technology officer, explains:


Chinaplas. It features a patented counter-current

“The screw basically takes what it

flexibility and

technology that is claimed to offer high levels of

needs; the extruder always has

productivity, flexibility and energy efficiency.

the ideal filling level and is never

The new technology is implemented where the outlet

over-filled, which

from the cutter/compactor meets the tangentially

makes it much

connected extruder. The rotation of the material created

better to regulate.”

by the rotor disc in the cutter/compactor is against the

Operation of the

direction of extruder – in previous designs the direction

recycling line is

has been the same. As a result of the new configura-

further simplified

tion, the relative speed of the material in the extruder

through the use of

intake zone is increased and the extruder screw acts as

Erema’s Smart Start system,

a sharp cutting edge which cuts the plastic.

which automates many central process steps.

Erema says that this novel design means that the


Intarema systems are available with capacities ranging from 50 to 3,000 kg/hour. The model on show in

and is less dependent on the degree of pre-compacting

Shanghai will be a 1108 T which has a throughput of 600

achieved in the cutter/compactor. It adds that the

kg/h when processing BOPP.

inverse tangential configuration of its counter-current


extruder can handle more material in a shorter time


exhibition preview | Chinaplas 2014

China leads the way with machine imports The importance of the Chinese market for plastics processing machinery sales is

Slovakia 2.9% France 3.3%

highlighted by recent figures from the VDMA, the German machinery association. It

Others 10.4%

says that the country is the most important market for plastics and rubber machines – exports of such machinery from Germany to China reached an

Japan 26%

Italy 4.3%

all-time high of €855.9 million in 2013, an increase of 33.7% compared to 2012. According to figures collated by the VDMA, the total value of machinery

USA 5.2%

exported to China in 2012 was €2,482.9 million, with Japan accounting for the largest share ((€644.4 million), closely followed by Germany (€640.4

Korea 6.8%

million). Other significant suppliers of plastics and rubber machinery to Taiwan 13.2%

Germany 25.8%

China in 2012 included Taiwan ((€326.6 million), South Korea (€169.0 million), the USA ((€128.9 million) and Italy (€105.5 million). The VDMA will be present at Chinaplas as part of the German Pavilion, which will feature 150 exhibitors and occupy 3,500 m2.

❙ World exports

Farrel Pomini will be promoting its CP rotor

good access for perfect cleaning is a must.

of plastics and

technology for continuous mixing processes on its



booth in the US Pavilion at Chinaplas.

machinery to

CP rotors are designed to deliver top quality

KraussMaffei Berstorff will exhibit its latest

China in 2012

dispersion of highly-filled and highly-pigmented

extrusion concepts in Shanghai and will also be running

(total €2.48

polymers while controlling processing temperatures for

live production demonstrations at its production plant in

bn). Source:

thermally sensitive materials. The latest version – the

nearby Haiyan on 23-25 April, the first three days of

VDMA and

CPXL – has been developed to enable a high fill rate and



reduced energy input.

statistical offices

Farrel Pomini’s continuous mixing equipment can be

Visitors to the open house at the production plant will be able to learn about economical and efficient

used for a wide range of compounding operations, such

compounding using a ZE 52 Basic twin-screw extruder

as producing polyolefin compounds with high levels of

with corresponding downstream components.

mineral fillers, additives and pigments. It can also

KraussMaffei Berstorff offers four ZE Basic models

process polymer-elastomer blends and other applica-

with screw diameters of 42 to 77 mm and a Do/Di ratio

tions requiring high-intensity mixing while maintaining

of 1.55. The cost-effective modular designs can be

low processing temperatures.

specified with air- or water-cooled motors, and with


three speed level options of 300, 600 and 900 rpm.


ICMA San Giorgio will show its latest HP High Performance class of twin-screw co-rotating extruders.

Maris of Italy will be in Shanghai to showcase

These bring together increased torque levels of 16 Nm/

co-rotating twin-screw extruders for thermoplastics

cm3 with a higher free volume – the screws have a Do/

and rubber compounding, masterbatch production and

Di ratio of 1.65. The new extruders also feature a number of ICMA San

improvements to increase energy efficiency. These

Giorgio’s latest

include high-efficiency water-cooled AC motors,

HP twin-screw

plus an innovative insulation system that

extruders offer increased

reduces heat losses at the barrel. ICMA says that the HP machines can be used

torque plus

for the most demanding compounding applica-

higher free

tions. They are capable of processing materials


that require high specific energy at higher yields and reduced energy consumption. The HP extruders can be specified with a clam-shell barrel for sensitive compounding applications where



quantec ® 85 G3-14 C

Economical PVC compounding redefined BUSS Kneader series quantec ® G3 The specialists in heat and shear sensitive compounding are setting new benchmarks for quality and productivity. quantec ® G3 – an ongoing success story in the third generation > More cost effective due to increased throughput > More flexible due to a larger process window > Improved plant availability due to minimal product changeover times

Buss AG Hohenrainstrasse 10 4133 Pratteln Switzerland

Phone +41 61 825 66 00 Fax +41 61 825 68 58

POLYMER SOURCING & DISTRIBUTION 2014 A new era for the polymer supply chain

Trends and technical developments in the international roofing and geomembrane liner industry


Please create the cover in a separate one page file and drop into this template, so we always have the most up-to-date template (otherwise changes can be made to the template during the time of cover until print which maybe missed)


12-14 May 2014 8-10 November 2013 Marriott Hotel, Maritim Hotel, Hamburg, Germany Cologne, Germany

* + 19% German VAT

Images Building Images courtesy courtesy of: of:Firestone Nijhof-Wassink BV Products and Polykemi AB

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Chinaplas 2014 | exhibition preview

stages using two extruders, which increas-


es production flexibility, or in a single stage

Berstorff will

using one extruder, which offers economic

showcase its ZE


Basic models which are

Maris has also developed twin-screw extruders for recycling rubber. It says that the


thermo-mechanical devulcanizing process has a


reduced environmental impact as it does not


require any chemical agents. The process is also claimed to be more cost-effective.


