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Plastcor in McDia Feliz! On the last Saturday in August, took place in Brazil McHappy Day, an event organized by the Institute Ronald McDonald and McDonald's. In Limeira, the institution benefited from the sale of snacks at Limeira city was the Association Against Cancer (Alicc). The money is intended to treat children and adolescents with the disease. The event aims to promote better treatment of cancer in children and adolescents. The sale of snacks is always held the last Saturday of August. And this year, Brazil's Plastcor collaborated once again with the event by purchasing 50 tickets snack to help in this noble cause also held in Limeira. The Plastcor of Brazil congratulates all involved in making this charity event and appreciates the opportunity to contribute again.

The money is intended to treat children and adolescents with cancer.

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Year 3 - 28th edition - september 10

Plastcor and APAE, partnership and work towards happiness!

Since February this year, the Group Plastcor of Brazil began a partnership with the organization APAE - Association of Parents and Friends of exceptionals of Limeira. The partnership concerns the manufacture work of protective foam for helmets, product that Plastcor sold loose or kits the helmets also manufactured by the company. Those responsible for this line of work are youth's own production at entity, apprentices above the age of fifteen, forming a group of about sixteen people, guided by Zeze coordinator, who monitors the entire process of manufacture. "APAE is benefited by Plastcor by investing in manufacture held in addition to providing a service to the entity that works hand-eye coordination and attention, helping to prepare them for the job market, since that is the focus of APAE." said Rafael Boralli, developer of the PCP Plastcor. Likewise, the Plastcor is benefited by them with the manufacture of all parts that are sent to APAE, besides the pleasure and satisfaction in being

able to contribute every day with a work so beautiful. In the beginning, monitoring the manufacturing and the inclusion of the project were made by Rafael PCP, which had the full support of the coordinator Zeze. Today, with staff already adapted to the manufacture, ZezĂŠ accompanies everyday learners, needing no more than direct monitoring of Plastcor only by phone and by manufacturing orders. For now, Plastcor is sending only one type of product because of the difficulty and disability of apprentices, but the company plans is over time to include more products in this production line APAE. Again, our congratulations and our gratification and the creators involved in this exemplary project. We hope that with this gesture of Plastcor Brazil and APAE more hearts can be sensitive towards social causes!

More training of Fire Brigade in Plastcor prevention is the best way out!

Held annually at the company, the training with the Fire Brigade had this year thirty-two Plastcor brigade trained in Brazil. The training took place on August 14 with a schedule of eight hours, four hours of classroom instruction and four hours of practical lessons with the instructor Claudio Rodrigues dos Santos, 2nd Lieutenant of the PM / Fire Department. "The goal of this training is to provide participants with basic knowledge about prevention, principles of isolation and extinction of fire, leaving the area, first aid techniques and tailor the business to specific legislation." Said Milton Rios (Technical Safety at Work in Plastcor Brazil). And to help in this work are already being made shirts the same for all brigade members, who will use them even as the company to better identify the sectors among employees. We thank all participants for their participation and commitment, as well as the instructor Claudio Rodrigues dos Santos by the knowing. Prevention is always the best way out!

Gift for dads Group Plastcor! In celebration of Father's Day, the Group Plastcor of Brazil gave gifts to employees from Brazil Plastcor and the PlastMG, a beautiful custom cap with the logo of companies, in honor of Father's Day. Congratulations to all the dads Group Plastcor from Brazil!



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From 20-24 September, Plastcor of Brazil will be holding the third SIPAT of the company, this time with many theatrical performances and new knowledge! So check the schedule of this special event and get your invitation with your leader. We are waiting for you!

