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Interactive Panel of Goals, another conquest Plastcor! In June, another successful project was implemented in Plastcor Brazil. This time, the novelty happened in the Sales sector, which won the program "Interactive Goal Panel." The idea came from the company, and was born from the necessity of commercial director, Tiago Pereira, to monitor the progress of sales in real time. "We had Excel spreadsheets 'trying' to do the job, but they needed updates daily, and had no information in real time and pave the margin for error. Realizing this difficulty, I decided to create the tool. "- Said Rafael Oliveira, business leader for Information Technology (IT). The project created to give business indicators that show the sales made by representatives, enabling the crossing of information with the goals, enabling the Plastcor take early action if the present scenario is not expected. The Panel Targets Interactive was developed from the Delphi programming language and Oracle Database. As for its operation, the program is used by the dealer / seller in an LCD panel in conjunction with a computer that controls it, it lets them know if sales are as expected by the organization. All this without any intervention, it allows to be parameterized so that it will work, and once configured, it works automatically. According to Rafael, the project may be unprecedented, at least in that segment, but that depends exclusively on the needs of each organization allied to creativity. Congratulations to all departments involved: Trade (Development Goals), Marketing (Creation of Animations), Maintenance (Disposition of Panel) and IT (System Development). Again the Plastcor of Brazil innovates and invests in technology, always prioritizing the progress and quality of all its professional team.

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Year 3 - 27th edition - July 10

If the World Cup is from Brazil, World Cup is from Plastcor! It takes a lot of heart to our great excitement! In the match of 25/06 At Plastcor, all employees of the company could see the emotions of the match, of Brazil against Portugal. With big screen in the company, cafeteria and televisions in the recreation area of the farm, but also in the administrative building, the developers and supporters of Plastcor enjoyed with great animation the game suffered against our rival. In addition, the company is prepared with great style for the Cup, gracing various industries with their own products manufactured in Plastcor, flags and symbols forming the company with helmets, chains, among others. In the end the winner in the "Plastcor raffle", the winner must be whoever hits the match result, was Jose Antonio dos Santos sector Injector (part A), with bet Brazil 0 X 0 Portugal his prize was R$ 110.00! Go, Brazil, towards the HEXA!

Latest Results JOIS 2010 Adult Futsal Day 30/05/2010 – PLASTCOR A 3 X 4 TRW D Day 06/06/2010 – MB LUMINÁRIAS 7 X 4 PLASTCOR B Day 06/06/2010 – PLASTCOR A 9 X 6 BL BITTAR A Day 20/06/2010 – PLASTCOR A 1 X 7 AJINOMOTO C

Snooker Day 20/06/2010 - PLASTCOR took 2nd place in the first phase and is already qualified for the second phase.

Athletics Day 27/06/2010 Milton Quintino Rios – participated in the tests of 3,000 m and 200m. Marcelo Almeida Santos – 100m. Charles Diego Felipe – 100m.

Next Round - Day 04/07/2010 - 08h30 Foosball – PLASTCOR A, PLASTCOR B, PLASTCOR C Truco Trio – PLASTCOR A, PLASTCOR B, PLASTCOR C, PLASTCOR D We thank the athletes who participated in the latest Plastcor disputes and good luck to who will compete in upcoming competitions!

Mother's Day, Women's Day too! Seeking an idea that would promote women's health within the company, PlastMG place on Friday, May 07, an "Afternoon of Health" to celebrate Mother's Day. On the day, there was the presence of Kal a Physical Education teacher, who provided not only moments of gymnastics directed to posture, relaxation and stretching, but also provided moments of fun and joy, having about 100 women there, from two collaborating units of PlastMG , gathered in Cachoeira de Minas. As a reward was offered to mothers and women employees of the company a breakfast watered with lots of fruit, juice and healthy snacks. In the end, the result was very satisfactory. Congratulations Mom, Woman congratulations, you deserve this love!