Motan-Colortronic will show it latest developments in materials handling systems. These include its

various polymer recycling processes. The company will be focusing on the use of its

Ultrablend gravimetric dosing and mixing unit specially

twin-screw extruders for the continuous compounding

designed for medical industry demands and cleanroom

of rubber, which it says is a simpler, lower-cost and

applications. The equipment meets FDA and GMP

more energy efficient alternative to traditional batch


processes. In addition, product quality is said to be

Also on display will be the company’s SilentLine double-walled pipe and bend system. This has been

having a free-flowing rubber which is typically obtained

specially developed to reduce the noise generated when

by grinding bales using a mill.

conveying raw materials.

The compounidng process can be carried out in two


more consistent and reproducible. The process relies on

Please attend our presentation at Chinaplas, “Flame Retardants on the FARREL POMINI Compact Processor” April 24 2 pm - 4 pm Room W1-M1



Suppliers of Compact Processors Continuous Mixers Melt Pumps Underwater Pelletizers

Visit us in Hall W1 Booth G61

exhibition preview | Chinaplas 2014


mixing of PVC dry-blends. Designed for improved

Sphero S

mixing productivity and quality, the system combines a


TMX-1200/VS heating mixer with a HMX-3600 horizontal


cooling mixer.

system is a


new cost-effec-

ProTec Polymer Processing will show a range of

tive design

equipment including a pultrusion system for the production of long-fibre reinforced thermoplastics (LFTs). This uses a technology developed in conjunction with PolymersNet to isolate the fibre strands in the impregnation tool to create filaments that are individually coated with the polymer melt. The technique is claimed to deliver LFT components with excellent surface quality and high mechanical strength. The technology can be used to produce fibre contents up to 60% by weight and to achieve throughputs up to 1,200 kg/hour. ProTec will also be showing its OHL tumble reactor, a

Nordson will exhibit pelletizing systems from BKG

solid-state polycondensation system for improving the

plus screen-changers and melt pumps from Kreyen-

properties of polymers such as polyester and polyamides.

borg on its booth in hall W2 – the German companies


were acquired by Nordson last year and they will also be present in the German Pavilion in hall E1. Kreyenborg will be showing screen-changers and

Pump Solutions Group will launch the Sphero S underwater pelletizing system from Automatik Plastics

melt pumps in both halls. New at Chinaplas will be

Machinery. This new S version of the established

movable single-support cart that combines a screen-

Sphero design has been specifically developed to be a

changer and a gear pump, simplifying the deployment

cost-effective alternative to larger and more customis-

of these devices on an extrusion line.

able systems.

BKG’s pelletizing systems will be on show in both W2

It incorporates a number of upgrades and is aimed

and E1, and the company will also be promoting its

at compounding, masterbatch and recycling applica-

CrystallCut system which uses the thermal energy of

tions with medium throughputs, typically from 700 to

the molten polymer in pelletizing for subsequent

3,000 kg/hour. New pneumatic diverter valves are used

crystallization. This cuts energy costs and reduces

to optimize the flow channel and simplify cleaning of

problems caused by agglomeration of amorphous

the cutting chamber. The ergonomic design also


improves knife cleaning and changeovers.


Other improvements include a new frame that provides a reduced footprint and is mounted on a single

Promixon will be a new name at this year’s Chinap-

mobile structure. Push-button start-up is said to be simple and is speeded up through the design of the

equipment for mixing plastics and powder coatings at

water bypass system.

Purity Scanner

last year’s K show and will make its Asian debut in

provides online


inspection and

las. The company launched its range of machinery and Sikora’s new

It will be promoting its high-speed TMX Turbomix-

sorting of raw

ers which can be combined with its high-efficiency


CMX coolers for the production of both rigid and plasticized PVC dry-blend. The TMX Turbomixers can also be used for the rapid mixing of additives, pigments, masterbatch blends and polymers. In addition, Promixon offers versatile and robust TRX Container Mixers for applications where production flexibility is a primary requirement. On show in Shanghai will be the company’s new Problend TC/1200/3600/VS system for the hot/cold



Âť100% purity makes the difference.ÂŤ Frederik Becker Business Development SIKORA AG

The PURITY SCANNER is a newly developed system for the 100% online inspection and sorting of plastic pellets as they are used in raw materials, masterbatches and compounds for all kinds of production processes. Contaminated pellets are separated and sorted out, assuring that only pure pellets get into the production process. The pellet inspection allows the detection of organic and metallic contamination inside the pellet as well as on the pellet surface, using a special combination of X-ray technology and an optical system.

PURITY SCANNER inspection: of 50 on the pellet surface and inside the pellet sorting to

in existing for of and colored pellets of / 1,000 / 2,000

See us at Chinaplas 2014, April 23-26, Booth E1 D51

exhibition preview | Chinaplas 2014

Americhem’s new eCap high-perfor-

Automatik became part of Pump Solutions Group following Dover Group’s acquisition of Maag in 2012.


mance colour capstock

Sikora will launch its brand new Purity Scanner in

compounds can

Shanghai this month. The system provides online

protect decking

inspection and sorting of raw materials and is designed to meet the requirements of polymer compounders, producers, processors and recyclers. It can detect 50 micron contaminants in raw materials flowing at up to 2,000 kg/hour. The pellet inspection system uses a special combination of X-ray technology and an optical system to spot organic and metallic contaminants inside a polymer pellet as well as on the pellet surface. Contaminated pellets are separated from the material flow, ensuring that only pure pellets reach the processing machine.

❙ outstanding durability. They can be formulated for

Starlinger will exhibit its RecoBatch technology for

impact, scratch and mar resistance, adhesion to specific

making masterbatch using in-house waste from

substrates, improved resistance to moisture whitening,

polypropylene tape production. The process adds

and the potential for a Class A fire rating.

calcium carbonate to the recycled PP to make a master-


batch that can be used to substitute part of the masterbatch used in tape manufacturing. The line on

Borouge will introduce its BorPure MB5568 multi-

show on the Starlinger booth will be a RecoStar 65 VAC

modal HDPE grade for lightweight PCO1881 short-neck

recycling system coupled with the RecoBatch option.

closure production at the show.

