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by LUXE Custom Homes by LUXE Custom Homes

Plans Starting Plans Starting Plans Starting Plans Starting Plans Starting Plans Starting at $600K at $600K at $400K at $400K at $300K at $300K

(701) 492.5050 (701) 492.5050

Exclusively Exclusively marketedmarketed by REMAXby LEGACY REMAXREALTY LEGACY REALTY 4342 15th 4342 Ave 15th S. Suite Ave105 S. Suite | Fargo, 105 ND | Fargo, ND

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Refreshing Moscow Mule

BURGERS & BEER! • Company parties (2 private rooms available) • Groom’s dinners • Happy Hour 4-6pm daily — $1 off drinks & $5.99 select apps • Come in every Thursday night for HALF PRICE bottles of wine! We’re adding to our already great selection too.

What Do You Crave?


Everything is FRESH, never frozen! • Choose your protein (beef, savory turkey, juicy grilled chicken breast, pulled pork or veggie) • Multi-grain & regular buns • Awesome sides & salads • Sunday is Kids Day! 12 & under get a FREE kids meal w/every adult burger & fries purchase*




Ask about our punch card & SAVE!

Cheesy, beefy, gravy fries


Located at Osgood Golf Course 4400 Clubhouse Drive, Fargo 701.356.6463


*Kids must be present at time of purchase.



special events or restrictions may apply*

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6 Spotlight: Space Aliens

16 Get Your Hands Dirty 18 Plant Your Garden in 8 Easy Steps

SHOP@FM 5 “Green” Apps Can Help People Be More Eco-Conscious 8 The History and Trends of Fathers' Day

20 Telecommuting: The Allure of Working Remotely 22 Summer Reading for Kids 24 Area Golf

10 Grad Gifts

26 Summer Cleaning Hacks

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Smartphones and tablets can help people take charge of their lives, enabling them to manage a host of information right at their fingertips. The bevy of apps now available enable users to do everything from streaming television content to balancing their checkbooks. But there are many apps designed to help people understand and protect the environment as well. Thousands of Android- and Apple-based environmental apps are available for download, and many of them are free or inexpensive. Different organizations, like the United States Environmental Protection Agency and The Environmental Blog, have offered their opinions as to which apps are worthy of investigating. Here’s a look at some of the environmental apps that can help people be more eco-conscious.

3RD WHALE MOBILE: This location-based app connects you to green businesses in your area, separating data into six different categories:food, retail, services and more.

GREEN GAS SAVER: This app allows users to monitor their fuel consumption and efficiency and even offers tips as to how to adjust your driving habits to make them more efficient.

AIRNOW: This mobile app enables you to view real-time air quality information so that you can protect your health on any given day. Get access to location-specific data that includes forecasts for ozone and fine particulate matter pollution.

GREEN SQUARE: This Android-based app enables you to share your favorite environmentally friendly spots and meet up with like-minded friends.

CONTROL 4 MYHOME: You can turn your mobile device into a remote control for a Control 4 Home automation system. This system can turn on and off lights, alarm systems, thermostats and more. GET GREEN: This app sends season-based daily tips to your mobile device, with a variety of topics, including recycling and how to entertain in a more eco-friendly way.

IRECYCLE: This app is a good tool for identifying recycling centers in your immediate area, whether you’re at home or traveling. WWF TOGETHER: This app enables you to learn about endangered wildlife, including facts about your favorite animals. It also offers information as to how you can get involved in protecting local wildlife and even provides tips on maintaining natural habitats.

GOODGUIDE: This mobile app for iPhone and Android makes it fast and easy to find safe, healthy, green, and ethical products to buy. June 2016  | 

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Do You Believe in Aliens? by Jamee Larson

Anyone who has ever driven south on 45th Street has likely seen Space Aliens Grill & Bar. Shaped like a spaceship, complete with alien murals that are out of this world, the restaurant has been a customer favorite since it opened its doors in 1999. By combining delectable food, unique décor, a trendy bar, and a fun arcade, Space Aliens has set themselves apart in the restaurant industry. There is truly no other eatery like it.

The first Space Aliens opened in Bismarck in January of 1997. The Fargo

Another hallmark of the Space

location followed, as did a restaurant in Albertville, Minnesota in April of 2006.

Aliens experience is birthday

The concept of turning a restaurant into a space-themed adventure quickly

parties. The restaurant’s “Out

transformed the usual dining experience. According to Vice-President/COO

of this World Birthday Blast”

Sheila Glaser, the creativity started at the top. “Previously, the owners were

includes pizza, pop, cupcakes,

involved in a McDonald’s franchise and were remodeling the dining rooms

ice cream, and an alien gift for

with themes such as sports, 50s, etc.,” she explained. “The next theme to be

each child. The highlight of the

considered was the space aliens theme. They (the owners) left McDonald’s and

party, however, is likely the

began planning a restaurant with a different menu and a space alien theme.”

visit from the live Space Alien. Combined with the food, party

“If it is the space-theme that attracts customers, it is the high-quality food that keeps them coming back.” One of the reasons Space Aliens Grill & Bar has been so popular is that it can appeal to diners of all ages. Although the alien décor and the arcade are largely geared towards children, the “Bar from Mars” adds an adult dimension. “We’ve kept the bar separate from the rest of the restaurant so the different diners are not an interruption to each other,” Glaser explained. “Our restaurant has been successful because we offer something for everyone.” Ultimately, the distinctive design and fun activities would be meaningless without a stellar menu. If it is the space-theme that attracts customers, it is the high-quality food that keeps them coming back. Famous for their award winning ribs, Space Aliens boasts a barbecue recipe that truly is otherworldly. “Space Aliens’ award winning BBQ recipes were developed by our senior partner, Mort Bank,” Glaser said. “Mort is a self-trained amateur chef always experimenting with recipes. I think he just took the best of the different styles of BBQ he’s sampled and made it his own.” The mouthwatering menu doesn’t stop there. If you haven’t had a Space Aliens pizza, you are missing out. According to Glaser, it is the method of cooking that makes the difference. “The stone base of our ovens and the open flame that finishes our pizzas provides the taste and texture we think is best and is much better than a conventional conveyor oven,” she said. Not a rib or pizza lover? The menu also includes a variety of steak, chicken, burger, sandwich, and wrap options, including a children’s menu and gluten free choices.

6  | 

  |  June 2016

favors, and game cards for the Galaxy Game Room, the alien puts the birthday party experience over the top. It is a can’t miss for any child’s celebration. “Space Aliens Grill & Bar knew birthday parties would be an incentive for kids and parents to visit the restaurant,” Glaser explained. “The atmosphere is upbeat and exciting, the Alien appearance is a nice touch, and the Game Room is the heartbeat to the kid business.” Despite its entertaining atmosphere, Space Aliens is not all about the kids. The Bar from Mars has been attracting adults since its inception. With daily drink specials and happy hour discounts, the bar is a great place to meet after work or before the big game. The bar’s big-screen television will give you a viewing experience that is exceptional. In addition, the bar recently added TapTV Trivia, which can be played via an app on your phone. And let’s not forget the appetizers, including the popular Outer Space Onion Blossom and the Solar Eclipse sampler plate. Space Aliens is also committed to staying abreast of customer needs, hence the gluten-free offerings. “The gluten-free menu was a must as we heard more and more requests,” said Glaser. “As the demand increased, we knew to select a few key items we could do well and put them in place.” It is that attention to detail and willingness to accommodate lifestyle changes and/ or health needs that had endeared the restaurant to so many people. Whether you are a child looking for an extra-terrestrial experience or


adult wanting to unwind after a long day, Space Aliens Grill & Bar is just what you are looking for. Based on the restaurant’s success, it won’t be going anywhere any time soon. “The Space Aliens Grill & Bar theme never gets old because the interest in extraterrestrials never seems to end,” explained Glaser. “Couple that with food that is out of this world and a new group of youngsters every few years to be entertained and our future looks very bright.”

