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What’s the problem? We are about to celebrate our × Innovation 75 th anniversary, but our Overdue sponsorship systems are still the same way they were × DisconnectedWhenmuch are too slow, 20communications years ago. Remember? Those People expensive ordays cumbersome, people were the when we had no switch off or elsewhere. Why wait for much less networks, × Organisational You wonder: there are all thesecomputers, great ideas the annual communication about internets or intranets. going around in and outside this organisation— Inertia your sponsored child web to arrive when I Never mind 2.0!! whatever happens to them? there a world through canFirst reach halfisthe

great deal of excitement Facebook and energy . or MySpace? Through LinkedIn Then there’s waiting, meetings, and moreI know waiting,more about my colleagues than through our intranet! but nothing much happens.

So… Plan Live ? a community

Sure I know lots of people inside platform where and outside Plan people ! What they are working Ion, am not sure. Participate? do Ithings faster Doing something? Online!? Ialone! know they are busy because Working together withwe Hmmm… You mean things hardly have time to chat. Iyou shoot others is sooo slow. First like planning projects together, them email sometimes, but have toan have tons of meetings raising funds, when I want toadministering talk I just pick and when there is finally a tasks staff and volunteers, up thefor phone. is nicer decision, I amFacebook already onto developing proposals, that way, Ifunding can stay in touch something else. Of course, I organising conducting with andbut I would like many toevents, havefriends my say, YouOK, keep aadmit blog? it: campaigns, doing colleagues. I’llresearch, tend to do that outside of the Does your boss market analyses, assessments, with family too… meetings; while having coffee know about that? reports, contests, publishing, or… in my blog. stuff like that?

 Connect  Participate  Act

Shhhhhhhhhus !!!

Where does Cisco come in * human network * Implementation Acumen * Infrastructure

“the medium is the message�

Cisco · Live · Plan

Today’s agenda March – June 2009

• Project Strategy & Design • Selection of suppliers & partners • Launch PlanLive

Cisco · Live · Plan

Tomorrow’s agenda July 2009 – June 2010

• Extend the human network to where it matters most • Nurture and grow PlanLive • Engage in PlanLive

Cisco · Live · Plan

Day-after-tomorrow’s agenda July 2010 - onwards

• Further extend and mobilise the human network • Enable meaningful collaboration, support and learning through the development & deployment of innovative applications

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PlanLive PowerPoint  

PlanLive PowerPoint test