Also on display will be Starlinger Viscotec’s DeCon

The new polymer, which was launched in Europe by

20 decontamination dryer for processing flakes and

Borouge sister company Borealis in the first quarter of

recycled pellets from PET and HDPE for use in food-

this year, is said to offer the ability to further down-

grade packaging. The company’s new ViscoSheet PET

gauge closure designs without compromising on ESCR

sheet line produces thermoforming sheets for food

or organoleptics. ESCR performance is said to be 50%

packaging using up to 100% recycled material.

improved on the previous BorPure MB 6561 grade.


Polymers and additives

The multimodal BorPure MB5568 grade is also easy to process in thin-wall closure applications. The polymer has a flow equal to that of benchmark monomodal MFR 2 HDPE, according to the company.


Americhem, the US headquartered masterbatch maker and compounder, will use Chinaplas to introduce

Chengdu Silike Technology will exhibit its

its eCap high-performance colour capstock compounds

silicone additives for improving the processing proper-

for decking, fencing and other building products

ties and surface quality of thermoplastics. One of the


products it will be highlighting is its LYSI silicone

The capstock compounds for co-extruded profiles

weight siloxane polymer dispersed in various carrier

PVC, ASA, PMMA and PE. “Our new eCap high-perfor-

resins. It is used to boost resin flow properties and

mance compounds provide our customers with the

mould release performance, as well as improving

same quality they’re used to receiving with our master-

surface finish, reducing the coefficient of friction and

batch products, but with the convenience of a com-

increasing abrasion and scratch resistance.

pound,” says Mike Fair, Americhem’s market segment manager for architecture. Americhem claims that the compounds deliver highly weatherable colour, enhanced dimensional stability and 64

masterbatch which features ultra high molecular

are available in a variety of material blends, including


Other Silike products include additives for improving the abrasion resistance of rubber compounds and for increasing the scratch resistance of plastics. The company will also be showing its Super-slip

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Templat Global conference on minerals as additives, pigments and fillers in polymers The international conference on business development and technology innovation in injection molding

June 17-18, 2014

Images courtesy of: Bold text Images courtesy of: Shutterstock for company name

Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue December 1-2, 2012 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA The Hilton Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

FINAL – BOOK SPECIAL OFFER: SaveREMINDER $200 if you register beforeNOW October 22, 2012 Organized by: Sponsored by: Applied Market Information LLC & Injection World Information LLC

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Chinaplas 2014 | exhibition preview

batches for improving the surface smoothness and anti-stick properties of plastic films. Grades are available for PE, CPP, BOPP, BOPET, TPU and EVA films.


Borouge’s BorPure MB5568 multimodal HDPE grade is optimised for caps and closures

Clariant will use Chinaplas to emphasize its commitment to the Chinese market – the company has business and service headquarters in Shanghai, plus production sites and representative office in more than 18 cities throughout the country. It has around 1,500 employees in its Greater China operations. On the products front, Clariant will be showing its latest pigments, additives and masterbatch developments with a particular focus on sustainability and responding to mega-trends. They will include its Exolit OP 1400 phosphinate flame retardants for polyamides and its Exolit OP 1260 products for polyesters.

Croda Polymer Additives will be promoting its

It will also be showing its new Hiformer integrated

slip, anti-block, anti-fog, anti-static and UV protection

system for liquid masterbatches. These are designed

agents. It will also be discussing Croda Sipo, its newly

for improved manufacturing efficiency and their high

acquired manufacturing facility in China. This state-of-

concentration levels mean that less liquid is needed to

the-art amide production facility, which was custom

achieve brilliant, vibrant hues.

built in 2011, provides additional capacity for Croda’s


range of speciality Crodamide additives and also


April 23 - 26, 2014

Hall W2, Stand W2J01 Hall E1, Stand E1F03

200+ Years

of Combined Plastics Industry Experience

exhibition preview | Chinaplas 2014

Football boots

increases the company’s presence in China and the Asia

are a target

Pacific region.

application for

New products to look out for include Croda’s


specialty additives for wood-plastic composites (WPC).

new TPU

The Incroflo products act as lubricants to allow


increased throughput of WPC during processing by


increasing flow rate and dispersion. In addition, Incroflo


acts as a barrier between the WPC and the extruder to reduce wear. It can also optimise mechanical performance of the WPC, reduce its water absorption, and improve its surface finish.


ExxonMobil Chemical will have a major presence at Chinaplas this month, not only with its own stand, but

produced with increased output, lower energy con-

also with its materials being processed on a range of

sumption and reduced costs compared to formulations

other companies’ booths. In addition, the company will

in which a Vistamaxx-based masterbatch is not used.

be running an open house at its Shanghai Technology


Center while the exhibition is on. It will be highlighting the benefits of its Vistamaxx

thane (TPU) injection moulding grades at Chinaplas,

demonstration on the Shantou Mingfa Machinery booth.

just one month after the official inauguration of its new

This will involve a blend of PP and 5% Vistamaxx to

TPU plant in Shanghai. The two new grades are aimed

improve the impact resistance, clarity and stiffness of

at footwear applications, particularly soccer boots and

the thermoformed cups. The low melt temperature and

other cleated plates for sports shoes.

high flow of Vistamaxx also allows the processing

polymers from

Avalon 95 ABU is a UV-protected, high-performance,

temperature to be reduced and throughput to be

polyester-based TPU that is claimed to offer high

increased compared to using pure PP.

long-term UV resistance and abrasion resistance plus

Another demonstration on the Huashan Plastic

IPE dissipative

Huntsman will launch new thermoplastic polyure-

propylene-based elastomer with a thermoforming

good flex performance even at low temperatures. It can

Machinery booth will show the benefits of using a

be used for a range of sports footwear top pieces and

Vistamaxx-based calcium carbonate masterbatch in the

components such as cleats, shanks, counters and

core layer of a three-layer shopping bag film made

decorative parts.

using HDPE and LLDPE. The masterbatch for this application is produced by

Avalon 95 AHT is a highly transparent UV-protected, polyester-based TPU. It can be used for transparent

IonPhasE are

Shanghai Xiner New Materials Technology. Using

outsoles, see-through components or windows to hold

used in a wide

Vistamaxx as the carrier material helps to improve film

logos and other decorative elements in shoes, boots

range of

stiffness which provides down-gauging opportunities.

and trainers.


