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Real Estate Investment Italy

Italy offers an extremely active tourism market and to the real estate investor extremely attractive profits. Situated in the center of Europe, and con-nected by way of various low-cost airlines covering many of the country's regional airports, Italy possesses the best criteria for travel connections as a vacation destination as well as for a second home! Furthermore, Italy's real estate market is becoming more and more attractive: prices for houses have risen in many areas and tourism is still at a high.

Country information Official country name: Italian Republic Capital: Rome (2.663 million inhabitants). Land area: 301,340 km (0.55 x France). Population: 58 million inhabitants Peoples and ethnic groups: Italian Languages: Italian and numerous dialects Religions: 85% Roman Catholics, 5% Jews and Protestants Political institutions: parliamentary republic President: Giorgio Napolitano Prime minister: Silvio Berlusconi GDP: 1,620.5 billion $US GDP per capita: 28,172 $US Annual growth rate: 2,6% Inflation: 0% Principal activities : engineering, textiles, chemicals Principal partners: Germany, France, United Kingdom, United States Member of the European Union: yes Climate Summers are very hot, dry and sunny on the coasts. They even can be torrid sometimes, when the Sirrocco blows a dry and hot wind from Africa. During these season, it rarely rains or there are violent storms.The best period to stay in the Southern Italy is Spring, and more particularly in May and June. Time difference GMT time difference: + 2 hours in summer GMT time difference : + 1 hour in winter

Location Calabria Aurora Beach Resort

Milano Venezia


Ligurian Sea

a i r b a l a C Adriatic Sea


Santa Barbara


The Region Mandatoriccio mare is located in the Crotone region a little north of the town of the same name and can be found between the Acquanti and Arso rivers. Aurora Beach Village is an absolute frontline development with the properties located within a maximum 75 m from the beach. The coastal strip on which Aurora Beach Village is located is principally unspoilt with just a few touristic developments intermingled with local small towns and villages and the Ionian Sea is an intense blue and is both safe and clean for bathing. The nearby historic town of Mandatoriccio is just a few kilometres inland and is perched on a hill overlooking the lush greenery of the Presila and offers more extensive facilities to those found on or nearby the development. The surrounding countryside and mountains, that provide a peaceful backdrop to the coast, offer a welcome re-spite from the hottest midsummer days with temperatures that are around 5 degrees cooler than the coast. Here you will be able to escape the relative hassle and bustle of the resort and enjoy long, peaceful walks and relaxing picnics with a delicious and very affordable selection of local foods and wine. In Savuco and Cessia you will find invigorating mineral salt springs, a favourite destination for local Calabrians..



Tyrrhenian Sea


Ionian Sea Mediterranean Sea


How to get to Marina di Mandatoriccio




Crotone airport

Distance from Rome: 536km Estimated driving time: 6 hours Basic roads to drive: A-1 Napoli A-30 Salerno A-3 Reggio Calabria SS-534 exit Sibari / turn left towards SS106-E90 Crotone SS-106/E-90 turn right for Crotone enter Marina di Mandatoriccio turn left for Via Venezia, the Aurora Beach Resort

There are direct trains from Milano, Bologna and Roma, which stops at Cariati train station in 7km south from Marina di Mandatoriccio. Train tickets are available on Milano- Cariati, duration of journey 13hr 25min Roma-Cariati, duration of journey 09hr Bologna – Cariati, duration of journey 11hr

Distance to Aurora Beach Resort: 77km

Lamezia Terme airport Distance to Aurora Beach Resort: 175km(A3 road, 2:20 drive) or 167km(SS106 road, 2:40 drive)

Reggio Calabria airport Distance to Aurora Beach Resort: 304km (A3 road, 4:00 drive)

Bus Bus company SIMET-> Roma (Autostazione Tiburtina) -> Cariati Napoli (Piazza Garibaldi) -> Cariati Milano (Autostazione Lampugnano) -> Cariati

Other distances: Reggio Calabria-Marina di Mandatoriccio: 298km / 3:40 drive Napoli-Marina di Mandatoriccio: 327km / 4:20 drive Firenze-Marina di Mandatoriccio: 781km / 08:00 drive Bologna-Marina di Mandatoriccio: 895km / 09:10 drive Milano-Marina di Mandatoriccio: 1081km / 10:50 drive

Taxi Due to small local population, taxi service is in hands of few drivers, which are called in case of necessity. Information boards with contact phones are found on the main bus and train stations.

Crotone / Casa Rosa Area Crotone is the ancient city of the Magna Graecia Empire and the historic city of Pythagoras. The fortified castle of Carlo V from the 15th century is located in the heart of the city and can be visited daily. The city is famous for its beautiful golden sandy beaches and gastronomic delights and old traditions. The new seafront promenade is considered one of the most beautiful in all of southern Italy and perfect for that relaxing evening stroll. The beach is a 5 minute walk, where you can find bars and restaurants plus a very good lido where you can hire umbrellas and sunloungers for the beach, we have arranged a special deal with this lido, please contact us for more details. A 15 minute walk along the beach and you arrive to the Lido degli Scogli restaurant , this is a famous local place for great food and has the most romantic terrace on which to enjoy the evening before that stroll back along the beach to your apartment

Aurora Beach Resort

Aurora Beach Village has the feel of a traditional holiday complex and offers excellent facilities to Include pool, tennis and football courts, supermarket, children's playground, outdoor theater for entertainment events and restaurants/bar. Built a few years ago for the holiday rental market the project Is now offered for private ownership. We have an exclusive arrangement to sell the apartments providing a mix of 1 & 2 bed roomed homes on either the ground, first or second floor with either a balcony and in most cases some sea views. Homes have air conditioning installed as standard and we offer a range of furniture packs for clients to choose from at an additional cost.


