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How to Dispatch Installation Service Appointments - IKS Scheduling and dispatching from Salesforce

Gantt chart controls You can control the view of the Gantt chart using the buttons below. 1. Control the view of territories from the map icon in the upper-left corner of the Gantt. 2. Filter service resources by clicking the filter icon to the right of the search bar. 3. Control the date view from the upper-right side of the Gantt. 1 2


Gantt chart colour cheat sheet On the Gantt chart, colours have different meaning. Use the cheat sheet below if needed. As always if you hover over the appointment, a box will appear listing the status. Yellow = Scheduled Blue = Dispatched Green = Completed Purple – In Progress

Navigating to the Gantt chart

1. Log in to Salesforce. 2. Click the “Field Service” tab at the top of your dashboard. 3. Select your territories (this includes ISPs). 4. Click “Save.” Note: Make sure the box is unchecked next to “Show service appointments not associated with a territory.”

Navigating to the Gantt 5. Filter your search by clicking the dropdown arrow to the right of the “Todo” list and changing to the desired service type (i.e. Installation- Scheduled or Unscheduled). This will change your view of the Service Appointments to the left of the Gantt chart. 6. First, select the list for scheduled service appointments to dispatch. For Example, “Installation - Scheduled”.

Note: Scheduled installations should be dispatched by the ISP Owner. However, it is first assigned to the ISP Owner by the IKS Dispatcher so the ISP Owner can see it on their GANTT Chart. Instructions for this are on the following slides.

Bulk Dispatching Service Appointments Bulk dispatching Service Appointments through the GANTT Chart (Only applicable for IKS Employee Installers) 1. Select your desired appointments on the left by checking the tick boxes next to their SA numbers. 2. Click “Dispatch.” 3. Follow the same steps for Installations – Unscheduled.

Booking Installations for ISPs Assigning territories to ISPs so they can dispatch In order for ISP Owners to schedule dispatch appointments to their service resources, you must change the service territory of the appointment to the ISP territory. 1. Use the postcode spreadsheet and confirm the ISP you want to give the appointment to works in the customer’s area. 2. Once you have the list on the left filtered to Installs – Scheduled or Unscheduled, Right click on the service to the right and select “Details.”

Booking Installations for ISPs cont. Assigning service territories to ISP appointments in the Gantt 1. A box will appear, shown on left. Click “Edit” and change the Service Territory to the ISP service territory. 2. Click “Save Changes.” Note: Contact your Regional Manager for the most up-to-date postcode sheet.

Booking Installations for ISPs cont. Assigning service territories to ISP appointments from the dashboard view instead of the GANTT Chart 1. Click the “Service Appointments” tab in the navigation bar. 2. Filter the Service Appointments to view unscheduled measure and install appointments. 3. Find the appointment you would like to adjust. Check in the postcode spreadsheet that the ISP you would like to assign the appointment works in the area. 4. Click “Edit” and change the service territory to the ISP service territory. Click “Save.”

Leaving service appointment comments 1. Leave general comments in the Account object via the Feed tab. 2. Leave comments for Service Resources in the Work Order object via the Feed tab. Note: Through GDPR, customers can request access to all Chatter posts linked to their Salesforce records.

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How to Dispatch Installation Service Appointments  

How to Dispatch Installation Service Appointments