PlastMG participated of the Coronation of Virgin Mary on May 1 Every year it happens in the Mother Parish of Santa Rita, in Santa Rita do Sapucaí / MG, the coronation of Nossa Senhora(Virgin Mary) on May 1, named after the month of May, the month of mothers and month of Mary, mother of Jesus. The coronation takes place during a Mass held at 19:00 in the Parish, where all Companies in the city participate, including colleges and schools, carrying banners with their names, as well as items in honor of the coronation to the saint, as the crown, the mantle, the rosary beads and flowers. This year, 24 employees PlastMG attended the ceremony for the second consecutive year, leading to the altar 25 rosebuds as draw held by the church between the companies. In the mass of the coronation PlastMG also donated three blankets, which will go to charities for the Parish. The celebration was very nice and exciting, as is tradition in the city. Again the PlastMG had the honor to participate in this celebration as important to the Catholic Church and people of Santa Rita do Sapucaí, next year we'll be there again!

HR Space Isaac Wisnai de Oliveira Marques was born on 11/06/2010, son of developer Marques Diego Sector Warehouse Polymers.

And on 03.06.2010, was born João Pedro Buriti da Silva, son of developer Cícero Edineuto Pereira sector Injection.

Congratulations to new dads! Best wishes, peace, love and health to new families!

PlastMG starts integration of employees in both units Aiming to guide and instruct in the best employees, the PlastMG started last month the integration of employees in two units in the Santa Rita do Sapucaí e Cachoeira de Minas. The work was done by the collaborator Andrea de Martha, administrative assistant of PlastMG that exposed employees to the new institutional video Plastcor Group of Brazil, rules, benefits, mission, vision and values of the company, as well as penalties, obligations, restrictions and media. Was also delivered to each employee manual to integration of the company, with all this information.

Santa Rita do Sapucaí integration happened the day 05-13 May, totaling 63 employees participating. Already in Cachoeira de Minas, with the help of a collaborator Tereza Cristina Blankenburg, integration was held on May 21, totaling 147 employees. We congratulate everyone involved for another successful deployment of this company!

Festival May 1st - BBQ, music and lots of fun! In celebration of Labor Day, the PlastMG held a party for all who are part of the company on "Clube Recreativo de Cachoeira" (A club from Cachoeira MG) The meeting was attended by over 150 people, including employees and partners, who celebrated the day with the sound of folk band "Celso and Juliano", in addition to enjoying a delicious barbecue, much appreciated by all. As usual, a lunch with lots of music and fun, unique opportunity to meet colleagues and relax in a pleasant and familiar place. At the party there were also raffle prizes for the employees. On behalf of PlastMG, congratulate all employees of the company by commemorative day and thank you all for your presence at the party. Check out some photos from that day extra special!


Knowing In July, we'll know a little more of Sr. Cataldo Carlos Bruno Junior, better known as Mr. Bruno in PlastMG in Santa Rita do Sapucaí / MG. At the age of 78, Mr. Bruno holds the position of "chemical technician" and "business manager", working in the area for 62 years and PlastMG since the formation of the company. In his work has nothing to not like it, enjoy everything related to their profession. Married a second time and father of two daughters, Mr. Bruno has as its greatest achievement may have served with pleasure and responsibility, a duty fulfilled in any circumstance. Therefore, his biggest dream is to continue, always feeling that his duty is being fulfilled. As a hobby like sports in general, especially football (soccer), Palmeiras, the football team is on his heart, and enjoys listening to classical music. His favorite food is pasta, so the vegetables and fruits. A quality? Loving life. A flaw? Not wishing to be ignored. In his lifetime the most important thing is to live in peace, in harmony, as well as having good moral structure and character, this is what he admires most in people, What Mr. Bruno hopes for the future? Continue to have health and willingness to continue in their work.. Thus ended our column with a sentence left by Mr. Bruno for us all: "We are all winners with the protection of God, today and forever. I thank the board of PlastMG and my colleagues now to receive this honor, and I am available to all. Thank you, with the blessings of God."

Birthdays for July 2010 PlastMG

Plastcor of Brazil Solange Ap. dos Santos Souza Felipe Florencio Santos Filho Alexandre Panaro Sandro Pereira Claudecir Cruz da Silva Josenilda Antonia da Silva Edmar Barbosa de Almeida Ailton de Madureira Charles Diego Felipe Claudinei Aparecido Ignacio Mario Celio de Andrade Andreza Ap. Bastos de Lima João da Silva Pereira Neto Daniela Cristina Bernardini Geniovaldo Jesus da Silva Vicente de Paula Ferreira Cleber dos Santos Cano Jefferson Gomes Soares

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