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University of Houston – Plant Operations Supporting the university’s physical environment

Guide to Facilities Services

ABOUT US Welcome to the Guide to Facilities Services. Welcome to the Guide to Facilities Services. This handbook has been developed to provide a comprehensive A to Z overview of services. Details can be found at

Provide responsible and quality stewardship for the long term preservation and growth of the university’s physical assets through the unified delivery of planned work, while remaining cost effective and competitive.



Plant Operations

About Us

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Work Requests Project Requests Get to Know Facilities Management Facilities Planning & Construction Teams Services A to Z

PRITAS Core Values


Operations Maintenance & Operations Funding Who Pays? Service Rates Non-Billable vs Billable

Accessing Service

The Work We Do Organizational Overview Our Programmatic Foundation

Plant Operations


Building Coordinator Capital Renewal & Deferred Maintenance Physical Recovery Emergency Planning Project Delivery For Minor Projects Sustainability

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ABOUT US The Work We Do

Plant Operations supports University of Houston’s academic facility needs to ensure a quality environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors in support of the University’s mission of teaching, research and community service.

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Organizational Overview

PLANT OPERATIONS ADMINSTRATION includes labor relations, business planning and strategy, operational and administrative services, marketing and communications.

FACILITIES MANAGEMENT is Plant Operations largest service unit and includes the following: ADMINISTRATION SERVICES Manages programs support units includes, Facilities Service Center, Building Coordinator Program, FAMIS work management system and capital planning support, Employee Programs, Business Planning, Asset Management & Procurement. AUXILIARY FACILITIES SERVICES Provides contract, billable and general trades, maintenance and custodial services to auxiliary areas on campus . CENTRAL FACILITIES SERVICES Provides auto, fleet, lock and key services, pest control and emergency operations service response. Provides landscape master planning, grounds and field maintenance, solid waste and recycling, parking garage and lot maintenance, moves and event labor services. CENTRAL PLANTS & MECHANICAL Provides campus services for HVAC, building automation, mechanical, central plant operations, energy services and sustainability. TECHNICAL SERVICES Provides level two support services including electrical, elevator and fire alarm. ZONE MAINTENANCE Provides level one maintenance repairs, preventative maintenance and custodial services.

INFRASTRUCTURE PLANNING Provides infrastructure capital planning, technical reviews and civil projects management.

Facilities Management 713-743-5566 Facilities Planning & Construction 713-743-8025 Administration Services 713-743-5566 Auxiliary Facilities Services 713-743-3628 Central Facilities Services 713-743-9671 713-743-5688 Central Plants & Mechanical 713-743-4562 Technical Services 713-743-2749 North Zone 713-743-4872 South Zone 832-842-6094 Infrastructure Planning 713-743-5719

DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION AND PROJECT DELIVERY FACILITIES PLANNING AND CONSTRUCTION (FPC) Oversees major (over $4M) campus design, construction and renovation projects, technical support services and building design standards. PROJECT CONTROLS & INSPECTIONS Provides quality assurance verification and compliance of construction and renovation projects on campus. MINOR & PLANNED PROJECTS Oversees minor construction and renovation projects under $4M. MINOR IN HOUSE CONSTRUCTION (MIC) Performs minor campus construction and renovation projects.

PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT PLANNING AND FACILITIES INFORMATION Supports the university’s planning, property management needs, capital, master, space and renewal deferred maintenance planning.

BUSINESS SERVICES BUSINESS SERVICES Supports financial, purchasing and contracting needs for Plant Operations units, human resources and employee relations.

SAFETY ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND LIFE SAFETY (EHLS) Serves the university’s occupational and environmental health and safety, radiation and biological safety as well as Fire Marshal’s Office. RISK MANAGEMENT (RM) Provides coordination of worker’s compensation claims, purchases needing property/casualty insurance for university operations and coordination of claim recovery for insured losses.