More information:

Family Outings & Catered Events


1840 45th St. S. in Fargo.

great for

99¢ kids pizza &

a game card

All you can eat BBQ ribs

with free play with the purchase of an adult entree (limit 3/adult entree)

Martian munchies, brisket, and pulled pork just $12.99


Space Aliens Bar & Grill

SINGLE ITEM PIZZAS just $7.99 and

$2 off any pizza on the menu

1840 45th St. SW. | Fargo, ND 58103


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S H O P @ FM

Ties Be Damned: The History & Trends of

Father’s Day by Jacob Westlin

While Father’s Day in the United States is forever and reasonably coupled with its maternal counterpart Mother’s Day, the road to official national observation of the two holidays are, surprisingly, separated by more than a half century. The genesis of Mother’s Day, dating back to the often heart-wrenching familial dynamic experienced during the Civil War, was ultimately recognized as an official American holiday by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914. As the movement was gaining steam in the early twentieth century, however, Spokane resident Sonora Smart Dodd — as a tribute to her father, a single parent of six — was crusading for a similar holiday celebrating dads. Unfortunately, her initial campaign was fruitless with reaction ranging from passive nods of disinterest to wholesale antagonistic blowback. After briefly curbing her crusade while studying at the Art Institute of Chicago, however, Dodd redoubled her efforts. Over time, Father’s Day became an unofficial part of the culture, as presidents from Calvin Coolidge to Lyndon Johnson openly issued proclamations and speeches in favor of the day. Finally, in 1972, Richard Nixon signed it into law, making it an official national holiday. It seems appropriate, then, given Dodd’s relentless political struggle and the fifty-eight year gap between official parental holidays to honor your father’s 2016 celebration (June 19) with more than… a tie. The forgettable collar-tightening garment as the go-to gift is as old as the holiday itself with very few satisfied fathers along the way. And, with today’s seemingly unlimited access to creative and personalized gifts, why waste another year giving dad a closet-clogging piece of fabric?

8  | 

  |  June 2016


Tools, of course, are a linchpin of the Father’s Day industry. And why not? Most

The newest technological gadget or accessory is also a popular, fun choice.

men love a loud new tool that simultaneously generates frustration and envy

And you don’t need to buy him a new iPhone — consider a case, an app, an

among the neighbors. But choosing which tool can be a confounding chore.

Apple or Amazon gift card, etc. Something to play with!

Here’s a suggestion: simply ask him what he needs. There is a cultural stigma

Do not underestimate dads’ appreciation for thoughtful, emotional gifts!

Finally, a personalized item may be the very best gift. Even if we aren’t seven-year-olds making macaroni cards anymore, we can still be at least mildly nostalgic with our present-giving. Consider an old photograph or cherished memory. While mothers are more often associated with the sentimental, do not underestimate dads’ appreciation for thoughtful,

associated with “spoiling the surprise”; however, this needn’t be a hard and fast

emotional gifts!

rule. The typical man would much rather get the 55cc gas chainsaw he wanted


than another Phillips-head screwdriver, even if he knew it was coming.







1652 44th St S Fargo, ND

[701] 4924502 FARGO.HOME2SUITES.COM June 2016  | 

  |  9

S H O P @ FM

s t f i G Graduation

by Anita Dualeh

While high school commencement marks an important milestone, the high school graduation party seems to have become a rite of passage of its own, and gift-giving is an important part of the tradition. Cash is always a welcome gift for the graduate, but if you’re looking for something a little more personal – and perhaps less predictable than luggage or jewelry – you may want to consider the following options.

BIKE – A bike offers an economical, pollution-free way to get around

A SUBSCRIPTION – For a gift that continues throughout the year, give the

campus or around town. By taking a bike rather than a car to campus, a

graduate a subscription to a magazine he or she likes. Or send a snack

student could also save a bundle in avoided parking tickets.

subscription. Just about any cash-strapped teen, whether living in a dormitory or not, would probably appreciate a steady stream of healthy,

COFFEE PRESS – Stopping by a coffee joint on the way to work or class every

tasty treats delivered right to their mailbox.

day could really put a dent in a student’s budget. Give the serious coffee consumer a coffee press and a starter package of coffee so they can get

BOARD GAME – Give a classic board game or check with the graduate’s

their morning hit of caffeine – and refuel for those late night study sessions.

parents to see what a favorite game may be. By giving a board game, you’re supplying the centerpiece for hours of budget-friendly entertainment.

MASSAGE GIFT CERTIFICATE – Who couldn’t use a massage after finishing a semester’s worth of midterm exams and papers?

SLEEP HEADPHONES – Headphones designed especially for sleeping (such as Bedphones) may seem like a life-saver when living with a roommate who is

STUFF FOR THE DORM – Practical gifts like a laundry bag and detergent,

on an opposite schedule.

towels, sheets, or a shower caddy filled with soap, shampoo and other essentials are sure to be put to good use. Or give a decorative rug, some

U.S. SAVINGS BOND – Nearly as good as cash but not accessible right away,

posters or fun picture frames. If the graduate is planning on living in an

a savings bond offers a gentle reminder of the benefits of saving for the

apartment, items like an iron, a vacuum cleaner, or a microwave popcorn

future. You can purchase bonds on the U.S. Treasury website and also print

popper would also come in handy.

a graduation-specific certificate to announce your gift.

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  |  June 2016


Custom Cinema and Sound by Jamee Larson

Interested in jazzing up the sound system in your home? Been dreaming about installing a home theatre system? Feeling overwhelmed by all of your choices? Custom Cinema & Sound LLC is the place for all your audio/video needs. We caught up with Office Manager Alyssa Berginski, who along with Owner Jon Kungel, helped us understand the business and the industry it represents. How long has Custom Cinema & Sound been in business?

What would you say to the person who is on the fence in regards to

What made you choose this type of industry?

updating their home’s technology?

It started as a hobby back in 2002. We’ve been in business for 14 years.

Home Technology can be a big investment. There’s a ton of different options

We started working with home theaters for fun, and the business just kind

out there, and it can be overwhelming. The good news is you don’t have to

of took off and evolved from there. This industry is exciting! It’s fun and

do everything all at once. You can start small and basic, and expand later.

interesting working with up and coming technology.

We use smart home products that can be upgraded later without having

What sets you apart from other audio/video businesses?

to purchase all new hardware. We’ll work with you to develop a timeline of

The quality of our work and attention to detail definitely sets us apart. We take the time to specifically design and tailor each system for our clients.

when to do what, and what will work best for you. How can readers obtain more information?

There is no “one size fits all” solution, every client’s wants and needs are

We can be reached at 701-277-0313, by email at,

different, and we recognize that. Our focus is solely on the client, from the

or via our website at The business is located at

initial design phases all the way down to programming the systems. We

5257 51st Ave. S. in Fargo.

strive to make sure that our systems not only look good and work the way the client wants, but also are easy to use. What have you seen as far as industry trends in 2016? What are your predictions for the future? The industry has changed so much! We’re seeing 4k video becoming more and more popular, especially as more 4k content becomes available. The picture quality is clearer than anything we’ve ever seen, it’s pretty unbelievable. We foresee a downturn in DIY home control technology in the future. Do-It-Yourself solutions are often seen as an easy, less expensive option, but we’re finding that those systems often have more issues. They aren’t as user friendly, and when problems do occur, there isn’t someone you can call to come to your house to fix it. What is your most popular product/service? Home Theaters are our most popular product/service, with MultiRoom Audio in close second. Integrating these systems in an easy to use automation system makes these options very attractive to clients. What other products/services do you offer? We Do: Media Rooms, Multi-Room Audio/Video, Lighting Control, LED Lighting, HVAC control, Home Control/Automation, Enterprise Grade Networks, Structured Cabling, Surveillance Systems, Conference Rooms, Motorized window coverings, Business Audio systems, Golf simulators, and Outdoor audio/video. What can new customers expect from your business? We are committed to making the entire experience, from start to finish, as effective and efficient as possible. We carefully consider each project and tailor each system to that customer’s needs. Our technicians are certified, experienced, and passionate about what they do.

