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Stories of the 2012 Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous Sept., Mormon Lake, Northern Arizona Reprinted from the Herbal Resurgence Newsletter – Subscriptions Free from The following are just a few of the stories of the 2012 gathering, from its valued participants Jamie Jackson: My whole adult life in the corporate world was filled with boring and worthless conferences with useless information. They were more of an excuse to get out of town. That's why I don't like to call this a conference. For me the word conference evokes memories of long gray tables, tall gray walls and rows of gray people. This is much more than a conference, this is an immersion of knowledge, this is a movement and it's certainly not gray. I like what Paul Bergner said best, that this is "the nexus of the new folk herbalism resurgence. Sometimes you can sit in the presence of a person for just a few moments which feeds your soul and their mind feeds your heart through their words. This conference is 3 full days of being around people

that fill you up till you are verily drunk in the heart. Sometimes I had to steal out alone for a minute and be still and quiet in the Coconino forest and fields of yellow flowers to digest it all. I was able to get a deeper understanding and personal clarity in areas I need to focus my time and energy on. Prior to the conference I struggled with feeling my energy so dispersed, trying to learn about and work on too many things. I feel like my vision and focus is clearer now as I'll start focusing on fewer things, but with greater energy. That alone was worth the trip, but not even remotely all I gained.� It was more than just classes, weed walks and an intensive learning experience though; I met the members of my tribe, made lifelong friends and created a support network.

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