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Fuck the Police

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How to keep a man


Should you believe in God Oshay Weighs In on the Religious Debate


Psycho baby daddies and lying ass mommas

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34 Oshay vs sin city

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"Every day is an opportuni ty for one to become great...i t is up to you to take the necessary steps to become greater than each day!

Oshay The Great

"I love Planet Oshay and been rocking since 2012... shout outs to da Bronx" Prentis Smith

“You can only create value for yourself when you create value for others”

Clover Lomack

Letter From the editor Aren’t you tired of reading STUPID FUCKING MAGAZINES with no real CONTENT? Tired of seeing the same big booty ugly stank ass bitches on the cover in the same ass boring model poses? Bitches look like they got shot in a dice game, got cigarette burns, 3 different baby daddies, but swear they models right??? BITCH YOUR SIT YOUR ASS DOWN some place! Aren’t you “Tired” of reading magazines with no CREATIVITY, TALENT, or ENTERTAINMENT VALUE???? LOOK NO MORE…..Planet OSHAY MAGAZINE IS HERE TO RESCUE you from BOREDOM! I, Oshay the Great Duke Jackson, saw a need to entertain you poor BASTARDS because all of the “OTHER” magazines failed to do so! I can assure you that this Magazine is about FUN, ACTION, Lifestyle, and talking about SHIT OTHER FOLKS ARE AFRAID OF! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Finally…there is a magazine out there that will allow you to be YOURSELF!!!! Let’s face it. You’re probably pretending to be someone other than yourself everyday! Whether its at work, around family, you’re never really able to relax and be yourself. Come be the asshole you were born to BE as a reader of Planet Oshay Magazine! Now, let me address just a few things because I know its people out there who don’t like me. I know a lot of you niggas gonna be hating…..a lot of you hoes gonna be mad because I didn’t feature you in my magazine. You think I give a fuck??? Absolutely not! If you would have gave me some pussy, YOU MIGHT HAVE GOT A FEATURE BITCH! In fact, Every female that’s published in the magazine I have attempted to send at least ONE Dick pic too…. let me stop playing….that’s a lie…I SENT THEM 2! Remember; This is not a MEN’S MAGAZINE… this is a MAGAZINE with PERSONALITY FOR EVERYBODY TO ENJOY!!!

Sincerely, Oshay Duke Jackson

Planet Oshay Editor Oshay Duke jackson

Contributors tiffany Jones clover lomack Matthew Williams prentis Smith Dior love khemistree mayjure

Photographer cabilan cartel

Graphic Designer Tareq Hossaine

Comic Artist Arjun Mohan


Fuck the Police

Fuck The



Growing up in my neighbourhood of Del Paso Heights in Sacramento, California was no easy task! With the spread of crack cocaine growing logistically, fat bitches wearing sandals, and the Jheri curl hairstyle taking over niggas heads, it was definitely a MAD HOUSE!!! In order to survive on these streets, even as a civilian, there were certain rules one had to know in order to maintain SANITY! The first rule was: NEVER EVER eat collard greens and grits from Jimmy’s Restaurant on Grand Avenue! If you did, you’re asshole would expand like helium gas in an hot air balloon. The second rule was to always cut off the lights on Saturday morning when those annoying Jehovah Witnesses came knocking on your door. This was a sure way to get rid of those wack ass niggas in those hot ass cheap polyester suits! However, the final rule seemed to be the most important: “NEVER EVER TRUST THE POLICE!” The word “Police” was synonymous with being evil or satanic. According to most people I knew, the police were the worst living scum that existed. Even to my surprise, as I moved outside of my neighbourhood, I found many people shared the same philosophy! BUT WHY???? What is the REAL reason why many people , “ESPECIALLY” African Americans share so much hatred for the police? Let’s look at some of the reasons why so many people hate the police!