Call for an appointment to visit our showroom!

701-277-0313 Automation & Control | Home Theaters | Surveillance | Audio & Video

5257 51st Ave S | Fargo, ND 58104 | June 2016  | 

  |  11

S H O P @ FM

aspen trail


by Rachelle Gordon

You’ve seen it before: people strolling through the aisles with a binder full of coupons, meticulously comparing items and prices with weekly store ads. They go through the checkout line,

brand new!



often with numerous transactions, and somehow end their trip paying next to nothing. “How is that possible??” you ask yourself, “and why am I not doing that too?!” While individual results will always vary, it’s definitely possible to save at grocery store and beyond – read on to find out how!

WHERE TO FIND COUPONS. There are three


common types of coupons out there: paper,

sale –it’s marked down from $3 to $2. You use one

Internet-printed, and digital e-coupons. Paper

$1 coupon you found in the newspaper. Then you

coupon inserts are found in the newspaper

use a $0.50 off e-coupon from your smartphone

with weekly circular ads. Internet-printed

app. After all this, you pay only $0.50 for your

coupons can be found on websites such as www.

cereal – not bad!; they can be printed twice per


computer. Digital e-coupons are those found on


smartphone apps, email, and other electronic



$500 off first months rent OR 1 month free (CONTACT FOR MORE DETAILS)

sources. Manufacturer coupons are put out by the companies that make the products while store coupons are meant to be used on specific products at specific stores. STORE



OTHER DEAL SOURCES. Coupons are a great way to save money on groceries and personal care items, but how do you save money on vacations, theme parks, or restaurants? Daily deal sites such as Groupon, Living Social, and Overstock feature thousands of different coupons and deals every day. These are great resources


for admission to attractions and restaurant

becomes more and more prevalent in every day

discounts. Smartphone apps like Retail Me Not

life, so do the ways people save money. Retailers

are perfect when shopping at the mall –


are catching on and introducing store-specific

they use GPS

smartphone apps to entice shoppers – and help

technology to show you

them find great deals. Cartwheel from Target

call today! 701.630.2131

personalized deals

allows users to scan items in their carts and find percentage-off deals (for example,

for stores in your area.

10% off bananas). Hornbachers also


has a savings app which automatically

Using paper and digital

loads coupons based on shopping list or

Start Seeing Bicycles A friendly reminder from 12  | 

  |  June 2016

coupons is an excellent

barcode scanner.

way to save money on


things you already buy.

$1 off coupon is already a win – you saved a





dollar! But there is a way to make those coupons

wasn’t built in a day – start small

work even harder by using them in conjunction

and set savings goals that you think you can

with store sales and promotions. For example, if

reach. For example, “I want to save 30% on my

cereal is on sale for $1 off AND you have a coupon

groceries this month.” Learn about the stores

for $1 off – you just doubled your savings by using

you shop at regularly, join rewards clubs, and

a practice called “stacking.” Go even further by

clip those coupons – you’ll be saving before

adding a $0.50 off smartphone coupon – talk

you know it. Don’t forget to download any and

about serious savings!

all store-specific smartphone apps in order to save even more.




by Whitney Grindberg

Groupon claims to have some of the best deals around — but is it worth it? How do you navigate the fine print, restrictions and qualifications? Here are some tips at making sure you’re actually getting a good deal. Don’t buy it just because it’s discounted. One of my most dangerous hobbies is browsing the Groupon app, fantasizing about spa days and twelve pairs of leggings all at 85% off. Resist the impulse buys. Just like regular coupons, Groupon can encourage us to spend money we wouldn’t otherwise, just for the sake of feeling like we’re saving money. READ THAT FINE PRINT. Thankfully, they make it pretty easy to find. Happy hours, alcohol, days of the week, even the number in your party are often included in the do-nots of Groupon deals. Sometimes the rules are flexible at the establishment itself, but it’s not worth the risk. DO YOUR RESEARCH. On Groupon goods, search on or other shopping sites to make sure it’s really as good of a deal as it seems. Half of the time, it’s not. Sometimes, it absolutely is. But it’s always worth checking. WHEN IN DOUBT, CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE. Groupon pays some wonderful people to be on the other side of the phone when you call them with questions. They are there to help! This especially

AXIS CLINICALS conduct clinical research studies in healthy men & women volunteers… some studies do allow current prescription medication use.

• Holiday Cash

My husband and I have used Groupon for date nights, wine tastings, tickets to events, and even

• Family Trips

can Republic. It might be easier to pay full price, but if you are willing to take the time, Groupon can be worth the investment.


AXIS PAYS in many ways…help yourself while helping others and get paid to do it!

applies to trip Groupons.

our honeymoon, which was an extended stay in an incredible all-inclusive resort in the Domini-

Contact Us

• Home Repairs • Extra Cash Now recruiting for weekend studies, weekday skin studies & post-menopausal females for upcoming studies.



(218) 284-2947 1711 Center Avenue West Dilworth, MN

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GET YOUR GRILL ON: by Cindy Mennenga

YES! GRILLING SEASON IS FINALLY BACK! There is nothing that says summer’s back better than firing up the grill and tossing burgers or a big juicy steak on the grill. The aroma of the meat cooking and the sound of it sizzling away on the grill is festive and welcome to most folks. Grilling skills are acquired. No one just accidentally becomes great at running a grill without a lot of practice, study of the craft, and determination to sear up some great grub. Because there is more to meets the eye when it comes to grilling, let’s look at some simple grilling hacks that will quickly help you look like a seasoned grilling pro.

14  | 

  |  June 2016


Great Grilling Hacks Clean your grill with aluminum foil. If you don’t have a grill brush, aluminum foil works great to scrub off the remnants of previous meals. If you are short on foil, but still need your grill cleaned, you can also take

Make meatless dishes for your vegetarian friends. You can skewer fruits and veggies and grill them, or wrap a variety of veggies in foil with a little olive oil and salt, wrap tightly, and toss on the grill for 10-15 minutes. This makes a great entrée or side dish.

half of an onion, stick a large fork in it and rub it over the grill. Not only will

Add some aromatic herbs to the grill to infuse flavor into the food as

it clean the grate, it will also add a nice onion flavor to the food as it grills.

it cooks. This is a great way to add unique flavors to traditional foods. A

Grill the food before your guests arrive. Cook burgers to medium-rare, set aside and just before serving, toss them back on the grill to finish

sprig of rosemary added to the grill when you are grilling a steak will add an unmistakable flavor to the meat.

cooking. This will help take some of the pressure off when you are trying

Make a tent of foil to prevent the meat from drying out. When you let

to entertain, put the meal on the table, and run the grill at the same time.

the meat rest before serving, an aluminum foil tent allows the meat to

Double skewer smaller items like shrimp or kebobs. This keeps the food

reabsorb its juices evenly.

from spinning around on the skewer and makes it easier to evenly cook the

Oil the grill grate before you add the food. This will flavor the food and

food. An added bonus is that it looks nice, too!

help to keep the food from sticking to the grill.

Grill fish on a bed of lemon slices. This will prevent the fish from sticking

Marinate meats in advance. A great marinade adds lots of sensational

to the grill, plus the lemons will add a nice citrus flavor to the fish.

flavors to an otherwise ordinary piece of meat. Also, a marinade tenderizes meats, so if you are cooking a tougher piece of meat, the marinade will work wonders on the tenderness of the meat and improve the flavor.

ONE THING THAT IS GREAT ABOUT GRILLING, is that while there are some basic rules about how to operate the grill and how to control the speed of how foods are cooked, there is a lot of creative freedom when it comes to grilling. Want to try something new or unconventional on the grill? Go for it! Try grilling cauliflower steaks or pineapple rings. You can experiment with any number of random food combinations that you wouldn’t ordinarily try and watch your family and friends marvel at your unique genius as a grill master!