Capital Projects 713-743-8025 Project Controls & Inspections 713-743-5967 Minor Projects 713-743-4469 MIC 713-743-0971 Planning 713-743-2449 Finance 832-842-1817 HR/Payroll 713-743-5271 Environmental Health & Life Safety

713-743-5861 Risk Management 713-743-5865



Our Our Programmatic Foundation



To support University of Houston’s Academic Plan, Plant Operations has established an Integrated Facilities Management System planning process (IFMS) and Strategic Programs. These programs help lay the foundation for the future. This comprehensive and integrated approach to our business functions will maximize opportunities, synergies and efficiencies.

Details about these programs can be found in the following pages and at



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Energy Services and Sustainability Infrastructure Master Plan Planned and Preventive Maintenance Project Delivery and Management Capital Renewal and Deferred Maintenance (CRDM) Research Support University Capital Planning Facilities Centralization



“The quality of a person’s life is in

direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor. -Vince Lombardi

P rofessionalism R espect I ntegrity T eamwork A ccountability S ervice 07 { Photo Courtesy of Morris Bennett }


Access Service To access

Service ,

For services that require immediate attention to maintain safety or preserve work productivity, please call the Facilities Service Center (FSC) at



To a service order or track work order status, access our FAMIS Facility Work Order System module at

The FSC handles all routine customer requests on UH main campus, including: + Maintenance + Grounds / Landscaping + Solid Waste / Recycling + Custodial + Utilities + Event Setup / Labor Service + General Facilities / Service Questions

FAMIS Self Service will allow faculty, staff, and students to enter facilities service requests directly into Facilities Management’s work order system via an easy-to-use self-service interface.

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Whether you need a picture hung or a major capital project, our staff will evaluate your service requests and determine how to best meet your needs.

Requesting a Project The online Project Request Form is the single point of contact to submit a request for several kinds of projects including:

+ Capital Plan Projects + Cost Estimates + Real Estate Projects + Space Renovations or Upgrades + Campus Signage + Space Requests + Study Requests

To submit a

Project Work Request

contact The Facilities Service Center (FSC) at 3-4948 or fill out an Online Work Request at, FAMIS Self Service

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Your Facilities Get To Know Your Facilities Management Team Management Team


Get To Know

We are UH...We think, therefore We are! Becoming Benchmarks for Service, Stewardship and Sustainability Facilities Management is a service-oriented sector of Plant Operations that is structured to efficiently manage the maintenance of UH’s facilities and grounds. We have streamlined by combining a number of departments according to services. The primary areas of Facilities Management include: Facilities Management Administration MELISSA ROCKWELL-HOPKINS 713-743-8750 Executive Director

LISA BOURQUE 713-743-5557

Facilities Operations & Maintenance SAMEER KAPILESHWARI Senior Director

Administrative Assistant

Auxillary Facilities Services

CAMILLE PORTER 713-743-1337

(Maintenance and custodial services to auxillary areas of campus.)

Service Program Administrator

JERRY BOGNA 713-743-3628

CYNTHIA RAMOS 713-743-5566

Sr. Ops. & Project Manager

Facilities Management Programs Manager

Central Facilities Services

JACQUIE VARGAS 832-842-4861 Communications Manager

(Moves & Events, Grounds, Pest Control, Access Control & Lock Shop, Auto, Fleet Coordination, Solid Waste & Recycling, Parking Garage & Lot Maintenance.)


Technical Services & Projects (Electrical, Energy Management & Sustainability, Building Automation & HVAC, Fire Alarm, Elevators, Central, Plant. This group also provides minor renovation and construction projects under $4M, JOC Projects and Minor In House Construction.)

SAMEER KAPILESHWARI 713-743-5797 Senior Director

MICHAEL BURRIELLO 713-743-4562 Assistant Director, Central Plants/Mechanical

AVINASH RAHURKAR 713-743-2749 Assistant Director, Technical Services

SHANNON JONES 713-743-4469 Director, Minor & Planned Projects

Central Facilities Services Associate DIrector

ROGER WARNER 713-743-9671 Assistant Director-Central Facilities Services

Zone Maintenance JOE MORRIS 713-743-6094 Assistant Director/ South Zone Manager

RAY MOSELY 832-842-4872 North Zone Manager

Business Services

JAMES NORCOM 713-743-5804

(Project Accounting, Contracts Administration, Operational Accounting and Human Resources)