Reason #1: The Police Kill and Harass Innocent People in Poor Communities By far, this is the most popular reason why so many people hate the police. Ask any gangbanger, dope dealer, hustler, or pimp and they will tell you that it is the “POLICE” that is the problem in inner city neighbourhoods. However, I fail to agree with this retarded logic with many who are involved in street culture. Now let’s fucking face the music; there are “SOME” bad police officers out there just like there are “SOME” good officers. However, the last I checked, the police are not killing each other in the streets; NIGGAS ARE! I don’t see police breaking into people’s homes, robbing people, pimping bitches, or any of that bullshit. I will be fair in this article and state that there are stories of “some” police participating in illegal activities I aforementioned. While this may exist, it is a fact that the police are not SOLELY responsible for these outcomes that determine fucked up communities. We must take into an account WHY the police are even needed in the first place!! Why? I’m glad you asked that question! The gangsta’s are at war with each other. The pimps are at war with their hoes. It is “ THESE” hoodlums that are fucking up our neighbourhoods for our children and for our families! It is NOT the fucking POLICE! The real bullies are the ones out there on the street corner every day fucking up the neighbourhood for hard working Americans. The only people who can bully them is the POLICE! When will these thugs take responsibility for their own FUCKING ACTIONS and stop blaming the police for their FUCK UPS?


Reason #2: The Racist Police arrested my little homie or relative….and they shouldn’t be treated like people at all….there only goal is to put blacks in Jail If you didn’t think Reason #1 was superior fuckery, Reason #2 definitely is. According to many, the police have no compassion especially for minorities. They are merely machines who seek to punish niggas and to put them in jail because THAT is their OVERALL MOTIVE. While this conspiracy theory sounds fantastic, I believe it to be far from the truth. The goal of the Police is actually to protect and serve the community while RELIEVING it from threats of harm! Now, I will admit that there are SOME racist cops out there. However, racist people exist in EVERY OCCUPATION in this fucking country! Within this sub category of Reason #2, you have the typical asshat who hates the police because a loved one of theirs was arrested by the cops. I don’t know how many time I see people on Facebook or social networks talking about “FREE MY COUSIN LITTLE RONNIE.” Or “FUCK THE POLICE FOR ARRESTING MY DADDY AND PUTTING HIM IN JAIL FOR 10 years!” Bitch shut the FUCK up ! You know DAMN WELL your dad had 34 pounds of cocaine, 13 pistols, $500, 000 dollars in 2 dollar bills, and was wanted for 3 murders when they found his ass moving bricks and keys from state to state!!!! His ass NEED to be arrested! That ain’t the police fault; THAT’S YOUR RELATIVES OR FRIENDS FAULT!!! I don’t believe that many officers join the Police Academy because their life dream is to “Harass niggas” and destroy them. In fact, police officers are people just like gangstas, thugs, and pimps are people. Just like Baskin Robbins ice cream, Police officers come in many different ages, shapes, sizes and COLORS! They could from all walks of life and backgrounds just like many of you who read this article DO! They too have families that they feed. Police officers have bills, problems, bad marriages, ugly ass husbands and wives, issues, and stress just like EVERYBODY ELSE. People get over your fucking selves…being an Police Officer is a JOB! The officers chose to defend the law and the gangstas chose to break it! So you must DEAL with the consequences of this accordingly!


Reason #3: Police Officers can’t be trusted because whatever they know they can use against you If police officers can’t be trusted, neither can these niggas! How many times have you heard of niggas robbing their friends, fucking their buddies girls, getting their own buddies shot over money and jealousy? If you do a crime, then OF COURSE you should be punished! Do people really expect that they live in a society where they can do wrong and not be held accountable for it? The same people who talk so bad about the police, WILL CRUMBLE AND TESTIFY ON THEIR OWN FRIENDS TO SAVE THEIR OWN ASS WHEN THE SHIT HITS THE FAN! Oh you facing 25 years to life? Watch how the realest niggas you “THOUGHT” you know tell the police everything! The fact of the matter is NOBODY can be trusted Police officer or NOT! Gangstas do not have a good record of being trusted either.



No More Black Bitch Models



Written by: Oshay Duke Jackson Jr

I’m not going to lie. I started this magazine just so I could get easy pussy from these model bitches out here! An ugly little dick nigga like me with a receding hairline wasn’t going to have no chance with getting a beautiful woman based off my looks. Like all other pervert magazine owners, my ONLY goal was to have unprotected sex with any willing STUPID whore who wanted to be featured in my publication. I would sit back all day in a dark room beating my ashy cock to thoughts of women lusting after me JUST so they could be published. FINALLY I wouldn’t be forced to buy bitches ugly kids gifts just so I could fuck them. That’s right my good friends! These hoes would be running towards me faster than Carl Lewis faggot ass did homosexual glory holes! However, operating an magazine isn’t about JUST having sex with idiotic whores. THIS IS A BUSINESS! In fact, the goal of any company is to maximize profits, to gain an faithful customer base, and expand into other beneficial options. With that being stated, I sought out to study other “successful” magazines to model mines after. After conducting my research on these “MEN” magazines, I noticed that all of the successful publications had one thing in common: “NO BLACK MODELS WERE IN THE PUBLICATIONS!” Initially I WAS SHOCKED that there were hardly any black women in the models. Then, it dawned on me; THE WORLD HATES BLACK WOMEN! Everybody hates those little bald headed, loud mouth, bad credit having, weave and sandal wearing, multiple baby daddy having ass BITCHES! Black women remind me of the company Enron: No matter where they are, they are ALWAYS BRINGING down the stock and taking something of value to zero! Here are a few reasons why many magazine publications REFUSE to feature black women and why I Refuse to put those bitches in my shit!