MON-FRI 11-6

STAY ALIVE! (don’t text and drive)


CAT ER I N G AVA I L A B L E! C A L L TO D I SCUS S: 701- 478 - 3 3 5 4 7 0 1 - 4 7 8 - 3 3 5 4 | 6 8 B R O A D W AY F A R G O | S C R AT C H D E L I C O . C O M

A friendly reminder from June 2016  | 

  |  15

Get Your



Dirty & Nourish Your Soul

by Anita Dualeh

It’s that blooming time of year! Clean out those flower and garden beds, get your hands dirty and nourish your soul! We were fortunate enough this year to experience a very mild winter.

Gardening provides gentle, but beneficial forms of exercise all ages can

But after all those months of being cooped up, I’m sure you have an itch

enjoy. It requires constant movement and you get your dose of sunshine

to enjoy the fresh air. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a novice

too! (But don’t forget to treat yourself to a wide brim sun hat for long

gardener, if you stop to reflect on the act of gardening you will see the

exposures outside).

beauty and truth in it: You are planting seeds for tomorrow.

Gardening is good for your brain! Why? Gardening represents youthful

Whether it is a patch of lettuce or tiger lilies’, gardening represents hope

sentiments by reminding you to use your senses. The sights, smells, and

for the future.

sounds of a garden help promote relaxation and in turn reduce stress.

By getting your hands dirty and planting for the future, you give yourself

Gardening provides nutrient rich food that can be enjoyed year round.

the remarkable gift of hope for tomorrow, the next week and the rest of

Isn’t it fantastic to eat your veggies and fruit in the middle of winter? I

the season.

can’t help but smile when I pop open a jar of pickles or jam and crack open

Not only is gardening a therapeutic activity, and a good excuse to play with dirt, it nourishes your soul in the following ways:

a bag of blanched beans in the middle of January. It reminds me of the warm summer air in the middle of winter.

Gardening helps elevate your mood and combats stress by providing clarity. The act of gardening requires focus and task oriented activities.

With these reasons above, you can see why gardening is good for your soul! I encourage you to get your hands dirty this season and grow something beautiful in your backyard or your local community garden.

16  | 

  |  June 2016


Building II Coming Summer 2016



Apartments 701.478.4314 5000 & 4906 28th Avenue South Fargo, ND 58104


Luxury Townhomes Heated Parking Garage Central Air Pets Welcome with Restrictions 24 Hour Fitness Center Wood Floors Stainless Steel Appliances Amazing Location Pond Views and so much more...

Apply Online: Townhomes preleasing NOW for June 2016

701.478.4314 | 4995 & 4977 30th Avenue South | Fargo, ND 58104 June 2016  | 

  |  17



First Garden IN 8 EASY STEPS

by Cynthia Lueck Sowden

There’s nothing like the taste of a tomato picked right off the vine, or a carrot pulled straight from the ground. Got the gardening bug but have no idea where to begin? You’ll soon be eating your homegrown lettuce if you follow these steps.



Veggies are sun worshippers. The more sun they receive, the better they

All plants need nitrogen (N), potassium (P) and phosphorus (K). Of course,

grow. That means you need a location that gets full sun for most of the

different plants need different amounts of different nutrients. Compost is

day. Save the shade for plants such as ferns and hostas, which don’t need

one of the best ways to fertilize a garden, but, if you’re new to gardening,

as much light.

you don’t have a compost bin in your backyard – yet. Composted manure is a slow-release fertilizer that’s readily available at garden centers. You

DIG IT Once you’ve chosen your garden site, mark off the boundaries. Start small. An 8-ft. by 12-ft. garden will provide nicely for two people, and is probably as much as you want to tackle your first season. If you’re busting up sod,

don’t need a lot of fertilizer—about 2 lbs. per 100 square feet. Mix half of it into the soil before planting. Add the rest about four weeks after your plants come up.

you’ll need a flat-bladed shovel to cut through the roots of your lawn. A


pitchfork and a pointed garden shovel will help you turn the soil over. Or

This is the fun part, where you get to push all those tiny little seeds of

rent a roto-tiller to churn the dirt. The object is to make the soil loose and

hope into the soil. Follow the planting directions on the seed packet. In

friable (crumbly) so seeds can make their way to the top without difficulty.

Minnesota, you can plant cool-season crops such as lettuce and radishes

OR BUILD A RAISED-BED GARDEN It’s nothing more than a box on the ground that you fill with dirt, but it has

in mid-April. Wait until Memorial Day to transplant tender tomato and broccoli plants.

its advantages. Soil in a raised garden warms more quickly in the spring,


so you get a longer planting window. If you build it high enough, you can

After you’ve planted your crops, give them a drink. Regular watering

sit on the edge of the garden and pull weeds. Raised beds on wheels are

enhances growth and improves yields. If Mother Nature doesn’t provide

becoming a hot item for stand-up gardeners. Google “raised gardens” to

it, you may have to invest in a soaker hose. Water in the morning for

see what’s available. Some assembly required.

best results.

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Live Happily EverAfter

WEED IT SO YOU CAN REAP Weeds are yield-robbers, pure and simple. And they’ll sprout up with every rain. An easy way to suppress weeds without chemicals is to lay down newspapers between the garden rows. They’ll keep most weeds from sprouting (and degrade into the soil by season’s end).

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Questions? Ron Smith writes a great column called Hortiscope that gives advice on flowers, trees, gardens, and shrubs. AG.NEDU/News/Columns/Hortiscope

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the allure of WORKING REMOTELY by Cindy Mennenga If you have ever entertained the notion of working from home, you have most likely romanticized the notion, thinking it would be fun and easy. Most workers who are desk-bound at the office are envious of those lucky folks who telecommute: with visions of freedom and lazy mornings swirling in their heads. What does it take to work from home aside from having an employer open to the concept of off-site employees? There are several issues to consider, mainly your unique work habits, your interest in working alone, and your ability to stay on task and focused. The never-ending, magnetic pull of household chores, social media, or grabbing coffee with a friend in the middle of a workday, can be more of a distraction than some telecommuters can handle. Let’s dive deeper and take a peek at some of the things you may want to think about before taking the plunge into telecommuting.

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TOP 10 THINGS TO CONSIDER ABOUT TELECOMMUTING: 1. Are you self-motivated? The ideal candidate for telecommuting is someone who can see what needs to be done and makes continual progress in the right direction to keep the workflow moving along nicely. 2. Are you well-organized? Telecommuting requires more organization and time-management skills than what is typically needed when working in the office. 3. When no one is forcing you to start work at a specific time, can you drag yourself out of bed and get to work? If the answer is yes, you are on the right path. Being able to keep putting one foot in front of the other and setting a general work schedule for yourself will help make your foray into working remotely successful. 4. Can you stay focused on the project at hand rather than answering

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the siren call to run errands, do laundry or hangout on Facebook or Instagram? This is probably the biggest challenge most telecommuters struggle with initially. Trust me, it is very easy to get sucked away from your desk. But eventually, you figure out that the work doesn’t complete itself and you still need to block off the time to get it done. 5. Do you have a place you can work productively? It’s ideal if you have a home office; however, many people telecommute from coffee shops or even from a comfortable bench at their favorite park. Really, the best work space is whatever works so that you can stay organized and complete your projects on time.

