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Plasma and Plasma Cutters Searching for a cutting tool for rare repair and maintenance works? Have you lately got on a new task that needs higher cutting volumes? Or is that you are looking for good alternative to your current mechanical saw? If you answer is yes, then you really need a plasma cutter in your garage or workplace. Experience higher quality cuts, easier methods and quick results with these machines. The interesting thing about these Plasma cutters is that they are in usage right from the time of World War II. Imagine how people are able to cut strong things like an aircraft wings for a repair purpose or anything for that matter. The answer is Simple- Plasma Cutters. These cutters come in many types to serve the need of user properly. Plasma cutting is a process by which a high velocity jet of ionized gas is delivered from a toning orifice. The ionized gas or the plasma passes high volt electricity from the torch of the cutter to the surface you are cutting. The surface that needs to be sliced is cut by melting the material. The molten metal is blown away and you get a perfect cut that you need. This technique is perfect for cutting steel and non-ferrous material those are less than 1 inch in thickness. The process is very easy even for a beginner and much a safer way of cutting metals. Plasma cutting is the best in functional applications like that of cutting expanded metal. The plasma cutters are known for its faster work and easy made non-linear cuts, which is almost impossible or tough with other techniques. What is Plasma? Plasma Cutting the most efficient and powerful way of cutting any study metal is strongly based on something called as Plasma. So what is this Plasma all about? The answer is simple, if a gas is boosted to an extremely high temperature, there you get plasma. What happens when an extremely high temperature is passed on a gas happens is that the energy been passed on the gas molecules start to break them and the atoms starts splitting. As we all know an atom is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. Neutrons and proton are in the nucleus of the atom while the electrons revolve around the nucleus like a cloud. But in

plasma the electrons begin to move around at a great rate of speed due to the energy passed on to them. When these fast-moving electrons collide with electrons and ions an immense amount of energy is released. And this is the energy that gives Plasma the power and unbeatable cutting power. In fact, Plasma cutters are not the only devices that depend on Plasma. Neon signs, fluorescent lighting and plasma displays are few more areas where Plasma is used. The matter in the outer Universe is mostly made up of plasma, and it’s because of the extreme temperature that prevails out there. In earth we can occasionally experience the presence of plasma during lighting. For more information,

Plasma and Plasma Cutters