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Uses of TIG Welding •

TIG welding can be used to weld certain metals and alloys. Some of them are aluminum, magnesium, copper, stainless steel, nickel alloys, magnesium, steel, copper, brass, bronze, gold, carbon and also high temperature and hard surfacing alloys like Zirconium, titanium etc.

TIG welding produces superior quality welds.

Free of sparks or spatter

No flux or slag

No smoke or fumes

Use Argon gas to TIG weld all types of metals and thickness. Only one type of gas is used to handle all your welding projects.

Low distortion

Welds can be made with or without filler metal,

Precise control of welding variables (heat)

TIG welding can be applied to thin materials (as thin as 0.125 mm).

Can weld all positions like flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead.

Highly versatile process

Concentrated, stable arc

Smooth, flat weld-seams

High quality weld-deposit


Uses of TIG Welding