The resulting 25 micron shopping bag film can be


IonPhasE of Finland will be represented in Shanghai by its Chinese subsidiary IonPhasE (Guangzhou) Special Polymers which will be promoting its dissipative polymers. These permanent anti-static materials help to reduce the risk of damage or losses caused by electro-static discharge (ESD). They can be processed using standard extrusion, injection moulding or blow moulding equipment. The company’s latest generation IPE grades are fully compliant with RoHS and WEEE regulations and are halogen-free. They are used in a wide range of industries, including the electronics, chemicals, automotive

❙ 68


and telecommunications sectors.

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2014 Pipes in I n f r a s t r u c t u re Market trends, new products and technical developments in plastic pipes for infrastructure applications CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

20-22 May 2014 Hotel Nikko, Düsseldorf, Germany Images courtesy of: Widos GmbH and Plastiferro Tubos SA

* + 19% German VAT

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Chinaplas 2014 | exhibition preview

Lati of Italy will be represented at Chinaplas by its

It can also be used in construction sealing systems,

Shanghai subsidiary which will showcase its broad

industrial sealing gaskets, or in soft-touch grips in

range of engineered plastics compounds. The company

consumer products.

has extensive experience in the electric, electronic and


automotive markets, with a deep knowledge of the injection moulding of high-performance thermoplastics. Examples include Lati’s thermally conductive resins

Lehmann & Voss will make its Chinaplas debut through its newly formed Chinese subsidiary Lehvoss

for replacing aluminium in heat sinks for lamps. Its

(Shanghai) Chemical Trading, which is responsible for

lightweight Laticonther materials use a special graphite

marketing the company’s Luvocom high-performance

additive to deliver a thermal conductivity of about 10 w/

compounds and Luvobatch additives and masterbatches

mk that can provide effective cooling of electronic

in China.

components and LEDs.

The Luvocom range includes thermally-conductive,


electrically-conductive, lubricant-modified and high-temperature resistant grades. The portfolio also includes

LCY Chemical of Taiwan will highlight its new TPV

carbon fibre and long fibre reinforced materials. In

production capabilities following the commissioning of a

addition to its head office in Germany, Lehmann & Voss

new compounding line in March of this year. The

also has production facilities in the USA and South Korea.

addition of Globalene TPVs expands LCY’s product


offering which also includes PP compounds and TPEs. Globalene TPV is a high-quality thermoplastic rubber

Nilit will be promoting its polyamide resins and

that is targeted at automotive applications such as

compounds. The Israel-headquartered company has

weather sealing systems, under-the-hood dust covers,

invested US$70 million in an expansion of its operations

gaskets, bushings, and interior soft-touch components.

in Suzhou, China, which was completed in 2012 and

AMI Global Plastics Industry Seminars 2014 These one-day seminars are led by AMI’s research director, Andrew Reynolds, and provide invaluable insights into market trends and industry strategies. They are held in small groups and provide ample opportunities for questions and discussions.

Places are very limited, and these seminars frequently sell out. Book your place now to avoid disappointment.

7 May – Frankfurt, Germany 15 May – Hamburg, Germany 24 June – Berlin, Germany

9 September – Philadelphia, PA, USA 14 October – Cologne, Germany 8 December – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

For more information, please contact Ms Katy Cheng Tel: +44 117 924 9442 or visit:

exhibition preview | Chinaplas 2014


officially opened last year. Its Nilit (Suzhou) Engineering

Pigments will

Plastics Technologies division produces PA 6 and PA 6,6

be highlighting

compounds for applications in the electrical, electronic,

its latest ultramarine

automotive, mass transport and construction sectors.


blue developments

Plastiblends India is part of Kolsite Group of companies and is one of India’s largest manufacturers of masterbatches, additives and compounds. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company has facilities in Daman and Roorkee with a total capacity of more than 75,000 tonnes/year. Its product range includes white, black, colour, special effect and filler masterbatches. It also offers special grades for BOPP film and PET fibres. Plastiblends’ additive masterbatches include UV stabilizers, anti-oxidants, optical brighteners, clarifying and nucleating agents, antimicrobials, slip and antiblock additives, flame retardants, and processing aids.


Synchemer will highlight its range of plastics additives, including Hals light stabilizers, UV absorbers,

Rockwood Pigments and Holliday Pigments will be

antioxidants, clarifiers, nucleating agents, optical

joining their sister company Sachtleben at Chinaplas.

brighteners and flame retardants. Headquartered in

Rockwood will showcase its heat-stable pigments

Guangzhou, China, the company has additional

for demanding plastics applications, including Ferritan

warehousing facilities in Shanghai. Its annual produc-

FZ1000 Tan and FM2400 Jet Black, which can be used at

tion capacity can be up to 10,000 tonnes.

temperatures in excess of 400˚C.


The company will also display synthetic iron oxides including a wide range of black, yellow, red and orange

Titan Plastic Compounds of Taiwan will be

opaque pigments designed to offer good heat stability,

highlighting its range of engineering thermoplastics

dispersability and purity. Its Trans-Oxide transparent

compounds, including Titacon POM grades and Titalon

iron oxides include a thermally stable brown to provide

polyamides. The company’s latest development are

long-lasting colours in wood-plastic composites and in

permanent anti-static ABS compounds including


transparent and easy-to-colour grades. Target applica-

Holliday Pigments will promote its new ultramarine

tions include protecting electrical products from dust

violet and pink ranges. Its Premier VSB is a violet,


strong blue shade pigment, while Premier VSR is violet,


strong red shade. Both are claimed to offer 20% higher tinting strength compared to “existing industry standard

TSRC Corporation of Taiwan will be in Shanghai to


promote its new plant in Nantong, China, which can

❙ ❙

produce 25,000 tonnes/year of the company’s Vector high-performance styrene-isoprene-styrene (SIS) block copolymers.

