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The Means of Brustvergrรถsserung in Germany To begin with, so what is that brustvergrรถsserung, you might ask? This complicated-looking term actually would mean "Breast augmentation" in German, and describes a complete industry that has emerged in Germany, pursuing the trend from the US and other countries, during the past 20-30 years. However the origins of breast augmentation go back to the 19th century - the first transplantation of an artificial breast implant was performed in 1895 - the technique has only been really popular since technological advances in plastic surgery made it possible to reduce risks to minimal levels and also at the same time vastly improve the adaptability of the implants by the surrounding tissue. Modern breast implants are mainly silicone-based and are inserted by a qualified plastic surgeon while the patient is mostly under full anaesthetic narcosis. Because of the immensely improved reliability and durability of the implants, the hazards of a modern breast augmentation operation are very low, and so this procedure has enjoyed ever increasing popularity by women in Germany and in Europe in general. In recent years, German women receive greater than 25.000 breast implants per year, and also the average age of the patients has constantly descended, to currently about 50% being around 25 years (data from 2005). About 2% are now even minors of less than 18 years of age, which increasingly sparks controversy about the acceptance of such cosmetic operations in the German society. Therefore brustvergรถsserung can be called an ambivalent term in the German parlance - depending on who one is talking to, you will either hear enthusiastic praise for the increased awareness and value of a positive selfperception and liberalism for women, or an equally ardent resistance to a maledefined image of ladies and unnecessary cosmetic invasions in the body.

Despite this controversy, there is little to end the continual progress and acceptance of breast augmentation in Germany, also it can hardly be doubted that in coming years there will be ever more BrustvergrĂśsserung treatments performed. However, one thing that is absolutely paramount to the whole procedure, and should be always taken into account, is that the treatment is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, ideally a Facharzt fĂźr Plastische, Ă„sthetische und Rekonstruktive Chirurgie - which in German stands for a Specialist Doctor for Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery. A prime example of such a specialist clinic is - an up to date Swiss-based clinic for plastic and reconstructive surgery, led by a professional specialist MD in aesthetic and plastic surgery.

The Means of Brustvergrösserung in Germany  

Therefore brustvergösserung can be called an ambivalent term in the German parlance - depending on who one is talking to, you will either he...