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“As a midwife I rely on herbs and I am so glad I relied on you. Working with you has really opened my eyes to the possibilities and made me a better midwife” Alice B.- 2012 “When you said you personally worked with all students I thought, well okay. Well you do and you have. If I didn’t have your support and kind words when I thought “this is too hard for me” I am not sure I could have completed such an in-depth and intense program, thanks.” -Patti C.- 2012 Our students reflect humanity coming from all walks of life and professional levels. The director Demetria Clark (Author Herbal Healing for Children) is personally involved with every student. 866-303-4372 501 Lindsey St. Reidsville, NC 27320

Demetria Clark

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Hearthside Farm in secluded in Virginia Beach. Homesteading Classes - create healing herbal medicines, balms and ointments, many wild-crafted on premises. Beekeeping, dairying, cheese, soap, candle making, and more! E-mail for details. Heartstone Herbal School @ Heartstone center for Earth Essentials - Van Etten, NY. 6-Weekend Apprenticeship Program: May-October. Continuing Education in Herbal Medicine - 2-4 weekends/year. Online Anatomy & Physiology. 607-589-4619 Facebook-Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials. Herbal Coaching Community. New way to study herbalism, in a learning community where the better you play, the less you pay. Become a certified Herbal Coach or learn for the love of it! Herbal Healer Academy offers home study in Herbology, Massage, Reflexology, Anatomy, Nutrition and Chemistry and more all towards a Naturopathic Certificate. Herbal Medicine for Women - Aviva Romm - herbalist, midwife, MD. Deeply powerful 400-hour herb course.  Reclaim women’s wisdom - sacred, spiritual, and practical in women’s health.  Be part of a thriving women’s herbal learning community. www.AvivaRomm.Com/study-with-aviva/herbal-medicine-for-women

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