Reasons 1


Black women attract the wrong crowd (broke ass ghetto niggas) and demographics that successful PRINT publications want NOTHING to do with.

Black women have a bad reputation in America. They are looked at as easy, sexually promiscuous, stupid, and unworthy.

Think about it; wherever there are beautiful black women, there is always some convict thirsty low budget ass niggas behind her. These type of people tend to be worthless to successful magazine publications. Companies look to magazines to advertise so they can reach an larger customer base and sell more product. However, with black women in magazines, the readers who MAY view the magazine could possibly be outside the demographic that the company wants. Most publications gear their products toward customer’s with an certain income or educational level. Unfortunately, ghetto ass black women attract people to the magazine who will not do anything to help the companies who look to advertise.

Let’s face it; Black women are the most undesired females out of any other race. Don’t believe me? Let me prove it to you. I used to buy pussy (before I met Jesus) on a website called a few years ago. I could always buy a black chick for $50 dollars for an half hour. When I looked for an Asian, white, or latina woman, the price was around $200 bucks ! Are you fucking serious? That is FOUR TIMES THE AMOUNT! Black strippers, prostitutes, and models get paid WAY LESS than the other races of women! Once a publication makes a decision that they should allow half naked women to dominate their publication, they have also decided to take a shit on their fucking BUSINESS! I hate to say this, but BLACK WOMEN HAVE A BAD FUCKING REPUTATION IN THIS COUNTRY! Allowing black women to dominate your magazine is like allowing a venomous cobra to bite your dick: The shit don’t make NO SENSE! Other nationalities will be IMMEDIATELY turned off because they will view your magazine as one sided with NOTHING TO OFFER! How can anybody take you serious with a bunch of black bitches in your publication? Not only are you saying its “OK” to allow distasteful models in your publication, you are also KILLING your chance to gain advertisements from big businesses.

3 Black men magazines are fucking stupid that feature mainly black women….they fail to realize that NOT every man wants a black WOMAN! Having a magazine filled with black women is like eating oatmeal 6 times a fucking day; sooner or later that shit will get boring. Once a magazine floods their publication with black women, you indirectly are assuming that EVERY man is attracted to black women. You see, this is the dumb ass mistake that these Men magazines make. They “FAIL” to take into account men have different tastes! I may feature a woman in my magazine that I might not like, but I will do so because I know many WILL LIKE her look! Having a successful publication to me is about BEING DIVERSE.

Conclusion I know this article will pissed a lot of people off. If so, I don’t give a fuck. Kiss my Ass. This is America….get over your fucking self! #GREATESTOFALLTIMES #OSHAYTHEGREAT

I could always buy a black chick for $50 dollars for an half hour. When I looked for an Asian, white, or latina woman, the price was around $200 bucks ! Are you fucking serious?






T F NI O Y Written by: Oshay The Great

Let’s face it ladies; there are CREEPY ASS NIGGAS EVERY WHERE. No matter where you go, men are stalkers, annoying, thirsty, BROKE AS FUCK, and be lying. Usually a CREEPY Nigga has one of these characteristics….hell…maybe even two. I must admit that I “NEVER” thought I would meet somebody who possessed all of these traits…. until this one FUCK Nigga came on the scene. Lets give a warm welcome to one of the WEAKEST ASS sorry niggas on the face of Planet Earth: Elgie Heaux! I first

came across this Satchel Paige Negro League rookie card looking ass nigga in my Facebook Group Planet Oshay last year. Like a hungry bitch in a buffet with no food, he BEGGED me to link up with him and help find ladies for his website. Nigga was so thirsty, I had to pour


THE FUCK NIGGA OF THE YEAR water on his inbox messages on facebook because they was frying my gigabyte storage. If you beautiful ladies in the east coast are reading this article, I am WARNING YOU NOT TO FUCK WITH THIS EAZY E MIXTAPE STEALING ASS NIGGA! Ladies if you see THIS Daffy Duck bitch nigga , run from him like the Aids virus is chasing you! Bitch you better run so fast, that your weave fly backwards like George Jefferson Hairline! Now lets get back to this bitch nigga here. Living in the Washington, D.C. area, Elgie Heaux “PRETENDS” to be a model scout looking for “African American” ladies to be apart of his “TEAM DMV CLAPPAS” website or whatever the fuck he calls it.

