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Andrea Pazienza senior architect selection of works 2009_2013


cover_Forum Building, Barcelona, 2009_postproduced photo

Andrea Pazienza born in Rome, IT on December 5th, 1987


Viale Le Corbusier, 447 04100 Latina, IT

m in


Once I was told that architects are the late humanists. That is what I mostly love of architecture: its strong connections to almost all the fields of human knowledge, its ability to reflect the zeitgeist from a cultural and a scientific point of view. My desire is to work in a firm that deals with these two aspects, the conceptual and the technologic one. During university, I attended a First level Postgraduate Master of Virtual Architecture (at Istituto Quasar, Rome), learning the principles of modelling, editing and rendering software, improving my design and graphic abilities. I think it’s very important for an architect being able to work cooperatively in a team and in a multi-cultural

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environment, so I attended some workshops (two of them international), team projects at the university and competitions, improving my abilities in communication and co-working. Internship at two firms in Rome let me enhance my technique know-how, my knowledge of the construction site, implementing my design and rendering abilities. I am particularly interested in bigness, hybrid buildings and in relationship between architecture and the city. My Master’s Graduation thesis path let me enhance my knowledge of the utopias and city visions of Radical Architecture and Metabolism, trying to understand how Rome has become an urban sprawl, and finding strategies for urban densification.



Sapienza Università di Roma Facoltà di Architettura Rome, Italy

september 2006 - march 2013

Master of Architecture 110/110 e lode (with honors) Istituto Quasar Rome, Italy

october 2009 - january 2011

Master of Virtual Architecture First level Postgraduate Master Course | Autodesk AutoCAD 2d | 3d, 3ds Max Certificates Liceo Scientifico Ettore Majorana Latina, Italy september 2001 - june 2006

High School diploma focusing on Technology, 95/100

Work Experience

Studio BV36 Rome, Italy

june 2012 - july 2012

Internship CORIP S.r.l. Rome, Italy

july 2011 - august 2011


Workshops and Courses

“Urban re-design and development of Tahrir Square after the Revolution” Egyptian Academy in Rome, Sapienza Università di Roma, American University in Cairo Rome, Italy january 2012

Course for Building Safety Coordinator (120 hours, DLgs 9 aprile 2008, n°81) Sapienza Università di Roma, CTP Roma Rome, Italy march 2011 - june 2011

“Progetto di una nuova borgata ecosostenibile nella periferia romana - Borgata Ortinuovi” Sapienza Università di Roma, Festival dell’Architettura di Roma INDEX URBIS Rome, Italy may 2010

“Camminare la Città” ETSAB Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona, Sapienza Università di Roma, UTL Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa Barcelona, Spain july 2009


Personal Skills

Computer Skills

ability to work cooperatively in a team abilty to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment hardworking and self-motivated good problem solving skill

modelling software Autocad 2d and 3d | 3ds Max | SketchUp | Xfrog rendering software V-Ray | Fryrender digital images processing software Adobe Suite_Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign | Premiere | Acrobat structural simulator SAP2000 building safety design software CerTus Microsoft Office Word | Excel | PowerPoint

Language Skills

Italian mother tongue English upper-intermediate (B2) French elementary (A2)

Personal Interests

graphic design | architecture photography | art | design


Master’s Degree Thesis

Project Courses

Densification vs Expansion

Pietralata, Rome

PROJECT 3 | Science and Technology Museum

Flaminio, Rome

PROJECT 4 | Club House

Fregene, Rome

PROJECT 5 | Research and Learning Centre



12 14

Borgata Ortinuovi | a sustainable village in roman suburbs


Cairo, Egypt

Postgraduate Master’s Projects


La Rustica, Rome

THE SPLASH! | Urban re-design and development of Tahrir Square after the Revolution



A-FRAME | Aurora Borealis Observatory


Rovaniemi, Finland


Villa Savoye, Le Corbusier Church of the Light, Tadao Ando Villino Rosso, Villa Torlonia, Rome


Luxury Apartment

Parioli, Rome



DENSIFICATION vs EXPANSION Pietralata, Rome Master’s Degree Thesis Architectural and Urban Design

Sapienza Università di Roma Facoltà di Architettura march 2013 tutor_Prof. Alfonso Giancotti


01 relationship with the context 02 bigness 03 high rise | high density 04 mixed-use district 05 permeability 06 sustainability




SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY MUSEUM Flaminio, Rome Project 3 Architectural and Urban Design

Sapienza UniversitĂ di Roma FacoltĂ  di Architettura june 2009 tutor_Prof. Alfonso Giancotti

The main theme of the course concerns the dialogue of the new science museum with the context of Flaminio district, transformed by the new Museum of XXI Century Arts, MAXXI, designed by Zaha Hadid. The project aims to break the grid system of the block, dotted with abandoned barracks that are the most important signs inside. The identification of ideal visual axes, allows the explosion of the space unit of the project, thus creating a fragmented complex of buildings above the ground, but connected at the basement level, keeping the original unity and a linear path inside the museum.




Fregene, Rome Project 4 | Building Technology with Alessandro Mambrin

Sapienza UniversitĂ di Roma FacoltĂ  di Architettura june 2010 tutors_Prof. Richard Moore | Prof. Carlo Lannutti



RESEARCH and LEARNING CENTRE La Rustica, Rome Project 5 | Final Project Architectural and Urban Design

Sapienza Università di Roma Facoltà di Architettura june 2011 tutor_Prof. Rosario Gigli




a sustainable village in roman suburbs Workshop Festa dell’Architettura di Roma 2010 | INDEX URBIS

A series of buildings is designed according to the image of the bar code, interpreting the building type of home-workshop, already present in the ancient Rome. Here, houses and studios are separated by a street, creating an urban environment. The maximization of the photovoltaic surface that covers the urban block, and agricultural production facilitated by the greenhouse effect generated by the translucent and ventilated roof, are other features of the village, designed according to the principles of environmental, technological, economic and social sustainability.

Sapienza Università di Roma Facoltà di Architettura may 2010 tutors_Prof. Franco Purini | Prof. Dina Nencini


Egyptian Academy in Rome Sapienza UniversitĂ di Roma | American University in Cairo january 2011 tutors_Prof. A.Giancotti | Prof. F.De Matteis | Prof. L.Reale


Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt International Workshop | Project Team Urban re-design and development of Tahrir Square after the Revolution


A-FRAME | AURORA BOREALIS OBSERVATORY Rovaniemi, Finland International Competition | Project Team Architectural and Urban Design

ARCHmedium Architecture Competitions for Students april 2012 with Luca Marcotullio and Stefano Di Carlo



VILLA SAVOYE | CHURCH OF THE LIGHT | VILLINO ROSSO Computer Graphics Works | Modelling and Rendering Computer Grafica n째88, june 2012, Imago Edizioni

Istituto Quasar Master of Virtual Architecture january 2011 tutors_A. De Lorenzo, F. De Lorenzo, M. Ercolani, P. Lattanzio



LUXURY APARTMENT Parioli, Rome Work Architectural and Interior Design

Studio BV36 private commission july 2012 definitive project

graduation thesis model, 2013_postproduced photo

“It follows that the balance we approve of in architecture, and which we anoint with the word ‘beautiful’, alludes to a state that, on a psychological level, we can describe as mental health or happiness.” Alain de Botton, The Architecture of Happiness, 2006


becoming an architect  


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