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Injection Moulding Asia Taiwanese Machinery Industry

Machinery makers update their technology Taiwan produced US$1.3 billion worth of plastics

Chen said FCS officials had a discussion with the German drive systems maker Knödler at the K2013 show in Germany, and thus followed the cooperation. FCS will also be the first machine maker in Taiwan applying the Knödler gearbox and drive system for its machine. Other features include the Keba controller from Austria, Phase servomotor from Italy and NSK ball screw from Japan, for both the clamping and injection units. The company also says the 300-tonne machine will have the same mould loading capacity as a 400-tonne model. But it is not the first all-electric injection moulding machine for FCS. It did go down this path with a 50-tonne model in 2005 but abandoned it because of the high costs as a result of using Japanese components.

and rubber machinery in 2015 and the country is the world’s top six producers, says the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). The aim of Taiwanese machinery makers is to enter the top ten ranking in the world. The 15th edition of Taipeiplas, to be held from 12-16 August at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Centre, will have some 500 exhibitors showcasing in 2,800 booths.

Export value of Taiwan’s general machinery and plastics and rubber machinery in 2015 and 2014

FCS to enter all-electric injection moulding machine market n the holy grail trail of launching an all-electric injection moulding machine with a competitive price to boot, to compete with European and Japanese allelectric machine makers, Taiwanese injection moulding machine maker Fu Chun Shin Machinery Manufacture (FCS) will introduce a 300-tonne model at the Taipeiplas show. “It will be a new design with the HSR model name,” said David Chen, Executive Director, adding, “We will use Knödler drives for injection speed and to provide a rigid and stable design.” He also said, “We will introduce a 450-tonne model after this and hope to add on more models later.” At the previous Tapeiplas show in 2014, FCS Deputy CEO Alan Wang told PRA that while most all-electric machine makers use belts and drives, that FCS would use a gearbox for the injection unit.


Export Value (Unit: US$1,000)



Plastics and Rubber Machinery



General Machinery



Top ten export countries for Taiwan’s plastics and rubber machinery in 2014 Rank Country

Export Value (Unit: US$1,000)



































Hong Kong







FCS, which last year became the only public-traded injection moulding machinery manufacturer in Taiwan, will also show a 350-tonne two-component HB-R machine, a series developed in 2012 with a clamping force of up to 1,900 tonnes. This series combines the structure of a twoplaten and two-component model, the horizontal rotary table, stack mould, and the servopower-saving technology.

FCS’s all-electric machine, seen here under construction in the factory that was shown to journalists during a pre-Taipeiplas trip in March

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Injection Moulding Asia Taiwanese Machinery Industry Furthermore, FCS says it will integrate with the HB-350RV machine a new patented moulding technology from Japan-based Nihon Yuki. Known as Vent, the screw/barrel technology does away with the predrying/heating of plastic materials. The 350-tonne machine, to be displayed at Taipeiplas, is able to cover the same mould loading capacity as a traditional 1,000tonne two-component machine. It will be displayed with a Kuka six-axis robot and its so-called Hungry Feeder material feeder system. It will be shown producing twocomponent parts for the application of car sunroofs. The Tainan-headquartered company, which claims leadership in the injection moulding machine market in Taiwan, will also showcase the second generation 500tonne two-platen hybrid electric machine. The LN series was first developed in 2006 with a clamping force of up to 3,200 tonnes, but only recently has FCS seen a heightened interest in the series, with 60 units sold in the last three years. Despite its long clamping stroke, its compact design can save of 20% to 30% floor space making it suitable for products with deep depth. Furthermore, there is no toggle structure needed, while the clamping unit requires less lubrication and maintenance. With the all-electric injection unit, the mould opening speed is faster, allowing for a reduced cycle time, says FCS. With a Kuka six-axis robot, FCS will be showing a LN-900SV producing in one-cavity a small beach table with a weight of around 1.4 g. Chen also said the two-platen structure will gradually replace the traditional and huge three-platen machine design, and will also be “more small and mediumsized.” He also boldly claims the LN series is running “neck and neck with European brands.” FCS will enter this machine in the Design Award at Taipeiplas.

