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While it's unlikely that you'll receive any to remove the large seeds. •Simmer the remaining liquid until it is somewhat complaints when dispensing Elderberry syrup, outlined below is a way to make it extra palatable thickened, stirring often to avoid burning. •Add honey or sugar to taste and continue to heat and child-friendly. Not only is this a fun way to take your medicine, but you gently until incorporated. •Store in refrigerator or freezer receive the added health benefits Elderberry Jellies of high quality gelatin—which (syrup will not freeze solid if sugar strengthens skin, hair, nails, content is high enough) by Sophia Rose digestion, and joint mobility! Try adding Rosehips, Creating all manner of herbal Variations: jellos or jelly candies using the Ginger, or Hawthorne berries to the below method (with a strong Elderberries in the first stage of infusion or decoction in place of the Elderberry cooking for synergistic nourishment and medicinal syrup) can greatly increase compliance in the effects. younger set—especially when dispensing herbs not Instead of water, use an unsweetened fruit juice, like quite so delicious as Sambucus.

tart cherry or blueberry, for added antioxidants and flavonoids!

Prepare elderberry syrup by your own favorite method or follow the directions below before transforming your syrup into a gelatin-rich treat. Use as you would Elderberry syrup, at first sign of cold or fever, as a gentle expectorant, or simply enjoy as a delicious and antioxidant-rich treat! Elderberry Syrup •Simmer fresh or dried Elderberries in a wide shallow pan with just enough water to cover. •Keep at a bare simmer and continue to add water as needed. •Once the berries appear spent and all of their medicinal goodness has been extracted into the cooking liquid, use a food mill or fine mesh strainer

Elderberry Jellies •Dissolve 5-10 Tablespoons gelatin (more gelatin for a “stiffer” jelly) of in a small amount of cold water. Great Lakes is wonderful brand of Grass-Fed based gelatin •Boil ¼ to ½ cup of water and pour over the softened gelatin. •Stir until dissolved. •Add 2 cups Elderberry Syrup, a generous splash of Vanilla, Honey or other sweetener to taste, and a pinch of salt to round out the flavor. •Pour into ice cube trays, silicon molds, or square baking dish and refrigerate until set. If using baking dish, cut into cubes or use cookie cutters for even more kid-appeal.

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