Director of Emergency, Compliance & Project Delivery Programs

GEORGEANN SMITH 832-842-1817

STEVE WRIGHT 713-743-0971


Sr. Project Manager Minor in House Construction

GEORGE REA 832-842-4882 DBA- Project & Operational Acct/Contracts

Human Resources 713-743-3276

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Get To Know

F a c i l i t i e s P l a n n i n g & Planning Construction Team Facilities

Construction Team

FPC is responsible for the oversight of all renovation, additions, alterations and new construction for all of the University of Houston System campuses. The department offers programming, design and construction services as well as facilities information. The five primary areas of FPC include: CONTACT US Facilities Planning & Construction Administration

JONATHAN THURSTON 713-743-2263 Executive Director

LEA STEWART 713-743-2493 Executive Administrative Assistant

Planning, Design & Programming/Facilities Information

MIKE YANCEY 713-743-2449 Director

(Planning and pre-design of future projects, developing project goals and objectives.)

Capital Projects

JOHN POSCH 713-743-1244

(Major construction and renovation projects, over $4M)

Principal Project Manager

KATHERINE MILLER 713-743-5582 Principal Project Manager

Project Controls and Inspections

EMILY ELDRIDGE 713-743-5967 Interim Principal Project Manager



Services A to Z Explore this overview of Plant Operation’s most requested services Detailed information can be found at

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Biological Safety

Regulatory compliance issues involving the receipt, use or shipment of biological hazards at University of Houston.

Building Design Standards Development guidelines for campus, including specifications for design, contract administration, construction, plumbing, HVAC, fire, electric, site and infrastructure.

Building Plans and Archives Electronic images or architectural and engineering drawings for all campus buildings.

Capital Planning Management of the University Capital Plan and analysis and preliminary budgets to assist planning for strategic, long-term capital needs for the university.

Communications Departmental media requests, news releases, publications and marketing.

Custodial Services Cleaning services, including floors, restrooms and public private spaces.

Elevators Elevator (vertical transportation), service for all campus academic buildings.

Energy 3-5797 Energy services for main campus, maintenance of university utility systems, energy metering and building energy audits.




Environmental Affairs Environmental regulatory compliance, chemical waste disposal infectious waste disposal, air and water pollution permitting and prevention, contracting of asbestos and mold assessment and abatement, emergency spill response, liaison with regulatory authorities

Facilities Planning and Construction Major capital projects (over $4M) including campus design, infrastructure and new construction projects.

Fire Systems All alarm and fire retardant systems in academic buildings.

Human Resources (Plant Operations) 3-5271 Employee and labor relations, hiring recruiting, orientation, training, timekeeping, payroll and workplace safety.

HVAC and Mechanical Maintenance of all building heating and cooling systems.

Information Technology Help desk and user assistance, network access, database resource design and support, and FacilityFocus administration.

Insurance Purchases needing property and casualty insurance for university operations. In addition to providing coordination of insurance claims

Laboratory Safety 3-5858 Laboratory management and regulatory compliance support to facilitate safe operations in university research laboratories.

14 01

Landscaping and Grounds 3-9671 Landscape design, installation and maintenance and sidewalks.

Lighting and Electrical 3-5606 Indoor and outdoor lighting, including changing bulbs.

Locks and Keys 3-5763 Brass keys and locksmith services for rooms and buildings.

Mapping 3-5779 University building and infrastructure maps can be provided digitally or in hard copy.

Master Planning University Master Plan, feasibility studies and other planning documents to implement and refine strategic direction for university land resources.

Occupational Health, Safety and Education Identification, evaluation and elimination of workplace hazards. Education programs to ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

Operational Accounting 2-4862 Departmental accounts payable, billing, billing rates and invoices.

Plumbing Maintenance and repair of building plumbing systems.



Preventative Maintenance Maintenance and service for building automation including fire, electrical, heating and cooling systems .

Project Accounting/Contract Management 2-4862 Establishment of cost centers, contracts, project numbers, fund accounts, contract administration, preparation and support, invoice payments, accounts payable, project analysis and reporting, vendor inquiries and annual audit/compliance reports.

