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How to use a scum skimmer for cleaning your pond? 

You! Is your pond too filthy? Do you see scum all around? Yes? Are you looking for a professional cleaner to do the job for you? If it’s a yes, then surely you are wasting your time as well as effort.

With fiber glass scum skimmer, cleaning scum over ponds and any small water body isn’t a daunting task anymore. And more importantly, you don’t need to be an expert. Only if you can read and understand the manual instructions, then half of your job is already done!

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Given below are few tips regarding cleaning a pond using scum skimmer: 

The first and foremost thing to do in this regard is reserve 1-2 hours specifically for this purpose. You need to give enough time for this work. If you are planning for a weekend clean up, then make sure, you either complete rest other work or else complete them later.

Read the manual instructions properly. Though the points are sufficient enough to guide you, but still different manufacturing have some specific usage. Go through that properly; else instead of cleaning your pond, you will end up in breaking the device!

Lift the lid off the skimmer and take out the net in the front. Shake the net so that any debris would go off.

Clean the skimmer properly before doing the job and also make sure that you clean it after the job. Else it would lead to slow water flow and would put unnecessary stress on the pump.

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How to use a scum skimmer  

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