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I love you folks.

getting grass stains on your white lab coats, crawling on your knees to There, I said it. investigate a backyard sprout or ...Plant Lovers curbside blossom. To you who give By Jesse Wolf Hardin I love nearly every medicine your children the names of favorite making, dirt digging, flower sniffing herbs, strive to make your calling one of you. You, plant healers passionate about and livelihood one in the same, heed your dreams helping others, gardeners who grow, foragers who and needs. You formal nurses, trying to bring adventure, wildcrafters and craftspeople who create. understandings about natural healing into Tree climbing children and grandmother healers, conventional services and hospitals, and you who professionals and renegades. The Alder-tincturing diss’d formal training and found your own oddball and Elderberryways to survive, treat intoxicated! Love to and provide. You you forest explorers, who have practiced food aficionados and for three or four herbal tea sippers, decades, still getting plant ceremonialists giddy whenever you and flower arrangers, spot an unfamiliar kitchen witches and species for the first plant shamans. Love time, and you who to our herbalist have just begun a teachers, passing their study of herbs and experience and can’t contain your knowledge on to excitement. It’s others, to our writers possible for you to be giving plaintive voice to the green beings, and sufficiently resentful or dishonorable to dissuade choice words to the opus of our healing my affections, but even then I would find your commitment. To urban activist squatters and bibleextreme fascination with plants endearing, and to belt homesteaders. The free clinic herbalists, the some point, redeeming. street medics, the counselors helping with emotional as well as bodily distress. The botanists with I don’t mean this in the universal, rainbow or Masters degrees or Doctorates who hang seductive brotherly love sense, and there’s nothing saintly botanical glossies on your office walls instead of about it. While I admittedly have deep compassion pin-up girls, viewing each one as more than the sum and concern for every living human on the planet, I of its parts, seeing plants as art. Medical herbalists make absolutely no claim to loving them all. and self-described science geeks, readily risking Notable exceptions aside, I generally tend not to

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