Project Requests 3-8025 Access point to request Capital Plan projects, cost estimates, space requests, space upgrades and renovations, study requests and campus signage.

Purchasing Departmental purchase orders, requisition, training and payment requests.

Radiation Safety Supports more than 255 laboratories on campus working with or storing radioactive materials, lasers or x-ray machines and safety training courses.

Real Estate Real estate purchasing and leasing, strategic planning services, property management functions for properties owned or leased by the university.

Recycling 3-5655 Recycling program planning and development for all campus facilities and special events. For containers and collection, contact Solid Waste.

16 01

Skilled Trades Provides minor construction and renovation services under $1M for carpentry, plumbing, painting and exterior maintenance.

Solid Waste 3-5655 Collection of waste and recyclable materials, pallets and oversized bulk items from university buildings, provides large open-top toters and recycling containers.

Space Planning 3-5214 University space studies and assignments and strategic planning for future space needs across the university.

Utility Services Provides electricity, natural gas, steam, domestic water and compressed air on campus.

Worker’s Compensation Coordination of worker’s compensation claims.

Zone Maintenance 3-6094 Zone Maintenance consists of all Level One maintenance and custodial services including: carpentry, plumbing, painting, cleanups, routine and preventative maintenance and minor repairs.



BUILDING COORDINATOR +Facilitates Communications +Supports Capital Planning +Represents User Needs +Defined Role in Campus Emergencies FOR MORE INFO:

Cynthia Ramos Programs Manager 713-743-5566 Find Building Coordinators at...

EMERGENCY 911 UH POLICE 713-743-3333

non-EMERGENCY 713-743-0600

18 01

CAPITAL RENEWAL & DEFERRED MAINTENANCE (CRDM) Budget Cycle Starts in September-Historically $10 Million Dollar Budget

Project Funding allocated based on: + Academic Priority + Facility Conditions + Functional Adequacy + Reuse Opportunities + Academic Need

Project Request Form Must be submitted

Contact: Melissa Rockwell-Hopkins Executive Director Facilities Management 713-743-8750



PHYSICAL RECOVERY EMERGENCY PLANNING-PREP PREPARATION & PLANNING REQUIRED TO PROACTIVELY RESPOND VIA SUBCOMMITTEE OF UNIVERSITY’S EMERGENCY OPERATION COMMITTEE Led by Facilities Management with representation from +Facilitates Planning & Construction +Information Technology +Academic Affairs +Research +Student Affairs +Student Housing & Residential Life +Human Resources

+Environmental Health & Safety +Public Safety +Transportation & Parking +University Services +Administration & Finance +Communications

Coordinates Physical Infrastructure Response and Recovery Prepares for, Prevents, Responds to, Recovery from...All Emergency Situations Develops Strategies to Ensure Full Recovery, Safe Occupancy, Coordination of Communication

CONTACT Jim Norcom

Director of Emergency Compliance & Project Delivery Program

713-743-5804 for more information 20 01

PROJECT DELIVERY FOR MINOR PROJECTS (UNDER $4M) Funded by College Local Funds or Capital Renewal Funding Campus User Driven Submitted Through Departments or By Facilities Management Planned Maintenance

CONTACT Shannon Jones

Director of Minor & Planned Projects

713-743-4469 for more information



Promoting and Encouraging Responsible Stewardship of Our Common Natural Resources


Our Actions Today to Preserve and Wisely Use Our Resources for Benefit of Future Generations

Michael Burriello

Assistant Director of Central Plants/Mechanical

713-743-4562 for more information




Plant Operations Maintenance Operations Funding

Plant Operations uses Maintenance and Operations (M&O) funding to provide basic utilities, repairs and ongoing maintenance costs in campus buildings, excluding residence halls and most athletic and auxiliary facilities. Individual unit funds are used for each department’s equipment and service enhancements. As a general rule, Plant Operations is responsible for components that are common to most buildings. Imagine an empty classroom or office with no furniture, office machines, laboratory equipment or other added features – the cost of maintaining this space is covered by M&O funds. Any addition to this space would normally be covered by departmental funds and would be considered billable work.