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6. Will you miss the social interactions with your fellow co-workers? Only you know the answer to this question. Some people, myself included, truly enjoy the opportunity to work in complete solitude,

Sprinkler Installations / Sump Line Burial

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while others feel like the walls are closing in on them and find


telecommuting to be isolating. 7. Without your boss lurking over your shoulder, will you be able to stay focused and meet deadlines? If you are one of those workers who needs to be spoon-fed your next move, you are not an ideal candidate for the world of telecommuters. Sorry to deliver the bad news, but

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people who need constant supervision are not good candidates for remote positions. 8. Are your flexible and willing to work during non-conventional hours to quickly complete a project? One of the great things about telecommuting is the flexible schedule, but sometimes, that will cause you to work late some evenings or perhaps even put in occasional weekend hours. 9. Telecommuting is not for everyone. If you don’t believe you can handle the feelings of isolation, you may want to take a pass and remain in the office. Knowing your own personality and work habits is key to your success or failure at working from home. 10. If you enjoy social interaction with others, can you find other ways to meet your socializing needs so that you can succeed at telecommuting? A lot of people, especially introverts, enjoy the solitude of working from home. For those who enjoy bouncing off others, telecommuting works if they spend more of their free time around others, so their need for social interaction gets met. 11. Working from home is not a panacea. If you don’t like your job while you are in the office, you will not miraculously begin to love it the minute you start telecommuting. Only you know which option is best for you. There are advantages to working in the office with your co-workers on a daily basis while, conversely, there are perks to working from home, or wherever you decide to set up shop. The best choice for you, of course, will be the environment that allows you to be most productive and efficient with your time. Open daily 10-7 June 2016  | 

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SUMMER Quality, accessible summer learning opportunities for your children are as close as your local library.

Besides making library visits a regular part of your summer routine,

and reading aloud. Don’t forget that even children who know how to read

consider the following ideas for inspiring and encouraging kids to read

benefit from having an adult read aloud to them. So pick a book the whole

throughout the summer. This is the season to emphasize the fun of

family will enjoy and spend some time reading together after dinner once

reading, though there are other compelling reasons to keep them reading

a week – or more often. Revisit a book you liked when you were your child’s

that you need not mention. Research indicates that children who read

age or pick a Caledott or Newbury winner that looks good.

more recreationally tend to be better readers, writers and spellers. Sign your child for a summer reading program. Some bookstores have Let kids to choose their own books, which increases their motivation to

summer reading programs, but we’ve found the library reading programs

read. Without the pressure of assignments, summer offers the perfect

tend to be more rigorous. The reading record that the library provides is

time for them to pursue their own interests. Not sure what your child will

an easy way to keep track of reading, but don’t just stop reading when the

like? Corner your local children’s librarian. Most librarians love to give

chart is full. While you’re at the library, check out their lineup of fun and

book recommendations based on an individual’s interests. Or check out

educational summer programs for kids that incorporate drama, music,

the summer reading lists provided by the American Library Association,

comedy and/or science. Often, the library staff display a selection of

which are organized by grade levels. Keep in mind that reluctant readers

books related to each program, encouraging library patrons to go deeper

may benefit from having the first several pages of a book read aloud to

into the topic of that session.

them. Once they’ve been drawn into the story, turn it over to them to finish on their own.

Model reading. The best way to emphasize the importance of reading is to read. So don’t forget to pack a book for yourself, whether you’re leaving

Set aside quiet, screen-free reading time each day – adults included. Aim

home for an hour or two or a week or two. You’ll be glad to have something

for at least 15 minutes per day. Mix it up between independent reading

to pull out and read when you’re in a waiting room or sitting next to the lake.

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  |  June 2016


READING ds i K for

by Anita Dualeh

Talk about what you are currently reading. Share what you’ve learned with your kids. Then encourage them to tell you about what they are reading. Suggest keeping a reading journal where your child can make a list of books read, rate each one and/or reflect upon the reading. If you choose to read the same book, you could make it a dialogue journal as you both share your reactions to the book. Another way to share a book is to listen to an audio book together, which works well on long car rides. American Library Association summer reading list is here:

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“The best way to emphasize the importance of reading is to read.”

With a great location on 17th Ave S, just south of West Acres Mall. You’re close to a wide variety of shopping and dining options.

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by Jamee Larson

Few things say summer like the opportunity to interact with nature while enjoying a round of golf. The sport is one of the nation’s more popular past times, and the Red River Valley is no exception. Drive through the area on any given summer day and you will likely see a plethora of seasoned golfers doing what they do best. That certainly doesn’t mean, however, that it is impossible to pick up the game at a later stage in life. In fact, many local greens offer a variety of private lessons and have incorporated smaller and less difficult holes into their courses. There are numerous golf courses around the area, each with its own unique attractions. Courses within a fifteen-mile radius of Fargo/Moorhead are detailed below:



Interested in a relaxing game of golf away from the hustle and bustle of

Rose Creek is another course that has low green fees (especially in 2016)

the city? Then Edgewood is the place for you. The only tree-lined course

and can accommodate golfers of all levels. With generous landing areas,

in Fargo will help you feel like you have stepped into your own paradise.

large bent grass greens, and plenty of water and bunkers, the course

Edgewood is an 18-hole, par 71 Championship course. Established in the

will still challenge even the most experienced golfers. Matt Cook is also

mid-1920s, the course is a delightful combination of luscious greens,

the head professional at Rose Creek. Although Rose Creek is a bit more

beautiful trees, and the soothing sound of the Red River. The sloping

challenging than Prairiewood, Cook still considers it a “player friendly

fairways and fast greens will challenge even the most experienced golfer.

course.” It needs to be noted that Rose Creek will be shortened to 9 holes

Location: 19 Golf Course Road in Fargo Website:


Location: 4400 Clubhouse Drive in Fargo Website: Don’t have a lot of time or unsure about your ability to golf 18 holes?

Location: 1500 East Rose Creek Pkwy S in Fargo Website:

in 2016 due to levee reconstruction. The driving range will also be closed. Due not fear, however, the full 18-hole course will reopen in 2017.


It would be wise to check out Osgood. The 9-hole, par 33 golf course

Location: 401 34th St. S. in Moorhead Website:

is unique in that it offers five different tee box options and a 3-hole

Ready to challenge yourself? The Meadows may be the place for you. An

loop for beginners or those that want to hit a few balls on their lunch

18-hole course that was patterned after the elegant and unique courses

break or way home from work. Known for its rolling hills and well-

found in Scotland, The Meadows includes three 6-hole loops, four sets

kept greens, Osgood is a challenge for golfers of all levels. Osgood is

of tees, and total yardage that ranges from 5150 to 6862. Also unique to

also unique because it is the only course in the area run by a woman.

The Meadows is a design in which no trees come into play on the course.

Lisa Schwinden has been the PGA Head Gold Professional of the course

That doesn’t mean, however, that golfers are out of the woods. Anyone

since 2005. Lisa offers individual lessons to golfers of all ages and genders.

who has lived in the area for any amount of time at all understands the

More information can be obtained at

unpredictable nature of the wind especially out in the open. Combine the


Location: 22 Prairiewood Dr. S. in Fargo Website: Not everyone can afford daily or season green fees and regular golfing can be expensive. That is where Prairiewood comes in. Boasting the lowest green fees in the area, this 9-hole course is perfect for a quick round or an inexperienced golfer. Beginners and seniors are especially welcome. Matt Cook has been the PGA Head Golf Professional at Prairiewood for the past ten years. Matt likes the course’s ability to challenge all skills levels but not overwhelm those just starting out. “It is great for all abilities, especially new players due to a lower amount of water and bunkers,” he explained. “It is a blend of par 3, 4, and one 5 and is friendly to all abilities and ages.”

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  |  June 2016

weather with a good variety of water and bunkers, and you can see why golfers say the course rarely plays the same from one day to another.

EL ZAGAL GOLF COURSE: Location: 1400 Elm St N in Fargo Website: Special Note: El Zagal will be closed in 2016 to accommodate the city’s levee project. It will reopen in 2017 with new fairways and a new pro shop.