Shandong Ruifeng Chemical will exhibit its

consistency and performance not found in conventional

producer of acrylic impact modifiers and acrylic

SBCs. They are used in a wide range of applications

processing aids. It also offers MBS and CPE impact

including polymer modification, photopolymer plates

modifiers, lubricants, stabilizers and PVC foam

and specialty applications such as adhesives, elastic


films and diapers.

Target applications include window and door profiles, pipes, pipe fittings, sheets, foam pipes, foam sheets,


These materials are claimed to offer levels of purity,

range of PVC additives. It claims to be China’s largest

TSRC acquired Dexco Polymers in 2011 and is now one of the top global producers of styrenic block

films and wood-plastic composites.

copolymers (SBCs).




PLASTIC CLOSURE INNOVATIONS 2014 Trends and technical developments in the international closures industry

28-30 April 2014 Hotel Concorde, Berlin, Germany

* + 19% German VAT

FINAL REMINDER – BOOK NOW Organised by: Applied Market Information Ltd.

Sponsored by:

Media supporter:

I M D vista More than a Vision System

Rocio Martinez – Conference Organiser Ph: +44 117 924 9442 Fax: +44(0)117 311 1534

Images courtesy of: Bericap,, Lindal Dispenser GmbH and SHB GmbH


Download the programmes for these forthcoming conferences Simply click on the brochure cover or link to download a PDF of the full publication

Fire Retardants in Plastics FIRE RETARDANTS Template IN PLASTICS 2014 Trends and technical developments in the international flame retardant industry

Thin Wall Packaging

The American version of AMI’s conference on fire retardants for plastics is now well established. This will be the fourth annual event in Denver, Colorado, and it boasts another strong programme.

The American version of AMI’s Thin Wall Packaging conference returns to Chicago on 20-21 May. Download the programme which includes speakers from General Mills, Silgan, Berry Plastics and many other influential players.

THIN WALL PACKAGING 2014 International conference on lightweight plastic tubs, trays, jars, containers and cups for food packaging


May 20-21, 2014

May 13-14, 2014 Grand Hyatt Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA

Images courtesy of: ICL-IP and GBH International

Organized by: Applied Market Information LLC

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SPECIAL OFFER: Save $200 if you register before February 14, 2014

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Injection World Molding Forum Template US program template Global conference on minerals as additives, pigments and fillers in polymers Global conference on minerals as additives, pigments and fillers in polymers The international conference on business development and technology innovation in injection molding

Please create the cover in a separate one page file and drop into this template, so we always have the most up-to-date template (otherwise changes can be made to the template during the time of cover until print which maybe missed)

June 17-18, 2014 Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue December 1-2, 2012 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA December 1-2, 2012 The Hilton Atlanta, The Hilton Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia, USA Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Images courtesy of: Bold text Images courtesy of: Bold text for company name for company name

The Westin Chicago North Shore, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Images courtesy of: Inland Label and Verstraete In Mould Labels

SPECIAL OFFER: Save $200 if you register before March 7, 2014 Organized by: Applied Market Information LLC

Media supporters:

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The Injection World Molding Forum is being held on 17-18 June in Philadelphia, PA, USA. It is an exciting new conference for the injection moulding supply chain, covering the latest materials and processing technologies as well as market trends.



Connecting with downstream customers

24-26 June 2014 Andel’s Hotel, Berlin, Germany Organised by: Applied Market Information Ltd.

Sponsored by:


AMI’s 21st Masterbatch conference will take place on 24-26 June in Berlin. The impressive speaker line-up boasts experts from throughout the supply chain, including representatives from BMW and Johnson & Johnson.

Media supporter:

SPECIALOFFER: OFFER:Save Save$200 $300ififyou youregister registerbefore beforeOctober March 21, SPECIAL 22,2014 2012 SPECIAL OFFER: Save $200 if you register before October 22, 2012 Media supporter: Media supporter:

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Global conference on minerals as additives, pigments and fillers in polymers International business and technology conference for the window, door, decking, fence and siding profile industry

Please create the cover in a separate one page file and drop into this template, so we always have the most up-to-date template (otherwise changes can be made to the template during the time of cover until print which maybe missed)

Images courtesy of: Background, siding and house: ©CertainTeed Corporation Window profile: Royal Building Products

AMI’s 13th international conference on polymers in exterior building applications takes place on 24-25 June in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Download the Profiles 2014 brochure here to see the full line-up of expert speakers.

June 24-25,1-2, 2014 December 2012

HotelThe Sofitel Philadelphia, Hilton Atlanta, Philadelphia, PA, USA Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Multilayer Packaging Template Films 2014 International business and technology conference for the specialty flexible packaging industry

Sponsored by:

AMI’s fifth North American conference on Multilayer Packaging Films returns to Chicago on 24-25 June. The programme covers developments in barrier materials and coextrusion technologies as well as applications and market trends.

June 24-25, 2014 Hyatt Regency O’Hare, Chicago, Illinois, USA

SPECIAL OFFER: Save $300 if you register before March 28, 2014

SPECIAL OFFER: Save $200 if you register before March 28, 2014 Organized by: Organized by: Applied Market Applied Market Information LLC Information LLC

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Multilayer Packaging Films

US program template

Composite profile: Resysta Images courtesy of: Bold text for company name

Sabine Prack - Senior Conference Organiser Ph: +44(0)117 924 9442 Fax: +44(0)117 311 1534

Images courtesy of: Stand-Up & Windmoeller Hoelsher Corporation

Organized by: Sponsored by: Organized by: Information LLC & Injection World Sponsored by: Applied Market Applied Market Information LLC Information LLC

Media supporters: Media supporter:

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Organized by: Applied Market Information LLC

Sponsored by:

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To see our full line-up of more than 25 plastics industry events over the next 12 months, please visit

This month’s free brochure downloads Simply click on the brochure cover or link to download a PDF of the full publication

Sikora: Purity Scanner

Johns Manville: glass fibres

This detailed brochure from Sikora covers its new Purity Scanner which provides online inspection and sorting of polymer pellets. It can detect 50 micron contaminants in raw materials flowing at up to 2,000 kg/hour.

SIKORA highlight at the Chinaplas:

PURITY SCANNER Pure Material. Best Quality.