01 22 {Photo Courtesy of Richard Payne }

Space Funding Levels APPA APPA (Association of Physical Plant Administrators)

Total Reactive Level 5

Reactive Level 4

Existing Space

Managed Care Level 3

Well Funded Level 2

Orderly Spotlessness Level 1

E&G New Space (post FY12) 23


Service Rates Service Type

Hourly Rate

Service Area


Regular Overtime

$27.56/hr $41.35/hr

All Auto Repairs


Regular Overtime

$31.52/hr $47.28/hr

Skilled Trades: Carpentry, Exterior Maintenance, Plumbing, Painting, Lock Labor, Moves, Event Setup (above normal schedule)


Regular Overtime

$34.56/hr $51.83/hr

HVAC, EMECS, Elevator, Electrical, Mechanical, Fire Alarm, General Utility Support

General Support

Regular Overtime

$22.05/hr $33.08/hr

Custodial, Grounds, Solid Waste/ Recycling

Technical/ Planning Review


Key Charge


lost, stolen or duplicate keys for offices, buildings, doors, desks and mechanical

The chart above represents LABOR rates only. Material will be billed at cost as applicable. 24 {Photo Courtesy of Nat Oliva }

Non-Billable Services Maintenance & Operations (M&O) Funds are used to maintain and repair campus buildings, not including residence halls. Examples include: + Repairs resulting from normal wear and tear, including plumbing, central HVAC and electrical systems.

+ Maintenance of the building envelope – windows, foundation, walls and floors.

+ Maintaining clean and safe campus buildings.

Billable Services Plant Operations has the desire and technical expertise to provide services that are not covered by M&O funding. Some of these projects may require the submission of a Project Request (see page 9). Examples include:

+ Minor renovations, conversion of space, installation and/ or maintenance of specialized equipment affecting the building systems, such as fume hoods and acid drains.

+ Repair of department equipment, such as window air conditioners, furniture, etc.

+ Installation of items that require only minor modifications, such as pictures, wall brackets and wall clocks.

+ Fabrication of shelves and equipment, non-scheduled painting, changing ventilation equipment, adding electrical service. 25


Non-Billable Services 1 . Building maintenance & exteriors (roofs, masonry, windows) 2 . Building systems (central HVAC, plumbing, electric, sinks, drinking fountains, faucets & drains) 3 . Ceiling tiles (general repairs, scheduled replacement) 4 . Doors 5 . Fire Alarms 6 . Floors (scheduled carpet vacuuming and floor cleaning) 7 . Fume hood testing

8 . Grounds & Landscaping 9 . Lighting fixtures & emergency lights 10 . Road & Sidewalk repairs 11 . Trash removal (non-event)

Other Services Elevator Repair Extermination Housekeeping (routine cleaning for academic space and offices)



Billable Services A . Carpentry (fabricating shelves bookcases) B . Ceiling tiles (new installation / lab animal & special research) C . Fume Hood systems & bio safety cabinets D . Furniture assembly E . Interior finishes (above scheduled maintenance) F . Sinks, faucets & drains (in kitchens, labs and research cabinets) G . Special Environmental HVAC systems for lab animals, research equipment including environmental room (not for cold rooms) H . Specialized compressed air systems I . Non Standard access, fire alarm or life safety systems

Other Billable Services Electrified Door Hardware Environmental Alarms Environmental Permit Fees Equipment Repair Eye wash/ Safety Shower Lighting (display cases) Maintenance of departmental equipment Moving (furniture, boxes, surplus equipment) Security systems repairs & services Special Event Services Air conditioning systems for specific departmental use (computer/server rooms) Window Coverings (drapes, blinds) - installation & washing Window Washing


Additional Resources To Report an Emergency Call 911 or 713-743-3333 for UHPD Athletics

Parking and Transportation 3869 Wheeler Ave. Houston, TX 77204-6191 713-743-5849

Public Safety 3869 Wheeler Ave. Houston, TX 77204 | 713-743-3333

Student Life

Plant Operations 4211 Elgin Houston, TX 77204

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UH Plant Operations Service Guide  

A comprehensive A to Z guide of University of Houston facilities services provided by Facilities Management and Facilities Planning & Constr...

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