Once he lures a chick in, he “ASKS” for pictures (usually nude) so he can become their manager and help find them model jobs or videos. This nigga can’t manage his bowel movements so how in the FUCK he going manage some hoes? Type of nigga to take a doo doo but wipe his dick with toilet tissue and pull his draws up with a shitty booty. But wait…there’s MORE! Elgie will “ATTEMPT” try to fuck the girl and ONCE she is not interested, HE WILL get on his twitter page and expose their naked pics. You see, this is EXACTLY what a bitch ass nigga do when he don’t get his way. Not only does he get in his feelings, he logs in under female profiles pretending to be girls on Facebook

and threatens to call the police if you roast him. Elgie…if you reading this, BITCH NIGGA YOU BEEN EXPOSED! You used to be hating telling people about my magazine wasn’t going come out. You was like “OH EVERYBODY GOT A MAGAZINE FUCK THAT NIGGA OSHAY he ain’t special.” Well guess what? Now you being FEATURED in it. #RIP BITCH NIGGA



How to Keep

a Man

By: Tiffany Jones


he divorce rate in the U.S. is very high. On average 1 out of 100 marriages end in divorce. The rate of men being incarcerated is also on the rise. The Human Right study showed there are 1.2 million gay people in the U.S. According to Census 2000, 281.4 million people were counted in the United States - 143.4 million of whom were female and 138.1 million male. When these estimates are taken into account, it is easy to see why it is becoming harder and harder for women to keep a man. The men are either in jail, homosexual, or unwilling to commit long term because there are so many other women.

his mother, call her and ask her for some tips around the kitchen. Another way to keep a man is by being clean. It’s understandable that in this day and age most women work. However, working

Learn when to speak and how to listen. Do not bother him with unnecessary drama. This is why side chicks stay winning. They do not nag. Of course communication is very important but there is a time and place for everything. Learn how to sexually please your man. If he likes oral sex, perfect the act. Be excited and prepared to service him at the drop of a hat. This makes a man feel wanted and also, oral sex reduces stress hormones. See, blow jobs are healthy! I also recommend yoga. Yoga makes you feel awesome. It is a relaxing exercise that helps you become flexible. Men love flexible women.

Being pretty and wearing tight revealing clothing is one way but women must have more to offer than just looks.

As a woman you must learn how to attract a man. Being pretty and wearing tight revealing clothing is one way but women must have more to offer than just looks. Let’s explore. It is often said, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” This is true. Learn how to cook a man’s favorite meal. If you are in a relationship and you have met

does not give a woman a pass to neglect her home. No man wants to come home to dishes in the sink and clothes all over the dirty floor. The way you upkeep your home is a reflection of you. Men have a hunter mentality. Women, stop being easy! This does not mean you make a man wait some 30 odd days before you have sex with him. This simply means that you can be the best woman in the world but if you do have sex with him too soon you have been conquered and he will be on to the next challenge.

Lastly women, be happy with you. Nothing turns a man off more than an insecure woman. Eventually, your insecurities will drive a wedge between the two of you. The law of attraction is the belief that “like attracts like” and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results. If you are thinking negative about yourself then so will he. Improve yourself and be happy.


Should You Believe in


Oshay Weighs In on the Religious Debate



“GOD DOESN’T EXIST!” “OSHAY….FUCK OFF…..”GOD DOESN’T EXIST!” This was the phrase a good friend of mines told me after a long days work last week. If I wasn’t afraid to lose my job, I would have reached back and slapped that nigga so hard, his ancestors would have felt it!!!!! WHY? BECAUSE THESE THREE WORDS WILL MAKE MOST PEOPLE MAD AS HELL: “GOD DOESN’T EXIST!” Want to have people hate you? Dislike you? Make people angry? Stop talking

to you? Try using those three words and I GUARANTEE that you will light fire to someone’s ass like a match with gasoline to dry grass ! LET’S GET ONE FUCKING THING STRAIGHT PEOPLE! I might be pay bitches phone bills from time to time. I might download midget porn, drank alcohol, and lie a little bit, but I LOVE JESUS and FUCK YOU IF YOU DON’T! Wait… that didn’t even make no type of sense did it? That’s ok though; I UNDERSTAND

THE FACT EVERYBODY DOESN’T THINK LIKE ME! In fact, People been talking SHIT ABOUT GOD NOT BEING EXISTENT FOR YEARS!!!! This shit AIN’T NEW!!!! However, for the sake of argumentation, we will view both sides of this equation that has been the topic of the world since the existence of religion. I respect people’s opinion and hopefully so should you.



