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Spark of Nature!

We are Plant-e We are Plant-e, the first company in the world to produce electricity with living plants. Marjolein Helder founded the company already in 2009, next to her PhD-research at Wageningen University. The rest of us came to complement the team after Marjolein graduated in 2012 (Nanda Heshof 2012, Paulien van Straten, Pim de Jager, Daniël Groen 2013, Tim Crolla, Andres Riestra 2016). So now we are a seven people core-team with several temporary and on-call employees and a regular group of interns. Co-founder David Strik still works at Wageningen University and is an important link between Plant-e and fundamental scientific research and our own R&D. We are constantly working on improving our technology and products to provide the world with carbon negative electricity in the future. The first products are already available and will provide you with a unique “living energy experience”. Enjoy! Marjolein, Nanda, Pim, Paulien, Daniël, Tim, Andres

“Plant-e technology uses naturally occurring processes around the plant roots. This way we can harvest electricity without harvesting the plant. That’s what we call living energy!”

Revolution in energy technology The world is used to the idea that energy production comes at a cost. With Plant-e technology we challenge that idea: we can generate electricity while we capture CO2 and reduce methane emissions. That’s carbon-negative electricity! Plants produce organic matter through photosynthesis. Part of this organic matter is used by the plants to grow, but a large part is excreted into the soil, through the roots. In the soil, bacteria around the roots break down this organic matter. In this process, electrons are released as a wasteproduct. Plant-e technology captures these electrons. Research shows that plant growth is not harmed by the harvest of electrons. This means that the plant can keep on growing while electricity is generated simultaneously.

Patented technology Plant-e technology was patented in 2007, which gives us full freedom to operate. We collaborate with other companies to develop products under license as long as these products meet our high quality standards. By buying a Plant-e product or product licensed by us, you buy an innovative product that works.

Awards for Innovation We are proud that we have been awarded several prizes for innovation and sustainability. Some of the most prestigious are: Technology Pioneer 2015 World Economic Forum, Impact Award 2017 Dutch Innovation Awards and Pearl of the Region 2016 The Economic Board.

Energetic building blocks Our biggest product available today is a modular system that you can use as energetic building blocks. The modules optimize conditions for electricity production and enable us to produce electricity at any requested site. The modules are 100x50 cm and can be installed individually or in multiples. We can power LEDlights with one module, and sensors and other small electrical equipment with multiple. We can install your modules both indoor and outdoor. Indoor sites include office spaces and classrooms. Outdoor sites include rooftops, parks and other public spaces.

A fairy-like effect Our modules provide a unique sustainable and decorative element in any living- or work-environment. Blinking LED-lights between the plants create a fairy-like effect that appeals to the imagination of your visitors and visualizes innovation in a playful way. Thanks to the modular set-up we can create (almost) every design you desire.

Do It Yourself with Sprout ‘n Spark With schools and individual consumers in mind we designed our DIY-box Sprout ‘n Spark. Sprout ‘n Spark allows you to get your hands dirty with Plant-e tech and build your own plantbattery. It provides you with all materials you need to build 3 plantbatteries, including electronics and LED-light. Sprout ‘n Spark is very suitable as teaching material in multiple classes. Children aged 8 years and up can use it to understand some of the many different biological and chemical processes involved in our technology. Both you and them will enjoy putting a plantbattery together to see the magical effect of lighting an LED-light with a plant. Every once in a while we provide new add-ons and specials for Sprout ‘n Spark. Keep an eye on our website to discover the latest developments.

“It is fantastic to experience that you can use plants to generate electricity. With the construction guide the DIY-box is easy to assemble. A multimeter allowed me to measure the output, which I put in a graph. Very nice to experiment with.” (User of theDIY-box)

Plant-e wetlands Current products are only suitable for the urban environment. But our ambition is to make the technology available for application on a large scale in wetlands in the future. That’s why we’re developing a flexible tubular system that we can run through any type of wetland. We already started developing the tubes in 2013 and have progressed since then. After two pilots in wetlands in the Netherlands, we’ve reached a proof-of-concept and the first pre-commercial projects were installed. We will now work on the last crucial bottlenecks and practical hurdles for scale-up of the tubes to make them commercially available within a few years’ time. When finished, our tubes can be applied in wetlands for combined business models with their existing application. A rice-paddy could deliver both food and electricity. A constructed wetland for wastewater treatment could provide both clean water and electricity. At the same time methane emissions are reduced from any wetland where our tubes are installed, leading to lower greenhouse gas emissions. In the coming years we will be piloting and demonstrating our tubular system in different types of wetlands to explore the full range of possibilities for our technology to become a competitive clean energy solution.

The use of our tubular system in wetlands is a form of multifunctional landuse. We can combine electricity production with recreation, food production, nature conservation, water storage, wastewater treatment…

Discover Plant-e We have installed systems all over the world, but most of them close to home in the Netherlands. Have a look at our website for the updated worldmap with Plant-e installations. : Modular systems: * Singapore * Indonesia * Hongkong * India * Luxembourg * Belgium * USA * France * Denmark * Thailand * The Netherlands Tubular systems: * Peru * Indonesia * United Kingdom * The Netherland

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Plant-e Brochure 2018 EN  

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