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see as many clients as we can fit into the day. While I reckon that the current biomedical model needs work in any case to be fully effective and sensitive to the patient’s needs, it can still present a valid and fulfilling template for some of us, especially those who choose to work alongside medical doctors in a more widely accepted setting. However, it need not to be the measure by which we all evaluate our abilities.

through which all healing is transmitted. At its core, health is about relationships. Our relationships to each other, to the herbs, to our food, to our bodies, and ourselves as a whole within the context of our communities.

I spend a great deal of time observing and considering the ways in which healers interact with the people they work with. With special consideration given to There are abundant examples understanding the specific of other models of herbalism intimacy and relationship we through history and enter into when we reach out currently, we need only look our hands to try to help, to around us. If not on our own facilitate wholeness within block, then very likely in the our villages and nearest barrio, or in many neighborhoods. It’s not neighborhoods where enough, however, to just look cultural traditions are still and understand. This alive and celebrated. Besides particular aspect of these excellent models, we traditional herbalism needs also have the option of revival nowhere more than in developing new ways of a culture that often promotes envisioning our practice and politeness, superficiality, and ways of interaction with efficiency at the price of real plants and people. Wherever Patricia Padilla, Taos, NM Curandera sharing and hearing. Not there is convention, there is being heard creates its own also the opportunity to break kind of sickness, and certainly free and come up with a totally new way of doing exacerbates existing issues in most folks, especially things. since most illness is accompanied by fear and uncertainty about outcomes. In the Ukraine, babky El Corazón: The Heart of Healing (grandmothers, or older women serving as healers) often spend part of their treatment time comforting “No medicine cures what happiness cannot.” and reassuring the patient in whatever ways they - Gabriel García Márquez can, with hugs, smiles, and warmth being common to many folk healers across the planet. A significant part of many traditional healing models is what is called a plática here in the Curar del Susto: American Southwest (as well as throughout much of Addressing Fear & Giving Support Latin America), a heart to heart talk in which the healer listens carefully to the person she’s working “I release you, my beautiful and terrible fear. I release with, and can often include some amount of you. You were my beloved and hated twin, but now, I counseling. I can’t emphasize the importance of don't know you as myself” listening skills enough, as so much of the healing for - Joy Harjo many is found in the chance to finally be heard and to tell their story. This heart to heart connection In Many Places, the healer not only provides between person and person, between person and counsel, but also a degree of emotional support place, between person and plant, is the channel through words, comfort, and usually a spiritual

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