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64th Tournament "May 1" - Congratulations to all the grit and determination! Another year the soccer team of Plastcor Brazil participated in the tournament May 1, organized by the city of Limeira, Secretary of Sports and Sports League Limeira. This year the dispute began on April 25, Sunday, where Plastcor qualified by winning the CCS team upset by 5-4 on penalties, after defeating Newton and Zaccaria in the first two games. Among the seven companies qualified for the finals, the team played on Labor Day against the company Mahle, tying the game by 1-1 eventually lost on penalties by 5-6.

The tournament champion was Ajinomoto, winning the title 64 (sixty-fourth) Tournament "May 1", Saturday afternoon at Limeira Football Club. On behalf of Plastcor Brazil, we congratulate the organizers, players, fans and all the companies participating in the Tournament "May 1", 2010. See you next year!

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Plastcor of Brazil 2010 JOIS Plastcor Futsal Team "A�

The Workers' Sports Games SESI had its first edition in 1947 and became a traditional event celebrated on May 1 - Labor Day. Since 1999, the Games come to be called Jogos IndustriĂĄrios do SESI - JOIS (Industrial Workers Games of SESI). And today, presents an important service in the Division of Sport and Recreation, serving more than one hundred thousand workers, athletes and two thousand companies in the state. In this context, employees Plastcor of Brazil are participating in some sports such as futsal competition adult, athletics, truco, pool table (snooker) and foosball. Modalities mentioned, only the soccer began with the following results: Match 18/04/2010 - Ajinomoto C 2 x 1 Plastcor B; Match 02/05/2010 - Ajinomoto 1 x 5 Plastcor A; Match 16/05/2010 - Fumagalli C 3 x 5 Plastcor B. In future editions we will bring the results of upcoming games, because the JOIS continues and ends in August. Good luck to all competitors of Plastcor of Brazil!


Check full album of photos on the Plastcor's site.

Plastcor Futsal Team "B�

Plastcor Soccer Camp Team

GLOVES RAWHIDE Knowing that the market for Rawhide gloves in Brazil produces about 20 million pairs per year, once again PlastMG (Plastcor of Brazil Group Company) decided to invest in this market, making some key models, such as rawhide gloves with or without internal reinforcement scrapings, rawhide gloves with or without reinforcement strip in rawhide, between the thumb and forefinger and two lengths 27cm and 32cm. These gloves are recommended for protection against abrasive agents, excoriaters agents in the work of welding and mostly in the petrochemical, mining, steel and energy. The Group Plastcor of Brazil is already working on developing new models, in order to be able to offer the market a secure and intelligent solution for anyone who needs adequate protection.

View our complete line of safety gloves:

Speech, drama and lots of fun in celebration of Mother's Day! Much learning and laughter were part of the theatrical presentation "Mania, Direitos e Deveres das Mulheres" held by ARTSEG Events at the Auditorium of Plastcor of Brazil in honor of Mother's Day. All the women, the company attended this pleasant meeting on Friday, May 07, laughing and learning about various topics such as relationships, health, family, children, domestic accidents and women's rights. After the lecture, after a lot of fun, the company raffled a gift basket between the collaborators and the winner was Irene Marques. We therefore welcome the presence of all women and mothers of the company who were present this important lecture for the feminine universe. It was awesome!

Cultural Support - children play "Little Red Riding Hood" Thinking about the importance of support for culture in our city, Plastcor of Brazil decided to support the children's play "Little Red Riding Hood," which was held at the Victoria Theatre in Limeira on April 30 at 20.00. Some employees were present with their children, taking advantage of the discounted ticket with the presentation of the flyer distributed in the company. The play was great and the kids loved it! The Plastcor of Brazil congratulates all the actors and creators of this wonderful initiative in favor of children's culture.


Knowing This month we will be meeting and presenting to those who still do not know, the soccer team sponsored by Plastcor of Brazil Sport Club Reunidos. Formed in 2005 in Limeira Rural Center, the Reunidos has today twenty-five players, among them are Evander, Meireles and Anderson, collaborators in the Plastcor of Brazil. The team has been runner-up in 2007 and rose to the second division at the Amateur Championship in Limeira, also won fourth place in 2009 and moved up to first division in the same league. Each year the team competes in the Amateur Championship and Cup Limeira, the two held in the city. Among the team members, Ney is the youngest player, aged 18, and Lele is the oldest at 43 years, all are important players for the Club, without exception. At this juncture, the Reunidos dreams of play in the Gazette Cup, League played enough in the city. Off the field, the good of all this are the friendships, because every weekend they are together in a different place, playing not only in Limeira, but also in other cities in our region. And for those interested in joining this team of players / friends, just look for coach Tiago, coach of the team and managing director of Plastcor Brazil. So, we at Plastcor News'd like to congratulate the team for their commitment and dedication to the company and the support and encouragement to the sport in our city.

That this partnership will last many years! "We would like to thank the entire board of Plastcor of Brazil that has helped us to assemble competitive teams every year. Take the opportunity to invite all readers of News Plastcor to attend our game. "- E. C. Reunidos.

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If Plastcor is from Brazil, World Cup is from Plastcor! In the month in which the World Cup Soccer happens, the Plastcor of Brazil could not stay away. So the best way to enjoy this moment is: We will televise the games from 11.00 in the yard of the company. Already the games of 15.30, all employees will be allowed to leave the company. Yet beware, any changes will be communicated in visible Tables Management. de Gestão à Vista.

This month we congratulate Papa Alessandro Ferreira in the department "Warehouse's Polymers" in Plastcor, the birth of his son Alan Ferreira de Oliveira, born on 07/05/2010.

We hope a lot of health and happiness to the family!

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