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Issue # 9 March 2010

Eco Tip - Detox Your Home

Keeping your home safe is extremely important, especially if you have little ones. Keeping harmful chemicals and dangerous substances out of harm’s reach is probably one of the most important things there is to think about. But what about some things that you may not be aware of? Many foods are full of pesticides and you may feel it important to make the switch to organic produce. Water should be tested for contaminants. Use a filter to make it safer. Switch from plastic to glass containers for your food and also avoid using the microwave. There are many harmful chemicals in cosmetics... research them on the Internet!

One of the most positive things to come out of the Copenhagen Summit last year was the momentum for climate solutions. October 24th turned out to be the widely supported day of global action in the history of mankind. However, it is unfortunate that the good news ends there. The world’s biggest polluters walked away from the summit with menial agreements, many of which were not even legally binding. So, there is only one answer... We will have to do the work instead! It is clear that leaders will take a long time to agree on a course of action that doesn’t line coffers of the industries and other stakeholders who have vested interests. Bill McKibben, founder of has started a new campaign with the 350 team called “Get back to Work”. The idea behind it is to start changing our communities, giving leaders the clear message that they need to start leading with probably the greatest threat facing not only mankind but every other species on the planet. The 350 org in collaboration with 10:10 Campaign have declared 10th October, the tenth day of the tenth month of the millennium’s tenth year the starting point for REAL action. They have called this the 10/10 Global

Work Party with a hope that in every corner of the world, communities will take part in putting up solar panels, insulating their homes, erecting windmills, planting trees, painting bike paths and launching or harvesting local gardens. Their message? - “We’re working -- what about you? If we can cover the roof of our school with solar panels, surely you can pass the legislation or sign the treaty that will spread our work everywhere, and confront the climate crisis in time”. McKibben claims that. “10/10/10 will take a snapshot of a clean energy future -- the world of 350ppm -- and show people why it’s worth fighting for”. It is imperative that the biggest polluters change tactics. That means focussing attention on the US, China and India and convincing them to convert to clean energy solutions. Work in the communities, together with political pressure will ensure that there is a future for everyone including the worst afflicted in the Third World.

Written by: Michael Pazinas Edited by Tracy Forrester

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Challenge Europe True Inspir ation! Climate Advocates from the British Council’s Initiative Challenge Europe successfully inspired children from local schools to participate in a forest competition. The idea behind the project was to encourage students to draw, photograph or make videos about why it is important to protect forests against fires. The response was immense! The Climate advocates received 772 drawings and paintings, 35 photographs and 22 videos!

Earth Hour Is Approaching

A note in your diaries! This year over a hundred countries are taking part in Earth Hour and over 1,500 cities. This will take place on Saturday 27th March at 8:30pm local time. All you need to do do is switch off all the lights in your house for one hour - simple as that! This year promises to be the the biggest Earth Hour ever - So make sure your are a part of it too!

Mutant Potatoes

Greenpeace Greece has welcomed a move by the Minister of Rural Development not to allow the cultivation of the genetically modified potato AMIFLORA in Greece. Greenpeace are expecting the Minister to publish details of the legal safeguards that would prevent the cultivation of this mutant potato! The Green organisation argues that sustainable agriculture is the only practice that protects soil, water and climate not to mention, maintaining biodiversity ensuring that food crops are cultivated without chemicals and GMOs.

All Black Penguin Discovered

King Penguins are notorious for their prim, tuxedoed appearance--but a recently discovered all-black penguin seems unafraid to defy convention. In what has been described as a “one in a zillion kind of mutation,” biologists say that the animal has lost control of it’s pigmentation, an occurrence that is extremely rare. Apart from the penguin’s monochrome outfit, the animal appears to be perfectly healthy--and then some. “Look at the size of those legs,” said one scientist, “It’s an absolute monster.” (source:

Losing the Great Oak at the Gates of the Dead What a fabulous name for a tree: the Great Oak at the Gates of the Dead. And what a pity that this 1,200 year old oak tree has split down the middle and died this month. Located in Wales, its trunk has a circumference of 34 ft. It is thought to date back to the reign of King Egbert in 802, when Wales beat back Henry the Second. And finally old age and nature have taken their toll. (source:


RAW VEGAN COCONUT AND STRAWBERRY TART Ingredients: FOR THE BASE 2 cups of Tahini 4 cups of ground coconut 1/2 cup of Agave syrup (found in Organic Shops) 1/2 tsp Salt TOPPING: 1 cup cashews 1 tsp of flower water 1/4 cup of coconut oil 2 tblspns of Agave syrup 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 cup of water (or more if needed) Strawberries to top

Mix the base ingredients by hand until they bind together well. Get a tart dish and press it into the base. Put the cashews and other ingredients in a multimixer and bind them together using just enough water to make the ingredients stick together and no more. and pour out the cream onto the base. Top with strawberries and chill until it has set - SIMPLE! Please do not print

Planet Post 9  

This months edition talks about things we can do post Copenhagen!