DAY Labor Gymnastics (Ze Roberto) Presentation Theatre: O que é isso? (Companhia Teatral Primeira Estrela) Presentation Theatre: O que é isso? (Companhia Teatral Primeira Estrela) Theatrical Presentation: CIPA: O que é isso? (Companhia Teatral Primeira Estrela)

Labor Gymnastics (Ze Roberto) Morning in Health (Capillary glucose tests and Measurement of Blood Pressure) Theatrical Presentation: Comportamento = Saúde (Art Seg Eventos) Theatrical Presentation: Comportamento = Saúde (Art Seg Eventos)

DAY Labor Gymnastics (Ze Roberto) Optical Crislen - Vision Test Theatrical Presentation: Comportamento = Saúde (Art Seg Eventos)

DAY Labor Gymnastics (Ze Roberto) Theatrical Presentation: Fique de Olho! (Arte & Cena Produções) Theatrical Presentation: Fique de Olho! (Arte & Cena Produções)

DAY Labor Gymnastics (Ze Roberto) Presentation Theatre: Se Liga no S – Programa 5S (IconiX) Presentation Theatre: Se Liga no S – Programa 5S (IconiX)








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Knowing - What is CIPA? The Internal Commission for Accident Prevention (CIPA) is a tool that workers have to deal with the prevention of occupational accidents, conditions of work environment and all aspects that affect their health and safety. CIPA is regulated by the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT) in Articles 162165 and Regulatory Standard 5 (NR-5), contained in Decree 3214 of 08.06.78 lowered by the Ministry of Labour. The formation of such group within the companies was determined by the significant and growing occurrence of accidents and diseases typical of work in all industrialized countries. CIPA must have one-year term and is comprised of representatives of employer and employee. The basic objective of CIPA is to make employers and employees work together in the task of preventing accidents and improving the quality of working environment so as to make it compatible constantly working

with the preservation of life and the promotion of occupational health. Their most important role is to establish a relationship of dialogue and awareness in a creative and participatory, between managers and employees in relation to how the work is performed, always aiming to improve working conditions in order to humanize the work. Nevertheless, CIPA is an inter organizational resource independent and not tied to any area of the company nor any employee thereof. CIPA also has the mandate to identify the risks of the work process and develop the risk map, with the participation of more workers and with the advice of SESMT (Specialized Security and Occupational Medicine).

Sources: Wikipedia;

Birthdays of the month of September 2010 Plastcor Brasil


01/09 – Fernanda Mattos Azevedo – Financeiro 01/09 – Reinaldo Fires – Injetora 02/09 – Anderson Rezende de Freitas – Injetora 03/09 – Monica Aline Brum Dias – Vendas 04/09 – Adriano Arruda dos Santos – Extrusora 07/09 – Rodney José do Nascimento – Injetora 07/09 – Irene Maria dos Santos Marques – Limpeza 10/09 – Edivaldo Rodrigues Prado – Montagem 12/09 – Elisangela Muniz Cardona Alves – Montagem 15/09 – Celso dos Santos Honorato – Injetora 16/09 – Leandro Pacheco da Fonseca – Injetora 16/09 – Marcos Aurélio da Silva – Injetora 17/09 – Adailton Figueiredo de Almeida – Injetora 18/09 – Raphael Felipe Dorigatti Boralli – PCP 19/09 - Eder Henrique Carvalho – PCP 21/09 – Amanda Karina dos Santos Campos – Qualidade 22/09 – Sonia Maria Caetano – Administração 25/09 – Felipe Fires – Montagem 25/09 – Claudinei Santiago de Lima – Injetora 25/09 – Jhonatan Sivirino Ribeiro – Injetora 27/09 – Wendel Santos da Silva – Extrusora 27/09 – José Carlos do Nascimento – Montagem

05/09 – Reinaldo Francisco Moreira – Produção 07/09 – Nadia Daiane de Oliveira – Produção 11/09 – Márcio José Ferreira – Produção 16/09 – Andrea Rosa de Martha – Administração 18/09 – Maria Aparecida Rezende Leite – Produção 21/09 – Maria Rita dos Santos Francisco – Produção 22/09 – Joaquim Adolpho Pereira – Produção 26/09 – Pedro Henrique do Nascimento – Produção 27/09 – Terezinha Odete de Oliveira Salles – Produção 28/09 – Maria Aparecida Rodrigues – Produção 29/09 – Jorge Ribeiro de Magalhães – Produção




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