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Uploading Plan Packages for Planners in Salesforce

Access the Feed

Figure 1.1

Figure 1.2

Option to add comments

1. On the Work Order page, select the ‘Feed’ tab, shown in Figure 1.1. 2. Planners will be able to add comments, as well as files to the Feed section. 3. A paperclip icon will appear below the input area for a new post, shown in Figure 1.2. 4. Click on the paperclip icon to upload a file.

Upload Files

Figure 1.3

Figure 1.4

5. Locate the file on your local computer. 6. Select the file and click add. 7. Note, make sure your file name matches the naming convention shown in Figure 1.4. 8. Click share when ready to share the combined PDF as a plan package to the feed.

Edit the Status

Figure 1.5

Figure 1.6

9. Next, click on the ‘Edit’ button in the upper right section of the Work Order page. 10.Change the status to complete. 11.Click save to continue.

Field Service Lightning Review Home Screen with Appointments

Figure 1.5

12.Review the quote to ensure everything linked up correctly. 13.Note, continue to upload files to NetSuite until it is completely phased out.

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Uploading a Plan Package for Planners in Salesforce  

Uploading a Plan Package for Planners in Salesforce