・Swimming pool ・Scuba diving school ・Diving and water sports shop ・4 km sand beach ・Supermarkets and shops ・Shopping mall ・Restaurants, bars and a nightclub ・Reception and room services ・Children playground ・2 tennis courts ・Travel and excursion services ・Medical and dental services ・24 hour in house security services with manned gate ・Babysitting ・Horse riding and Bike rental services


At-a-Glance ・Prices from just 51.000 EUR ・Beachfront resort - all homes are within 75 meters of the coast ・On site facilities include pools, restaurants and health club ・Completed Development ready for immediate occupation ・All apartments have outdoor space and air-conditioning ・Just 77 km from Crotone Regional Airport

First Floor Building T1 Apartment T1C

For more information about the floorplans typology, please contact our sales team.

Second Floor Building T1 Apartment T1C

For more information about the floorplans typology, please contact our sales team.

First Floor Building T2 Apartment T2D

For more information about the floorplans typology, please contact our sales team.

Why Calabria? In keeping with Immoworld philosophy of market research and due diligence, Immoworld are happy to announce the launch of Aurora Besch Resort in Calabria. We believe it is one of the best lifestyle and investment opportunity currently available in the exciting Caiabrian property market and because this development and the area that is located in offers the most advantageous combination of investment potential and genuine Italian lifestyle benefits. Calabria has been referred to as Italy's best-kept property secret. We want to share that secret with you which in turn will help you make that educated decision. Here are a few reasons why Aurora Besch Resort in Calabria stands out as the most promising investment location in Italy.

Living in Calabria - some key questions answered

Can you become an Italian resident? As an EU citizen you will be able to reside in Italy for as long as you wish. You will need a Codice Fiscale, the Italian equivalent of a national Insurance or social security number and if you want to work in Italy you will need a Carta di Soggornio. As part of our all inclusive service, we will assist you fully in acquiring this documentation as necessary.

What is driving in Italy like? Generally it should only take a few days to become familiar with driving on the right. Many of the road signs are the same and in our experience, people adapt very quickly. The roads in Calabria are well maintained and probably much less congested than you are used to in the UK. The motorway system is excellent and new roads are being constructed.

Can pensions and benefits still be received?

How good is the healthcare?

Yes. Your retirement pension and other benefits can be paid directly into your bank account at home or in Italy. More information is available from the relevant government departments and we can help and advise you based on your personal circumstances.

The Italian national health system offers low-cost health care of a good standard with well trained doctors and medical staff. If you are over UK retirement age you are entitled to receive free medical care in any EU country in which you live on the same basis as any local person and so are your dependants. If you are working, hold a residence permit and are registered with local health authority you will also be covered by the local system. You will not automatically be covered if you are not working. If you do not intend to live in your property but use it as a holiday home, you are entitled to emergency treatment under the EU arrangements if you hold form E1 11 when you travel. It is strongly advisable to take out a multi-visit or annual travel insurance policy usually providing cover above emergency level. Many people will take out a health insurance policy, often quite cheaply to cover aspects of healthcare that are not covered by the local system, according to their circumstances. Whatever your circumstances, you are strongly advised to fully check out the healthcare you are entitled to and make the necessary arrangements to cover any shortfall. We can assist you with this if required.

Is it possible to work in Italy? Anyone from the UK who becomes resident in Italy and has obtained a Tax and Social security number has the right to work there. UK nationals are entitled to the same pay, working conditions, vocational training, social security and trade union rights as Italian citizens.

How can a job vacancy be found? Much the same as in the UK it is a good idea to start with the Local Calabrian press and also the Italian national newspapers. You can also apply to international recruitment agencies acting for Italian companies and you'll find plenty of websites with vacancies. If you need help let us know and we'll point you in the right direction.

UK OFFICE Kestrel Court, Portishead Quays Harbour Road, Portishead BS20 7AN Bristol UK TEL +44(0)1275 3904-22 FAX +44(0)1275 3904-01

SWITZERLAND OFFICE Avenue Industrielle 4–6 1st Floor 1227 Carouge CH TEL +41 (0) 22 560 64-91 FAX +41 (0) 22 560 64-99

ITALIAN OFFICE Via Prina, 5 20154 Milano IT TEL (+39) 02 430 01 91-10 FAX (+39) 02 430 01 90-12

EGYPT OFFICE Splanda Mall Office 72 Hurghada EGY


Real Estate Investment Italy . I I Summers are very hot, dry and sunny on the coasts. They even can be torrid sometimes, when the Sirrocco b...

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