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In addition to promoting accountability, students cultivate the thought of sustainability due to their proximity with nature.“

Sowing Happiness Schools The "Sowing Happiness Project" is branching out! Now public schools in Limeria, are opening the doors to "Sowing in schools", which makes the delivery of Ipê’s seedlings educational institutions, which together their students, make the cultivation of plants. The main intention is to show to students that actions produce results that depend on our attitudes and choices to be good or bad. In addition to promoting accountability, students cultivate the thought of sustainability due to their proximity with nature. Lázaro, Dom Idílio e Marciliano, are some schools are already participating in the project, and others schools are already scheduled a date to receive seedlings. Because of the importance of the initiative, local media decided to do a story on actions in schools. Also embrace this project! More news coming soon

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SIPAT 2011




Seja atencioso. Sua segurança é um bem precioso!

Next month, Plastcor happens, the SIPAT 2011. The event takes place from April 11 to 15, and the theme explored is "Concentration at Work." The invitations, the HR will be delivering for the whole company. 11/04

08h00 – Gymnastics on the patio 10h30 às 13h30 – Recreational Activity (Xbox 360 KINECT) Recreation Area 13h30 – Lecture: Food X Health X Quality of Life - Dr Marta Figueiredo (Nutritionist) - Ipe Auditorium 15h00 – Lecture: Food X Health X Quality of Life - Dr Marta Figueiredo (Nutritionist) - Ipe Auditorium 21h30 – Lecture: Lecture: Food X Health X Quality of Life - Dr Marta Figueiredo (Nutritionist) - Ipe Auditorium

Conjunctivitis, a disease that is considered typical of summer, is getting past seasons this year. There are about sixty thousand cases reported throughout the state of São Paulo, and the daily attendance at clinics and hospitals do not stop growing.

The disease, which can be viral or bacterial infection, is transmitted by air or touch contaminated objects. People who often use railings, turnstiles and public telephones should observe cleanliness of utensils. The symptoms of conjunctivitis are easily observed: redness, itching a lot, discharge, swelling and headaches. The main way to protect themselves from disease, is holding steady the hand hygiene by washing or wiping alcohol gel constantly. The outbreak is not as dangerous, because in most cases, the disease is not fatal, but if the symptoms are felt, it's good to see a doctor to avoid major hassles.

12/04 10h00 – Lecture: Quality of Life (STD's, AIDS, etc.) - Saúde e Vida Group Auditorium-Ipe 11h30 – Lecture: Quality of Life (STD's, AID's, etc.) - Saúde e Vida Group Auditorium-Ipe 13/04 08h00 – Gymnastics on the patio 10h30 às 13h30 – Recreational Activity (Xbox 360 KINECT) Recreation Area 13h30 – Lecture: Self-Esteem and Stress - Dr. Márcia Baldini (Psychologist) - Ipe Auditorium 15h00 – Lecture: Self-Esteem and Stress - Dr. Márcia Baldini (Psychologist) - Ipe Auditorium 21h30 – Lecture: Self-Esteem and Stress - Dr. Márcia Baldini (Psychologist) - Ipe Auditorium 14/04 13h30 – Lecture: Smoking - Dr. Carmona (Helpmóvel) - Ipe Auditorium 15h00 – Lecture: Smoking - Dr. Carmona (Helpmóvel) - Ipe Auditorium H 15/04 08h00 – Gymnastics on the patio Intervenção – " O etressadão" (The most stressed of all) 10h30 às 13h30 – Recreational Activity (Xbox 360 KINECT) Recreation Area

HR SPACE - Rectification of mistake in the charade of "Reader’s Column” of the previous edition: the correct sentence is “…are 12 soldiers” and not “… are 16 soldiers” as mentioned.


Mamãe Coruja

Quem ama registra

na foto e no coração

Traga sua foto mais coruja com seu eterno bebezinho! Além de concorrer a um lindo prêmio, você ainda pode ser eleita a mamãe mais coruja! As fotos devem ser entregues ao RH da Plastcor e PlastMG até dia 15/04.

*Confira regulamento e premiação no cartaz.

