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Feature • old king coal BANKS Group have invested in a fleet of volvo FMs

legislation. This investment cements the Banks Group’s efforts to increase environmental awareness in the UK coal mining industry. Plant Director Robbie Bentham commented ‘We take our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously, and this investment will maximise the emissions reductions that we’re about to get from our fleet’ adding, ‘The UK still requires coal as an essential raw material for our cement, steel manufacting and other industries, and meeting this demand by using coal that is responsibly mined and transported from our

Mining companies are looking to hybridity

operations, rather than increasing our already substantial reliance on imports from distant overseas locations such as Russia and the US, helps to further minimise related emissions’ One question, however, still remains: with UK industries geared towards a cleaner, greener, future, where does the UK coal mining industry stand in 2019? The answer to this lies on the words of Bentham; for the UK mining industry to survive, emphasis must be put on minimising emmissions and environmental impact.

Machines unveiled in recent years place emphasis on this, as technological advancements lead towards the use of hybridity in heavy machinery (see the Komatsu Hybrid HB365LC/NLC-3 below). A number of UK industries rely on coal for power - by introducing strategies for lower emissions and environmental impact, perhaps the UK coal mining industry will have room to thrive.

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