At the end of the day, people will believe whatever they want to believe based off their own judgment or their own experiences. Because of this merit, the ultimate choice is their own regarding their spiritual existence. Let’s resolve some questions regarding the mysteries of God.

Who is GOD, what is he like, where is he, and what is his real NAME?? Before we can go into detail about this controversial issue, we must give precedence and address who “GOD” is. What in the fuck does he look like? Does he wear Jordans? Does he like chicken strips and bbq sauce at mcdonalds? How does he feel about R Kelly pissing on that little ugly ass girl on that sex tape? I mean…

where in the HELL DOES HE LIVE AT? Does he catch the bus? Can he fight? These are some of the questions that come to mind when you think about the mystery of the GOD! YES I KNOW…ITS SO MANY BULLSHIT THEORIES OF WHO GOD IS AND WHERE THE HELL HE CAME FROM RIGHT? Different theologies teach many complex things about the idea of God. Some call him Jesus, some call him Jehovah, some

call him Allah. However, the concept is that above nature and humans, there exists a high being who has control of the things that happen in the world. The thought process amongst those who believe is that God exists as an almighty spirit. Although the majority opinion upon God’s existence is that he is a spirit, GOD is often referred to as a “MALE” dominated figure which is interesting to say the very least.


God does not exist. . because Religions brainwash people just so they cant control you! Well isn’t that a clever argument you God bashing ass wipes? So you mean to tell me that God doesn’t exist JUST because you think religions have created him for the sake of mind control? That’s like me saying you “non believer” Ass hats don’t want God to exist just so you can live your life according to your own will. Guess what?

Regardless of the rules of religions, people TEND to do whatever the FUCK they want to do PERIOD! Why do you think my momma is a back sliding Baptist who gambles and drinks Hennessey every other Friday night! Religions don’t and CAN’T control people; people make decisions to whatever pleases them PERIOD!

If God exists, why does he allow bad shit to happen to people? In support of those who deny God, the greatest rebuttal to his existence are the things that “GOD allows to happen to those who love him: “If God is real, and “IF” he possesses the ability to care, WHY DOES HE LET LITTLE KIDS DIE?” Shut the FUCK UP YOU WHINING BITCH! God does NOT HAVE to give you assholes an Disneyland EXPERIENCE! If you want a story book ending, GO RENT CINDERELLA!!!! Life is NOT LIKE THAT!! Just because God allows bad things to happen to people, he doesn’t exist? If that’s the case, WHY DOES GOD ALLOW FAT BITCHES TO EXIST? Why does God allow taxes, bad breath, and for people to have bad

credit? Oh…how in the hell did I forget this one: What caring GOD allows sickness? Why isn’t GOD visible? Why doesn’t he talk to people? Why is it that you can believe in something that you CANT FUCKING SEE? All of these excuses DO NOT disprove GOD! You can’t explain how many things work in the world yet you know they exist. You feel air, breathe oxygen, benefit from the force of gravity, and even reap the benefits of electricity. YOU NOR MOST PEOPLE have the ability to EXPLAIN THESE THINGS but it doesn’t take away from its existence!


just because you Cant See it… DOESN’T MEAN IT DOESN’t EXIST.

In conclusion, opinions are like assholes: EVERYBODY has one. I don’t give a fuck if you believe in God or not. Some say God is a man made idea in order to keep control of man’s actions under the philosophy of religion. However, I understand one thing about life: I don’t NEED to understand everything. I don’t know how electricity works; I don’t know how the stars came into existence. I don’t know how the centripetal forces balance out things that I cannot see yet they exist. There are out of body experiences that occur and still will all the time that I will never be able to explain. The only thing I know is that I have unwavering faith that God exists. There are things greater than us that it is not in our ability to understand; and just because you Cant See it…DOESN’T MEAN IT DOESN’t EXIST.



