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Time to set out on a journey calling for applications



Mobile workers & Urban Nomads.


People who need convenience & inexpensive manufacturing in Taiwan.


People who want to promote their works in Asia.

We welcome anyone who has a "nomadic spirit" and can work independently. There's nothing more attractive than a surprise get away from your intensive daily schedule which rejuvenates our senses with more inspiration for creativity. Put yourself somewhere far and different to begin a new chapter, to meet new people and create new memories. It will be fascinating!

Want to create your own project and prototype easily? Large amounts of manufacturing plants and traditional craft skills make Taiwan a friendly environment for you to create something by yourself. We can help you to look for different kinds of techniques and skills.Cooperation between artist is also possible.

If you already have your own project and want expand the market to Asia, come visit us! We have good connections with local shops and channels in Taiwan. Also, design markets and shows are held to help the Aliens selling their work and expose their projects to more people.

We welcome all kinds of creative aliens for our planett ! No matter if you are student or independent professional, specializing in photography, design, music or preforming art, we all looking forward to your coming. Now, just run away from your world and start your fantastic adventure here in Planett!

"A space for creative people to create, share and experience!"


New friends, local designer...


Your own project

Where to find us Planett creative residency No.64 Fuji Rd. South Dist. Tainan City 702 Taiwan (R.O.C.) T: +886-960-735-635 E:

creative residency

Travel Tainan city, Taiwan

About Do you think about working somewhere new? Planett is a brand-new, creative residency born from a group of passionate young designers in Taiwan, whose aim is to gather indie designers working and having fun in the amazing city of Tainan! We welcome all kinds of design and art here. We aim to contribute to a more relaxed and open environment for people all over the world. Also, we could help you connect with local manufacturers and traditional craft people if you need it. And of course, there are always enjoyable activities and exhibitions of all kinds of creative things. We believe few thing to be of greater worth than to effectively work together and mutually inspire one another. The best work comes from concerted attention to one inspiration and the tools to follow through. Our collective network reaches to almost every type of industry as well as down to the very roots of our local environment.

WE ARE your local support system. with shared sponsorship and Close friendship, let's create it together !

From lodging to working To be your best local support system, we offer integrated services for the whole process of creating. We have space to work and rest. Also, basic processing work can be done in our small workshop conveniently. Your work and products can be sold in the space and some great design markets in Taiwan.

Open for the best interaction and atmosphere!

Your own prefectly-sized space. We have personal desk for you. Free wifi, plugs and table lamp are provided. The sunshine in Tainan is wonderful. Also, the open environment could let people get more well connected to different creative producer from all over the world. It must be your ideal place to work and create here!

5F Proforming Art Studio 4F Workshop/ lodging 3F Co-sorking Space 2F Accomondation Coming soon! Shop 1F Exhibition/ Coming soon!

B1 Factory Coming soon!

Photo Studio For the creative produceres to work more conveniently, we also offer photo studios and rental cameras.

Shared Kitchen Our Kitchen and all the facilities are free to the residents.Your welcome to cook and have food together here with new friends.

Relax Area The lifestyle in Tainan is slow and relaxing. Enjoy the atmosphere here and release your brain for a while. Play with the cat and you would get more creative ideas!

It's easy to reach local material supplier and factories with our help! To help you with producing your work, the connections with the producers and traditional craftsman are make during your residency. Moreover, we have some cooperative factories that are willing to work with residents. Feel free to ask for help when you are interested in any kinds of traditional skills or materials in Tainan. We will try our best to help you!

Let's create together on Planett ! Basic machines and tools are prepared for you to try all of your fantastic ideas!

Play with any ideas and experiments! Basic processing machines and tools are provided in our small processing factory for all the residents. It will be a wonderful place for residents to create their own work and do original experiments here. We also invite local designers and artists to come and share their skills and experience with us! Try out anything through your inspirations, combining them with your crazy ideas and do it here with other creative partners!

An adventure you shouldn't miss !

Live and travel everywhere in Taiwan! Go traveling around Taiwan! We are willing to share traveling information with you and give you suggestions of good things in Taiwan. Discuss your plan with us and you will find out how wonderful the island is!

Stay and experience the Tainan lifestyle. To get to know a city and its culture deeply, you may need to live with the city. We now have tents and sleeping bags for lodging in the studio. And of course,there is a big and clean shower room. We are now planning to build some special rooms for residents in the future. Come and join us! We are looking forward to creating a new life experience in Tainan with you! (oh! and there is a cat to keep you company lol) *There are also many nice hotels and hostels in Tainan, we'd love to help you to book a room!

Lots of ways to promote your works in Taiwan !

Design markets every weekend

The best online store for designer in Asia

There are lots of design markets and flea markets held every weekend. Prepare you own work and get ready for it! Let’s sell our products or just go shopping together!

Pinkoi is an online community and marketplace to buy, sell and share all things designed with your lifestyle in mind. We can help you put your products on this site.

Selling your work in our creative market. We usually hold a creative market in the end of every month. We invite designers and artists all over the world to create their work for different themes. Also, residents' work could be sold in the market. We are now planning to have our online market for "Aliens' work in Planett". We will help you sell your products anywhere and anytime even you travel to other place!

Residency fee Co-working space: 5000 ntd/month You'll have your own seat and access to the photo studio and sharing kitchen. Also any activities held in planett are free for you to join! +Small processing factory: 2000 ntd/month You'll have access to the Small processing factory. +lodging: 4000 ntd/month We have interior tents, sleeping bags, mattress,a shower, air con...etc all the basically bags, mattress, a shower, air con...etc. all the basically facilities that you may need to stay herefacilities that you may need to stay here.

How to apply The application process consists of three steps:


Send us the application by email Your application should contain: Application form (download on our website) A portfolio (pdf or personal website) A brief introduction of what you plan to do in planett A CV/resumĂŠ A copy of the photo-page of your passport


Pay the deposit with PayPal *the deposit would be 10% of the final cost You will receive the confirmation and the link of patpal by mail. Please pay the deposit in 3 days, or you'll have to apply it again.


Pack up and get ready to come! Pay the fea when you check in. We accept cash & traveler's cheque only

Feel free to contact us

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creative residency program

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