This brochure from Johns Manville Fibers division examines its offerings in ThermoFlow chopped strands and StaRov LFTPlus rovings for thermoplastics compounders and the different markets it serves.

➤ Click here to download

➤ Click here to download

Buss: quantec G3 kneader

ADG/Fimic: filter changer FIMIC_brochure_2


BUSS quantec ® G3 Kneader series High-end compounding technology for PVC pelletizing


9:42 AM

Page 1

This brochure from ADG Solutions features the self-cleaning filter changer manufactured by Fimic. The patented continuous screen changer allows uninterrupted processing when extruding highly contaminated materials.

This new brochure from Buss covers the company’s quantec G3 Kneaders which offer high-end compounding technology for PVC pelletizing. They set new benchmarks for costeffectiveness and product quality. Manufactured by

➤ Click here to download

➤ Click here to download

Maguire: gravimetric blenders This interactive product guide covers Maguire’s full range of WSB gravimetric blenders. It explains how the blenders operate and includes technical specifications, key benefits, plus options and accessories.

➤ Click here to download

Promixon: mixing technology

New Brand Great Experience

This eight-page brochure from Promixon covers the company’s expertise in mixing plants for plastics and powder coating. They include high-speed turbomixers and high-efficiency coolers for a range of compound and masterbatch applications.

➤ Click here to download

If you would like your brochure to be included on this page, please contact Claire Bishop. Tel: +44 (0)20 8686 8139

compounder of the month

Ametek Westchester Plastics Head office location:

Nesquehoning, PA, USA

Date founded:



Jim Visnic, VP and GM; Glenn Rasberry, VP sales & marketing

Ownership: No. of employees: Sales 2013: Plant locations: Capacity 2013: Profile:

Product line:

Product strengths:

Ametek (listed on New York Stock Exchange) 185 at Westchester Plastics; 11,000 at Ametek Ametek total: US$3.5 billion Nesquehoning, PA and Wapakoneta, OH Nesquehoning: 60,000 tons; Wapakoneta: 75,000 tons Westchester Plastics is one of the leading independent toll compounders in the US. It was acquired by Ametek, a global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices, back in 1968. During 2012-2013, Westchester expanded capacity at its Wapakoneta facility by 15,000 tons/year. It installed two new twin-screw extruders – a 92-mm Coperion and a 40-mm Century CXE40. Westchester Plastics is focused on toll compounding, producing thermoplastic compounds based on TPE, TPO, PP, PE, PS, PC, PET, PBT and PA. It also produces alloys, blends, reactive modifiers and several types of bioplastics. The company serves customers primarily from the automotive, appliance, construction, electronics, medical and packaging sectors. Both plants have on-site laboratories and are well equipped to assist customers in developing products from small-scale R&D quantities through to large, commercial-sized production lots. Westchester Plastics strictly adheres to confidentiality agreements with customers.

Forthcoming features The next issues of Compounding World magazine will have special reports on the following subjects: May Anti-stats & conductive additives Clarifiers & nucleating agents Fluorescent & phosphorescent pigments

June PVC stabilizers Improving & testing weather resistance Compounding bioplastics

Editorial submissions should be sent to Andy Beevers: For information on advertising in these issues, please contact Claire Bishop: Tel: +44 (0)20 8686 8139

Catch up on our recent issues for FREE Simply click on the cover to see the full magazine, or download the issue in the relevant Apple or Android app Compounding World - March The March edition of Compounding World takes a look at the latest research into natural fibre reinforcements and compounding of high performance biopolymers. It also reviews additives for PET and new developments in twin screw compounding extruders.

Compounding World - February Compounding World’s February edition includes special features on nanocomposites, thermallyconductive compounds, additives for polyolefins, materials handling systems, and long-fibre thermoplastics. ➤ Click here to view

➤ Click here to view

Injection World – March Injection World’s March issue is overflowing with information on bioplastics, materials handling systems, thin wall moulding, and Indian market trends. Plus there are useful tips on melt preparation and weld lines. ➤ Click here to view

Pipe and Profile – Jan/Feb The January/February issue of Pipe and Profile Extrusion analyses opportunities in India’s growing plastics market. Plus it contains special features on new developments in PVC stabilizers, melt filtration systems, and high-performance polymers and composites. ➤ Click here to view

Injection World – Jan/Feb The January/February edition of Injection World is packed with special features on packaging technologies, thermoplastic composites, machine market trends, production monitoring software, and implementing design for manufacturing. ➤ Click here to view

Film and Sheet - March Film and Sheet Extrusion’s March edition has special features on PE film market trends, thermoforming technologies, medical applications and materials testing. Plus there’s a preview of Chinaplas 2014. ➤ Click here to view

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dates for your diary

Global exhibition guide 23-26 April

Chinaplas, Shanghai, China

Interpack, Düsseldorf, Germany

13-16 May

Ausplas, Sydney, Australia

27-30 May

8-14 May

Plastpol, Kielce, Poland

16-19 June

Argenplas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

17-20 June

FIP Solution Plastique, Lyon, France

18-19 June

PDM & PRE, Telford, UK

19-22 June

Interplas Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand

3-6 September

Indoplas, Jakarta, Indonesia

29 Sept - 3 Oct

Plastex, Brno, Czech Republic

30 Sept - 2 Oct

Interplas, Birmingham, UK

30 Sept - 3 Oct

Equiplast, Barcelona, Spain

14-18 October

Fakuma, Friedrichshafen, Germany

28 Oct – 1 Nov

IPF, Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, Japan

2-5 November

Pack Expo, Chicago, IL, USA

18-21 November

Plastimagen, Mexico City, Mexico

19-20 November

Expoplast, Montreal, Canada

AMI conferences 12-14 May

Polymer Sourcing & Distribution, Hamburg, Germany

13-14 May

Fire Retardants in Plastics, Denver, CO, USA

16-18 June

End Of Life Plastics, Düsseldorf, Germany

17-18 June

Injection World Molding Forum, Philadelphia, PA, USA

17-18 June

Polymers in Cables, Philadelphia, PA, USA

24-26 June

Masterbatch, Berlin, Germany

23-24 September

Polyolefin Performance, Philadelphia, PA, USA

28-30 October

Polyolefin Additives, Cologne, Germany

3-5 November

Wood-Plastic Composites, Vienna, Austria

4-6 November

Polymer Foam, Cologne, Germany

9-10 December

Compounding World Forum, Philadelphia, PA, USA

9-11 December

Fire Resistance in Plastics, Cologne, Germany

For information on all these events and other conferences on film, sheet, pipe and packaging applications, see