Location: 3420 30th Ave. S. in Moorhead Website: In need of some practice but not needing individual lessons? Stop by Village Green. The course boasts one of the best practice areas in the area, complete with a full driving range, putting green, and short game area. Added to the course in 2003, the practice area is a great place to perfect your swing or experiment with different clubs. Not to be outdone, Rose Creek offers an 18-hole course that includes three sets of

MAPLE RIVER GOLF COURSE: Location: Mapleton, ND Website: A mere ten-minute drive from Fargo, Maple River combines a challenging course with the beauty of the Maple River. With tree-lined fairways and numerous water hazards and bunkers, the course is both stimulating and serene. Maple River is an 18-hole, 72 par, semi-private course. It is 6,828 yards long from the longest tee. If you are looking for an escape from the city life, head on over to Maple River.

tees. With bunkers and water hazards galore, the course will challenge even the best golfers. That doesn’t mean, however, that Rose Creek is not an option for beginners. The different tee options were designed to accommodate golfers of all ages and skills levels. Russ Nelson has been the golf professional at Rose Creek over 20 years ago. He believes the course is special in more than one way, but highlighted one things in particular. “We have the best greens in town,” he said. Head on over to Rose Creek and see if Russ is right.

Keep a look out for the July edition of Shop, Dine, Live and you will learn more about Mapleton’s unique golf course.

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by Paul Hankel

How to quickly deal with spills and messes, so you can maximize your summer time fun. Having to spend a lot of time cleaning is the worst, at least for most of us. This is especially true during the summer. There’s no bigger summertime buzz kill then having to skip out on recreational activities to clean and organize. We here at Shop.Dine.Live. Magazine want to help! So, we’ve compiled a list of some common summer cleaning and maintenance chores and how you can quickly deal with them.



Ortho Home Defense works great. However, it can get spendy if you have

Humidifiers are common during the summer months. While meant to add

a larger home and is not the necessarily the best option if you’re one

moisture to dry, stale home environments, if not properly cleaned and

who likes to limit your exposure to cleaning chemicals. Consider trying

maintained, a humidifier can do more harm than good. If not cleaned and

coffee grounds instead. While it’s not exactly practical to sprinkle coffee

sanitized routinely, your humidifier made incur buildup in its water tank

grounds all over your doorframes and floors, coffee grounds can be used

and on the actual filter and disperse those contaminants into the air of

in your garage, outside along doorways and in other low-traffic areas. The

your home. Avoid this happening by cleaning your humidifier often. This

grounds work because the nitrogen content in the beans is an irritant to

can be done by using a small amount of undiluted white vinegar to scrub

most types of crawly critters and will act as an effective deterrent. While

all surfaces of the humidifier. Do not use vinegar on your humidifier’s

not a practical alternative to more traditional chemical options, coffee

filter, however. Instead, rinse the filter with clean water and allow to air

grounds are an environmentally-friendly option to try. Who knew?!

dry. Once you’ve scrubbed the humidifier with vinegar, rescrub it with clean water and allow it to dry. That’s it! Also, to help prevent the buildup,


only use distilled water in your humidifier while running it.

The one full-proof way to spend less time doing laundry is to do less laundry! To accomplish this you need to create less laundry to do. This


can be accomplished by reusing a few of the most common laundry items:

Company is coming over and your couch is covered in pet hair. You run to

towels and jeans. Now, before you sound the Germ Alarm, hear us out!

the closet to grab a lint roller but, shoot, you’re all out of sheets! What do

Theoretically, when you’re drying off with a bath towel after a shower,

you do? Relax; your home probably contains a host of other items that will

you’re clean! This means that you’re only really wiping off clean rinse

work just fine in a pinch. While regularly brushing your pet and traditional

water. The germs and dirt were, hopefully, already washed down the drain!

products such as lint rollers work fine, there are some other quick fixes to

So, don’t be afraid to reuse that shower towel a few times before tossing it

the pet hair dilemma. Did you know that common household items, such

into the laundry hamper. This will save your valuable space in you washing

as balloons, scotch tape, Velcro, and dryer sheets work quite well on pet

machine, making room for more clothing. Also, towels are infamously

hair? Yep! Try one out today, you’ll be surprised.

hard to dry and often require extra time in the dryer or a separate drying cycle all together. Try it; you’ll notice a difference! Along those same lines,


jeans can be worn more than once before needing a wash. And, according

It’s fitting that the only things that stinks as much as a garbage can that

to Levi Strauss & Company, the maker of Levi’s jeans, wearing them more

needs to be changed is….well, a garbage disposal. Ironic, but true! Avoid

than once before washing them allows them to form to your body type

those expensive and often smelly garbage disposal cleaners and, instead,

and soften. So, give them a second outing before washing them! The result

use a combination of one half cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar.

will be softer, better-fitting jeans and less laundry. It’s a win-win! Lastly,

Mix with one cup of water and pour down your garbage disposal. Let the

if you want to save energy, consider using a good old-fashioned clothing

mixture sit for a few minutes and then run the disposal. Boom, your disposal

line to dry your clothing. Less electricity used and less wear to your dryer

will be clean as a whistle and smell great! Hopefully these cleaning hacks

is a good thing. Besides, not even those manufactured laundry scents can

will help you quickly deal with some of summer’s cleaning demands.

beat the smell of clothing dried outside on a clothing line. That’s as fresh and natural-smelling as you can get!

Try them out and then get out there and enjoy all your extra time in the sun! 26  | 

  |  June 2016


Be t t e r Sa f e t h a n S o r r y (W ater Safet y) by D av i d

W. Scheller

With the shift from winter to summer we bid adieu to the perils of hypothermia and say hello to the perils of drowning. With our 11,842 lakes and however many more ponds and pools, we Minnesotans face the grim specter of watery suffocation at every turn. Please take a moment to review the basics of water safety — reading this article is slightly more fun than drowning!

USE THE BUDDY SYSTEM WHILE SWIMMING. Team up with a friend who

Remember to remove any nearby structures that children could use to

will watch your back in the water, and vice versa, and confirm you’re

access a pool like patio furniture and playground equipment. Remove any

both OK regularly.

toys left in an unused pool, as these may attract unsupervised children.


Learn how to perform CPR on both children and adults and maintain that

rocks invisible just beneath the surface, and poisonous animals are all

skill. The Red Cross provides affordable CPR classes which can be found

naturally occurring and hard to spot environmental hazards.



Have children, inexperienced swimmers, and all boat passengers wear

your judgment, balance, and coordination, and it impacts your body’s

U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets at all times when they’re near the

ability to stay warm. Leave the booze behind when you go swimming!

water. Drowning requires only inches of water, much less the quantity


you’d find in Lake Minnetonka!

child’s life to another child, and teach children never to go near water

Keep rescue equipment, a cell phone, and a first aid kit around water at

without permission and supervision.

all times. Teach children how to dial 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency.

Don’t let children have breath-holding contests underwater. If you have

Now, in the lighter spirit of things, here’s a fun fact about drowning. Did

a home pool or hot tub, install barriers like four foot or taller fences and

you know that in the 1700’s it was standard medical practice to resuscitate

lockable safety covers around them. Never prop the gate to a pool open.

drowning victims with tobacco smoke? Just how the smoke was administered, however, we’d rather not say!

