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Which equipment is best for welding? Welding is a difficult task but can be easy if practiced. This is way of fusing metals with heat and pressure. These are used by many production and construction companies like automobiles, bridges, ships, building and many more. These can also be accomplished in underwater and in aerospace. There are many welding equipments but the two main best equipments for welding purpose are MIG welder and Plasma cutter . These both have advantages and disadvantages and are utilized for different purpose. If you are intended on buying welding equipment then buy according to your usage. Now let’s have a brief look on plasma cutter and Mig welder .

Plasma Cutter s: This is a very effective tool for cutting. With latest technologies these come with many features like regulators which control the air pressure and give a clean and sharp cut. You would find a lot of variety in these cutters. These were used to cut only conducting materials when it was first introduced in the market. But now it can cut almost all kind of metals such as steel, aluminum etc. These were expensive and were only confined by the commercial enterprises and large scale industries but due to advancement in science and technology the price of this cutter are falling down faster. These use an electric arc and high pressure for giving accurate and clean cut. Now an inverter is placed instead of transformers which lower the temperature of the cutter. This means the cutters are light weight and portable to carry without disturbing the quality and safety of the cutter. These are mainly for increasing the production speed. Now you can also find automated cutters which are known as CNC (Computer Numeric control) plasma cutter . These fulfill all the needs and requirements for cutting any kind of welding equipment . These cutters can be design according to your needs. These carries out the cuts you desire to and give more than 100 %production.

Mig welder: These are widely known for its performance and quality welding though they are inexpensive. These are known as a perfect tool for any kind of welding job. These are used by the farmers, metal fabricators, for sports and home mechanics. These are used for regular basic job which saves time than the other welders . These are best for welding metals because these use low level of heat and produces less metal distortion which is often seen in welding soft metals like aluminum. Another advantage of this welding equipment is these come with cold running temperatures. These are faster than other welding equipments and are inexpensive. These are also used for configuring robots for performing mechanically. You can also use shielding gas for smooth finish. These don’t need any skills for learning and can be achieved by practicing.


Which equipment is best for welding?