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Turn page for the full programme ➤

The international conference on business development and technology innovation in injection molding

Please create the cover in a separate one page file and drop into this template, so we always have the most up-to-date template (otherwise changes can be made to the template during the time of cover until print which maybe missed)

June 17-18, 2014

Imagescourtesy courtesyof: of:Bold Shutterstock Images text for company name

Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue December 1-2, 2012 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA December 1-2, 2012 The Hilton Atlanta, The Hilton Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia, USA Atlanta, Georgia, USA

SPECIALOFFER: OFFER:Save Save$200 $300ififyou youregister registerbefore beforeOctober March 21, SPECIAL 22,2014 2012 SPECIAL OFFER: Save $200 if you register before October 22, 2012 Organized by: Applied Market Information LLC & Injection World

Media supporter: Media supporter:

Secure your sponsorship package now

C O N F E R E N C E Tuesday, June 17, 2014 8:00 9:00

June 17-18, 2014 Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, USA Injection World magazine and AMI are pleased to invite you to join top injection molding industry professionals at the Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue in Philadelphia, PA, USA, on June 17-18, 2014 for the first Injection World Molding Forum. This new conference features a high-level program assembled by the editorial team of Injection World that will explore many of the themes and issues covered regularly in the magazine in a live face-to-face environment, allowing delegates to debate the key issues directly with our assembled panel of expert speakers.

Registration and welcome coffee Opening announcements


The changing structure of the injection molding industry: What drives successful strategies Mr. Andrew Reynolds, Research Director, APPLIED MARKET INFORMATION LLC, United States


End user viewpoint: The benefits of reshoring manufacturing Mr. Michael Araten, President and CEO, K’NEX BRANDS and THE RODON GROUP, United States


The road ahead: How changing automotive industry requirements will drive innovation in plastic materials Mr. Jeffrey Sternberg, Global Automotive Technology Director, DUPONT, United States

The Injection World Molding Forum will examine critical business and market developments, and explore process technology and material innovations. Its prime focus will be on exposing the new technologies that will enable injection molders to develop the costeffective manufacturing solutions demanded by their customers. These innovative technologies will be applicable to molders operating in industries as diverse as automotive, electrical and electronic, housewares and consumer goods.

10:40-11:10 Coffee break


Microcellular injection molding: Enhancing design freedom for complex lightweight plastic parts Mr. Steve Braig, President and CEO, TREXEL, INC., United States

Novel process innovations to be covered at the conference include thermoplastic composites, 3D printing, conformal mold cooling, cyclical mold temperature control, in-mold assembly, multi-component molding, component lightweighting and production of optical quality parts. On the material side, presentations will explore new metal replacement options and high temperature polyamide developments.


Achieving premium quality surfaces and cell structures in physical gas structural foam molding Mr. Thomas Betts, Regional Sales Manager, WITTMANN BATTENFELD INC., United States


The lightweight revolution: High volume, cost effective injection molding of thermoplastic composite parts Mr. Rajesh Shah, Regional Sales Manager, KRAUSS MAFFEI CORP, United States

Strategic business and production issues will also feature on the Injection World Molding Forum agenda, with keynote presentations looking at the changing structure of the North American molding industry, analyzing the business case for reshoring, discussing regional process technology trends and requirements, and identifying new opportunities resulting from the evolving demands of the automotive and electronics industries. The Injection World Molding Forum is the place for the North American molding industry to discover and discuss vital market and process technology developments and to network with molding technology experts at every level of the supply chain.



3D printed molds: Speeding time to market Mr. Nadav Sella, Solution Sales Manager, STRATASYS, Israel


Active gate technology for hot runners: A higher level of control for injection molding Mr. Mark Moss, Executive Vice President – Market and Product Strategy, SYNVENTIVE MOLDING SOLUTIONS, INC, United States


Assembling in the mold: Increasing production efficiency using innovative molding technologies Dipl.-Ing. Hansjörg Keusgen, Head Sales and Marketing, FOBOHA GmbH, Germany

FIVE GOOD REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND: 1. Hear leading experts explain the latest injection molding innovations 2. Find out how new processing technologies will improve your competiveness 3. Gain insight into the trends shaping the North American molding business 4. Identify investment opportunities to secure high value molding contracts 5. Network with key players from the North American molding industry and supply chain

3:40-4:10 Coffee break 4:10

State-of-the-art in film insert molding and textured surfaces Mr. Kevin O’Hara, Automotive Business Manager, MACDERMID AUTOTYPE, United Kingdom


Extending the potential of polyamides: Engineering solutions delivering enhanced high temperature performance and moldability Dr. James Mitchell, Global Market Director, SOLVAY ENGINEERING PLASTICS, France

Turn page for booking details ➤ P R O G R A M 5:10

Challenging metals: Formulating performance plastics to provide equivalent thermal and electrical performance Ms. Patricia Hubbard, Global Technology Director, Specialty Engineered Materials, POLYONE, United States

5:40-7:15 Cocktail Reception

Save $300 Register before March 21, 2014 and save $300

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 8:30 9:00

Welcome coffee Opening announcements


Global and North American injection market developments: Identifying technology trends and changing molder requirements Mr. Mark Sankovitch, President, ENGEL MACHINERY, INC., United States


Future outlook for LED lighting: Material requirements, cost and supply chain demands Mr. Christopher Hwang, Research Associate, LUX RESEARCH, United States

10:10-10:45 Coffee break SESSION 6 – PROCESS INNOVATION 10:45

Integration of electro-mechanical functionality with molded interconnects Mr. Richard Macary, President, SELECTCONNECT TECHNOLOGIES, United States


Top surface quality 'out of the mold' using induction heating technology Mr. Matthew Boulanger, Business Development Director, ROCTOOL INC., United States