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Fargo | Moorhead | West Fargo

MUSIC & EVENTS JUN 1 FM Redhawks vs. Sioux City 7:00pm Newman Outdoor Field, Fargo

JUN 2 Park It! 1:00pm-4:00pm Elephant/Percy Godwin Park, Fargo

Cruisin’ Broadway 5:00pm-9:00pm Downtown Fargo

Brains on the Plains 2016 5:00pm-7:00pm Super Studio, Fargo

Church Basement Ladies 7:30pm Gaede Stage, Moorhead

Carlos Mencia Comedy 8:00pm Fargo Theatre

Classical Music Festival

Corecon VIII: On Ancient Seas

Corecon VIII: On Ancient Seas

1:00pm-6:00pm Rheault Farm, Fargo

Event Times Vary – Baymont Inn & Suites, Fargo

Event Times Vary – Baymont Inn & Suites, Fargo

Fort Abercrombie Sunday History Program

3rd Annual F-M Restaurant Week

3rd Annual F-M Restaurant Week

2:00pm Fort Abercrombie State Historic Site, Wahpeton

Community Play Day

Fergus Falls SummerFest


9am-11am & 1pm-3pm Rheault Farm, Fargo

Farmer’s Markets & Beyond

ND Tour de Cure Cycling Event American Diabetes Association

Hawley Rodeo Fest

Open Computer Practice 2:00pm Moorhead Public Library

Better Business Bureau Ribbon Cutting 4:00pm-6:00pm Downtown Broadway, Fargo

FM Redhawks vs. Winnipeg 7:00pm Newman Outdoor Field, Fargo


JUN 3 Shooting Star Golf Tournament 9:00am-1:00pm Shooting Star Casino, Mahnomen

JUN 4 Hawley Rodeo Fest

Haybale Sand Volleyball Tournament TBD – Rabanus Sand Volleyball Complex, Fargo

Integreon Charity Challenge: 5K, 10K, 3hr. & 6 hr. Trail Run/Walkathon Supporting Local Charities

Hawley Rodeo Fest

West Fargo Parks Dog Show 5:00pm-7:30pm North Elmwood Park

Party in the Park 5:30pm-8:00pm Clara Barton Park, Fargo

Chess Club 6:30pm Moorhead Public Library

JUN 8 Hawley Rodeo Fest

8:00am Iwen Park, Fargo


Community Gardening Day

11:00am-11:00pm Daily – FargoDome

9:00am Doubting Thomas Farm, Moorhead

Buttermilk Donuts

Share A Story 9:30am-3:30pm Rheault Farm, Fargo

8:30am-12:30pm Grace United Methodist Church, Moorhead

Trans Mentor Program

Eli Young Band, 32 Below

12:00pm-4:00pm Pride Collective & Community Center, Fargo

James Taylor

7:30pm FargoDome

JUN 9 Hawley Rodeo Fest

7:30pm FargoDome



Hawley Rodeo Fest

11:00am-11:00pm Daily – FargoDome

3:30pm South Elmwood Parking Lot, West Fargo

Corks & Canvas

6:00am Trollwood Park, Fargo

5:00pm-9:00pm Downtown Fargo

Bounce and Not Break 5K

The State of the Arts in Fargo

8:00am-7:00pm Scheels Arena, Fargo

5:30pm The Stage at Island Park , Fargo

Mary Alice 5K

Music Montage

9:00am-1:00pm Gooseberry Mound Park, Moorhead

7:00pm-9:00pm Great Northern Park, Fargo

Blind Lemon 7:30pm FargoDome

JUN 10 Hawley Rodeo Fest

Ribfest 11:00am-11:00pm Daily – FargoDome

Corecon VIII: On Ancient Seas

Fort Abercromie 1862 Blacksmithing & Tin Smithing 10:00am-4:00pm Fort Abercrombie State Historic Site, Wahpeton

BMX Jam 1:00pm Skate Park at Dike West, Fargo

Lecrae & Switchfoot 5:00pm-9:00pm Bluestem Amphitheater, Moorhead

Event Times Vary – Baymont Inn & Suites, Fargo

FM Redhawks vs. Winnipeg

3rd Annual F-M Restaurant Week

Uncle Kracker

Fergus Falls SummerFest

Brian Regan Live 7:00pm & 9:30pm Fargo Theatre

FM Redhawks vs. Winnipeg 7:00pm Newman Outdoor Field, Fargo

Smash Mouth 7:00pm FargoDome

6:00pm Newman Outdoor Field, Fargo 7:30pm FargoDome

JUN 12 Corecon VIII: On Ancient Seas Event Times Vary – Baymont Inn & Suites, Fargo

3rd Annual F-M Restaurant Week

Living History Weekend

JUN 11

10:00am-4:00pm Fort Abercrombie State Historic Site, Wahpeton

Hawley Rodeo Fest

Bridal Show


12:00pm Cambria Suites & Conf. Center, West Fargo

11:00am-11:00pm Daily – FargoDome

FM Redhawks vs. Winnipeg 1:00pm Newman Outdoor Field, Fargo

28  | 

  |  June 2016


International Potluck 5:30pm Gooseberry Mounds Park, Moorhead

Progress to Type None: Diabetes Walk Kickoff

Trout Fest

5:30pm Newman Outdoor Field, Fargo

5:30pm North Woodhaven Pond, Fargo

JUN 13 3rd Annual F-M Restaurant Week

JUN 14 3rd Annual F-M Restaurant Week

Life After Breast Cancer Conference 2016 9:00am Courtyard by Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, Moorhead

Seizure Training for Communities 5:00pm-7:00pm Cambria Suites, West Fargo

11th Annual Superhero 5K Fun Run & Sidekick Youth Run 6:00pm-8:00pm Gooseberry Mound Park, Moorhead

FM Redhawks vs. Lincoln 7:00pm Newman Outdoor Field, Fargo

JUN 17 3rd Annual F-M Restaurant Week

Midwest Kid Fest Fun All Day – Island Park, Fargo

Brandi Carlile, KT Tunstall 5:00pm Bluestem Amphitheater, Moorhead

Outdoor Movie Night

Doctor Doolittle Day

Dusk/9:30pm – Island Park, Fargo

10:00am-7:00pm Red River Zoo

JUN 21

Lego Club

Pepsi Appreciation Day

2:00pm Moorhead Public Library

Island Park Pool, Fargo 1:30pm-4:30pm & 6pm-8pm

JUN 26

Skateboarding Day 4:00pm-5:30pm Dike West, Fargo

Edgewood Golf Course / Holiday Inn, Fargo

River Arts

The Lovers Ball: Re-Prom

5:30pm-8:00pm Memorial Park, Moorhead

7:00pm North High School, Fargo

FM Redhawks vs. Sioux Falls

JUN 27

7:00pm Newman Outdoor Field, Fargo

The Wedding Singer

Celebrity Golf Tournament

Celebrity Golf Tournament

7:30pm Hansen Theatre @ MSUM

Edgewood Golf Course / Holiday Inn, Fargo

JUN 22


Pepsi Appreciation Day

12:00pm-3:00pm Madison Park, Fargo

Outdoor Movie Night Dusk/9:30pm Trollwood Park, Fargo

JUN 28

Party in the Park

JUN 18

5:30pm-8:00pm Madison Park, Fargo

3rd Annual F-M Restaurant Week

Southwest Recreation Pool, Fargo 1pm-5pm & 6pm-8pm

FM Classic Bike Night

Wild West Jamboree

6:00pm Fargo Brewing

Motorcycle, Classic Car Fun Run 2016

FM Redhawks vs. Lincoln

10:00am RDO Equipment Co., Hawley

FM Redhawks vs. Sioux Falls

7:00pm Newman Outdoor Field, Fargo

Hobby in the Lobby

7:00pm Newman Outdoor Field, Fargo

Greater Tuna

10:00am-4:00pm Fort Abercrombie State Historic Site, Wahpeton

JUN 23

5:30pm-8:00pm Westgate Park, Fargo

FM Redhawks vs. Sioux Falls

FM Redhawks vs. Sioux City

12:30pm Newman Outdoor Field, Fargo

7:00pm Newman Outdoor Field, Fargo

Pepsi Appreciation Day

Beers & Books

Northside Recreation Pool, Fargo 1pm-5pm & 6pm-8pm

7:00pm Rustica, Moorhead

7:30pm Gaede Stage, Moorhead

JUN 15 3rd Annual F-M Restaurant Week

AARP Chapter Meeting: The State of University & Senior Programs 2:30pm Hjemkomst Center, Moorhead

FM Redhawks vs. Lincoln 7:00pm Newman Outdoor Field, Fargo

JUN 16 3rd Annual F-M Restaurant Week

Movie Matinee 2:00pm Moorhead Public Library

The Hollywood Vampires Live 7:00pm Scheels Arena, Fargo

Justin Bieber 7:30pm FargoDome

5:30pm-7:30pm Rendezvous Park, West Fargo

Fort Abercrombie Tour & Car Show

JUN 19

3:00pm-9:00pm Fort Ambercrombie & Crooked Lane Farm, Wahpeton


Fargo Rocks! Concert

Father’s Day at the Zoo

7:00pm-8:30pm Island Park, Fargo

10:00am-7:00pm Red River Zoo

JUN 24

Dustin Lynch, Dylan Scott

Big Screen Outdoor Movie: “Inside Out”

