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Bones Bones is elegant in it’s slender shape but at the same time strong in it’s build. Its generous volume is softened by a subtle edge that makes it light. Bones on an engineering level Bones is fantastic, with an invisible internal structure that provides the necessary strength, transmitting the weight from the base of the container to the base of the flowerpot to bear the weight of any plant or tree. Bones is made of resin of PE by means of the rotational molding technique and is available with various VONDOM finishes.

Palomba's Team

Bones es elegante por su esbeltez pero a la vez robusta por su concepción. Su generoso volumen es aliviado por un sutil reborde que la hace ligera. Bones a nivel de ingeniería Bones es genial, una estructura interna invisible a la vista proporciona la robustez necesaria transmitiendo el peso desde la base del contenedor a la base de la maceta para lograr soportar el peso de cualquier planta o árbol. Bones está fabricado en resina de PE mediante la técnica del moldeo rotacional y se ofrece en los acabados made in VONDOM.

Italy 1994 Ludovica+Roberto Palomba´s work has always been rich of cultural references. Their projects are derived from observations of change in human behavior. Their mission is to generate products that merge function, innovation and longevity – intimate and emotional connections that last. “We believe that good design already exist in a sort of collective unconsciousness and our task is to mold and deliver them”. A truly successful piece of design must feel fresh but not unfamiliar when it is discovered.

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