Multi-component molding: Cost effective entry options to multi-component and co-injection molding Mr. Michael Feltes, Director Business Development IRIS and E-Multi, MOLD-MASTERS, Germany

12:15-2:00 Lunch 2:00

Cold cure LSR injection molding: Enabling LSR overmolding on thermally sensitive polymers such as PE and PP Mr. Ryan Cutler, Operations Manager, ELMET NORTH AMERICA, INC., United States


Innovative injection molding of optical parts: Mono- and multi-layer solutions for production of short cycle stress-free parts Mr. Joachim Kragl, Director Advanced Molding Systems and Processing, ENGEL MACHINERY INC, United States


Conference wrap up and questions


Conference ends

AMI reserves the right to alter the program without notice. The latest program including any new speakers or changes to schedules can be viewed on our website

SPONSORSHIP AND EXHIBITION SPACE AMI events are more than just arenas for listening and networking. They also represent highly-targeted opportunities to enhance your image and to promote your products and services to an international audience. Running in conjunction with the conference, the table top exhibition is an integral part of the event, providing the ideal setting to increase your company’s exposure. As you are considering your involvement with this conference, please keep in mind that many of our sponsorship options include a table top exhibition space. There are several different sponsorship options that you may consider. Please contact the Conference Coordinator to discuss which opportunity will provide you with the best ROI.

CONFERENCE HOTLINE Contact: Chrissy Stelluti, Conference Coordinator Tel: +1 610 478 0800 Fax: +1 610 478 0900 Email:

Organized by: APPLIED MARKET INFORMATION LLC Applied Market Information LLC (AMI LLC) is the leading supplier of plastics consultancy and information services to the global plastics industry. Based in Wyomissing, PA, AMI LLC supplies all of AMI European directories and CDs and continues to develop a whole new range of products for the North American market. Its range of specialized services cover individual consulting services, multiclient reports, conferences and publishing. To find out more about AMI’s products, services and events, visit our website at: or call: +1 610 478 0800 or email:

INJECTION WORLD MAGAZINE Injection World is a monthly digital magazine published by AMI that is specifically written for injection molding companies, product designers and mold makers. It is available free-ofcharge online and on the iPad, iPhone and Android-based devices using our free apps.

Click here for a PDF of the brochure CONFERENCE DETAILS


DATE AND LOCATION: June 17-18, 2014 Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue 4200 City Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19131, USA Tel: +1 215 879 4000

Injection World Molding Forum 2014 June 17-18, 2014 Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue Philadelphia, PA, USA Company: __________________________________________ Image courtesy of: Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue

Address: ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

HOTEL ACCOMMODATION The conference fee does not include lodging. We have negotiated a special rate of $155 + tax per night for a single or double room at the Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue. Please contact the hotel’s reservation department directly and be sure to mention “AMI’s Injection World Molding Forum” conference to qualify for the special room rate. The hotel rate is guaranteed for a limited number of rooms so do not delay in making your reservation for a room at the conference location.

Tel:______________________ Fax: _______________________ Company activity: ____________________________________

Delegate Details If more than one delegate please photocopy form

REGISTRATION FEE Register before March 21, 2014 for only $990. Thereafter, the fee will be $1290. Registration includes all sessions, conference proceedings, the cocktail reception, luncheons and break refreshments.

Title: _____________First name:_________________________


Position: ____________________________________________

For companies wishing to register two or more delegates, group discounts are available. Please contact the Conference Coordinator for more details.

SPONSOR THIS EVENT AND PROMOTE YOUR COMPANY AMI events are more than just arenas for listening and networking. They also represent highly targeted opportunities to enhance your image and promote your products and services to an international audience. Each event offers the following unique awareness building opportunities: sponsorship of the cocktail reception, lunches, coffee breaks, and much more. For further information, please contact the Conference Coordinator at +1 610 478 0800.

Surname: ___________________________________________

Email: ______________________________________________ Special dietary requirements: ___________________________

Payment Details Please make payments in US Dollars ($) Delegate fee (before March 21, 2014)

$990 ___________

Delegate fee (Thereafter)

$1290 ___________

Exhibition package (includes exhibition space and 1 delegate space)

$1990 ___________

EXHIBITION PACKAGE This package includes an exhibition space in the conference room where we will be hosting registration, the cocktail reception and coffee breaks, giving exhibitors maximum exposure. It also includes 1 free delegate place. Exhibitors may either use tables provided by the hotel or bring their own stand or display. A limited number of tables are available and are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. The cost of this package is $1990. Please note: When applicable, exhibitors are responsible for any electricity and/or handling fees involved with their booth. For further information, please contact the Conference Coordinator.

SOCIAL EVENTS The social events organized for AMI’s Injection World Molding Forum conference will provide an ideal setting for delegates and speakers to mix business with pleasure. On the first evening, everyone is warmly invited to attend the cocktail reception.

SUBSTITUTIONS / CANCELLATIONS Delegates may be substituted at any time at no charge. We ask that you provide ample notification of substitution in order that materials can be prepared. Full refunds, less an administrative charge of $200 will only be made on cancellations received prior to March 21, 2014. We regret that we cannot make refunds on cancellations received after this date or for no-shows at the conference. Please note that refunds cannot be made on table top bookings or sponsorship packages.

FAX FORM TO: +1 610 478 0900

Total: ___________

Method of Payment Payment terms are NET 30 By Check: In US Dollars ($), made payable to “Applied Market Information LLC” Bank Transfer: Please call or email for banking information. Note: You are responsible for any bank charges involved with the transaction. Visa/Mastercard/Amex My card number is:

CONFERENCE HOTLINE Ms. Christine Stelluti, Conference Manager

Name of cardholder: ___________________________________

Applied Market Information LLC 1210 Broadcasting Road, Suite #103, Wyomissing, PA 19610, USA

Expiration date: __________________ Security code:_________

Tel: +1 610 478 0800 Fax: +1 610 478 0900 Email:

Please make copies of this registration form for others to use or download a PDF file copy of the brochure from our web site at

Cardholder’s signature: _________________________________ Date: ________________________________________________ Invoice email (if different from above):______________________

Compounding world April 2014  
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