5:00pm Bluestem Amphitheater, Moorhead

Scandinavian Hjemkomst & Midwest Viking Festival

1:00pm Vets Memorial Arena, West Fargo

JUN 20

10:00am-5:00pm Daily - Hjemkomst Center

West Fargo Cruise Night

Pepsi Appreciation Day

JUN 25

4:30pm-9:00pm Sheyenne Street

Davies Recreational Pool, Fargo 1pm-5pm & 6pm-8pm

Scandinavian Hjemkomst & Midwest Viking Festival

The Fargo Burger, Bourbon, Beer Festival 5:00pm-10:00pm Downtown Fargo

10:00am-5:00pm Daily - Hjemkomst Center

Go Hawaiian for Hospice Luau Lunch 11:00am-1:00pm Choice Financial, Fargo

Party in the Park

JUN 29 FM Redhawks vs. Sioux City 7:00pm Newman Outdoor Field

JUN 30 2 Views: The Nature of Things, Art Exhibit All Day – Essentia Health – S. University, Fargo

Baby Bounce 10:15am Moorhead Public Library

Park It! 1:00pm-4:00pm Bennett Park, Fargo

FM Redhawks vs. Sioux City 7:00pm Newman Outdoor Field, Fargo

June 2016  | 

  |  29



by Paul Hankel

Simple ways that you can structure your busy summer schedule in order to remain more centered and balanced. One of the most chuckle-worthy myths about teachers, school administrators and students is that, “summertime must be great for them; they have like four months off!” While this may have been true years prior, the summer schedule of today’s student and working adult is generally anything but wide open. While summers should be about soaking up the sun and outdoor recreation, that’s not always the case. Career advancement training, summer school, activity schedules, working side jobs in order to save money and pay bills- all of these things activities often times combine to make what is supposed to be the relaxed portion of one’s year just as stressful as the holidays. Even vacations and all the planning and scheduling that goes into them can be stressful.

Shop Dine Live put together a list of some ways that you can stay centered

retinas send these signals to our brain. If these photoreceptors sense light,

this summer and promote a healthier work-life balance in your life.

such as the illumination from a phone screen, they signal the brain that is day time. This incorrect signal could cause sleeping issues and even alter

WORK OUTSIDE. Now that we are approaching what is often referred to as the, “dog days of summer,” you may find it harder and harder to focus for extended periods of time. If you’re like most people, you’re not immune to zoning out while staring out your office or living room window, daydreaming about pontoons and country music festivals. Why don’t you, instead of staring at nature, go immerse yourself in it? Work outside! A solid wifi connection, a deck and a cold drink are all you’ll need to have a fully functional outdoor office. You’ll be surprised what a little bit of sunshine and fresh air can do to your summer time productivity levels. WORK REMOTELY. As long as you’re able to concentrate on and complete your tasks, working remotely is a great way to break up the monotony of the daily work grind. Whether its a paying career or simply a weekly to do list for home, switch up where you’re working! Coffee shops, book stores,

our natural circadian rhythm. Unplug before bed! DON’T WORK IMMEDIATELY UPON WAKING UP. Unless you’re an on call doctor or the president, odds are you don’t need to immediately roll over and check your phone in the morning. Forcing yourself to switch on that quickly can lead to extra amounts of stress during what can already be a stressful time of day for busy families and professionals. Stretching, showering, eating, exercising or simply meditating are great alternatives to plugging into the rigors of the day right away. Give yourself some time assimilate to the flow of the day before you log in. You’ll notice a difference. ACTUALLY TRY ONE OF THOSE HEALTH CHALLENGES. You know what we’re talking about- those posters and flyers you see at the gym and the office that invite you to be a part of a group weight loss or fitness challenge.

the mall and the park are all great options. Also, consider inviting some

More and more companies are warming up to the idea that people who

friends and making it a group thing. You can bounce ideas off of each other

exercise together are more likely to have a shared sense of accountability

and spend some quality time together while still staying productive. Now

and support, more likely to practicing healthy lifestyles, and continue to

that’s multi-tasking!

work out. Many companies are now even offering fitness trackers to their

DON’T WORK IMMEDIATELY BEFORE BED. What was once a rumor is now a scientific fact: According to the National Sleep Foundation, those who stare at an illuminated screen or work immediately before going to bed are scientifically shown to have a harder time falling asleep, a harder time staying asleep, and higher levels of fatigue, loss of focus and stress. The science behind these findings isn’t complicated. Much like the muscles of a

employees and hosting fitness challenges and contests in an attempt to improve the overall health of their employees. In some cases, companies are able to document significant enough improvements in employee health that they receive discounts from their healthcare providers! Talk to your human resources department at work about looking into implementing this practice at your office. Now, let’s hit that 10,000 Daily Steps goal!

marathoner after running a race, the brain needs time to wind down at the

The most important theme in all of these tips is to promote balance in

end of the day. While activities like reading or listening to soothing music

your life. While you many not be able to spend your summer poolside,

can help stimulate calm and relaxation, the glow from the screen of a mobile

there are still many ways that you can promote wellness in your busy

device is enough to alter a person’s entire sleep pattern. Darkness serves as

life. Stay organized and on top of your schedule, but also make time to be

our brain’s signal to wind down at the end of the day. Photoreceptors in our

spontaneous and try new things. Be well!

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  |  June 2016


Timber Creek

Brand New!


1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom APARTMENT



• Coming Soon... Volleyball Court • Washer / Dryer Included In Home • Stainless Steel Appliances • Dogs Or Cats Welcome In Select Buildings! • Quartz Countertops Some communities include a playground, outdoor barbeque and dining area.

Scan! Rates, Features, Availability & More!

Ask About Our Move-In Incentives! 701-356-5253

4720, 4730, 4740, 4750, 4760, 4770 & 4780

Timber Parkway South Fargo, ND 58104 June 2016  | 

  |  31



Fargo, ND

*********ECRWSSEDDM**** Postal Customer

Permit No. 684

Service • Quality • Excellence


Summers at Osgood

Wheatland Townhomes

4452-4522 47th St S | Fargo


1-3 BR, $710-$1090

3301-3337 31st Ave SW 3040-3078 34th St SW 3502-3534 30th Ave SW 3010-3020 36th St SW | Fargo

4422-4450 30th Ave S | Fargo

Urban Meadows

1-2 BR, $785-$1000

1-2 BR, $860-$1060

Central Park 5101-5351 Amber Valley Parkway S | Fargo

1-3 BR, $680-$1090

Country Meadows 5001-5055 Amber Valley Parkway S | Fargo

1-2 BR, $805-$1040


Wheatland Place 3302-3342 31st Ave SW 3501-3531 30th Ave SW 3063 34th St SW | Fargo

Cooperative Living Center (55+ Community)

1321 14th Ave E | West Fargo

1-3 BR, $645-$930

1-2 BR, $890-$980

Westlake Townhomes

Hidden Pointe 4045-4095 34th AVE S | Fargo

1-2 BR, $800-$1065

3 BR, $1160-$1365

4610-4670 33rd Ave S | Fargo

Maple Point

3120-3170 32nd St SW | Fargo

1121-1515 14th Ave E & 1401 12th St E | West Fargo

2-3 BR, $1035-$1325

1-3 BR, $565-$735 Valley Rental offers apartment and townhome communities in Fargo and West Fargo. Most Communities have outdoor amenities, some are pet friendly, some are smoke free. Interior amenities include spacious 1,2, and 3 BR styles with natural light, balconies/patios. Most have washer & dryers and some communities include Internet and basic TV service in the monthly rent.


For more information, maps, and floorplans go to: or call 701.293.RENT

SDL Fargo June  
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