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XVIII For the first time participating in this event, Plastcor of Brazil was present in eighteenth FISP International Fair of Safety and Security held at the Imigrantes Exhibition Center in São Paulo. With "Innovation and Growth with Environmental Awareness", the Plastcor fo Brazil Group brought to the fair an innovative positioning for the company, showing progress in quality and technology in the manufacture of products, besides the variety of options in the line of PPE signs and security. All this was presented along with the chosen theme for the booth,

FISP the concern with the environment in all production processes in two companies: Plastcor and PlastMG. Was also delivered on Tuesday a new catalog of products to visitors and potential customers, explaining the same concept across the booth throughout the company's portfolio, including the release of this year. The fair was a success and the Group stand was a highlight for all visitors. So our congratulations to

professional companies that made this event a reality, our special thanks to Carlos Henrique Pessoa and Fábio Eduardo Moreira (Development Technical / Mkt) and Leal Comunicações, who actively participated in the assembly and creation of the exhibition stand.

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Year 3 - 31th edition - november 10

Organization, knowledge, skill, good humor, friendship and partnership that was the current climate in the 1st Convention of Representatives of the Group Plastcor of Brazil, held on October 04, 05 and 06 . With the participation of eighteen representatives, the Group was able to present them all the business structure that includes, among visits and lectures in the auditorium and in the factories, explaining and showing all the processes of production and their respective products manufactured with the highest

1st Convention of Representatives of the Plastcor Brazil Group PlastMG, we appreciate the presence of all representatives at the first convention planned with great affection by the entire board and staff involved of Plastcor Brazil Group. It was very nice and important to be with you these three days of pure knowledge for both parties. Good sales for all of us!

quality. In addition, representatives were also visiting on 06 October the Group’s stand at FISP Plastcor of Brazil 2010 in Sao Paulo, having known the PlastMG units in Minas Gerais. Undoubtedly, this was the first of many meetings that the Group will hold in the coming years with their representatives. Therefore, on behalf of Plastcor and

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Result of Election for the 2010 CIPA Representatives elected by the employer

Holders Marina Ferreira dos Santos (vice-president) José Carlos do Nascimento

Holders Milton Quintino Rios (president da CIPA) Alexandre Panaro

Substitutes Evandro Gonçalves Carvalho Wagner Alexandre da Silva

Substitutes Fabio Eduardo Moreira Reginaldo Roberto da Silva


Representatives elected by employees




Congratulations to all elected to this CIPA and thanks to all the other employees who participated in this act of citizenship and safety for the health of everyone within the company. Well done to you all!


Fire Crew Plastcor On October 11, the fire crew Plastcor of Brazil received the certificates of training and the shirts of the function that will now play in the company in order to stand out among the other employees if there is any fire emergency. Check out our “flash”!



Another Happy Child

ren's Day! check out some photos

In this traditional celebration of Plastcor of Brazil Group, the kids could have fun effect at the Oct. 12, at a feast prepared especially for them, both in Plastcor and in the PlastMG, from 09.00 to 12.00. Ball pool, trampoline, popcorn, cotton candy and soda have the joy of the children of employees of both companies also participated along with the kids over there this holiday special. In addition, each child received a beautiful gift, according to their age. And as a way to please other special children for the company, the gifted children of Plastcor was the entity CREN Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre Jo達o Ometto of Limeira, fulfilling their social role on that date so important. We thank everyone who attended with their children in celebration of children's Plastcor and PlastMG. That this and other celebrations can add more happiness to employees and their families, people are so important to the Plastcor of Brazil Group!


Knowing - Talita Fan of the Corinthians, Talita Margarete Hergert Hammann is our known this month. At 27, Talita has the task of supervising financial of Plastcor of Brazil Group, where she worked for nine years. A friend from college who worked at the c o m p a n y t o o k i t s curriculum(resume) to the President ,since then Talita grows along with the company, from assistant accounts receivable for all other areas comprising the financial, arriving today to the supervision. In the area, began her career in the treasury of São José College (Limeira) in accounts receivable sector for a scholarship. Then he went to a stationery store inside the school, and finally, before Plastcor, a computer shop, doing a little of everything, including the financials. In her current work, our supervisor likes the dynamism due to the volume of companies that are under its responsibility, requiring a lot of its function, but in the end, she said, is very rewarding.

Already in her personal life, Talita is married and is still enjoying life together, but dreams of one day having a child with love and can educate and instruct her child with education, as she already does with her nephew and godson Enzo that at present, is the passion of the family. As for her greatest achievements, Talita managed to graduate from college, bought her own car and started driving, doing post graduation in finance, is treading a career within the Plastcor and is married to a wonderful person. Her hobby is traveling with her husband and family, taking a nap when possible, make gourmets with her sisters, who are become partners in their small business that are creating. In music she likes almost all the rhythms, especially the hit song of the moment. In the kitchen, she loves a chicken fillet alla parmigiana. What is most important in her life? The family. And what does she most admire in people? Gratitude. The

future, Talita hopes to grow along with the Hammann family and Plastcor family, united in pursuit of a more prosperous tomorrow for all. On behalf of Plastcor of Brazil, we wish good health and success to you Talita!

"Happiness does not depend on what happens around us, but what happens inside ourselves." (Author Unknown)

Birthdays of months of November 2010 PlastMG

Plastcor of Brasil

01/11 – Maria José Pires Vilas Boas 02/11 – Joelma de Cassia Cimadon 03/11 – Tereza Custodio Silveira 04/11 – Lucinéia Francisca da Silva 05/11 – Maria Berenice Costa Gregorio 06/11 – Elias Gomes da Mota 11/11 – Paulo Duario Luiz 11/11 – Mauricio Ramalho de Morais 11/11 – Robson Dias Sousa 13/11 – Geralda Custodio Martins 14/11 – Maria da Conceição R. Rodrigues 16/11 – Edileiza Expedita G. Ramos 19/11 – Rosangela Ribeiro de Souza 21/11 – Neide Maria da Silva 27/11 – Terezinha Machado Guerra 28/11 – Michele Aparecida Paes C. Lopes 29/11 – Andréia de Fatima Goveia Ribeiro 29/11 – Tereza Cristina C. L. Blankenbur

Produção Produção Produção Produção Produção Produção Produção Produção Produção Produção Produção Produção Produção Produção Produção Produção Produção Administração

01/11 – Anderson Rodrigues Pereira 06/11 – Ademar Antonio Belisia 09/11 – Adonias Vieira de Sousa 09/11 – Cléber Santos da Silva 09/11 – Francisco Iracildo C. dos Santos 10/11 – Fernando Cesar Gama da Silva 11/11 – Elton Willian dos Santos 13/11 – Kelly Fernanda Godoy de Lima 15/11 – Cristiano Pereira Barbosa 19/11 – Juliana dos Santos R. Pereira 20/11 – Diego Cristian Pedroso 26/11 – Civilene Soares Araújo 27/11 – Patrícia Ribeiro de Andrade

Injetora Qualidade Limpeza Injetora Estoque de P.A. Injetora Flexografia Financeiro Montagem Diretoria Injetora Desenvolvimento Impermeáveis




Injetando Segurança





ST COR do Brasil



Qualidade Total Plastcor

Tiragem Mensal: 450 exemplares- Departamento de Marketing: Leal Comunicações Redação: Leal Comunicações - Opiniões: Depto. RH / MKT Interno / Diretoria Informativo Interno Plastcor Notícias Ano 3 - Edicão n° 31 - novembro 2010





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