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Always Together for the Aril On 28 October, Plastcor of Brazil was present at the headquarters of Aril Association of Children's Rehabilitation of Limeira, in the event of certification of companies that are partners in both projects of the entity, "Socially Responsible Company - Friend of the Aril" and " Together for the Aril, " which Plastcor is participating in a few years ago. In total, 149 companies in Limeira and Iracemápolis received a certificate of participation in projects in 2010. Of this total, 24 companies also received a special certificate for being 10 years in the projects, which contributes significantly to the entity, according to the president of Aril, Robson Voigt Bianchi. On the day, beyond the delivery of c e r t i f i c a t e s , t h e o rg a n i z a t i o n presented a video for entrepreneurs, showing how the investment they make in Aril brings results. All stages of

care of the entity were shown, from the Department of Rehabilitation, which is when the child reaches Aril, until referral to the labor market, through the stimulation of basic sectors, School, Workshops and Educational Therapy, and also Physical Education. In the video, the users of Aril gave their testimonies. They even were in the audience of the event and at the end of the video, rose to thank the entrepreneurs. At the end of the ceremony, a group of students in the School Sector of the entity presented the song "Jesus Christ" by Roberto Carlos. As every year, this event of the entity was more of a rewarding and exciting to Plastcor of Brazil, which through the project "Together for Aryl" has the opportunity to help many children and youth with special needs. Congratulations to Aril for all work performed and transmitted by caring for all those involved in our city and region.


Social Responsibility


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Year 3 - 32th edition - december 10


In October, the Plastcor of Brazil received of the Sindicato da Indústria de Material Plástico (Syndicate of Plastic Materials Industries) of the State of Sao Paulo the “Security Seal” of injection molding machines, through monitoring of Milton Q. Rios, Technical Safety at Work Professional and Leandro da Fonseca Pacheco, Head of Maintenance. Fill out a check - list for each machine, with the declarations of the existence of systems and safety devices provided for in Annex I to the Collective Labor Agreement, and statements of responsibility, were acquired in total seventeen seals of injection molding machines. The company's goal is to fulfill the decisions of the Collective Labor Agreement, namely to have all systems and safety devices on their machines, for the welfare, safety and health of all employees involved in this sector. At the same time, began in November the installation of eleven feeders facilities for injection molding machines, the process with the participation of Ricardo Soares Araujo, in charge of injection, Alexandre Panaro, production supervisor, and leaders in the injector. "Before the company had six injection molding machines with feeders and eleven machines were purchased without feeders. With the aim of improving the process, higher product quality, cleanliness, organization and eliminate the risk of accidents in the industry, the company invested in eleven feeds to the injection molding machines that had not, "said Ricardo Soares Araujo - in charge of injection. That this and other achievements are likely to add further quality to the Plastcor Group of Brazil! Congratulations to the company and employees involved.


Plastcor Brazil's Continuous Improvement Started after completion of the project Kaizen, in 2009, in which some groups of employees had the task of creating a continuous improvement project, the program TMC - Continuous Improvement Team was founded in Plastcor of Brazil with a single group, seeking ideas and suggestions from employees. T M C h a s t h e i m p o r t a n c e of disseminating and encouraging employees to post suggestions for improvements in their workplaces. It also assists in formulating and implementing improvement projects (with cost reduction or not) posted by officials with the goal of creating a better working environment and / or reduce costs for the company, whilst stimulating the commitment of employees to the Plastcor. Today the group has ten members: Raphael Boralli (leader), Francielen Massaro (secretary), Ademar Belísia, David William, Evandro Gonçalves, José Carlos, Maíra Felix, Paulo Costa, Robert Vilela (assistants) and industrial director João Neto that helps team. The meetings take place every Tuesday, where they review the ideas submitted and decide if they are feasible or not to be deployed. The team also assigns responsibility to assist the author's idea in developing of the project when it is approved, discusses the ongoing, improvements and deployments that have been completed. At TMC, our special thanks to their work at the company. Long life to innovative ideas for everyone! !



Injection Plastcor now with Security Seal!


If we have CIPA... TWe have training! There is a Norm of the Ministry of Labour - NR 5, which talks about the CIPA (Internal Commission for the Prevention of Accidents), where the company for its CNAE / group, number of employees, garnered eight accident prevention commission participants, four chosen by the employer and four chosen by vote by the employees. And being elected, after the election everyone has to receive training, as recommended by the Norm. Therefore, training in Plastcor occurred on days 27 and 29 Octuber and 03 and 05 November, with the instruction of Renato Dindorf Trevisan (Safety Engineer) and Wanderley Corbine (Technical Safety of Work Professional of the company SAFETY ON LYNE). The purpose of CIPA is to have a company with the mission of preser ving health and physical integrity of all workers and all who interact with the company. All members of the new CIPA participated, including Cibele Tatiane Hergert, new alternate representative of the employer who will now replace Fabio Eduardo Moreira beside Reginaldo Roberto da Silva at the Commission. So in 2011 we want that CIPA of Plastcor continue playing of quality and professionalism with their function within the company.

PlastMG performs Hearing Protection Training With the instruction Renato Dindorf Trevisan (Engineer of Work Safety) and Quentin Milton Rivers (Security Technical of Work Professional), 119 employees of Santa Rita Sapucai and 55 employees of Cachoeira de Minas PlastMG participated in the 21 October of the Hearing Protection Training of the company's units, including all production sectors. The purpose of this training was to guide employees in relation to occupational risk to which they are exposed, then the noise, but also the possible health risks, ways to protect yourself, the correct way to use / put itself the ear protectors and how to sanitize the PPE, the frequency of exchange, according to NR 06 of the Ordinance 3214. Most of the training was theoretical, but also there was the practical part showing the types of protectors and how to use them. Next year, the company will again perform the same training, especially for new employees. "Both me and Renato Security Engineer, found the recovery and satisfactory at end of results, because everyone involved in production participated and there were questions during and after training." Milton Rios. The Plastcor Group is investing heavily in safety. Congratulations to the instructors and the work to employees who actively participated in this initiative for the company.

New Year Message HR Space Please be advised that already are available in HR The letters sent by children to Santa Claus to the Post Office in order to sponsor the desires of needy children who certainly would not win this so desired gift, those who are interested to help make Christmas happier for someone, pull out your letter in our sector..

Once again this year, hope that you have a great Christmas full of joy, harmony and all that our little box of dreams makes us believe. That this New Year is approaching an open door to new dreams, renewal of faith and peace to our world. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your entire family!

It is the wish of the Plastcor Group of Brazil


Plastcor and Dimensional in favor of security. In the month of celebrating the Day of Technical Safety of Work Professional, Dimensional Safety Invest - PPE Division of the company Dimensional Brazil, invited Plastcor to attend an event itself back for Technical Safety at Work Professionals of others companies. The event was held on November 4 at CIESP in Limeira / SP, with exposure to some products from leading suppliers of the company, including the Plastcor of Brazil, who also attended the lecture "Lockout and Tagout: Lockout and

Identification" directed to all technical attendees, showing the possibilities, difficulties and doubts of everyday in the life of these professionals. Thanks to Dimensional Safety Invest for the invitation and oppor tunity to present our products to professionals through our partnership. That this and other events to promote security may favor the lives of thousands of employees at risk.

Festivals of Friendship of the Plastcor Group of Brazil!

Sowing Happiness

Coming Soon...

PlastMG - 11/12 Das 11am to 4pm Location: Clube de Campo - Cachoeira de MG Plastcor do Brasil - 18/12 8pm Location: Spazio di Roma

We await your presence!

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