“We will now introduce a 10-tonne, four-cavity, double-station model with a Teco servomotor, with a capacity of 1,500 pieces/hour for 200 ml shampoo bottles and will look at producing other models in the future.” The company reported a turnover of US$35 million last year and exports 81% of its output to more than 110 countries. The Tainan-headquartered firm counts Asia as its top destination (25%), followed by South America. Its target this year is a turnover of US$37 million from its five major product lines that include blow moulding machinery (50%) and others (50%) like cast film/sheet making and blown film lines for the agriculture sector as well as to produce plastic bags. The representative also said that since the company focuses on customisation, it make 60 units/year in Taiwan. It also expanded its Taiwanese factory three years ago. Chen Hsong breaks record for large tonnage machinery ong Kong-headquartered Chen Hsong Holding has made inroads in the large injection machine sector since 2007, when it first launched its large-tonnage twoplaten product line, thus setting in motion a new market trend for the automotive sector. In 2012, it shipped the first 4,500-tonne, servodriven machine made in China to Europe; in 2014, it shipped its first 6,500-tonne machine to Israel. These machine exports broke records for largetonnage injection moulding machine made in China and, in the case of the 6,500-tonner, the whole of Asia, said a representative.


Fong Kee to show all-electric blow moulder anufacturer of blow moulding and film lines (sheet extrusion, blown film, cast film and extrusion lamination) Fong Kee International Machinery (FKI), is also jumping on the bandwagon of electric machinery. It will introduce an all-electric blow moulding machine at Taipeiplas. Though this is not its first foray as it did produce an all-electric model previously but the costs of production were high making it an expensive machine, said a representative of the company.


At Chen Hsong’s facility in Tainan, it has three lines to assemble 50-3,000 tonne-machinery

This year, the company says it has received a new order for a second 6,500-tonne two-platen machine with twin injection systems for an “international” customer. When shipped, that will bring the company’s tally of exported 6,500-tonne machines to two – and the only two from China, it claims. The firm, which produces around 15,000 machines/year and has customers in more than 80 countries with facilities in Shenzhen, China, and Taoyuan, Taiwan, boasts clients in markets like Mexico, where the automotive sector has shifted from Brazil, especially for its two-platen machinery.

Fong Kee focuses on customisation and produces 60 machines/year

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Injection Moulding Asia Medical Industry

Taiwanese Machinery Industry

“We have US$1.5 million orders in hand, and even supply to Turkey, a market that is considered better compared to Europe since automotive makers are still investing in the country. Iran is another growth market for us since sanctions were lifted,” said the representative. For Taipeiplas, officials were not forthcoming with the exhibit, only revealing that it would be an in-mould labelling machine. Its 2015 sales turnover reached US$50 million, with officials hinting at 10-15% higher sales in the next fiscal year.

of the splitter is simultaneously produced from PC. The cycle time is around 25 seconds and the moulded part weight is 22 g. Removal and assembly of the upper and lower sections is performed by a linear Multilift Select robotic system.

A 100-tonne Allrounder Golden Electric machine will be shown producing pill splitters for medical technology

Arburg to present electric machine; new sales office in Taiwan erman machinery maker Arburg will be presenting an electric and a hydraulic injection moulding machine at Taipeiplas. Michael Huang, Managing Director of the Arburg subsidiary in Taiwan, which was newly established in April 2016, says, “With the new electric Golden Electric machine series, we are continuing the success story of the hydraulic Allrounder Golden Edition. Both meet the requirements of high-performance entrylevel machines for the precise and production-efficient manufacture of complex moulded parts. Beyond firstclass machine technology, we also offer expert technical support - from project planning through to optimisation of the production processes and service.”


Also on display will be a 100-tonne hydraulic Allrounder with a size 290 injection unit, designed for the processing of liquid silicone (LSR) producing flexible LSR covers for the iPhone 6 in a cycle time of around 20 seconds. The part weight is 21 g. The mould is supplied by Prover, the LSR dosage system by 2 KM. Handling is performed by a Multilift Select robotic system with a load-bearing capacity of 6 kg. Under the direction of Michael Huang, the Arburg subsidiary in Taiwan officially began operating in April 2016. The new location in Taichung is an important milestone for the further expansion of the global network and the activities in Asia, says Arburg, adding that it was previously represented by a trading partner in Taiwan since 1981. The showroom offers space for three Allrounders, training rooms and a wellstocked spare parts store. The infrastructure in Taiwan will be expanded in a targeted manner, for example, through wideranging service offerings and application technology consulting, according to Arburg.

Arburg will exhibit an Allrounder Golden Electric, available in a competitive price/ performance ratio

The new Golden Electric series is offered at an attractive price/performance ratio, made possible through standardised components such as fixed combinations of distance between tie bars, clamping force and injection unit size. The Allrounder Golden Electric is available in the four machine sizes 370, 470, 520 and 570 with clamping forces of 60, 100, 150 and 200 tonnes. In Taipei, a 100-tonne Allrounder 470 E Golden Electric machine with a size 290 injection unit will produce pill splitters for the medical technology sector. For this purpose, four blades are inserted into the 4+4cavity mould and overmoulded, while the upper section

A hydraulic Allrounder will exhibit the production of flexible LSR covers for the iPhone 6

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