Psycho Baby

daddies... and lying ass baby mommas

There are a lot of things I love……, hamburger helper, purple polyester church socks, low budget twerk videos, and 50 percent off deals on Ebt cards from people who sell them. (Kik me at oshayduke if you got the hookup on that). However, the thing I love the MOST is to meet a beautiful WOMAN with a great attitude. There is nothing on the earth better than a woman with a great personality with a matching sense of humor. A “good “ woman who knows how to respect a man and treat him like a king is an asset in today’s society. I love everything ABOUT a “good” woman (shout outs to you ratchet bitches who don’t know what that is). From her stretchmarks to her ass to her awesome smell, her confidence, her posture….I believe I can speak for every heterosexual man that we love EVERYTHING ABOUT HER!



OWEVER, with the good comes the bad. There is nothing WORSE than a woman with bad BAGGAGE! Finding a beautiful woman with a lot of BAGGAGE is like finding a good deal on a new corvette that has no engine in it; no matter what, the SHIT WONT GO ANY FUCKING WHERE! Now, lets not be too judgemental. There is some “acceptable” baggage out there that I can deal with. I can deal with some insecure issues from

past relationships. I can deal with a bitch farting in public. I can even deal with pussy stanking twice a year. Hell …I was with a woman for five years who pussy smelled like collard greens and Valvoline oil cartons. However, the one thing….and the ONEEEEE THING I cant deal with is a BITCH with a fucking BABY DADDY SITUATION! A person may ask; Oshay the great why are Baby Daddy situations the fucking WORSE? Well I am so glad you asked that question.

SHE IS TELLING HER BABY DADDY HOW MUCH SHE MISS HIM AND WANT TO BE WITH HIM You see, my friends, no matter how much a woman says she loves you, you can NEVER replace her baby daddy. No matter how much the bitch fucks you, sucks your dick, or even tells you that her baby daddy isn’t shit, you can NEVER replace her baby daddy. There must be some kind of spell that baby daddies have. I don’t know if they putting something in these hoes kool aid or what it is! But this is for sure; you CAN NEVER take away the emotional connection a woman has with a man AFTER she has his baby! No matter what you do, you will always BE THE NIGGA that’s in between her and the baby daddy getting back together. Now, it would be great if these women or should I say

“WHORES” would just let men know that they confused and don’t really know what they want. But no; the bitch lies to you an says “ I will never get back with that nigga; me and him is THRU!” However, the fact of the matter is that the BITCH is lying through the false hairs in her remy weave. In fact, She knows she not gonna stay with you…….The baby daddy knows she not gonna stay with you….the only DUMB FUCK who don’t know it is……….YOU! (Sorry to bust your bubble though). Then, after the bitch has lied to you, YOU THINK you have a real good chance at actually establishing a real relationship with the bitch RIGHT? WRONGGGGGGGGGGG! Because while the bitch is lying to YOU about not

wanting to be with her baby daddy, SHE IS TELLING HER BABY DADDY HOW MUCH SHE MISS HIM AND WANT TO BE WITH HIM! She got you buying the kid or kids diapers, you taking them to chuck e cheese, choir practice, the whole nine yards. Meanwhile, THIS NIGGA thinks he has a chance TOO to get back with her. And then, one day, she HAPPENS to mention she is seeing this great guy (which is you ofcourse because you’re the dumbass falling for it) which ONLY pisses off the baby daddy even more. Now, this is a strategic thing that bitches use to get their BABY daddies to act right because they FEEL somebody else is taking their place.


Now, one may ask, Oshay what do bitch ass baby daddies do when they feel threatened by a good man? Well, I am also glad you asked that question. Most baby daddies will call you when they are threatened and try to talk real tough. The second thing they will do is to act like they are getting their shit together to try to win their baby momma back. All of a sudden, they

paying child support, spending more time with the kids, doing family shit etc. YOU SEE, THIS WAS THE BITCHES TRICK FROM THE JUMP! She used YOU as a pawn, JUST to get back with her baby daddy! There is NO WOMAN in America that DOESN’T want to be a family with the DUDE she had a baby by! And if any of you women out there say different….FUCK YOU BITCHES! That is all.



oshay vs Sin city

Writer Oshay Duke jackson Artist Arjun Mohan






Planet Oshay Magazine: Issue #1  

Welcome to Planet Oshay Magazine: The home of ACTION! We say what you're thinking BUT AFRAID TO SAY! We have some controversial articles, gr...

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