NUCLEAR REACTION After the earthquake and tsunami, the country still faces risks of a nuclear accident The most frightening radioactive disaster in history was, of course, the nuclear bombs that hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki in

DAY OF THE INDIAN In 1500, at time the Portuguese arrived in Brazil, it is estimated that there were about 6 million Indians. Since then, the slaughter and slavery, we had an absurd reduction of the indigenous population in Brazil. Today there are only about 700,000 of them.

Japan in 1945 The country is now again face the risk of radioactivity, however, as the matter is not is not often discussed, it is difficult to understand why people fear so much another nuclear disaster.

The date – April 19 - was created to remind us that the real Brazilian people are Indians, and that must be respected in its integrity. Languages, customs and lands should be preserved, we must prevent the death of this rich culture, and genuinely Brazilian

THIS EASTER, THINK... The recent crisis in Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power in Japan was caused by the collapse in the cooling of reactors after the earthquake (11/03) culminate in a tsunami with waves up to 14 meters that hit the plant, disrupting power

All we seek, buy goods to motivate our happiness. Until at a certain moment of life, we began to realize that we do our own internal changes. And here is the key to living better.

supply and shutting down the water’s pumps. Shutting down the emergency system, which uses diesel generators A day after the tsunami, the first reactor explodes and the government says the withdrawal of the population within a distance of 20 km around the plant. 14/03 day, another explosion rises to the isolated area, now to 30 km. In the following days, further explosions are recorded and specialized agencies of the U.S. claim that there is a strong risk of radiation leak. Radiation is something beneficial to people when used in full measure. If levels are abnormal, the effects can be serious for human health, causing cancer, nervous system damage in the gastrointestinal tract and bone marrow, leading sometimes to death, the medium or long term. In Japan, it is considered the hypothesis of seafood and groundwater near the plant, contaminated by radiation.

And this Easter, that would be good if we wanted to all day, to change ourselves gradually feeling for the true value of life, that presents itself to us all. It's so simple. On this date, let us start our quest for this ideal, Allowing the Easter be more than a symbol of a day and becomes a way of life.

KNOWING An Ethiopian countryman watching his goats grazing, discovered by chance that after a thousand years become the most popular beverage in all world. Some red beans were chewed by animals, and it somehow made them more willing and euphoric. This observer man decided to smash the fruit and make a mix, this mix did not generate a very tasty drink Only later, the Arabs cultivate coffee plantations, and spread a

liquid similar to the present. In Brazil, coffee only arrived in 1727 brought by a sergeant who visited coffee plantations in French Guiana and decided to bring some seedlings for our nation. Thereafter, coffee plantations have spread from northeast to south, and one hundred years later, Brazil was already the largest producer and exporter of coffee in all world. His popularity is historical: the traditional coffee, it was seen - and still is-as a sign of hospitality and relaxation. Coffee does not have any alcohol so fits perfectly into any occasion and is usually taken at breakfast each morning for much of the population. A few years ago, the drink won icy versions, such as wild coffee (with ice cream balls), the frappuccino, mint coffee, and others, which are appreciated on hot days, relieving the heat, ensuring the consumption in all seasons. The coffee is irresistible in the early morning, mid afternoon, before bed, in winter, summer, and in all languages. taste yourself, always in moderation.

The drink in small doses, can prevent depression and diabetes and help combat premature aging.

April Birthdays Plastcor of Brasil Anderson André Moreira -Expedição Cibele Tatiane Hergert - Marketing Paulo Cesar de Oliveira - Injetora Ronaldo Alves Vieira - Injetora Gabriel Antonio da Silva -Expedição Randal Juliano Maximo - Montagem Juracy da Silva Machado - Injetora Israel Felix de Sousa - PCP Rosana Batista Ferreira- Montagem Marcelo dos Santos Rodrigues- Expedição Elias da Silva Bernardes Junior- Injetora Juliana Bernardino Guedes Silva - Montagem Rogerio Antonio Cabral – Manutenção Marcelo da Silva Costa – Montagem Cicero José da Costa - Injetora Helder Tonello - Silck Screen Jorge Gonçalves de Oliveira – Injetora Reginaldo R. da Silva - Almoxarifado de Polimeros

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